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Seats and Restraint Systems
........................... 1-1
Front Seats
............................................... 1-3
Rear Seats
............................................... 1-9
Safety Belts
............................................. 1-23
Child Restraints
....................................... 1-45
Air Bag Systems
...................................... 1-72
Restraint System Check
............................ 1-87
Features and Controls
..................................... 2-1
........................................................ 2-3
Doors and Locks
....................................... 2-8
................................................. 2-15
Theft-Deterrent Systems
............................ 2-18
Starting and Operating Your Vehicle
........... 2-20
.................................................... 2-42
...................................... 2-51
............................. 2-53
Storage Areas
......................................... 2-57
.................................................. 2-60
Vehicle Personalization
............................. 2-61
Instrument Panel
............................................. 3-1
Instrument Panel Overview
.......................... 3-4
Climate Controls
...................................... 3-22
Warning Lights, Gages and Indicators
......... 3-39
Driver Information Center (DIC)
.................. 3-56
Audio System(s)
....................................... 3-76
Driving Your Vehicle
....................................... 4-1
Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle
........ 4-2
................................................... 4-55
Service and Appearance Care
.......................... 5-1
..................................................... 5-3
......................................................... 5-4
Checking Things Under the Hood
............... 5-10
All-Wheel Drive
........................................ 5-51
Rear Axle
............................................... 5-52
Four-Wheel Drive
..................................... 5-53
Front Axle
............................................... 5-54
Bulb Replacement
.................................... 5-55
Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
......... 5-61
...................................................... 5-62
Appearance Care
................................... 5-102
Vehicle Identification
............................... 5-110
Electrical System
.................................... 5-110
Capacities and Specifications
................... 5-120
Maintenance Schedule
..................................... 6-1
Maintenance Schedule
................................ 6-2
Customer Assistance and Information
.............. 7-1
Customer Assistance and Information
........... 7-2
Reporting Safety Defects
........................... 7-10
2004 Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban Owner Manual M
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Seite 1

Seats and Restraint Systems... 1-1Front Seats... 1-3Rear Seats...

Seite 2 - How to Use This Manual

Power SeatsIf your vehicle has a power seat, you can adjust it withthese controls located on the outboard sides of the seats.• Raise or lower the fron

Seite 3

Remote AlarmWhen the panic button with the horn symbol on thekeyless entry transmitter is pressed, the horn will soundand the headlamps and taillamps

Seite 4 - Vehicle Symbols

To replace the battery in the keyless entry transmitterdo the following:1. Insert a dime, or similar object, in the slot betweenthe covers of the tran

Seite 5

Doors and LocksDoor Locks{CAUTION:Unlocked doors can be dangerous.• Passengers — especially children — caneasily open the doors and fall out of amovin

Seite 6 - Model Reference

Power Door LocksIf your vehicle is equippedwith power door locks,press the raised side of theswitch, with the locksymbol, on either frontdoor to lock

Seite 7

Delayed LockingWhen locking the doors with the power lock switch orthe keyless entry transmitter and a door or the liftgate(if equipped) is open, the

Seite 8

To enter the program mode, do the following:1. Begin with the ignition off. Then pull the turnsignal/multifunction lever toward you and holdit there w

Seite 9

To enter the program mode, do the following:1. Begin with the ignition off. Then pull the turnsignal/multifunction lever toward you and holdit there w

Seite 10 - Power Seats

3. To disengage the lock, move the lever rearward.4. Close the door.5. Do the same thing to the other rear door.The rear doors of your vehicle cannot

Seite 11 - Heated Seats

Liftgate Glass and LiftgateTo open a mechanical lock system from the outside,insert the key into the lock and turn it counterclockwiseto unlock the gl

Seite 12 - Reclining Seatbacks

Windows{CAUTION:Leaving children, helpless adults, or pets in avehicle with the windows closed is dangerous.They can be overcome by the extreme heatan

Seite 13

Power LumbarYou can increase ordecrease lumbar supportin an area of the lowerseatback.To increase support, press and hold the front of thecontrol. To

Seite 14 - Head Restraints

Manual WindowsTurn the hand crank on each door to manually raise orlower the manual windows.Power WindowsIf you have power windows, the controls are l

Seite 15

Lock-Out SwitchIf you have power windows, the driver’s door powerwindow switch has a lock-out feature. The lock-outswitch is located in front of the p

Seite 16

Theft-Deterrent SystemsVehicle theft is big business, especially in some cities.Although your vehicle has a number of theft-deterrentfeatures, we know

Seite 17

Remember, the theft-deterrent system won’t activateif you lock the doors with a key or use the manual doorlock. It activates only if you use a power d

Seite 18

Passlock®Your vehicle is equipped with thePasslock®theft-deterrent system.Passlock®is a passive theft-deterrent system.Passlock®enables fuel if the ig

Seite 19

Ignition PositionsWith the key in the ignition switch, you can turn the keyto four different positions.A (LOCK): This position locks your ignition and

Seite 20

Starting Your EngineMove your shift lever to PARK (P) or NEUTRAL (N).Your engine won’t start in any other position – that’s asafety feature. To restar

Seite 21

Adjustable Throttle and Brake PedalIf your vehicle is equipped with this feature, you canchange the position of the throttle and brake pedals.This fea

Seite 22

To Use the Engine Coolant Heater1. Turn off the engine.2. Open the hood and unwrap the electrical cord.The cord is located on the driver’s side of the

Seite 23

Automatic Transmission OperationThere are several different positions for your shift lever.Your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmissionand

Seite 24

Indicator lights will glow to designate the level of heatselected, three for high, two for medium, and onefor low.The low setting warms the seatback a

Seite 25 - Removing the Bench Seat

REVERSE (R): Use this gear to back up.Notice: Shifting to REVERSE (R) while your vehicleis moving forward could damage the transmission.The repairs wo

Seite 26

SECOND (2): This position gives you more power butlower fuel economy. You can use SECOND (2) onhills. It can help control your speed as you go downste

Seite 27

When Tow/Haul mode isselected the Tow/Haulindicator light willilluminate.The Tow/Haul mode also interacts with the Autoride™feature, if your vehicle i

Seite 28

Automatic Transfer Case{CAUTION:Shifting the transfer case to NEUTRAL can causeyour vehicle to roll even if the transmission isin PARK (P). You or som

Seite 29

5(4LO): This setting also engages your front axleand delivers extra torque. You may never need thissetting. It sends maximum power to all four wheels.

Seite 30 - Why Safety Belts Work

Shifting into 4LOTo shift to the 4LO position, the ignition must be in RUNand the vehicle must be stopped or moving less than3 mph (4.8 km/h) with the

Seite 31

Shifting into NEUTRALTo shift the transfer case to NEUTRAL do the following:1. Make sure the vehicle is parked so that it willnot roll.2. Set the park

Seite 32

All-Wheel Drive with Stabilitrak®With this feature, engine power is sent to all four wheelsall the time.This is like four-wheel drive, but there is no

Seite 33 - Safety Belts

{CAUTION:Shifting the transfer case to NEUTRAL can causeyour vehicle to roll even if the transmission isin PARK (P). You or someone else could beserio

Seite 34 - Driver Position

Shifting Out of 4LOTo shift from 4LO to All-Wheel Drive your vehicle mustbe stopped or moving less than 3 mph (4.8 km/h)with the transmission in NEUTR

Seite 35

But don’t have a seatback reclined if your vehicle ismoving.{CAUTION:Sitting in a reclined position when your vehicleis in motion can be dangerous. Ev

Seite 36

Parking BrakeTo set the parking brake, hold the regular brake pedaldown with your right foot. Push down the parkingbrake pedal with your left foot.A c

Seite 37

Shifting Into Park (P){CAUTION:It can be dangerous to get out of your vehicleif the shift lever is not fully in PARK (P) withthe parking brake firmly s

Seite 38

• Move the lever up as far as it will go.3. Be sure the transfer case is in a drive gear – not inNEUTRAL (N).4. Turn the ignition key to LOCK.5. Remov

Seite 39

Torque LockIf you are parking on a hill and you don’t shift yourtransmission into PARK (P) properly, the weight of thevehicle may put too much force o

Seite 40

Parking Over Things That Burn{CAUTION:Things that can burn could touch hot exhaustparts under your vehicle and ignite. Do notpark over papers, leaves,

Seite 41

Running Your Engine While YouAre ParkedIt is better not to park with the engine running. But ifyou ever have to, here are some things to know.{CAUTION

Seite 42

MirrorsManual Rearview MirrorPull the tab under the mirror toward you to reduce glarefrom headlamps behind you after dark. Push the tabaway from you f

Seite 43 - Center Passenger Position

Automatic Dimming Mirror OperationThe automatic dimming mirror function is turnedon automatically each time the ignition is started. Tooperate the aut

Seite 44 - Lap Belt

Compass CalibrationThe compass may need calibration if one of thefollowing occurs:• After approximately five seconds, the display doesnot show a compas

Seite 45 - Rear Seat Passengers

Temperature DisplayThe temperature can be displayed by pressing theTEMP button. Pressing the TEMP button oncebriefly, will toggle the temperature readi

Seite 46

Head RestraintsAdjust your head restraint so that the top of the restraintis closest to the top of your head. This positionreduces the chance of a nec

Seite 47

Compass VarianceThe mirror is set in zone eight upon leaving the factory.It will be necessary to adjust the compass to compensatefor compass variance

Seite 48 - Children and Small Adults

Passenger Air Bag IndicatorYour mirror may be equipped with a passenger air bagindicator on the mirror glass, just above the buttons.If you have this

Seite 49 - Second Row Seat

Outside Power MirrorsIf your vehicle is equippedwith power outside mirrors,the controls are locatedon the driver’s doorarmrest.Move the selector switc

Seite 50 - Safety Belt Extender

Move the upper selector switch to the left or right tochoose the mirror you want to adjust; then pressthe dots located on the four-way control pad to

Seite 51 - Child Restraints

Outside Curb View Assist MirrorsIf your vehicle has the optional memory packageyou may have this feature.The vehicle’s mirrors are capable of performi

Seite 52

OnStar®SystemOnStar®uses global positioning system (GPS) satellitetechnology, wireless communications, and state ofthe art call centers to provide you

Seite 53

Directions and Connections Plan•All Safe and Sound Plan services• Route Support• RideAssist• Information and Convenience ServicesLuxury and Leisure Pl

Seite 54

HomeLink®TransmitterHomeLink®a combined universal transmitter andreceiver, provides a way to replace up to threehand-held transmitters used to activat

Seite 55

Keep the original transmitter for use in other vehicles aswell as for future HomeLink®programming. It is alsorecommended that upon the sale of the veh

Seite 56

6. Locate in the garage, the garage door openerreceiver (motor-head unit). Locate the “Learn”or “Smart” button. This can usually be found wherethe han

Seite 57

Rear SeatsRear Seat OperationEntering or Exiting the Third Row Seats{CAUTION:If the seatback isn’t locked, it could moveforward in a sudden stop or cr

Seite 58

Using HomeLink®Press and hold the appropriate HomeLink®button for atleast half of a second. The indicator light will comeon while the signal is being

Seite 59

Storage AreasGlove BoxTo open your glove box, lift up the latch and pull thedoor open.Cupholder(s)Your vehicle may have cupholders located in the fron

Seite 60

To prevent damage or loss of cargo as you’re leaving,check now and then to make sure the luggage andcargo are still securely fastened.Be sure the carg

Seite 61

Rear Storage AreaYour vehicle may have a storage compartment locatedin the rear cargo area of the vehicle in the driver’sside trim panel.To open the u

Seite 62 - Top Strap

SunroofYour vehicle may be equipped with a power slidingsunroof. To open or close your sunroof, the ignition orRAP needs to be active. See “Retained A

Seite 63

Vehicle PersonalizationMemory SeatIf your vehicle has thisfeature, then the controlsfor the memory functionare located on thedriver’s door.These butto

Seite 64

If you use the unlock button on the remote keyless entrytransmitter to enter your vehicle, the preset driver’sseat, throttle and brake pedal, mirror p

Seite 65

Instrument Panel Overview ...3-4Hazard Warning Flashers ...3-6Other Warning Devices ...

Seite 66

Audio System(s) ...3-76Setting the Time for Radios withoutRadio Data Systems (RDS) ...3

Seite 67

✍ NOTES3-3

Seite 68 - Rear Outside Seat Position

60/40 Split Bench SeatTahoe models: The rear seat may have a 60/40 splitseat which may be folded down to give you more cargospace.Extended models: The

Seite 69

Instrument Panel Overview3-4

Seite 70

A. Dome Lamp Override Button. See “Dome Lamps”under Interior Lamps on page 3-19.B. Exterior Lamp Controls. See Exterior Lamps onpage 3-14.C. Air Outle

Seite 71 - Center Rear Seat Position

Hazard Warning FlashersYour hazard warning flashers let you warn others. Theyalso let police know you have a problem. Your frontand rear turn signal la

Seite 72

HornTo sound the horn, press the center pad on thesteering wheel.Tilt WheelIf your vehicle is equipped with a tilt wheel, it will allowyou to adjust t

Seite 73 - Center Front Seat Position

Turn and Lane Change SignalsThe turn signal has two upward (for right) and twodownward (for left) positions. These positions allow youto signal a turn

Seite 74

Flash-to-PassThis feature lets you use your high-beam headlamps tosignal a driver in front of you that you want to pass.It works even if your headlamp

Seite 75

Windshield WasherL(Washer Fluid): There is a paddle marked with thewindshield washer symbol at the top of the multifunctionlever. To spray washer fluid

Seite 76

Cruise Control9(Off): This positionturns the system off.R(On): This position activates the system.+ (Resume/Accelerate): Push the lever to this symbol

Seite 77

Setting Cruise Control{CAUTION:If you leave your cruise control on when youare not using cruise, you might hit a buttonand go into cruise when you do

Seite 78

Increasing Speed While Using CruiseControlThere are two ways to go to a higher speed:• Use the accelerator pedal to get to the higher speed.Press the

Seite 79

To create a load floor release the panels from theseatback by pushing forward on the latch. Then fold thepanels back to cover the rear seat footwell ar

Seite 80

Exterior LampsThe control on the driver’s side of your instrument paneloperates the exterior lamps.Turn the control clockwise to operate the lamps.The

Seite 81 - Where Are the Air Bags?

Automatic Headlamp SystemWhen it is dark enough outside, your automaticheadlamp system will turn on your headlamps at thenormal brightness along with

Seite 82

Lamps On ReminderA reminder chime will sound when your headlampsor parking lamps are manually turned on and yourignition is off, in LOCK, ACCESSORY, o

Seite 83

Fog LampsIf your vehicle has fog lamps, use them for better visionin foggy or misty conditions.The fog lamp button islocated on the left side ofthe in

Seite 84 - Air Bag Systems

Auxiliary Roof-Mounted Lamp SwitchIf your vehicle has this feature, this switch includeswiring provisions for a dealer or a qualified servicecenter to

Seite 85 - How Does an Air Bag Restrain?

Interior LampsInstrument Panel BrightnessD: This feature controls the brightness of theinstrument panel lights.The thumbwheel for this feature is loca

Seite 86

The lamps can be adjusted to point in the directionyou want.Your vehicle may also have reading lamps in otherlocations. To turn the lamps on or off, p

Seite 87

Accessory Power OutletsWith accessory power outlets you can plug in auxiliaryelectrical equipment such as a cellular telephone orCB radio.Your vehicle

Seite 88 - Passenger Sensing System

Climate ControlsClimate Control SystemFan KnobThe fan knob on the left side of the control paneladjusts the fan speed. To increase airflow, turn the kn

Seite 89

H (Vent): This setting directs the air through theinstrument panel outlets.) (Bi-Level): Air is delivered through the floor outletsas well as the instr

Seite 90

50/50 Split Bench SeatIf your vehicle has a 50/50 split bench, the seatback(s)can be folded and the entire seat(s) tilted or removedfrom the vehicles.

Seite 91

To change the current mode, select one of the following:H (Vent): This mode directs air to the instrumentpanel vents.)(Bi-Level): This mode directs ha

Seite 92

Defogging and DefrostingFog on the inside of the windows is a result of highhumidity (moisture) condensing on the cool windowglass. This can be minimi

Seite 93 - Restraint System Check

Outlet AdjustmentUse the air outlets locatedin the center and on theside of your instrumentpanel to direct the airflow.Your vehicle has air outlets tha

Seite 94

Dual Automatic Climate ControlSystemWith this system, you can control the heating, coolingand ventilation in your vehicle. Your vehicle also has aflow-

Seite 95

Automatic OperationAUTO (Automatic): When automatic operation isactive the system will control the inside temperature,the air delivery, and the fan sp

Seite 96

Manual OperationYou may manually adjust the air delivery mode orfan speed.w9x (Fan): The switch with the fan symbol allowsyou to manually adjust the f

Seite 97

When the weather is cool or damp, operating thesystem in recirculation for extended periods of time maycause fogging of the vehicle’s windows. To clea

Seite 98 - Remote Keyless Entry System

Air Conditioning#(Air Conditioning): Press this button to turnthe air conditioning (A/C) compressor on and off.The snowflake symbol will appear on the

Seite 99 - Operation

Defogging and DefrostingYou can use either defog or front defrost to clear fog orfrost from your windshield. Use the defog mode toclear the windows of

Seite 100 - Battery Replacement

Outlet AdjustmentUse the air outlets locatedin the center and on theside of your instrumentpanel to direct the airflow.Your vehicle has air outlets tha

Seite 101 - Resynchronization

Once the third seatback has been folded down, theentire seat can be tilted forward to create a flatload floor. To do this, do the following:1. Enter the

Seite 102 - {CAUTION:

Rear Air Conditioning SystemIf your vehicle is equipped with the optional rear airconditioner it has two rear air conditioning fan speedselectors. One

Seite 103 - Power Door Locks

Rear Air Conditioning andHeating SystemIf your vehicle is equipped with this system, there aretwo rear heat and air conditioning controls. One control

Seite 104 - Door Locks

To use the rear control, first turn the front control to theAUX position. Then, the rear control can be used toadjust the airflow speed, temperature, an

Seite 105

Rear Air Conditioning and HeatingSystem and Electronic ClimateControlsWith this system the front or rear passengers cancontrol the air temperature, ai

Seite 106 - Rear Door Security Locks

Rear Passenger Console ControlTo control the rear climate control from the rearpassenger seat position, use the rear passenger consolecontrol. The dri

Seite 107

Warning Lights, Gages andIndicatorsWarning Lights, Gages, andIndicatorsThis part describes the warning lights and gages thatmay be on your vehicle. Th

Seite 108 - Panel Doors

Instrument Panel ClusterYour instrument cluster is designed to let you know at a glance how your vehicle is running. You’ll know howfast you’re going,

Seite 109

Speedometer and OdometerYour speedometer lets you see your speed in bothmiles per hour (mph) and kilometers per hour (km/h).Your odometer shows how fa

Seite 110 - Power Windows

Air Bag Readiness LightThere is an air bag readiness light on the instrumentpanel cluster, which shows the air bag symbol.The system checks the air ba

Seite 111 - Sun Visors

{CAUTION:If the on indicator comes on when you have arear-facing child restraint installed in the rightfront passenger’s seat, it means that thepassen

Seite 112 - Theft-Deterrent Systems

GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem,CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem, the nameTAHOE and the name SUBURBAN are registeredtrademarks of General Motors Corp

Seite 113 - Testing the Alarm

Removing the 50/50 Split Bench SeatTo remove the 50/50 split bench seat, do the following:1. Open the rear doors and enter the rear of thevehicle.2. F

Seite 114 - Starting and Operating Your

Battery Warning LightIf this light is displayedwhen the engine isrunning, you may havea problem with yourcharging system.The battery display will also

Seite 115 - Ignition Positions

Readings in either warning zone indicate a possibleproblem in the electrical system. Have the vehicleserviced as soon as possible.Brake System Warning

Seite 116 - Starting Your Engine

Anti-Lock Brake System WarningLightWith the anti-lock brakesystem, this light will comeon when you start yourengine and may stay on forseveral seconds

Seite 117 - Engine Coolant Heater

• If you move the shift lever to FIRST (1), the lightwill come on and stay on to indicate that thetraction system is off. This is normal operation.To

Seite 118

Transmission Temperature GageYour vehicle may be equipped with a transmissiontemperature gage.When your ignition is on, the gage shows thetemperature

Seite 119

Notice: If you drive your vehicle with thetransmission temperature gage above normaloperating range, you can damage the transmission.This could lead t

Seite 120

Malfunction Indicator LampCheck Engine LightYour vehicle is equippedwith a computer whichmonitors operation of thefuel, ignition and emissioncontrol s

Seite 121 - Tow/Haul Mode

If the Light is FlashingThe following may prevent more serious damage toyour vehicle:• Reducing vehicle speed.• Avoiding hard accelerations.• Avoiding

Seite 122 - Four-Wheel Drive

Have you recently changed brands of fuel?If so, be sure to fuel your vehicle with quality fuel.See Gasoline Octane on page 5-4. Poor fuel quality will

Seite 123

Oil Pressure GageThe oil pressure gage shows the engine oil pressurein psi (pounds per square inch) when the engineis running. Canadian vehicles indic

Seite 124

Replacing the 50/50 Split Bench Seat{CAUTION:If the seatback isn’t locked, it could moveforward in a sudden stop or crash. That couldcause injury to t

Seite 125 - Shifting Out of 4LO

Cruise Control LightThe cruise light comes onwhenever you set yourcruise control. See “CruiseControl” under TurnSignal/Multifunction Leveron page 3-7.

Seite 126 - Shifting Out of NEUTRAL

Fuel GageThe fuel gage, when the ignition is on, tells you abouthow much fuel you have left in your tank.The gage will first indicate empty before you

Seite 127

Driver Information Center (DIC)The DIC display is located on the instrument panelcluster above the steering wheel. The DIC can displayinformation such

Seite 128

The DIC has different modes which can be accessed bypressing the four buttons on the DIC. These buttons aretrip information, fuel information, persona

Seite 129

Business TripTurn BUSINESS TRIP on or off by pressing the selectbutton. When it is on, you will also be able to scrollthrough the following by pressin

Seite 130 - Parking Brake

Annual LogPress the trip information button to scroll to the annuallog. The annual log shows the mileage accumulatedsince it was last reset. To reset

Seite 131

Average Fuel EconomyPress the fuel information button until AVG ECONappears in the display. Average fuel economy is howmany miles per gallon your vehi

Seite 132

Personalization ButtonYou can program certain features to a preferred settingfor up to two people. Press the personalization buttonto scroll through t

Seite 133 - Shifting Out of Park (P)

Alarm Warning TypePress the personalization button until ALARMWARNING TYPE appears in the display. To selectyour personalization for alarm warning typ

Seite 134

Automatic UnlockingPress the personalization button until AUTOMATICUNLOCKING appears in the display. To selectyour personalization for automatic unloc

Seite 135

Bench SeatIf your vehicle has a full bench seat, the seatback canbe folded and the seat can be tilted or removed from thevehicle.Folding the Seatback{

Seite 136 - Temperature Display

Seat Position RecallPress the personalization button until SEAT POSITIONRECALL appears in the display. To select yourpersonalization for seat position

Seite 137 - Compass Variance

Remote Lock FeedbackPress the personalization button until REMOTE LOCKFEEDBACK appears in the display. To select yourpersonalization for the feedback

Seite 138 - Cleaning the Mirror

Headlamps On At ExitPress the personalization button until HEADLAMPS ONAT EXIT appears in the display. To select yourpersonalization for how long the

Seite 139 - Compass Operation

Easy Exit Driver SeatPress the personalization button until EASY EXITDRIVER SEAT appears in the display. To select yourpersonalization for seat positi

Seite 140

Display LanguageTo select your personalization for display language,press the select button while DISPLAY LANGUAGE isdisplayed on the DIC. Pressing th

Seite 141 - Outside Camper-Type Mirrors

BATTERY NOT CHARGINGIf the battery is not charging during operation, thismessage will appear on the DIC. Driving with thisproblem could drain your bat

Seite 142 - Outside Power Mirrors

CHECK OIL LEVELIf the oil level in the vehicle is low, this message willappear on the DIC. Check the oil level and correct it asnecessary. You may nee

Seite 143

FUEL LEVEL LOWIf the fuel level is low, this message will appear on theDIC and you will hear a chime. Refuel as soon aspossible. Press the select butt

Seite 144

PASSENGER DOOR AJARIf the passenger’s door is not fully closed, this messagewill appear on the display and you will hear a chime.Stop and turn off the

Seite 145 - Services

SERVICE BRAKE SYSTEMIf there is a problem with the brake system, thismessage will be displayed on the DIC. If this messageappears, stop as soon as pos

Seite 146

Tilting the Bench Seat{CAUTION:If the seatback isn’t locked, it could moveforward in a sudden stop or crash. That couldcause injury to the person sitt

Seite 147 - Transmitter

SERVICE TIRE MONITORIf your vehicle is equipped with the Tire PressureMonitor System, this message will be displayed if one ormore of the tire monitor

Seite 148

TIGHTEN FUEL CAPIf the vehicle’s fuel cap is not tightened properly thismessage may appear along with the check engine lighton the instrument panel. R

Seite 149 - Programming

The following situations can cause the transmission tooperate at higher temperatures:• Towing a trailer• Hot outside air temperatures• Hauling a large

Seite 150

Setting the Time for Radios withoutRadio Data Systems (RDS)Press and hold the HR or MIN arrow for two seconds.Then press HR until the correct hour app

Seite 151 - Storage Areas

AM-FM RadioPlaying the RadioPWR (Power): Press this knob to turn the systemon and off.VOL (Volume): Turn this knob to increase or todecrease volume.RC

Seite 152

Setting Preset StationsThe six numbered pushbuttons let you return toyour favorite stations. You can set up to 18 stations(six FM1, six FM2, and six A

Seite 153 - Cargo Cover

Adjusting the Speakers (Balance/Fade)AUDIO: To adjust the balance between the rightand the left speakers, press and release AUDIO untilBAL appears on

Seite 154

Radio with CDIf your vehicle is equipped with the Bose®audiosystem, your vehicle will have six Bose®amplifiedspeakers.Radio Data System (RDS)Your audio

Seite 155 - Vehicle Personalization

XM™ Satellite Radio Service(48 Contiguous US States)XM™ is a continental U.S. based satellite radio servicethat offers 100 coast to coast channels inc

Seite 156 - Easy Exit Seat

Finding a StationBAND: Press this button to switch between FM1,FM2, AM, or XM1 or XM2 (48 contiguous US states,if equipped). The display will show you

Seite 157 - Section 3 Instrument Panel

4. Lift the rear of the seat up, off the floor. You will notbe able to unlatch the seat from the floor unless theseatback is folded down.5. Tilt the sea

Seite 158

Setting the Tone (Bass/Treble)AUDIO: Push and release the AUDIO knob until BASSor TREB appears on the display. Turn the knob toincrease or to decrease

Seite 159

Finding a Program Type (PTY) Station(RDS and XM™)To select and find a desired PTY perform the following:1. Turn the P-TYPE knob to activate program typ

Seite 160 - Instrument Panel Overview

Setting Preset PTYs (RDS Only)The six numbered pushbuttons let you return to yourfavorite PTYs. These buttons have factory PTY presets.You can set up

Seite 161

symbol will disappear from the display until another newmessage is received. The old message can bedisplayed by pressing the INFO button. You can view

Seite 162 - Other Warning Devices

XM™ Radio MessagesRadio DisplayMessageCondition Action RequiredXL (Explicit LanguageChannels)XL on the radio display,after the channel name,indicates

Seite 163 - Tilt Wheel

XM™ Radio Messages (cont’d)Radio DisplayMessageCondition Action RequiredNo Info Song/Program Title notavailableNo song title information is available

Seite 164 - Turn and Lane Change Signals

Playing a CDInsert a CD partway into the slot, label side up.The player will pull it in and the CD should begin playing.The CD symbol will appear on t

Seite 165

4 FWD (Forward): Press and hold this pushbutton toadvance quickly within a track. Press and hold thispushbutton for less than two seconds to advance a

Seite 166

CD MessagesIf the CD comes out, it could be for one of the followingreasons:• It is very hot. When the temperature returns tonormal, the CD should pla

Seite 167

Radio Data System (RDS)Your audio system is equipped with a Radio DataSystem (RDS). RDS features are available for useonly on FM stations that broadca

Seite 168

Removing the Bench SeatTo remove the full bench seat, do the following:1. Open the rear doors and enter the rear of thevehicle.2. Fold the seatbackfor

Seite 169

Playing the RadioPWR (Power): Press this knob to turn the systemon and off.VOL (Volume): Turn this knob to increase or todecrease volume.AUTO VOL (Aut

Seite 170 - Exterior Lamps

Finding a StationBAND: Press this button to switch between FM1,FM2, AM, or XM1 or XM2 (48 contiguous US states,if equipped). The display will show you

Seite 171 - Automatic Headlamp System

Setting the Tone (Bass/Treble)AUDIO: Push and release the AUDIO knob until BASSor TREB appears on the display. Turn the knob toincrease or to decrease

Seite 172 - Daytime Running Lamps

Finding a Program Type (PTY) Station(RDS and XM™)To select and find a desired PTY perform the following:1. Turn the P-TYPE knob to activate program typ

Seite 173 - Fog Lamps

Setting Preset PTYs (RDS Only)The six numbered pushbuttons let you return to yourfavorite PTYs. These buttons have factory PTY presets.You can set up

Seite 174

symbol will disappear from the display until anothernew message is received. The old message canbe displayed by pressing the INFO button. You canview

Seite 175 - Interior Lamps

XM™ Radio MessagesRadio DisplayMessageCondition Action RequiredXL (Explicit LanguageChannels)XL on the radio display,after the channel name,indicates

Seite 176 - Battery Run-Down Protection

XM™ Radio Messages (cont’d)Radio DisplayMessageCondition Action RequiredNo Info Song/Program Title notavailableNo song title information is available

Seite 177 - Accessory Power Outlets

Playing a Cassette TapeYour tape player is built to work best with tapes that areup to 30 to 45 minutes long on each side. Tapes longerthan that are s

Seite 178 - Climate Controls

3 REV (Reverse): Press this pushbutton to reverse thetape rapidly. Press this pushbutton again to return toplaying speed. The radio will play while th

Seite 179 - Dual Climate Control System

Replacing the Bench Seat{CAUTION:If the seatback isn’t locked, it could moveforward in a sudden stop or crash. That couldcause injury to the person si

Seite 180

Cassette Tape MessagesCHK TAPE (Check Tape): If this message appears onthe display, the tape will not play because of one ofthe following errors:• The

Seite 181 - Rear Window Defogger

Playing a CDInsert a CD partway into the slot, label side up.The player will pull it in and the CD should begin playing.The CD symbol will appear on t

Seite 182 - Outlet Adjustment

4 FWD (Forward): Press and hold this pushbutton toadvance quickly within a track. Press and hold thispushbutton for less than two seconds to advance a

Seite 183

CD MessagesIf the CD comes out, it could be for one of the followingreasons:• It is very hot. When the temperature returns tonormal, the CD should pla

Seite 184 - Automatic Operation

Radio with Six-Disc CDIf your vehicle is equipped with the Bose®audiosystem, your vehicle will have six Bose®amplifiedspeakers.Radio Data System (RDS)Y

Seite 185 - Manual Operation

XM™ Satellite Radio Service(48 Contiguous US States)XM™ is a continental U.S. based satellite radio servicethat offers 100 coast to coast channels inc

Seite 186

Finding a StationBAND: Press this button to switch between FM1,FM2, AM, or XM1 or XM2 (48 contiguous US states,if equipped). The display will show you

Seite 187 - Air Conditioning

Setting the Tone (Bass/Treble)AUDIO: Push the AUDIO knob until BASS or TREBappears on the display. Turn the knob to increase or todecrease. If a stati

Seite 188

Finding a Program Type (PTY) Station(RDS and XM™)To select and find a desired PTY perform the following:1. Press the P-TYPE button to activate programt

Seite 189

BAND (Alternate Frequency): Alternate frequencyallows the radio to switch to a stronger station with thesame program type. To turn alternate frequency

Seite 190 - Rear Air Conditioning System

Bucket SeatsIf your vehicle has bucket seats, the seatbacks can bereclined and the seats can be folded to give you morecargo room.Reclining the Seatba

Seite 191 - Heating System

RDS MessagesALERT!: Alert warns of local or national emergencies.When an alert announcement comes on the currentradio station, ALERT! will appear on t

Seite 192 - Mode Knob

XM™ Radio MessagesRadio DisplayMessageCondition Action RequiredXL (Explicit LanguageChannels)XL on the radio display,after the channel name,indicates

Seite 193 - Controls

XM™ Radio Messages (cont’d)Radio DisplayMessageCondition Action RequiredNo Info Song/Program Title notavailableNo song title information is available

Seite 194 - AUTO Mode

Playing a CDIf you turn off the ignition or radio with the CD in theplayer, it will stay in the player. When you turn onthe ignition or the radio, the

Seite 195 - Indicators

To insert multiple CDs, do the following:1. Turn the ignition on.2. Press and hold the LOAD side of the LOAD CDbutton for two seconds.You will hear a

Seite 196 - Instrument Panel Cluster

Once the player stops and the CD is ejected, remove theCD. After removing the CD, push the PWR knob off andthen on again. This will clear the CD-sensi

Seite 197 - Safety Belt Reminder Light

sSCAN t: To scan one CD, press and hold eitherSCAN arrow for more than two seconds until SCANappears on the display and you hear a beep.Use this featu

Seite 198 - Air Bag Readiness Light

To play the song list, press the SONG LIST button.One beep will be heard and S-LIST will appear on thedisplay. The recorded tracks will begin to play

Seite 199

CD MessagesCHECK CD: If this message appears on the display,it could be for one of the following reasons:• It is very hot. When the temperature return

Seite 200 - Voltmeter Gage

Rear Seat Entertainment SystemYour vehicle may have the optional Digital Versatile Disc(DVD) Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) system. TheRSE system inclu

Seite 201

2. Pull the seatbackrelease lever up andpull the seatbackforward. Then fold ituntil it is flat.If the seatback cannot fold flat because it interferes wi

Seite 202 - Traction Off Light

DVD Player ButtonsO(Power): Press this button to turn the RSE systemon or off. The power indicator light will illuminatewhen the power is on.X (Eject)

Seite 203

Playing a DiscTo play a disc, gently insert the disc with the label sideup into the loading slot. The DVD player will continueloading the disc and the

Seite 204 - Transmission Temperature Gage

DVD MessagesThe following errors may be displayed on the videoscreen:Disc Format Error: This message will be displayed if adisc is inserted upside dow

Seite 205 - Tire Pressure Light

Remote ControlTo use the remote control, aim it at the infrared windowbelow the video screen and press the desired button.Direct sunlight or very brig

Seite 206 - Malfunction Indicator Lamp

z (Set-up Menu): Press this button to adjust thecolor, tint, brightness, contrast, and display mode(normal, full, or zoom). The dynamic range compress

Seite 207 - If the Light Is On Steady

| (Camera Angle): This button changes cameraangles on DVDs that have this feature when a DVD isplaying. The format and content of this function isdepe

Seite 208 - Maintenance Programs

HeadphonesThe RSE system includes two sets of wirelessheadphones.Each set of headphones has an ON/OFF control.An indicator light will illuminate on th

Seite 209

Stereo RCA JacksThe RCA jacks are located behind the video screen.The RCA jacks allow you to connect audio andvideo from an auxiliary device such as a

Seite 210 - Tow/Haul Mode Light

Audio OutputAudio from the DVD player or auxiliary inputs may beheard through the following possible sources:• Wireless Headphones• Vehicle Speakers•

Seite 211 - Low Fuel Warning Light

Problem Recommended ActionThe picture does not fillthe screen. There areblack borders on the topand bottom or on bothsides or it looksstretched out.Che

Seite 212 - DIC Operation and Displays

Safety BeltsSafety Belts: They Are for EveryoneThis part of the manual tells you how to use safetybelts properly. It also tells you some things you sh

Seite 213 - Trip Information Button

Problem Recommended ActionThe auxiliary source isrunning but there is nopicture or sound.Check that the DVDplayer is in the auxiliarysource mode.Check

Seite 214

Rear Seat Audio (RSA)This feature allows rear seat passengers to listen to anyof the audio sources: radio, cassette tapes, CDs, orDVDs, depending on y

Seite 215 - Fuel Information Button

The following functions are controlled by the RSAsystem buttons:P (Power): Press this button to turn the rear seataudio system on or off. The rear spe

Seite 216 - GM Oil Life System

Theft-Deterrent FeatureTHEFTLOCK®is designed to discourage theft of yourradio. The feature works automatically by learninga portion of the Vehicle Ide

Seite 217 - Personalization Button

DVD DistortionYou may experience audio distortion in theIR headphones when operating cellular phones,scanners, CB radios, Global Positioning Systems(G

Seite 218 - Automatic Locking

For best results, use a scrubbing action, non-abrasivecleaning cassette with pads which scrub the tapehead as the hubs of the cleaner cassette turn.Th

Seite 219 - Automatic Unlocking

Care of Your CD and DVD PlayerThe use of CD lens cleaner discs is not advised, due tothe risk of contaminating the lens of the CD opticswith lubricant

Seite 220 - Perimeter Lighting

Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle ...4-2Defensive Driving ...4-2Drunken Driving ...

Seite 221 - Remote Unlock Feedback

Your Driving, the Road, andYour VehicleDefensive DrivingThe best advice anyone can give about driving is:Drive defensively.Please start with a very im

Seite 222

Drunken DrivingDeath and injury associated with drinking and driving isa national tragedy. It is the number one contributorto the highway death toll,

Seite 223 - • UNITS: METRIC

Safety Warnings and SymbolsYou will find a number of safety cautions in this book.We use a box and the word CAUTION to tell you aboutthings that could

Seite 224 - DIC Warnings and Messages

In most states and in all Canadian provinces, the lawsays to wear safety belts. Here’s why: They work.You never know if you’ll be in a crash. If you d


According to the American Medical Association,a 180 lb (82 kg) person who drinks three 12 ounce(355 ml) bottles of beer in an hour will end up with aB

Seite 226

But the ability to drive is affected well below a BAC of0.10 percent. Research shows that the driving skillsof many people are impaired at a BAC appro

Seite 227

Control of a VehicleYou have three systems that make your vehicle go whereyou want it to go. They are the brakes, the steering andthe accelerator. All

Seite 228

Avoid needless heavy braking. Some people drivein spurts — heavy acceleration followed by heavybraking — rather than keeping pace with traffic. This i


Let us say the road is wet and you are driving safely.Suddenly, an animal jumps out in front of you.You slam on the brakes and continue braking.Here’s


Remember: Anti-lock does not change the time youneed to get your foot up to the brake pedal or alwaysdecrease stopping distance. If you get too close


If your vehicle is in cruise control when the TAS beginsto limit wheel spin, the cruise control will automaticallydisengage. When road conditions allo

Seite 232 - Audio System(s)

To turn the system on oroff, press the TAS on/offbutton located on theinstrument panel.If you used the button to turn the system off, the tractionoff

Seite 233 - Radio Data Systems (RDS)

Stabilitrak®SystemYour vehicle may be equipped with the Stabilitrak®system which combines antilock brake, traction andstability control systems and he

Seite 234 - AM-FM Radio

When the Stabilitrak®system has been turned offyou may still hear system noises as a result of thebrake-traction control coming on.It is recommended t

Seite 235 - Setting Preset Stations

Put someone on it. Get it up to speed. Then stop the vehicle. The riderdoesn’t stop.1-25

Seite 236 - Radio Messages

Notice: If the traction off light comes on due toheavy braking and/or because the traction controlsystem has been continuously active, do not allowthe

Seite 237 - Radio with CD

SteeringPower SteeringIf you lose power steering assist because the enginestops or the system is not functioning, you can steer butit will take much m

Seite 238 - Playing the Radio

Steering in EmergenciesThere are times when steering can be more effectivethan braking. For example, you come over a hill and finda truck stopped in yo

Seite 239 - Finding a Station

QUADRASTEER™The QUADRASTEER™ System has a control anddiagnostic module that monitors and records currentsystem status and operational information.If y

Seite 240

4: In this mode all four wheels will help steer thevehicle. If you want to use 4, and your vehicle is not inthis mode, press the button, until the 4 i

Seite 241 - (RDS and XM™)

_ (4 Wheel Steer tow mode): When towing atrailer the 4 wheel steer tow mode provides enhancedstability allowing the trailer to follow the path of thet

Seite 242 - RDS Messages

Off-Road RecoveryYou may find that your right wheels have dropped off theedge of a road onto the shoulder while you are driving.If the level of the sho

Seite 243

• Do not get too close to the vehicle you want topass while you are awaiting an opportunity. For onething, following too closely reduces your area ofv

Seite 244 - XM™ Radio Messages

Loss of ControlLet us review what driving experts say about whathappens when the three control systems (brakes,steering and acceleration) do not have

Seite 245 - XM™ Radio Messages (cont’d)

Off-Road DrivingThis off-road guide is for vehicles that have four-wheeldrive or all-wheel drive. Also, see Braking on page 4-6.If your vehicle does n

Seite 246 - Playing a CD

The person keeps going until stopped by something.In a real vehicle, it could be the windshield...or the instrument panel...1-26

Seite 247

The following steps must be performed on each of thepush-pins to remove the air dam:1. Insert a tool into thepush-pin slot and pulldownward until thep

Seite 248 - Radio with Cassette and CD

To reinstall the lower air dam do the following:1. Line up each push-pinwith its intendedretainer and push thewasher portion ofthe push-pin towardsthe

Seite 249 - Radio Data System (RDS)

Loading Your Vehicle for Off-RoadDrivingThere are some important things to remember abouthow to load your vehicle.• The heaviest things should be on t

Seite 250

Environmental ConcernsOff-road driving can provide wholesome and satisfyingrecreation. However, it also raises environmentalconcerns. We recognize the

Seite 251

Getting Familiar with Off-Road DrivingIt is a good idea to practice in an area that is safeand close to home before you go into the wilderness.Off-roa

Seite 252

Surface Obstacles: Unseen or hidden obstacles canbe hazardous. A rock, log, hole, rut or bump can startleyou if you are not prepared for them. Often t

Seite 253

Driving on Off-Road HillsOff-road driving often takes you up, down or across ahill. Driving safely on hills requires good judgmentand an understanding

Seite 254

Driving UphillOnce you decide you can safely drive up the hill, youneed to take some special steps.• Use a low gear and get a firm grip on the steering

Seite 255

Q: What should I do if my vehicle stalls, or is aboutto stall, and I can not make it up the hill?A: If this happens, there are some things you shouldd

Seite 256

{CAUTION:Shifting the transfer case to NEUTRAL cancause your vehicle to roll even if thetransmission is in PARK (P). This is becausethe NEUTRAL positi

Seite 257

or the safety belts!With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicle does.You get more time to stop. You stop over more distance,and your strongest bon

Seite 258 - Playing a Cassette Tape

Driving DownhillWhen off-roading takes you downhill, you will want toconsider a number of things:• How steep is the downhill? Will I be able to mainta

Seite 259

Driving Across an InclineSooner or later, an off-road trail will probably go acrossthe incline of a hill. If this happens, you have todecide whether t

Seite 260 - CD Adapter Kits

Stalling on an InclineIf your vehicle stalls when you are crossing an incline,be sure you (and your passengers) get out on the uphillside, even if the

Seite 261

Driving in Mud, Sand, Snow or IceWhen you drive in mud, snow or sand, your wheelswill not get good traction. You can not accelerateas quickly, turning

Seite 262

Driving in WaterHeavy rain can mean flash flooding, and flood watersdemand extreme caution.Find out how deep the water is before you drive throughit. If

Seite 263 - Listening to a DVD

Driving at NightNight driving is more dangerous than day driving.One reason is that some drivers are likely to beimpaired — by alcohol or drugs, with

Seite 264 - Radio with Six-Disc CD

You can be temporarily blinded by approachingheadlamps. It can take a second or two, or evenseveral seconds, for your eyes to re-adjust to the dark.Wh

Seite 265

The heavier the rain, the harder it is to see. Even if yourwindshield wiper blades are in good shape, a heavy raincan make it harder to see road signs

Seite 266

HydroplaningHydroplaning is dangerous. So much water can build upunder your tires that they can actually ride on thewater. This can happen if the road

Seite 267

City DrivingOne of the biggest problems with city streets is theamount of traffic on them. You will want to watch out forwhat the other drivers are do

Seite 268

Q: If I’m a good driver, and I never drive far fromhome, why should I wear safety belts?A: You may be an excellent driver, but if you’re in anaccident

Seite 269

Freeway DrivingMile for mile, freeways (also called thruways, parkways,expressways, turnpikes or superhighways) are thesafest of all roads. But they h

Seite 270

The exit ramp can be curved, sometimes quite sharply.The exit speed is usually posted.Reduce your speed according to your speedometer, notto your sens

Seite 271

Highway HypnosisIs there actually such a condition as “highway hypnosis”?Or is it just plain falling asleep at the wheel? Call ithighway hypnosis, lac

Seite 272

If you drive regularly in steep country, or if you areplanning to visit there, here are some tips that can makeyour trips safer and more enjoyable. Se

Seite 273

Winter DrivingHere are some tips for winter driving:• Have your vehicle in good shape for winter.• You may want to put winter emergency supplies inyou

Seite 274 - Playing a Specific Loaded CD

What is the worst time for this? “Wet ice.” Very coldsnow or ice can be slick and hard to drive on. But wetice can be even more trouble because it may

Seite 275

If You Are Caught in a BlizzardIf you are stopped by heavy snow, you could be in aserious situation. You should probably stay withyour vehicle unless

Seite 276 - Using Song List Mode

{CAUTION:Snow can trap exhaust gases under your vehicle.This can cause deadly CO (carbon monoxide) gasto get inside. CO could overcome you and killyou

Seite 277

If You Are Stuck: In Sand, Mud, Iceor SnowIn order to free your vehicle when it is stuck, you willneed to spin the wheels, but you do not want tospin

Seite 278

Rocking Your Vehicle To Get It OutFirst, turn your steering wheel left and right. That willclear the area around your front wheels. If you have afour-

Seite 279 - DVD Player

3. Pick up the latch plate and pull the belt across you.Don’t let it get twisted.The shoulder belt may lock if you pull the beltacross you very quickl

Seite 280 - DVD Player Buttons

{CAUTION:These hooks, when used, are under a lot offorce. Always pull the vehicle straight out.Never pull on the hooks at a sideways angle.The hooks c

Seite 281 - Ejecting a Disc

TowingTowing Your VehicleConsult your dealer or a professional towing serviceif you need to have your disabled vehicle towed.See Roadside Assistance P

Seite 282 - Video Screen

Dinghy TowingTwo-Wheel-Drive VehiclesTwo-wheel-drive vehicles should not be towed withall four wheels on the ground. Two-wheel-drivetransmissions have

Seite 283 - Remote Control

Dolly TowingTwo-Wheel-Drive VehiclesTwo-wheel-drive vehicles should not be towed withthe rear wheels on the ground. Two-wheel-drivetransmissions have

Seite 284

{CAUTION:Shifting a four-wheel-drive vehicle’s transfercase into NEUTRAL can cause your vehicleto roll even if the transmission is in Park (P).You or

Seite 285

Tire and Loading Information LabelA. Vehicle Capacity WeightThe Tire and Loading Information label is attached tothe center pillar, near the driver’s

Seite 286 - Headphones

Steps for Determining Correct Load Limit1. Locate the statement “The combined weight ofoccupants and cargo should never exceed XXXpounds” on your vehi

Seite 287 - Stereo RCA Jacks

Loading Your VehicleItem Description TotalAVehicle Capacity Weightfor Example 2 =1,000 lbs (453 kg)BSubtract Occupant Weight150lbs(68kg)x5=750 lbs (34

Seite 288 - Audio Output

Certification/Tire LabelThe Certification/Tire label is found on the rear edge ofthe driver’s door or in the Incomplete VehicleDocument in the cab.The l

Seite 289

{CAUTION:Do not load your vehicle any heavier than theGVWR, or either the maximum front or rearGAWR. If you do, parts on your vehicle canbreak, and it

Seite 290

The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug onthe hips, just touching the thighs. In a crash, this appliesforce to the strong pelvic bones. A

Seite 291 - Rear Seat Audio (RSA)

Level ControlAutomatic Level ControlThe automatic level control rear suspension is availableon C/K 1500 vehicles and comes as a part of theAutoride™ s

Seite 292

Trailer RecommendationsYou must subtract your hitch loads from the CargoWeight Rating (CWR) for your vehicle. CWR is themaximum weight of the load you

Seite 293 - Audio Steering Wheel Controls

If yours was built with trailering options, as many are,it’s ready for heavier trailers. But trailering is differentthan just driving your vehicle by

Seite 294 - Radio Reception

Tow/Haul ModeTow/Haul is a feature that assists when pulling a heavytrailer or a large or heavy load. The purpose of theTow/Haul mode is to:• Reduce t

Seite 295 - Care of Your CDs and DVDs

Weight of the TrailerHow heavy can a trailer safely be?It depends on how you plan to use your rig. For example,speed, altitude, road grades, outside t

Seite 296

Vehicle* Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWRK-1500 (4 WD)*4800 V83.734.106,400 lbs. (2 902 kg)7,400 lbs. (3 356 kg)12,000 lbs. (5 443 kg)13,000 lbs

Seite 297

Vehicle* Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWRK-2500 (4WD)*6000 V8(Extended Models)**†3.734.107,600 lbs. (3 447 kg)9,600 lbs. (4 354kg)14,000 lbs. (6

Seite 298 - Your Vehicle

Weight of the Trailer TongueThe tongue load (A) of any trailer is an important weightto measure because it affects the total or gross weightof your ve

Seite 299 - Drunken Driving

Total Weight on Your Vehicle’s TiresBe sure your vehicle’s tires are inflated to the upperlimit for cold tires. You’ll find these numbers onthe Certifica

Seite 300

If you will be pulling a trailer that, when loaded, willweigh more than 5,000 lbs (2 270 kg) be sure to use aproperly mounted weight-distributing hitc

Seite 301

Q: What’s wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is too loose. It won’t give nearlyas much protection this way.{CAUTION:You can be seriously hurt if you

Seite 302 - Control of a Vehicle

Driving with a Trailer{CAUTION:If you have a rear-most window open and youpull a trailer with your vehicle, carbon monoxide(CO) could come into your v

Seite 303 - Anti-lock Brake System

Following DistanceStay at least twice as far behind the vehicle ahead asyou would when driving your vehicle without a trailer.This can help you avoid

Seite 304

Driving On GradesReduce speed and shift to a lower gear before you startdown a long or steep downgrade. If you don’t shiftdown, you might have to use

Seite 305 - Traction Assist System (TAS)

{CAUTION:It can be dangerous to get out of your vehicle ifthe shift lever is not fully in PARK (P) with theparking brake firmly set. Your vehicle can r

Seite 306

Trailer Wiring HarnessYour vehicle is equipped with the following wiringharnesses for towing a trailer.Basic Trailer WiringThe trailer wiring harness,

Seite 307 - Locking Rear Axle

Heavy-Duty Trailer Wiring HarnessPackageYour vehicle is equipped with the seven-wire trailertowing harness. This harness with a seven-pin universaltra

Seite 308 - Stabilitrak

Instrument Panel Jumper Wiring Harness{CAUTION:Be sure to use only the correct trailer brakeharness, the one intended for use on yourvehicle. If you u

Seite 309 - Traction Control Operation

Four-Wire Harness AdapterThis adapter is includedwith your vehicle as part ofthe heavy-duty trailerwiring package.Use this adapter to connect a standa

Seite 310

Power WinchesIf you wish to use a power winch on your vehicle, onlyuse it when your vehicle is stationary or anchored.Step-Bumper PadYour vehicle has

Seite 311 - Steering

Service ...5-3Doing Your Own Service Work ...5-3Adding Equipment to the

Seite 312 - Steering in Emergencies

Q: What’s wrong with this?A: The belt is buckled in the wrong place.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your belt isbuckled in the wrong place li

Seite 313 - QUADRASTEER™

Tires ...5-62Inflation - Tire Pressure ...5-71Tire Pressure Mo

Seite 314

ServiceYour dealer knows your vehicle best and wants you tobe happy with it. We hope you will go to your dealerfor all your service needs. You will ge

Seite 315 - Equipped Vehicles

CAUTION: (Continued)•Be sure you have sufficient knowledge,experience, the proper replacement partsand tools before you attempt any vehiclemaintenance

Seite 316 - Off-Road Recovery

Gasoline SpecificationsIt is recommended that gasoline meet specificationswhich were developed by automobile manufacturersaround the world and contained

Seite 317

General Motors recommends that you buy gasolinesthat are advertised to help keep fuel injectors and intakevalves clean. If your vehicle experiences pr

Seite 318 - Loss of Control

Many service stations will not have an 85% ethanolfuel (E-85) pump available. The U.S. Departmentof Energy has an alternative fuels website(http://afd

Seite 319 - Off-Road Driving

Fuels in Foreign CountriesIf you plan on driving in another country outside theUnited States or Canada, the proper fuel may be hard tofind. Never use l

Seite 320

To remove the fuel cap, turn it slowly to the left(counterclockwise). It will require more effort to turnthe fuel cap on the last turn as you loosen i

Seite 321 - Before You Go Off-Roading

Filling a Portable Fuel Container{CAUTION:Never fill a portable fuel container while it is inyour vehicle. Static electricity discharge fromthe contain

Seite 322

Hood ReleaseTo open the hood do the following:1. Pull the handle insidethe vehicle locatedunder and to the left ofthe steering wheel.2. Then go to the

Seite 323 - Traveling to Remote Areas

Q: What’s wrong with this?A: The belt is over an armrest.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your belt goesover an armrest like this. The belt wo

Seite 324

Engine Compartment OverviewWhen you open the hood on the VORTEC™ 5300 V8 engine (VORTEC™ 4800 and 6000 V8 engines similar),you’ll see the following:5-

Seite 325 - • Is the path ahead clear?

A. Engine Air Cleaner/Filter. See Engine AirCleaner/Filter on page 5-21.B. Coolant Surge Tank. See Cooling System onpage 5-31.C. Air Filter Restrictio

Seite 326

When you open the hood on the VORTEC™ 8100 V8 engine you’ll see the following:5-14

Seite 327

A. Engine Air Cleaner/Filter. See Engine AirCleaner/Filter on page 5-21.B. Coolant Surge Tank. See Cooling System onpage 5-31.C. Air Filter Restrictio

Seite 328

Engine OilIf the CHECK OIL LEVEL message appears on theinstrument cluster, it means you need to checkyour engine oil level right away.For more informa

Seite 329

When to Add Engine OilIf the oil is at or below the cross-hatched area at the tipof the dipstick, then you will need to add at least onequart of oil.

Seite 330

What Kind of Engine Oil to UseLook for two things:• GM6094MYour vehicle’s engine requires oil meeting GMStandard GM6094M. You should look for and useo

Seite 331

• SAE 5W-30As shown in the viscosity chart, SAE 5W-30 is bestfor your vehicle. However, if it is going to be 0°F(–18°C) or above and SAE 5W-30 is not

Seite 332

When to Change Engine Oil(GM Oil Life System)Your vehicle has a computer system that lets you knowwhen to change the engine oil and filter. This is bas

Seite 333

What to Do with Used OilUsed engine oil contains certain elements that may beunhealthy for your skin and could even cause cancer.Do not let used oil s

Seite 334

Vehicle Damage WarningsAlso, in this book you will find these notices:Notice: These mean there is something that coulddamage your vehicle.A notice will

Seite 335 - Driving at Night

Q: What’s wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is worn under the arm. It shouldbe worn over the shoulder at all times.{CAUTION:You can be seriously in

Seite 336

How to InspectLocate the filter change indicator. When the changeindicator turns black or is in the red/orange “change”zone, replace the filter and rese

Seite 337

{CAUTION:Operating the engine with the air cleaner/filteroff can cause you or others to be burned.The air cleaner not only cleans the air, it helpsto s

Seite 338

How to CheckBecause this operation can be a little difficult, you maychoose to have this done at the dealership servicedepartment.If you do it yoursel

Seite 339 - City Driving

Checking the Fluid LevelPrepare your vehicle as follows:• Park your vehicle on a level place. Keep the enginerunning.• With the parking brake applied,

Seite 340 - Freeway Driving

How to Add FluidRefer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine whatkind of transmission fluid to use. See RecommendedFluids and Lubricants on page 6-13

Seite 341 - Before Leaving on a Long Trip

What to UseUse a mixture of one-half clean, drinkable water andone-half DEX-COOL®coolant which won’t damagealuminum parts. If you use this coolant mix

Seite 342 - Hill and Mountain Roads

Checking CoolantThe coolant surge tank islocated in the enginecompartment on thepassenger’s side of thevehicle. See EngineCompartment Overviewon page

Seite 343

Coolant Surge Tank Pressure CapSee Engine CompartmentOverview on page 5-12for more informationon location.The coolant surge tank pressure cap must be

Seite 344 - Winter Driving

If Steam Is Coming From Your Engine{CAUTION:Steam from an overheated engine can burnyou badly, even if you just open the hood.Stay away from the engin

Seite 345

If No Steam Is Coming From YourEngineAn overheat warning, along with a low coolant condition,can indicate a serious problem. See Low Coolantunder DIC

Seite 346

Q: What’s wrong with this?A: The belt is twisted across the body.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured by a twisted belt.In a crash, you wouldn’t have

Seite 347

A. Coolant Surge TankB. Coolant Surge Tank Pressure CapC. Engine FanIf the coolant inside the coolant surge tank is boiling,don’t do anything else unt

Seite 348

The coolant level shouldbe at or above the FULLCOLD mark. If it isn’t,you may have a leak at thepressure cap or in theradiator hoses, heaterhoses, rad

Seite 349 - Using the Recovery Hooks

How to Add Coolant to the CoolantSurge TankIf you haven’t found a problem yet, check to see ifcoolant is visible in the surge tank. If coolant is visi

Seite 350

{CAUTION:Adding only plain water to your coolingsystem can be dangerous. Plain water, orsome other liquid such as alcohol, can boilbefore the proper c

Seite 351 - Recreational Vehicle Towing

1. Park the vehicle on alevel surface. You canremove the coolantsurge tank pressurecap when the coolingsystem, includingthe coolant surge tankpressure

Seite 352

5. With the coolant surge tank pressure cap off, startthe engine and let it run until you can feel the upperradiator hose getting hot. Watch out for t

Seite 353 - Dolly Towing

Engine Fan NoiseYour vehicle has a clutched engine cooling fan. When theclutch is engaged, the fan spins faster to provide more airto cool the engine.

Seite 354

When to Check Power Steering FluidIt is not necessary to regularly check power steering fluidunless you suspect there is a leak in the system oryou hea

Seite 355

Windshield Washer FluidWhat to UseWhen you need windshield washer fluid, be sure to readthe manufacturer’s instructions before use. If you willbe opera

Seite 356 - Loading Your Vehicle

BrakesBrake FluidYour brake master cylinder reservoir is filled with DOT-3brake fluid. See Engine Compartment Overview onpage 5-12 for the location of t

Seite 357

To unlatch the belt, just push the button on the buckle.The belt should go back out of the way.Before you close the door, be sure the belt is out of t

Seite 358 - Certification/Tire Label

Checking Brake FluidYou can check the brake fluid without taking off the cap.Just look at the brake fluid reservoir. The fluid levelshould be above MIN.

Seite 359

Notice:• Using the wrong fluid can badly damage brakesystem parts. For example, just a few drops ofmineral-based oil, such as engine oil, in yourbrake

Seite 360 - Autoride™

Brake Pedal TravelSee your dealer if the brake pedal does not return tonormal height, or if there is a rapid increase inpedal travel. This could be a

Seite 361

Vehicle StorageIf you are not going to drive your vehicle for 25 daysor more, remove the black, negative (−) cable fromthe battery. This will help kee

Seite 362

1. Check the other vehicle. It must have a 12-voltbattery with a negative ground system.Notice: If the other vehicle’s system is not a 12-voltsystem w

Seite 363

The remote positive (+) terminal is located behinda red plastic cover, if equipped, near the engineaccessory drive bracket. To uncover the remoteposit

Seite 364 - Weight of the Trailer

5. Check that the jumper cables don’t have loose ormissing insulation. If they do, you could get ashock. The vehicles could be damaged too.Before you

Seite 365

8. Now connect the blacknegative (−) cable tothe good battery’snegative (−) cable.Use a remotenegative (−) terminalif the vehicle has one.Don’t let th

Seite 366

Notice: If the jumper cables are removed in thewrong order, electrical shorting may occur anddamage the vehicle. The repairs would not becovered by yo

Seite 367 - Weight of the Trailer Tongue

All-Wheel DriveLubricant checks in this section also apply to thesevehicles. However, there are two additional systemsthat need lubrication.Transfer C

Seite 368 - Carrying Hitches

The best way to protect the fetus is to protect themother. When a safety belt is worn properly, it’s morelikely that the fetus won’t be hurt in a cras

Seite 369 - Trailer Brakes

Rear AxleWhen to Check LubricantIt is not necessary to regularly check rear axle fluidunless you suspect there is a leak or you hear anunusual noise. A

Seite 370

Four-Wheel DriveLubricant checks in this section also apply to thesevehicles. However, there are two additional systems thatneed lubrication.Transfer

Seite 371 - Making Turns

Front AxleWhen to Check LubricantIt is not necessary to regularly check front axle fluidunless you suspect there is a leak or you hear anunusual noise.

Seite 372

Bulb ReplacementFor any bulb changing procedure not listed in thissection, contact your dealer.See Replacement Bulbs on page 5-60 for the propertypes

Seite 373

A. Low-Beam HeadlampB. High-Beam Headlamp2. Pull the headlamp assembly out.3. Unplug the electrical connector.4. Turn the old bulb counterclockwise an

Seite 374 - Trailer Wiring Harness

3. Pull the turn signal housing out from the vehicle.4. Press the locking release lever, turn the bulb socketcounterclockwise and remove the socket fr

Seite 375

Roof Marker Lamps1. Remove the twoscrews and lift offthe lens.2. Remove the six screws on the center roof markerlamps.3. Turn the old bulb countercloc

Seite 376

4. Put a new bulb intothe socket and turnclockwise until it locksin place.5. Reinstall the lens and tighten the screws.TaillampsA. Turn Signal LampB.

Seite 377 - Four-Wire Harness Adapter

2. Remove the lamp assembly.3. Press the release tab and turn the bulb socketcounterclockwise to remove it from the taillamphousing.4. Pull the old bu

Seite 378 - Step-Bumper Pad

Windshield Wiper BladeReplacementWindshield wiper blades should be inspected at leasttwice a year for wear and cracking. See ScheduledMaintenance on p

Seite 379

Lap BeltWhen you sit in a center seating position other than inthe second row you have a lap belt.A lap safety belt does not have a retractor. To make

Seite 380

TiresYour new vehicle comes with high-quality tires made bya leading tire manufacturer. If you ever have questionsabout your tire warranty and where t

Seite 381

(A) Tire Size Code: The tire size code is a combinationof letters and numbers used to define a particulartire’s width, height, aspect ratio, constructi

Seite 382 - Gasoline Octane

(E) Tire Ply Material: The type of cord and number ofplies in the sidewall and under the tread.(F) Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG): Tiremanufactur

Seite 383 - Additives

(A) Tire Size: The tire size code is a combination ofletters and numbers used to define a particulartire’s width, height, aspect ratio, construction ty

Seite 384 - Fuel E-85 (85% Ethanol)

Tire SizeThe following examples show the different parts ofa tire size.(A) Passenger (P-Metric) Tire: The United Statesversion of a metric tire sizing

Seite 385

(A) Light Truck (LT-Metric) Tire: The United Statesversion of a metric tire sizing system. The letter “LT” asthe first two characters in the tire size

Seite 386

Tire Terminology and DefinitionsAir Pressure: The amount of air inside the tire pressingoutward on each square inch of the tire. Air pressureis express

Seite 387

GAWR RR: Gross Axle Weight Rating for the rear axle,see Loading Your Vehicle on page 4-58.Intended Outboard Sidewall: The side of anasymmetrical tire,

Seite 388

Rim: A metal support for a tire and upon which the tirebeads are seated.Sidewall: The portion of a tire between the tread andthe bead.Speed Rating: An

Seite 389 - Hood Release

Inflation - Tire PressureThe tire and loading information label, shows the correctinflation pressures for your tires when they’re cold.“Cold” means your

Seite 390 - Engine Compartment Overview

Rear Seat PassengersIt is very important for rear seat passengers to buckleup! Accident statistics show that unbelted people inthe rear seat are hurt

Seite 391

Tire Pressure Monitor SystemThe Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) system uses radioand sensor technology to check tire pressure levels.If your vehicle has t

Seite 392

TPM Sensor Identification CodesEach TPM sensor has a unique identification code.Any time you rotate your vehicle’s tires or replace oneor more of the TP

Seite 393

6. Proceed to the right (passenger’s side) front tire,and repeat the procedure in step 5.7. Proceed to the right (passenger’s side) rear tire,and repe

Seite 394 - Engine Oil

Make sure the spare tire is stored securely. Push, pull,and then try to rotate or turn the tire. If it moves,use the ratchet/wheel wrench to tighten t

Seite 395 - When to Add Engine Oil

When It Is Time for New TiresOne way to tell when it’stime for new tires is tocheck the treadwearindicators, which willappear when your tireshave only

Seite 396 - • GM6094M

If you replace your vehicle’s tires with those not havinga TPC Spec number, the tire pressure monitoringsystem may give an inaccurate low pressure war

Seite 397 - Engine Oil Additives

Uniform Tire Quality GradingQuality grades can be found where applicable on thetire sidewall between tread shoulder and maximumsection width. For exam

Seite 398 - (GM Oil Life System)

Temperature – A, B, CThe temperature grades are A (the highest), B, and C,representing the tire’s resistance to the generationof heat and its ability

Seite 399 - Engine Air Cleaner/Filter

Each new wheel should have the same load-carryingcapacity, diameter, width, offset and be mountedthe same way as the one it replaces.If you need to re

Seite 400 - How to Inspect

Tire Chains{CAUTION:If your vehicle has P265/75R16, LT265/75R16,P265/70R16 or P265/70R17 size tires, don’t usetire chains. They can damage your vehicl

Seite 401

2. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.Pull up on the latch plate to make sure it is secure.When the shoulder belt is pulled out all

Seite 402 - How to Check

If a Tire Goes FlatIt’s unusual for a tire to “blowout” while you’re driving,especially if you maintain your tires properly. If air goesout of a tire,

Seite 403 - Checking the Fluid Level

Changing a Flat TireIf a tire goes flat, avoid further tire and wheel damageby driving slowly to a level place. Turn on yourhazard warning flashers.{CAU

Seite 404 - Engine Coolant

Removing the Spare Tire and ToolsA. Tool Kit with JackTools and GlovesB. Retaining Bracketand Wing NutC. Wing Nut HoldingTire BlocksD. Tire BlocksE. B

Seite 405

For Tahoe, the equipment is located behind the left trimpanel in the rear of the vehicle. Unlatch the releaselever to open the trim panel door. Skip t

Seite 406

1. If your vehicle is equipped with a hoist lock (J),open the spare tire lock cover on the bumperand use the ignition key to remove the lock.2. Assemb

Seite 407 - Engine Overheating

5. The wheel wrench hasa hook that allows youto pull the hoistcable towards you toassist in reachingthe spare tire.6. When the tire hasbeen lowered, t

Seite 408

1. Remove the center cap by placing the chisel endof the wheel wrench in the slot on the wheel andgently prying the cap out.2. Use the wheel wrench to

Seite 409 - Cooling System

A. Front PositionB. Rear Position{CAUTION:Getting under a vehicle when it is jacked up isdangerous. If the vehicle slips off the jack youcould be badl

Seite 410

3. Position the jack under the vehicle as shown.Front Tire Flat: If the flat tire is on a front tire ofthe vehicle, you’ll need to use the jack handle

Seite 411

4. Remove all the wheelnuts and take off theflat tire.5. Remove any rust or dirtfrom the wheel bolts,mounting surfacesand spare wheel.{CAUTION:Rust or

Seite 412

The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug onthe hips, just touching the thighs. In a crash, this appliesforce to the strong pelvic bones. A

Seite 413

6. After mounting thespare, put the wheelnuts back on withthe rounded end ofthe nuts towardthe wheel. Tighteneach wheel nutby hand. Then use thewheel

Seite 414

CAUTION: (Continued)If you have to replace them, be sure to getnew GM original equipment wheel nuts.Stop somewhere as soon as you can and havethe nuts

Seite 415

Storing a Flat or Spare Tire,Jack and Tools{CAUTION:Storing a jack, a tire, or other equipment in thepassenger compartment of the vehicle couldcause i

Seite 416 - Power Steering Fluid

1. Put the tire on the ground at the rear of the vehiclewith the valve stem pointed down, and to the rear.2. Tilt the retainer (D)downward and through

Seite 417 - What to Use

A. Push and PullB. Rotate Tire7. Make sure the tire is stored securely. Push, pull,and then try to rotate or turn the tire. If the tiremoves, use the

Seite 418 - Windshield Washer Fluid

4. Use the retaining clip to fasten the tool kit on thestud in the storage compartment in the rear lefttrim panel and turn the wing nut clockwise tose

Seite 419

Secondary Latch SystemYour vehicle has an underbody mounted tire hoistassembly equipped with a secondary latch system.It’s designed to stop the spare

Seite 420

3. Loosen the cable by turning the wrenchcounterclockwise three or four turns.4. Repeat this procedure at least two times. If thespare tire lowers to

Seite 421

8. Attach the jack handle, extension, and wheelwrench to the jack and place it (with the wheelblocks) under the vehicle towards the front of therear b

Seite 422 - Replacing Brake System Parts

13. Tilt the retainer at theend of the cable andpull it through thewheel opening. Pull thetire out from underthe vehicle.14. If the cable is hanging u

Seite 423

Rear Safety Belt Comfort Guides forChildren and Small AdultsRear shoulder belt comfort guides will provide addedsafety belt comfort for older children

Seite 424

Appearance CareRemember, cleaning products can be hazardous.Some are toxic. Others can burst into flames if youstrike a match or get them on a hot part

Seite 425

Here are some cleaning tips:• Always read the instructions on the cleaner label.• Clean up stains as soon as you can — before theyset.• Carefully scra

Seite 426

Cleaning VinylUse warm water and a clean cloth.• Rub with a clean, damp cloth to remove dirt.You may have to do this more than once.• Things like tar,

Seite 427

Care of Safety BeltsKeep belts clean and dry.{CAUTION:Do not bleach or dye safety belts. If you do, itmay severely weaken them. In a crash, theymight

Seite 428

Cleaning Exterior Lamps/LensesUse only lukewarm or cold water, a soft cloth and acar washing soap to clean exterior lamps and lenses.Follow instructio

Seite 429 - All-Wheel Drive

Cleaning the Windshield, Backglassand Wiper BladesIf the windshield is not clear after using the windshieldwasher, or if the wiper blade chatters when

Seite 430 - Rear Axle

Cleaning TiresTo clean your tires, use a stiff brush with tire cleaner.Notice: Using petroleum-based tire dressingproducts on your vehicle may damage

Seite 431

Vehicle Care/Appearance MaterialsSee your GM dealer for more information on purchasingthe following products.Vehicle Care/Appearance MaterialsDescript

Seite 432 - Front Axle

Vehicle IdentificationVehicle Identification Number (VIN)This is the legal identifier for your vehicle. It appears ona plate in the front corner of the i

Seite 433

Windshield Wiper FusesThe windshield wiper motor is protected by an internalcircuit breaker and a fuse. If the motor overheats due toheavy snow, etc.,

Seite 434

3. Be sure that the belt is not twisted and it lies flat.The guide must be on top of the belt.Second Row Seat1-43

Seite 435

Fuses UsageRR Wiper Rear Window Wiper SwitchSEO ACCYSpecial Equipment OptionAccessoryWS WPR Windshield WipersFuses UsageTBC ACCYTruck Body ControllerA

Seite 436 - Roof Marker Lamps

Fuses UsageDRIVER UNLOCKPower Door Lock Relay(Driver’s Door UnlockFunction)IGN 0 PCM, TCMTBC IGN 0 Truck Body ControllerVEH CHMSLVehicle and Trailer H

Seite 437 - Taillamps

Center Instrument Panel Fuse BlockThe center instrument panel utility block is locatedunderneath the instrument panel, to the left of thesteering colu

Seite 438 - Replacement Bulbs

Underhood Fuse BlockThe underhood fuse block in the engine compartmenton the driver’s side of the vehicle near the battery.Lift the cover for access t

Seite 440

*1 — Gasoline Engine and Fuel Injection Rail #2.*2 — Gasoline Engine and Fuel Injection Rail #1.*3 — Gasoline Engine; Oxygen Sensors.*4 — Gasoline Eng

Seite 441

Fuses UsageTBC BATTTruck Body ControllerBattery FeedSUNROOF SunroofSEO B2 Off-Road Lamps4WSVent Solenoid Canister/Quadrasteer Module PowerRR HVAC Rear

Seite 442

Fuses UsageLH HID Not UsedDRL Daytime Running LampsIPC/DICInstrument PanelCluster/Driver InformationCenterHVAC/ECAS Climate Control ControllerCIG LTR

Seite 443

Capacities and SpecificationsPlease refer to Recommended Fluids and Lubricants on page 6-13 for more information. All capacities areapproximate.Capacit

Seite 444 - Tire Size

Cooling System CapacityApplicationCapacitiesEnglish MetricCooling SystemVORTEC™ 4800 V8 Automatic with front A/C 15.0 quarts 14.0 LVORTEC™ 4800 V8 Aut

Seite 445

These are some examples of symbols you may find on your vehicle:v

Seite 446

4. Buckle, position and release the safety belt asdescribed in Rear Seat Passengers on page 1-39.Make sure that the shoulder belt crosses theshoulder.

Seite 447

CapacitiesApplicationCapacitiesEnglish MetricEngine Oil with FilterVORTEC™ 4800 V8 VIN V 6.0 quarts† 5.7 L†VORTEC™ 5300 V8 VIN T 6.0 quarts† 5.7 L†VOR

Seite 448

Maintenance Schedule ...6-2Introduction ...6-2Maintenance Requireme

Seite 449 - Inflation - Tire Pressure

Maintenance ScheduleIntroductionImportant: Keep engine oil at the proper level andchange as recommended.Have you purchased the GM Protection Plan? The

Seite 450 - Tire Pressure Monitor System

This schedule is for vehicles that:• carry passengers and cargo within recommendedlimits. You will find these limits on the tire andloading information

Seite 451

Owner Checks and Services on page 6-10 tells you whatshould be checked, when to check it and what you caneasily do to help keep your vehicle in good c

Seite 452 - Tire Inspection and Rotation

Scheduled MaintenanceService Maintenance I Maintenance IIChange engine oil and filter. Reset oil life system. See Engine Oil onpage 5-16. An Emission C

Seite 453

Additional Required ServicesThe following services should be performed at the first maintenance service (I or II) after the indicated miles(kilometers)

Seite 454 - Buying New Tires

Additional Required Services (cont’d)Service25,000(41 500)50,000(83 000)75,000(125 000)100,000(166 000)125,000(207 500)150,000(240 000)Inspect evapora

Seite 455

Maintenance Footnotes† The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or theCalifornia Air Resources Board has determined that thefailure to perform this ma

Seite 456 - Uniform Tire Quality Grading

(f) Lubricate all key lock cylinders, hood latch assembly,secondary latch, pivots, spring anchor, release pawl,rear compartment hinges, outer liftgate

Seite 457 - Wheel Replacement

Child RestraintsOlder ChildrenOlder children who have outgrown booster seats shouldwear the vehicle’s safety belts.If you have the choice, a child sho

Seite 458

Owner Checks and ServicesThese owner checks and services should be performedat the intervals specified to help ensure the safety,dependability and emis

Seite 459

At Least Once a YearStarter Switch Check{CAUTION:When you are doing this inspection, thevehicle could move suddenly. If the vehiclemoves, you or other

Seite 460

Ignition Transmission Lock CheckWhile parked, and with the parking brake set, try to turnthe ignition key to LOCK in each shift lever position.• The k

Seite 461

Recommended Fluids andLubricantsFluids and lubricants identified below by name, partnumber or specification may be obtained from yourdealer.Usage Fluid/

Seite 462

Usage Fluid/LubricantRear AxleSAE 75W-90 Synthetic AxleLubricant (GM Part No. U.S.12378261, in Canada 10953455)meeting GM Specification 9986115.Rear Ax

Seite 463

Normal Maintenance Replacement PartsReplacement parts identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your dealer.Normal Ma

Seite 464

Normal Maintenance Replacement Parts (cont’d)VIN Code V T Z U GWiper BladeLength (Front)22 inches(56.0 cm)22 inches(56.0 cm)22 inches(56.0 cm)22 inche

Seite 465

Maintenance RecordAfter the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service and thetype of services per

Seite 466

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed6-18

Seite 467

Customer Assistance and Information ...7-2Customer Satisfaction Procedure ...7-2Online Owner Center ...

Seite 468

{CAUTION:Never do this.Here two children are wearing the same belt.The belt can’t properly spread the impactforces. In a crash, the two children can b

Seite 469

Customer Assistance andInformationCustomer Satisfaction ProcedureYour satisfaction and goodwill are important toyour dealer and to Chevrolet. Normally

Seite 470

The BBB Auto Line Program is an out of courtprogram administered by the Council of Better BusinessBureaus to settle automotive disputes regardingvehic

Seite 471 - CAUTION: (Continued)

Customer Assistance for TextTelephone (TTY) UsersTo assist customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, orspeech-impaired and who use Text Telephones (TTY

Seite 472

Overseas – Customer AssistancePlease contact the local General Motors Business Unit.Mexico, Central America and CaribbeanIslands/Countries (Except Pue

Seite 473

Roadside Assistance ProgramSecurity While You Travel1-800-CHEV-USA (243-8872)As the proud owner of a new Chevrolet vehicle, you areautomatically enrol

Seite 474

While we hope you never have the occasion to use ourservice, it is added security while traveling for you andyour family. Remember, we are only a phon

Seite 475

If your vehicle cannot be scheduled into the servicedepartment immediately, keep driving it until it can bescheduled for service, unless, of course, t

Seite 476

Additional Program InformationCourtesy Transportation is available during theBumper-to-Bumper warranty coverage period,but it is not part of the New V

Seite 477

To read this information, special equipment is neededand access to the vehicle or the SDM is required.GM will not access information about a crash eve

Seite 478

Reporting Safety Defects to theCanadian GovernmentIf you live in Canada, and you believe that your vehiclehas a safety defect, you should immediately

Seite 479 - Spare Tire

{CAUTION:Never do this.Here a child is sitting in a seat that has alap-shoulder belt, but the shoulder part isbehind the child. If the child wears the

Seite 480 - Appearance Care

Owner’s InformationOwner publications are written specifically for ownersand intended to provide basic operational informationabout the vehicle. The ow

Seite 481 - Using Cleaner on Fabric

AAccessory Power Outlets ... 3-21Adding Washer Fluid ... 5-40Additional Program Info

Seite 482

Audio System(s) (cont.)Radio with Cassette and CD ... 3-92Radio with CD ... 3-81Radio w

Seite 483

Bulb Replacement (cont.)Roof Marker Lamps ... 5-58Side Identification Marker Lamps ... 5-57Taillamps

Seite 484 - Finish Care

Child Restraints (cont.)Securing a Child Restraint in the RightFront Seat Position ... 1-68Top Strap ...

Seite 485

Customer Assistance Information (cont.)Reporting Safety Defects to General Motors ... 7-11Reporting Safety Defects to theCanadian Government ...

Seite 486 - Chemical Paint Spotting

DVDCleaning the Video Screen ... 3-140Distortion ... 3-138Rear Seat Entertainmen

Seite 487 - (cont’d)

FluidAutomatic Transmission ... 5-23Power Steering ... 5-38Windshield Washer ...

Seite 488 - Electrical System

HHazard Warning Flashers ... 3-6Head Restraints ... 1-8Headlamp High/Low-B

Seite 489 - Fuses and Circuit Breakers

JJump Starting ... 5-45KKEYFOB X BATTERY LOW ... 3-71Keyless Entry System ...

Seite 490

Infants and Young ChildrenEveryone in a vehicle needs protection! This includesinfants and all other children. Neither the distancetraveled nor the ag

Seite 491

LOW COOLANT LEVEL ... 3-71Low Fuel Warning Light ... 3-55Luggage Carrier ...

Seite 492

OOdometer ... 3-41Off-Road Driving ... 4-23Off-Road Recov

Seite 493 - Underhood Fuse Block

Playing the Radio ... 3-78, 3-82, 3-94, 3-109PowerAccessory Outlets ... 3-21Door Locks ...

Seite 494

Rearview Mirror, Automatic Dimming withCompass and Temperature Display ... 2-44Rearview Mirror, Automatic Dimming withOnStar®, Compass an

Seite 495

Safety Belts (cont.)Driver Position ... 1-28How to Wear Safety Belts Properly ... 1-28Questions

Seite 496

Setting the TimeRadios with Radio Data Systems (RDS) ... 3-77Radios without Radio Data Systems (RDS) ... 3-77Setting the Tone(Bass/Trebl

Seite 497

Throttle, Adjustable ... 2-23TIGHTEN FUEL CAP ... 3-75Tilt Wheel ...

Seite 498 - Capacities and Specifications

Turn and Lane Change Signals ... 3-8TURN SIGNAL ON ... 3-76Turn Signal/Multifunction Leve

Seite 499 - Cooling System Capacity

What to Use ... 5-27, 5-39, 5-40, 5-52WheelsAlignment and Tire Balance ... 5-79Replacement ...

Seite 500 - Capacities

CAUTION: (Continued)For example, in a crash at only 25 mph(40 km/h), a 12-lb. (5.5 kg) baby will suddenlybecome a 240-lb. (110 kg) force on a person’s

Seite 501

Q: What are the different types of add-on childrestraints?A: Add-on child restraints, which are purchased bythe vehicle’s owner, are available in four

Seite 502 - Maintenance Schedule

{CAUTION:The body structure of a young child is quiteunlike that of an adult or older child, for whomthe safety belts are designed. A young child’ship

Seite 503

A rear-facing infant seat (B) provides restraint withthe seating surface against the back of the infant.The harness system holds the infant in place a

Seite 504 - Scheduled Maintenance

A booster seat (F-G) is a child restraint designed toimprove the fit of the vehicle’s safety belt system.Some booster seats have a shoulder belt positi

Seite 505

Model ReferenceThis manual covers these models:TahoeSuburban (Extended Model)vi

Seite 506 - Additional Required Services

When choosing a child restraint, be sure the childrestraint is designed to be used in a vehicle. If it is,it will have a label saying that it meets fe

Seite 507

CAUTION: (Continued)Even though the passenger sensing system isdesigned to turn off the passenger’s frontal airbag if the system detects a rear-facing

Seite 508 - Maintenance Footnotes

Top StrapSome child restraints have a top strap, or “top tether.”It can help restrain the child restraint during a collision.For it to work, a top str

Seite 509

Anchor the top strap to one of the following anchorpoints. Be sure to use an anchor point located onthe same side of the vehicle as the seating positi

Seite 510 - At Least Once a Month

Tahoe/Suburban models with rear seats: A childrestraint with a top strap should only be used inthe second or third row. Don’t use a child restraint wi

Seite 511

Tahoe models: A child restraint with a top strap shouldonly be used in the second or third row. Don’t use achild restraint with a top strap in the rig

Seite 512

Lower Anchorages and Top Tethersfor Children (LATCH System)Your vehicle has the LATCH system. You will findanchors (A) in the center and right side pas

Seite 513 - Lubricants

In order to use the LATCH system in your vehicle,you need a child restraint designed for that system.To assist you in locating the lower anchors for t

Seite 514

Securing a Child Restraint Designedfor the LATCH System1. Find the LATCH anchorages for the seatingposition you want to use, where the bottom of these

Seite 515

There is no top strap anchor at the third row driver sideseating position. Do not secure a child seat in thisposition if a national or local law requi

Seite 516

Front Seats ...1-3Manual Seats ...1-3Power Seats ...

Seite 517 - Maintenance Record

4. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out ofthe retractor to set the lock.5.To tighten the belt, feed the shoulder belt back into theretra

Seite 518 - Maintenance Record (cont’d)

Securing a Child Restraint in aCenter Rear Seat PositionIf your child restraint is equipped with the LATCHsystem, see Lower Anchorages and Top Tethers

Seite 519

1. Make the belt as long as possible by tilting the latchplate and pulling it along the belt.2. Put the restraint on the seat.3. Run the vehicle’s saf

Seite 520 - Information

5. To tighten the belt, pull its free end while you pushdown on the child restraint. If you’re using aforward-facing child restraint, you may find it h

Seite 521 - Online Owner Center

Securing a Child Restraint in theRight Front Seat PositionYour vehicle has a right front passenger air bag. A rearseat is a safer place to secure a fo

Seite 522 - Customer Assistance Offices

CAUTION: (Continued)Even though the passenger sensing system isdesigned to turn off the passenger’s frontal airbag if the system detects a rear-facing

Seite 523 - Assistance

3. Pick up the latch plate, and run the lap and shoulderportions of the vehicle’s safety belt through oraround the restraint. The child restraint inst

Seite 524 - Roadside Assistance Program

6. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull the shoulder portion of the belt to tighten the lapportion of the belt and feed the shou

Seite 525 - Courtesy Transportation

Air Bag SystemsThis part explains the frontal and side impact air bagsystems.Your vehicle has air bags – a frontal air bag for thedriver and another f

Seite 526 - Transportation Options

CAUTION: (Continued)crashes. They are not designed to inflate inrollover, rear or low-speed frontal crashes,or in many side crashes. And, for someunres

Seite 527 - Event Data Records

Air Bag Systems ...1-72Where Are the Air Bags? ...1-75When Should an Air Bag Infla

Seite 528 - Reporting Safety Defects

{CAUTION:Anyone who is up against, or very close to,any air bag when it inflates can be seriouslyinjured or killed. Air bags plus lap-shoulderbelts off

Seite 529 - Service Bulletins

Where Are the Air Bags?The driver’s frontal air bag is in the middle of thesteering wheel.The right front passernger’s frontal air bag is in theinstru

Seite 530 - Owner’s Information

If your vehicle has one, the driver’s side impact air bag isin the side of the driver’s seatback closest to the door.If your vehicle has one, the righ

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{CAUTION:If something is between an occupant and anair bag, the bag might not inflate properly or itmight force the object into that person causingseve

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Seat Position SensorsVehicles with dual stage air bags are also equipped withspecial sensors which enable the sensing system tomonitor the position of

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What Makes an Air Bag Inflate?In an impact of sufficient severity, the air bagsensing system detects that the vehicle is in a crash.For both frontal an

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What Will You See After anAir Bag Inflates?After the air bag inflates, it quickly deflates, so quicklythat some people may not even realize the air bagin

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In many crashes severe enough to inflate an air bag,windshields are broken by vehicle deformation.Additional windshield breakage may also occur fromthe

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Passenger Sensing SystemIf your rearview mirror has one of the indicators picturedin the following illustrations, your vehicle has a passengersensing

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Your vehicle has a rear seat that will accommodate arear-facing child restraint. A label on your sun visor says,“Never put a rear-facing child seat in

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Front SeatsManual Seats{CAUTION:You can lose control of the vehicle if you try toadjust a manual driver’s seat while the vehicleis moving. The sudden

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If after reinstalling the child restraint and restarting thevehicle, the on indicator is still lit, check to makesure that the vehicle’s seatback is n

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{CAUTION:If the air bag readiness light in the instrumentpanel cluster ever comes on and stays on,it means that something may be wrong withthe air bag

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Servicing Your Air Bag-EquippedVehicleAir bags affect how your vehicle should be serviced.There air bag system parts in several places aroundyour vehi

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Q: Because I have a disability, I have to get myvehicle modified. How can I find out whetherthis will affect my advanced air bag system?A: Changing or m

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Replacing Restraint System PartsAfter a Crash{CAUTION:A crash can damage the restraint systems inyour vehicle. A damaged restraint systemmay not prope

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Keys ...2-3Remote Keyless Entry System ...2-4Remote Keyless Entry Sy

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Outside Automatic Dimming Mirror ...2-49Outside Curb View Assist Mirrors ...2-50Outside Convex Mirror ...

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Keys{CAUTION:Leaving children in a vehicle with the ignitionkey is dangerous for many reasons. They couldoperate the power windows or other controls o

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Your vehicle has onedouble-sided key for theignition and all doorlocks as well as the sparetire hoist lock, if equipped.If you ever lose your keys, yo

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At times you may notice a decrease in range. This isnormal for any remote keyless entry system. If thetransmitter does not work or if you have to stan

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