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Seats and Restraint Systems
........................... 1-1
Front Seats
............................................... 1-2
Rear Seats
............................................... 1-8
Safety Belts
............................................. 1-11
Child Restraints
....................................... 1-32
Airbag System
......................................... 1-54
Restraint System Check
............................ 1-69
Features and Controls
..................................... 2-1
........................................................ 2-2
Doors and Locks
...................................... 2-10
................................................. 2-15
Theft-Deterrent Systems
............................ 2-17
Starting and Operating Your Vehicle
........... 2-20
.................................................... 2-33
...................................... 2-35
Universal Home Remote System
................ 2-37
Storage Areas
......................................... 2-41
.................................................. 2-42
Instrument Panel
............................................. 3-1
Instrument Panel Overview
.......................... 3-4
Climate Controls
...................................... 3-19
Warning Lights, Gages, and Indicators
........ 3-24
Driver Information Center (DIC)
.................. 3-39
Audio System(s)
....................................... 3-58
Driving Your Vehicle
....................................... 4-1
Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle
..... 4-2
................................................... 4-34
Service and Appearance Care
.......................... 5-1
..................................................... 5-3
......................................................... 5-4
Checking Things Under the Hood
............... 5-10
Bulb Replacement
.................................... 5-48
Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
......... 5-52
...................................................... 5-54
Appearance Care
..................................... 5-83
Vehicle Identification
................................. 5-91
Electrical System
...................................... 5-92
Capacities and Specifications
..................... 5-97
Maintenance Schedule
..................................... 6-1
Maintenance Schedule
................................ 6-2
Customer Assistance and Information
.............. 7-1
Customer Assistance and Information
........... 7-2
Reporting Safety Defects
........................... 7-14
................................................................ 1
2006 Chevrolet Impala Owner Manual M
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Seite 1

Seats and Restraint Systems... 1-1Front Seats... 1-2Rear Seats...

Seite 2 - How to Use This Manual

Manual LumbarIf your vehicle has manual lumbar, the lever is locatedon the outboard side of the driver’s seat near the front ofthe seat cushion. Lift

Seite 3

Displacement on Demand™ (DoD™)(5.3L V8 Engine)Your vehicle’s engine may be equipped withDisplacement on Demand™ (DoD™). This systemallows the engine t

Seite 4 - Vehicle Symbols

{CAUTION:It can be dangerous to get out of your vehicleif the shift lever is not fully in PARK (P) withthe parking brake firmly set. Your vehicle canro

Seite 5

NEUTRAL (N): In this position, your engine does notconnect with the wheels. To restart when you arealready moving, use NEUTRAL (N) only. Also, useNEUT

Seite 6

SECOND (2): This position gives you more power butlower fuel economy than THIRD (3). You can useSECOND (2) on hills. It can help control your speed as

Seite 7

A warning chime will sound and a brake warning lightlocated on the instrument panel cluster will come on,if the parking brake is set, the ignition is

Seite 8 - Front Seats

Steering Column Shift Lever1. Hold the brake pedal down with your right foot andset the parking brake.2. Move the shift lever into PARK (P) by pulling

Seite 9 - Eight-Way Power Seats

Torque LockIf you are parking on a hill and you do not shift yourtransaxle into PARK (P) properly, the weight of thevehicle may put too much force on

Seite 10 - Heated Seats

Parking Over Things That Burn{CAUTION:Things that can burn could touch hot exhaustparts under your vehicle and ignite. Do notpark over papers, leaves,

Seite 11 - Reclining Seatbacks

Running the Engine While ParkedIt is better not to park with the engine running. But if youever have to, here are some things to know.{CAUTION:Idling

Seite 12

MirrorsManual Rearview MirrorIf the vehicle has this mirror, it has a lever located atthe bottom of the mirror between the two lamps.The lever is used

Seite 13 - Head Restraints

Reclining SeatbacksYour vehicle has manual recline on the frontpassenger’s seat.Lift the lever to release the seatback, then move theseatback to where

Seite 14 - Rear Seats

Outside Power MirrorsThe outside power mirrorcontrols are located on thedriver’s door armrest.Use the selector switch located below the four-waycontro

Seite 15

OnStar®SystemOnStar®uses global positioning system (GPS) satellitetechnology, wireless communications, and live advisorsto provide you with a wide ran

Seite 16

Directions and Connections®Plan•All Safe and Sound Plan Services• Driving Directions• RideAssist• Information and Convenience ServicesOnStar®Personal

Seite 17

Universal Home RemoteSystemThe Universal Home Remote System, provides a way toreplace up to three hand-held transmitters used toactivate devices such

Seite 18 - Why Safety Belts Work

Read the instructions completely before attempting toprogram the Universal Home Remote. Because ofthe steps involved, it may be helpful to have anothe

Seite 19

5. Press and hold the newly-trained Universal HomeRemote button and observe the indicator light.If the indicator light stays on constantly,programming

Seite 20

Gate Operator and CanadianProgrammingCanadian radio-frequency laws require transmittersignals to time out or quit after several seconds oftransmission

Seite 21 - Safety Belts

Reprogramming a Single UniversalHome Remote ButtonTo program a device to Universal Home Remote usinga Universal Home Remote button previously trained,

Seite 22 - Driver Position

Center Console Storage AreaIf equipped, your vehicle has a front center consolearea. To open the front center console storage area,pull up on the latc

Seite 23

The sunroof can only be operated when the ignition is inACCESSORY, RUN, or when Retained AccessoryPower (RAP) is active. See Retained Accessory Power(

Seite 24

{CAUTION:Sitting in a reclined position when your vehicleis in motion can be dangerous. Even if youbuckle up, your safety belts cannot do theirjob whe

Seite 25

✍ NOTES2-44

Seite 26

Instrument Panel Overview ...3-4Hazard Warning Flashers ...3-6Other Warning Devices ...

Seite 27

Brake System Warning Light ...3-30Anti-Lock Brake System Warning Light ...3-31Traction Control System (TCS) Warning L

Seite 28

✍ NOTES3-3

Seite 29

Instrument Panel Overview3-4

Seite 30 - Lap Belt

The main components of your instrument panel are listed here:A. Air Vent. See Outlet Adjustment on page 3-22.B. Remote Trunk Release Button. See “Remo

Seite 31

Hazard Warning FlashersYour hazard warning flashers let you warn others. Theyalso let police know you have a problem. Your frontand rear turn signal la

Seite 32 - Rear Seat Passengers

Turn Signal/Multifunction LeverThe lever on the left side of the steering columnincludes the following:• G Turn and Lane Change Signals. See Turn andL

Seite 33

Turn Signal On ChimeIf you leave either one of your turn signals on and drivemore than 3/4 mile (1.2 km), a chime will sound toalert you.Headlamp High

Seite 34

N(Delay): You can set the wiper speed for a long orshort delay between wipes. This can be very usefulin light rain or snow. Turn the band to choose th

Seite 35

Head RestraintsPress the button on theside of the head restraintto lower it.Adjust your head restraint so that the top of the restraintis closest to t

Seite 36

Cruise ControlWith cruise control, you can maintain a speed of about25 mph (40 km/h) or more without keeping your footon the accelerator. This can rea

Seite 37 - Safety Belt Extender

Setting Cruise ControlCruise control will not work if your parking brake is set,or if the master cylinder brake fluid level is low.If you apply your br

Seite 38 - Child Restraints

Reducing Speed While UsingCruise ControlTo reduce your speed while using cruise control:• Press and hold the SET– button on the steeringwheel until yo

Seite 39

Exterior LampsThe exterior lampscontrol is located on theinstrument panel to the leftof the steering wheel.It controls the following systems:• Headlam

Seite 40

Delayed HeadlampsThe delayed headlamps feature provides a period ofexterior lighting as you leave the area around yourvehicle. The feature is activate

Seite 41

Fog Lamps- (Fog Lamps): If your vehicle is equipped with foglamps, it is located on the exterior lamps control.The exterior lamps control is located o

Seite 42

Entry LightingYour vehicle may be equipped with courtesy lamps thatwill come on and stay on for a set time wheneveryou press UNLOCK on the remote keyl

Seite 43

Parade DimmingThe instrument panel has an added feature calledparade mode. This feature prohibits the dimming of yourinstrument panel displays during

Seite 44 - Child Restraint Systems

Certain accessory plugs may not be compatible to theaccessory power outlet and could result in blown vehicleand adapter fuses. If you experience a pro

Seite 45

Climate ControlsClimate Control SystemYour vehicle may be equipped with a dual or singleclimate control system. With this system you can controlthe he

Seite 46

Center SeatYour vehicle may have a front center seat. There arecupholders on the underside of the seat cushion. To usethem, flip the seat cushion forwa

Seite 47

6 (Floor): This mode directs most of the air to thefloor outlets, with some of the air directed to thewindshield and side window outlets. In this mode,

Seite 48

For quick cool down on hot days, do the following:1. Select the vent mode.2. Select the outside air.3. Select A/C.4. Select the coolest temperature fo

Seite 49

Rear Window DefoggerThe rear window defogger uses a warming grid toremove fog from the rear window.<: The rear window defogger will turn offautomat

Seite 50 - Top Tether Anchor

Passenger Compartment Air FilterYour vehicle is equipped with a passenger compartmentparticulate air filter. It is located underneath the hoodjust belo

Seite 51 - Locations

Warning Lights, Gages, andIndicatorsThis part describes the warning lights and gages thatmay be on your vehicle. The pictures will help youlocate them

Seite 52

Instrument Panel ClusterYour instrument panel cluster is designed to let you know at a glance how your vehicle is running. You will knowhow fast you a

Seite 53

Speedometer and OdometerYour speedometer lets you see your speed in bothmiles per hour (mph) and kilometers per hour (km/h).Your odometer shows how fa

Seite 54

This chime and light will berepeated if the passengerremains unbuckled andthe vehicle is in motion.If the passenger’s safety belt is buckled, neither

Seite 55

Passenger Airbag Status IndicatorYour vehicle has the passenger sensing system.Your instrument panel has a passenger airbagstatus indicator.The indica

Seite 56

{CAUTION:Even though the passenger sensing system isdesigned to turn off the passenger’s frontalairbag if the system detects a rear-facing childrestra

Seite 57

2. Flip the bottom seat cushion forward by pulling upon the tab located in the center of the seat cushionwhere the seatback meets the seat cushion.The

Seite 58

Charging System LightThe charging system lightwill come on briefly whenyou turn on the ignition,but the engine is notrunning, as a check toshow you it

Seite 59

When the ignition is on, the brake system warning lightwill also come on when you set your parking brake.The light will stay on if your parking brake

Seite 60 - Airbag System

Traction Control System (TCS)Warning LightFor vehicles equipped withthe traction control system,this warning light shouldcome on briefly whenthe engine

Seite 61

Engine Coolant Temperature GageThis gage shows the engine coolant temperature. If thegage pointer moves towards the “H” (United States)or the shaded i

Seite 62

Malfunction Indicator LampCheck Engine LightYour vehicle is equippedwith a computer whichmonitors operation of thefuel, ignition, and emissioncontrol

Seite 63 - Where Are the Airbags?

If the Light is FlashingThe following may prevent more serious damage toyour vehicle:• Reducing vehicle speed• Avoiding hard accelerations• Avoiding s

Seite 64

Emissions Inspection andMaintenance ProgramsSome state/provincial and local governments have ormay begin programs to inspect the emission controlequip

Seite 65

This light tells you if therecould be a problem withyour engine oil pressure.The light goes on when you turn your key to RUN orSTART. It goes off once

Seite 66 - When Should an Airbag Inflate?

Cruise Control LightThis light comes onwhenever you set yourcruise control.The light will go out when the cruise control is turnedoff. See Cruise Cont

Seite 67 - How Does an Airbag Restrain?

Driver Information Center (DIC)Your vehicle has a Driver Information Center (DIC).All messages will appear in the DIC display locatedbelow the speedom

Seite 68

To return the seats to the normal position, do thefollowing:{CAUTION:If the seatback is not locked, it could moveforward in a sudden stop or crash. Th

Seite 69 - Passenger Sensing System

T (Vehicle Information): Press this button to displaythe oil life, units, tire pressure readings and Tire PressureMonitor (TPM) system programming on

Seite 70

Fuel RangePress the trip/fuel button until FUEL RANGE displays.This display shows the approximate number ofremaining miles (mi) or kilometers (km) the

Seite 71

Average SpeedPress the trip/fuel button until AVERAGE SPEEDdisplays. This display shows the average speed of thevehicle in miles per hour (mph) or kil

Seite 72

UnitsPress the vehicle information button until UNITSdisplays. This display allows you to select betweenEnglish or Metric units of measurement. Once i

Seite 73

To adjust for compass variance, use the followingprocedure:Compass Variance Procedure1. Press the vehicle information button until PRESSV TO CHANGE CO

Seite 74 - Airbag-Equipped Vehicle

Remote KeyThis display allows you to match the remotekeyless entry transmitter to your vehicle. To matcha remote keyless entry transmitter to your veh

Seite 75

AUTOMATIC LIGHT CONTROL OFFThis message will display when the automaticheadlamps are turned off. See Daytime Running Lamps(DRL)/Automatic Headlamp Sys

Seite 76

DRIVER DOOR OPENThis message will display when the driver’s door isnot closed properly. When this message appears,you should make sure that the driver

Seite 77

ENGINE POWER IS REDUCEDThis message will display when the vehicle’s enginepower is reduced. Reduced engine power can affect thevehicle’s ability to ac

Seite 78

OIL PRESSURE LOW STOP ENGINENotice: If you drive your vehicle while the engineoil pressure is low, severe engine damage mayoccur. If a low oil pressur

Seite 79 - Remote Keyless Entry System

Safety BeltsSafety Belts: They Are for EveryoneThis part of the manual tells you how to use safetybelts properly. It also tells you some things you sh

Seite 80 - System Operation

SERVICE AIR BAGThis message will display when there is a problem withthe airbag system. Have your vehicle serviced byyour GM dealer immediately. See A

Seite 81

SERVICE TRACTION CONTROLIf your vehicle has the traction control system, thismessage will display when the system is not functioningproperly. A warnin

Seite 82 - Battery Replacement

TRACTION CONTROL OFFIf your vehicle has the traction control system, thismessage will display when the traction control systemturns off. See Traction

Seite 83 - Remote Vehicle Start

DIC Vehicle CustomizationYour vehicle has customization capabilities that allowyou to program certain features to one preferred setting.Customization

Seite 84

ESPANOL (Spanish): All messages will appearin Spanish.NO CHANGE: No change will be made to this feature.The current setting will remain.Select one of

Seite 85 - Remote Start Ready

HORN ONLY: The horn will sound when you press thelock button on the remote keyless entry transmitter.HORN & LIGHTS ON (default): The exterior lamp

Seite 86

Press the customization button until EXIT LIGHTINGappears on the DIC display. Press the set/reset button toaccess the settings for this feature. Then

Seite 87 - Door Unlock

CHIME VOLUMEThis feature allows you to select the volume level ofthe chime.Press the customization button until CHIME VOLUMEappears on the DIC display

Seite 88 - Rear Door Security Locks

DO NOT RESTORE: The customization features willnot be set to their factory default settings.Select one of the available choices and press theset/reset

Seite 89

Keeping your mind on the drive is important for safedriving. For more information, see Defensive Driving onpage 4-2. Get familiar with your vehicle’s

Seite 90 - Remote Trunk Release

You never know if you will be in a crash. If you do havea crash, you do not know if it will be a bad one.A few crashes are mild, and some crashes can

Seite 91

Setting the Time (WithoutDate Display)If your vehicle has a base AM/FM radio with a singleCD player and preset buttons numbered one throughsix, the ra

Seite 92 - Power Windows

Radio with CD (Base)Playing the RadioO(Power/Volume): Press this knob to turn thesystem on and off.Turn this knob clockwise to increase or countercloc

Seite 93 - Theft-Deterrent Systems

Setting Preset StationsUp to 18 stations (six FM1, six FM2, and six AM), canbe programmed on the six numbered pushbuttons,by performing the following

Seite 94 - PASS-Key

Playing a CD (Single CD Player)Insert a CD partway into the slot, label side up. Theplayer will pull it in and the CD should begin playing.If the igni

Seite 95 - III+ Operation

\ FWD (Fast Forward): Press and hold thispushbutton to advance playback quickly within a track.You will hear sound at a reduced volume. Releasethis pu

Seite 96 - Starting and Operating Your

Listening to a Portable Audio PlayerTo listen to a portable audio player such as anMP3 player or cassette player over the radio andspeakers, use a cab

Seite 97 - Ignition Positions

In rare cases, a radio station may broadcast incorrectinformation that will cause the radio features towork improperly. If this happens, contact the r

Seite 98 - Starting the Engine

The radio will only seek and scan stations with a strongsignal that are in the selected band.4 (Information) (XM™ Satellite Radio Service, MP3,and RDS

Seite 99

Setting the Tone (Bass/Treble)BASS/MID/TREB (Bass, Midrange, or Treble): Toadjust bass, midrange, or treble, press the tuneknob until the tone control

Seite 100 - Automatic Transaxle Operation

Finding a Category (CAT) StationCAT (Category): The CAT button is used to find XM™stations when the radio is in the XM™ mode. To findXM™ channels within

Seite 101 - {CAUTION:

Put someone on it. Get it up to speed. Then stop the vehicle. The riderdoes not stop.1-13

Seite 102

XM™ Radio MessagesRadio DisplayMessageCondition Action RequiredXL (Explicit LanguageChannels)XL on the radio display,after the channel name,indicates

Seite 103 - Parking Brake

XM™ Radio Messages (cont’d)Radio DisplayMessageCondition Action RequiredNo CAT Info Category Namenot availableNo category information is available at

Seite 104

Playing a CD (Single CD Player)Insert a CD partway into the slot, label side up. Theplayer will pull it in and the CD should begin playing.Playing a C

Seite 105

Do not add any label to a CD, it could get caught in theCD player. If a CD is recorded on a personal computerand a description label is needed, try la

Seite 106 - Shifting Out of Park (P)

RDM (Random): With random, you can listen to thetracks in random, rather than sequential order, onone CD or all CDs in a six-disc CD player. To useran

Seite 107

The CD player is able to read and play a maximum of50 folders, 50 playlists, 10 sessions, and 255 files. Longfile names, folder names, or playlist names

Seite 108

Order of PlayTracks recorded to the CD-R will be played in thefollowing order:• Play will begin from the first track in the first playlistand will conti

Seite 109 - Manual Rearview Mirror

If playing a CD-R, the sound quality may be reduceddue to CD-R quality, the method of recording, the qualityof the music that has been recorded, and t

Seite 110

s REV (Reverse): Press and hold this button toreverse playback quickly within an MP3 file. Youwill hear sound at a reduced volume. Release this buttont

Seite 111 - Services

To change from playback by artist to playback byalbum, press the pushbutton located below the Sort Bylabel. From the sort screen, push one of the butt

Seite 112 - Steering Wheel Controls

GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem,CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem, the IMPALAEmblem, and the name IMPALA are registeredtrademarks of General Motors Co

Seite 113 - Universal Home Remote

The person keeps going until stopped by something.In a real vehicle, it could be the windshield...or the instrument panel...1-14

Seite 114

Listening to a Portable Audio PlayerTo listen to a portable audio player such as anMP3 player or cassette player over the radio andspeakers, use a cab

Seite 115

When a CD is playing, press the up or the down arrowto go to the next or previous track.g (Mute/Voice Recognition): Press and release thisbutton to si

Seite 116 - Erasing Universal Home Remote

Care of Your CDsHandle CDs carefully. Store them in their original casesor other protective cases and away from directsunlight and dust. The CD player

Seite 117 - Storage Areas

If you choose to add a cellular telephone to yourvehicle, and the antenna needs to be attached to theglass, be sure that you do not damage the grid li

Seite 119

Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle ...4-2Defensive Driving ...4-2Drunken Driving ...

Seite 120

Your Driving, the Road, andYour VehicleDefensive DrivingThe best advice anyone can give about driving is: Drivedefensively.Please start with a very im

Seite 121 - Section 3 Instrument Panel

Drunken DrivingDeath and injury associated with drinking and driving isa national tragedy. It is the number one contributor tothe highway death toll,

Seite 122

According to the American Medical Association, a180 lb (82 kg) person who drinks three 12 ounce (355 ml)bottles of beer in an hour will end up with a

Seite 123

But the ability to drive is affected well below a BAC of0.10 percent. Research shows that the driving skillsof many people are impaired at a BAC appro

Seite 124 - Instrument Panel Overview

or the safety belts!With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicle does.You get more time to stop. You stop over more distance,and your strongest bon

Seite 125

Control of a VehicleYou have three systems that make your vehicle go whereyou want it to go. They are the brakes, the steering, andthe accelerator. Al

Seite 126 - Tilt Wheel

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)Your vehicle may have anti-lock brakes. ABS is anadvanced electronic braking system that will helpprevent a braking skid.I

Seite 127 - Turn and Lane-Change Signals

The anti-lock system can change the brake pressurefaster than any driver could. The computer isprogrammed to make the most of available tire and roadc

Seite 128 - Windshield Wipers

Braking in EmergenciesAt some time, nearly every driver gets into a situationthat requires hard braking.If you have anti-lock brakes, you can steer an

Seite 129

The traction control system operates in all transaxleshift lever positions. But the system can upshift thetransaxle only as high as the shift lever po

Seite 130

SteeringPower SteeringIf you lose power steering assist because the enginestops or the system is not functioning, you can steer butit will take much m

Seite 131

Steering in EmergenciesThere are times when steering can be more effectivethan braking. For example, you come over a hill and finda truck stopped in yo

Seite 132

Off-Road RecoveryYou may find that your right wheels have dropped offthe edge of a road onto the shoulder while you aredriving.If the level of the shou

Seite 133 - Exterior Lamps

• Do not get too close to the vehicle you want topass while you are awaiting an opportunity. Forone thing, following too closely reduces your areaof v

Seite 134 - Daytime Running Lamps

Loss of ControlLet us review what driving experts say about whathappens when the three control systems — brakes,steering, and acceleration — do not ha

Seite 135 - Dome Lamp

Q: If I am a good driver, and I never drive far fromhome, why should I wear safety belts?A: You may be an excellent driver, but if you are in anaccide

Seite 136 - Delayed Exit Lighting

Driving at NightNight driving is more dangerous than day driving.One reason is that some drivers are likely to beimpaired — by alcohol or drugs, with

Seite 137 - Accessory Power Outlet(s)

Driving in Rain and on Wet RoadsRain and wet roads can mean driving trouble. On a wetroad, you cannot stop, accelerate, or turn as wellbecause your ti

Seite 138

HydroplaningHydroplaning is dangerous. So much water can buildup under your tires that they can actually ride onthe water. This can happen if the road

Seite 139 - Climate Controls

City DrivingOne of the biggest problems with city streets is theamount of traffic on them. You will want to watch out forwhat the other drivers are do

Seite 140

Freeway DrivingMile for mile, freeways — also called thruways, parkways,expressways, turnpikes, or superhighways — are thesafest of all roads. But the

Seite 141 - Defogging and Defrosting

Before Leaving on a Long TripMake sure you are ready. Try to be well rested. If youmust start when you are not fresh — such as after aday’s work — do

Seite 142 - Outlet Adjustment

Hill and Mountain RoadsDriving on steep hills or mountains is different fromdriving in flat or rolling terrain.If you drive regularly in steep country,

Seite 143

{CAUTION:Coasting downhill in NEUTRAL (N) or with theignition off is dangerous. Your brakes will haveto do all the work of slowing down. They couldget

Seite 144 - Indicators

Winter DrivingHere are some tips for winter driving:• Have your vehicle in good shape for winter.• You may want to put winter emergency supplies inyou

Seite 145 - Instrument Panel Cluster

Driving on Snow or IceMost of the time, those places where the tires meet theroad probably have good traction.However, if there is snow or ice between

Seite 146 - Reminder Light

3. Pick up the latch plate and pull the belt across you.Do not let it get twisted.The shoulder belt may lock if you pull the beltacross you very quick

Seite 147

Remember, unless you have ABS, if you brake so hardthat your wheels stop rolling, you will just slide. Brakeso your wheels always keep rolling and you

Seite 148

You can run the engine to keep warm, but be careful.{CAUTION:Snow can trap exhaust gases under yourvehicle. This can cause deadly CO (carbonmonoxide)

Seite 149

Then, shut the engine off and close the window almostall the way to preserve the heat. Start the engine againand repeat this only when you feel really

Seite 150 - Brake System Warning Light

Rocking Your Vehicle to Get It OutFirst, turn your steering wheel left and right. Thatwill clear the area around your front wheels. If yourvehicle has

Seite 151

Tire and Loading Information LabelA vehicle specific Tire and Loading Information label isattached to the vehicle’s center pillar (B-pillar). Withthe d

Seite 152 - Engine Coolant Temperature

4. The resulting figure equals the available amount ofcargo and luggage load capacity. For example, ifthe “XXX” amount equals 1400 lbs and there will b

Seite 153 - Tire Pressure Light

Item Description TotalAMaximum VehicleCapacity Weight forExample 2 =1,000 lbs (453 kg)BSubtract OccupantWeight 150 lbs(68 kg) × 5 =750 lbs (340 kg)CAv

Seite 154 - Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Certification LabelA vehicle specific Certification label is found on the rearedge of the driver’s door.The label shows the gross weight capacity of your

Seite 155 - If the Light Is On Steady

If things like suitcases, tools, packages, or anything elseare put inside the vehicle, they will go as fast as thevehicle goes. If you have to stop or

Seite 156

Here are some important things to consider before youdo recreational vehicle towing:• What’s the towing capacity of the towing vehicle?Be sure you rea

Seite 157 - Fog Lamp Light

The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug onthe hips, just touching the thighs. In a crash, this appliesforce to the strong pelvic bones. A

Seite 158 - Fuel Gage

Towing a Trailer{CAUTION:If you do not use the correct equipment anddrive properly, you can lose control when youpull a trailer. For example, if the t

Seite 159 - DIC Operation and Displays

• Don’t tow a trailer at all during the first 1,000 miles(1 600 km) your new vehicle is driven. Yourengine, axle or other parts could be damaged.• Then

Seite 160 - Trip/Fuel Menu Items

Weight of the Trailer TongueThe tongue load (A) of any trailer is an important weightto measure because it affects the total or gross weightof your ve

Seite 161 - Average Economy

HitchesIt’s important to have the correct hitch equipment.Crosswinds, large trucks going by and rough roads area few reasons why you’ll need the right

Seite 162 - Oil Life

Driving with a TrailerTowing a trailer requires a certain amount of experience.Before setting out for the open road, you’ll want to getto know your ri

Seite 163 - Compass Zone

Turn Signals When Towing a TrailerWhen you tow a trailer, your vehicle may need additionalwiring. Check with your dealer. The arrows on yourinstrument

Seite 164 - V TO CALIBRATE COMPASS screen

When You Are Ready to Leave AfterParking on a Hill1. Apply your regular brakes and hold the pedal downwhile you:• start your engine,• shift into a gea

Seite 165 - DIC Warnings and Messages

Service ...5-3Accessories and Modifications ...5-3California Propositio


Tires ...5-54Tire Sidewall Labeling ...5-55Tire Terminology

Seite 167

ServiceYour dealer knows your vehicle best and wants you tobe happy with it. We hope you will go to your dealerfor all your service needs. You will ge

Seite 168

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is too loose. It will not give nearlyas much protection this way.{CAUTION:You can be seriously hurt if

Seite 169

Doing Your Own Service Work{CAUTION:You can be injured and your vehicle could bedamaged if you try to do service work on avehicle without knowing enou

Seite 170

Gasoline OctaneIf your vehicle has a V6 engine, use regular unleadedgasoline with a posted octane rating of 87 or higher.If the octane rating is less

Seite 171

AdditivesTo provide cleaner air, all gasolines in the United Statesare now required to contain additives that will helpprevent engine and fuel system


Only vehicles that have the 3.5L V6 engine(VIN Code K) may use 85% ethanol fuel (E85).General Motors encourages the use of E85 in vehiclesthat are des

Seite 173 - DIC Vehicle Customization

Filling the Tank{CAUTION:Fuel vapor burns violently and a fuel fire cancause bad injuries. To help avoid injuries toyou and others, read and follow all


{CAUTION:If you spill fuel and then something ignites it,you could be badly burned. Fuel can spray outon you if you open the fuel cap too quickly.This


Filling a Portable Fuel Container{CAUTION:Never fill a portable fuel container while it is inyour vehicle. Static electricity discharge fromthe contain


Hood ReleaseTo open the hood, do the following:1. Pull the interior hoodrelease handle withthis symbol on it. It islocated to the leftof the parkingbr


Engine Compartment OverviewWhen you open the hood on the 3.5L V6 engine, here is what you will see:5-12

Seite 178

A. Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir. See “AddingWasher Fluid” under Windshield Washer Fluidon page 5-39.B. Battery. See Battery on page 5-42.C. Under

Seite 179

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is buckled in the wrong place.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your belt isbuckled in the wrong place l

Seite 180 - Date Display)

When you open the hood on the 3.9L V6 engine, here is what you will see:5-14

Seite 181 - Radio with CD (Base)

A. Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir. See “AddingWasher Fluid” under Windshield Washer Fluidon page 5-39.B. Battery. See Battery on page 5-42.C. Under

Seite 182 - Radio Messages

When you open the hood on the 5.3L V8 engine, here is what you will see:5-16

Seite 183

A. Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir. See “AddingWasher Fluid” under Windshield Washer Fluidon page 5-39.B. Battery. See Battery on page 5-42.C. Under

Seite 184 - CD Messages

When to Add Engine OilIf the oil is below the cross-hatched area at the tip ofthe dipstick, you will need to add at least one quart/literof oil. But y

Seite 185 - Radio with CD (MP3)

What Kind of Engine Oil to UseLook for two things:• GM6094MYour vehicle’s engine requires oil meetingGM Standard GM6094M. You should look for anduse o

Seite 186

If you are in an area of extreme cold, where thetemperature falls below −20°F (−29°C), it isrecommended that you use either an SAE 5W-30synthetic oil

Seite 187

How to Reset the Engine Oil LifeSystemThe Engine Oil Life System calculates when to changeyour engine oil and filter based on vehicle use.Anytime your

Seite 188

When to Inspect the Engine AirCleaner/FilterInspect the air cleaner/filter at the Maintenance IIintervals and replace it at the first oil change after e

Seite 189

{CAUTION:Operating the engine with the air cleaner/filteroff can cause you or others to be burned. Theair cleaner not only cleans the air; it helps tos

Seite 190 - XM™ Radio Messages

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is worn under the arm. It shouldbe worn over the shoulder at all times.{CAUTION:You can be seriously i

Seite 191 - XM™ Radio Messages (cont’d)

Wait at least 30 minutes before checking the transaxlefluid level if you have been driving:• When outside temperatures are above 90°F (32°C).• At high

Seite 192

3. Check both sides of the dipstick, and read thelower level. The fluid level must be in thecross-hatched area.4. If the fluid level is in the acceptabl

Seite 193

Engine CoolantThe cooling system in your vehicle is filled withDEX-COOL®engine coolant. This coolant is designedto remain in your vehicle for five years

Seite 194 - Using an MP3 CD-R

Notice: If you use an improper coolant mixture,your engine could overheat and be badly damaged.The repair cost would not be covered by yourwarranty. T

Seite 195 - No Folder

Adding CoolantIf more coolant is needed, add the proper DEX-COOL®coolant mixture at the coolant recovery tank, but becareful not to spill it.If the co

Seite 196

Engine OverheatingThere is a coolant temperature gage and a warning lighton the instrument panel that indicate an overheatedengine condition. See Engi

Seite 197

If No Steam Is Coming FromYour EngineAn overheat warning can indicate a serious problem.If you get an engine overheat warning but see orhear no steam,

Seite 198

Overheated Engine ProtectionOperating ModeThis emergency operating mode allows your vehicle tobe driven to a safe place in an emergency situation. If

Seite 199

A. Pressure CapB. Electric Engine Cooling FansC. Coolant Recovery Tank{CAUTION:An electric engine cooling fan under the hoodcan start up even when the

Seite 200 - Audio Steering Wheel Controls

When the engine is cold, the coolant level should be ator above the cold fill line on the coolant recoverytank. To check the coolant level, look for th

Seite 201 - Radio Reception

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is twisted across the body.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured by a twisted belt.In a crash, you would not ha

Seite 202 - Backglass Antenna

How to Add Coolant to the CoolantRecovery Tank{CAUTION:Adding only plain water to your coolingsystem can be dangerous. Plain water, orsome other liqui

Seite 203 - Antenna System

{CAUTION:Steam and scalding liquids from a hot coolingsystem can blow out and burn you badly. Theyare under pressure, and if you turn the radiatorpres

Seite 204

3. Fill the radiator with the proper DEX-COOL®coolant mixture, up to the base of the fillerneck. See Engine Coolant on page 5-26 for moreinformation ab

Seite 205

How to Add Coolant to the CoolingSystem (5.3L V8 Engine)Notice: Your engine has a specific cooling systemdrain and fill procedure. Failure to follow thi

Seite 206

Power Steering FluidThe power steering fluidreservoir is located towardthe rear of the enginecompartment on thepassenger’s side of thevehicle. See Engi

Seite 207 - Drunken Driving

Windshield Washer FluidWhat to UseWhen you need windshield washer fluid, be sure to readthe manufacturer’s instructions before use. If you willbe opera

Seite 208

BrakesBrake FluidYour brake master cylinderreservoir is filled withDOT-3 brake fluid. SeeEngine CompartmentOverview on page 5-12 forthe location of ther

Seite 209

Always clean the brake fluid reservoir cap and the areaaround the cap before removing it. This will helpkeep dirt from entering the reservoir.{CAUTION:

Seite 210 - Control of a Vehicle

Properly torqued wheel nuts are necessary to helpprevent brake pulsation. When tires are rotated, inspectbrake pads for wear and evenly tighten wheel

Seite 211 - Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

Vehicle StorageIf you are not going to drive your vehicle for 25 daysor more, remove the black, negative (−) cable fromthe battery. This will help kee

Seite 212 - Using Anti-Lock

To unlatch the belt, just push the button on the buckle.The belt should go back out of the way.Before you close the door, be sure the belt is out of t

Seite 213 - Braking in Emergencies

2. Get the vehicles close enough so the jumper cablescan reach, but be sure the vehicles are not touchingeach other. If they are, it could cause a gro

Seite 214

{CAUTION:An electric fan can start up even when theengine is not running and can injure you. Keephands, clothing and tools away from anyunderhood elec

Seite 215 - Steering

5. Check that the jumper cables do not have loose ormissing insulation. If they do, you could get ashock. The vehicles could be damaged too.Before you

Seite 216 - Steering in Emergencies

Notice: If the jumper cables are connected orremoved in the wrong order, electrical shorting mayoccur and damage the vehicle. The repairs wouldnot be

Seite 217 - Off-Road Recovery

Bulb ReplacementFor the proper type of replacement bulbs, seeReplacement Bulbs on page 5-52.For any bulb changing procedure not listed in thissection,

Seite 218

2. Remove the screw from the headlamp assembly. 3. Remove the headlamp plastic retainer by pullingit up.4. Pull the headlamp assembly away from the ve

Seite 219 - Loss of Control

7. Remove the electrical connector from the bulb byraising the lock tab and pulling the connector awayfrom the bulb’s base.8. Install the electrical c

Seite 220 - Driving at Night

3. Remove the two upper (convenience net)wing nuts.4. Pull the carpet away from the rear of the vehicle.5. Remove the two remaining hex nuts.6. Pull o

Seite 221

Replacement BulbsExterior Lamp Bulb NumberBack-Up 921Front Parking/Turn Signal 3157HeadlampsHigh-Beam H9Low-Beam H11Sidemarker 194Stoplamp, Taillamp,

Seite 222

To remove and replace the wiper blade element dothe following:1. The wiper blade element has two notches at oneend which are engaged by the bottom cla

Seite 223 - City Driving

Safety Warnings and SymbolsThere are a number of safety cautions in this book. Weuse a box and the word CAUTION to tell about thingsthat could hurt yo

Seite 224 - Freeway Driving

Safety Belt Use During PregnancySafety belts work for everyone, including pregnantwomen. Like all occupants, they are more likely to beseriously injur

Seite 225 - Highway Hypnosis

TiresYour new vehicle comes with high-quality tires made bya leading tire manufacturer. If you ever have questionsabout your tire warranty and where t

Seite 226

Tire Sidewall LabelingUseful information about a tire is molded into itssidewall. The examples below show a typical passengervehicle tire and a compac

Seite 227

(A) Temporary Use Only: The compact spare tire ortemporary use tire has a tread life of approximately3,000 miles (5 000 km) and should not be drivenat

Seite 228 - Winter Driving

Tire SizeThe following illustration shows an example of a typicalpassenger vehicle tire size.(A) Passenger (P-Metric) Tire: The United Statesversion o

Seite 229 - Driving on Snow or Ice

Belt: A rubber coated layer of cords that is locatedbetween the plies and the tread. Cords may be madefrom steel or other reinforcing materials.Bead:

Seite 230

Occupant Distribution: Designated seating positions.Outward Facing Sidewall: The side of anasymmetrical tire that has a particular side that facesoutw

Seite 231

Inflation - Tire PressureTires need the correct amount of air pressure to operateeffectively.Notice: Do not let anyone tell you thatunder-inflation or o

Seite 232

How to CheckUse a good quality pocket-type gage to check tirepressure. You cannot tell if your tires are properly inflatedsimply by looking at them. Ra

Seite 233

When a low tire pressure condition is detected, theTPMS will illuminate the low tire pressure warningsymbol on the instrument panel cluster, and at th

Seite 234

You will have two minutes to match the first tire/wheelposition, and five minutes overall, to match all fourtire/wheel positions. If it takes longer tha

Seite 235

When you sit in the center front seating position, youhave a lap safety belt, which has no retractor. To makethe belt longer, tilt the latch plate and

Seite 236

Federal Communications Commission(FCC) and Industry and ScienceCanadaThe Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) operateson a radio frequency and complies

Seite 237

Make certain that all wheel nuts are properly tightened.See “Wheel Nut Torque” under Capacities andSpecifications on page 5-97.{CAUTION:Rust or dirt on

Seite 238

Buying New TiresGM has developed and matched specific tires for yourvehicle. The original equipment tires installed onyour vehicle, when it was new, we

Seite 239 - Dolly Towing

If you must replace your vehicle’s tires with those thatdo not have a TPC Spec number, make sure theyare the same size, load range, speed rating, andc

Seite 240

Uniform Tire Quality GradingQuality grades can be found where applicable on thetire sidewall between tread shoulder and maximumsection width. For exam

Seite 241 - Weight of the Trailer

Temperature – A, B, CThe temperature grades are A (the highest), B, and C,representing the tire’s resistance to the generationof heat and its ability

Seite 242 - Weight of the Trailer Tongue

Each new wheel should have the same load-carryingcapacity, diameter, width, offset and be mountedthe same way as the one it replaces.If you need to re

Seite 243 - Trailer Brakes

Tire Chains{CAUTION:If your vehicle has P225/55R17 or P235/50R18size tires, do not use tire chains, there is notenough clearance.Tire chains used on a

Seite 244 - Making Turns

Get the vehicle under control by steering the way youwant the vehicle to go. It may be very bumpy and noisy,but you can still steer. Gently brake to a

Seite 245

When your vehicle has a flat tire, use the followingexample as a guide to assist you in the placement ofwheel blocks.The following information will tel

Seite 246 - Parking on a Hill

Rear Seat PassengersIt is very important for rear seat passengers to buckleup! Accident statistics show that unbelted people inthe rear seat are hurt

Seite 247

4. Turn the wing nut counterclockwise and remove it.5. Remove the compact spare tire.6. Turn the nut holding the jack counterclockwise andremove it. T

Seite 248

The tools you will need to change a tire include thejack (A), extension and protection guide (B), and wheelwrench (C).Removing the Flat Tire andInstal

Seite 249 - Accessories and Modifications

Use the flat end of the wheel wrench and pry along theedge of the cover until it comes off. The edge of thewheel cover could be sharp, so do not try to

Seite 250

{CAUTION:Getting under a vehicle when it is jacked up isdangerous. If the vehicle slips off the jack youcould be badly injured or killed. Never get un

Seite 251 - California Fuel

4. Raise the vehicle by turning the jack handleclockwise. Raise the vehicle far enough off theground for the compact spare tire to fit underneaththe wh

Seite 252 - Fuel E85 (85% Ethanol)

6. Remove any rust or dirtfrom the wheel bolts,mounting surfacesand spare wheel.7. Install the compact spare tire.{CAUTION:Never use oil or grease on

Seite 253 - Fuels in Foreign Countries

9. Lower the vehicle by turning the jack handlecounterclockwise. Lower the jack completely.{CAUTION:Incorrect wheel nuts or improperly tightenedwheel

Seite 254

10. Tighten the wheel nutsfirmly in a crisscrosssequence as shown.Notice: Wheel covers will not fit on your compactspare. If you try to put a wheel cove

Seite 255

To store a full-size tire, do the following:1. Install the tools in their original location in the trunkarea and secure.2. Place the tire valve stem f

Seite 256

Compact Spare TireAlthough the compact spare tire was fully inflated whenyour vehicle was new, it can lose air after a time.Check the inflation pressure

Seite 257 - Hood Release

2. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.Pull up on the latch plate to make sure it is secure.When the shoulder belt is pulled out all

Seite 258 - Engine Compartment Overview

When cleaning your vehicle’s interior, only use cleanersspecifically designed for the surfaces being cleaned.Permanent damage may result from using cle

Seite 259

Fabric/CarpetUse a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachmentfrequently to remove dust and loose dirt. A canistervacuum with a beater bar in the nozz

Seite 260

Instrument Panel, Vinyl, and OtherPlastic SurfacesA soft cloth dampened with water may be used toremove dust. If a more thorough cleaning is necessary

Seite 261

Do not wash the vehicle in the direct rays of the sun.Use a car washing soap. Do not use strong soapsor chemical detergents. Be sure to rinse the vehi

Seite 262

Clean the outside of the windshield with a glasscleaning liquid or powder and water solution. Thewindshield is clean if beads do not form when it is r

Seite 263 - Engine Oil

TiresTo clean the tires, use a stiff brush with tire cleaner.Notice: Using petroleum-based tire dressingproducts on your vehicle may damage the paintfi

Seite 264 - When to Add Engine Oil

Vehicle Care/Appearance MaterialsDescription UsagePolishing ClothWax-TreatedInterior and exteriorpolishing cloth.Tar and RoadOil RemoverRemoves tar, r

Seite 265 - • SAE 5W-30

Vehicle IdentificationVehicle Identification Number (VIN)This is the legal identifier for your vehicle. It appears ona plate in the front corner of the i

Seite 266 - Engine Oil Life System

Electrical SystemAdd-On Electrical EquipmentNotice: Don’t add anything electrical to your vehicleunless you check with your dealer first. Someelectrica

Seite 267 - Engine Air Cleaner/Filter

Instrument Panel Fuse BlockThe fuse block is located on the passenger’s side of thevehicle under the instrument panel.Fuses UsagePWR/SEAT Power SeatsP

Seite 268 - How to Inspect the Engine Air

The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug onthe hips, just touching the thighs. In a crash, this appliesforce to the strong pelvic bones. A

Seite 269

Underhood Fuse BlockThe underhood fuse block is located in the engine compartment. See Engine Compartment Overview on page 5-12for more information on

Seite 270 - Checking the Fluid Level

Fuses UsageLT PARK Driver’s Side Parking LampRT PARK Passenger’s Side Parking LampSPARE SpareSPARE SpareAIRBAG/DISPLAYAirbag, DisplayTRANS TransaxleEC

Seite 271 - How to Add Fluid

Fuses UsageINJ 2 Injector 2EMISSIONS 2 Emissions 2RT SPOT Right SpotLT SPOT Left SpotHDLP MDL Headlamp ModuleDRL 2 Daytime Running Lamps 2FUEL/PUMP Fu

Seite 272

Capacities and SpecificationsThe following approximate capacities are given in English and metric conversions. See Recommended Fluids andLubricants on

Seite 273 - Checking Coolant

Engine SpecificationsEngine VIN Code Transaxle Spark Plug Gap3.5L V6 N Automatic 0.040 inches (1.01 mm)3.5L Flexible Fuel V6 K Automatic 0.040 inches (

Seite 274

Maintenance Schedule ...6-2Introduction ...6-2Maintenance Requireme

Seite 275

Maintenance ScheduleIntroductionImportant: Keep engine oil at the proper level andchange as recommended.Have you purchased the GM Protection Plan? The

Seite 276 - Your Engine

This schedule is for vehicles that:• carry passengers and cargo within recommendedlimits. You will find these limits on the tire andloading information

Seite 277 - Cooling System

Scheduled MaintenanceWhen the CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON messagecomes on, it means that service is required for yourvehicle. Have your vehicle serviced as

Seite 278

Scheduled MaintenanceService Maintenance I Maintenance IIChange engine oil and filter. See Engine Oil on page 5-17. Reset oil life system.See Engine Oi

Seite 279

To unlatch the belt, push the button on the buckle.Rear Safety Belt Comfort GuidesRear shoulder belt comfort guides may provide addedsafety belt comfo

Seite 280

Additional Required ServicesThe following services should be performed at the first maintenance service (I or II) after the indicated miles(kilometers)

Seite 281

Maintenance Footnotes† The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or theCalifornia Air Resources Board has determined that thefailure to perform this ma

Seite 282

(h) Change automatic transaxle fluid and filter if thevehicle is mainly driven under one or more of theseconditions:− In heavy city traffic where the ou

Seite 283

Engine Coolant Level CheckCheck the engine coolant level and addDEX-COOL®coolant mixture if necessary. See EngineCoolant on page 5-26 for further deta

Seite 284 - Power Steering Fluid

Automatic Transaxle Shift Lock ControlSystem Check{CAUTION:When you are doing this inspection, thevehicle could move suddenly. If the vehiclemoves, yo

Seite 285 - Windshield Washer Fluid

Parking Brake and Automatic TransaxlePark (P) Mechanism Check{CAUTION:When you are doing this check, your vehiclecould begin to move. You or others co

Seite 286

Recommended Fluids andLubricantsFluids and lubricants identified below by name, partnumber, or specification may be obtained fromyour dealer.Usage Fluid

Seite 287

Normal Maintenance Replacement PartsReplacement parts identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your GM dealer.Normal

Seite 288 - Replacing Brake System Parts

Maintenance RecordAfter the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service, and thetype of services pe

Seite 289

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed6-15

Seite 290

3. Be sure that the belt is not twisted and it lies flat.The elastic cord must be under the belt and theguide on top.{CAUTION:A safety belt that is not

Seite 291

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed6-16

Seite 292

Customer Assistance and Information ...7-2Customer Satisfaction Procedure ...7-2Online Owner Center ...

Seite 293

Customer Assistance andInformationCustomer Satisfaction ProcedureYour satisfaction and goodwill are important to yourdealer and to Chevrolet. Normally

Seite 294

The BBB Auto Line Program is an out of court programadministered by the Council of Better Business Bureausto settle automotive disputes regarding vehi

Seite 295

Customer Assistance for TextTelephone (TTY) UsersTo assist customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, orspeech-impaired and who use Text Telephones (TTY

Seite 296 - Stoplamps and Back-up Lamps

Overseas — Customer AssistancePlease contact the local General Motors Business Unit.Mexico, Central America andCaribbean Islands/Countries(Except Puer

Seite 297

Roadside Assistance ProgramAs the owner of a new Chevrolet vehicle, you areautomatically enrolled in the Chevrolet RoadsideAssistance program. This va

Seite 298 - Replacement

While we hope you never have the occasion to use ourservice, it is added security while traveling for you andyour family. Remember, we are only a phon

Seite 299

Transportation OptionsWarranty service can generally be completed while youwait. However, if you are unable to wait, GM helps tominimize your inconven

Seite 300

Additional Program InformationCourtesy Transportation is available during theBumper-to-Bumper warranty coverage period, but itis not part of the New V

Seite 301 - Tire Sidewall Labeling

4. Buckle, position, and release the safety belt asdescribed in Rear Seat Passengers on page 1-26.Make sure that the shoulder belt crosses theshoulder

Seite 302

To read this information, special equipment is neededand access to the vehicle or the device that stores thedata is required. GM will not access infor

Seite 303 - Tire Size

Aftermarket collision parts are also available. These aremade by companies other than GM and may not havebeen tested for your vehicle. As a result, th

Seite 304

If an Accident OccursHere is what to do if you are involved in an accident.• Try to relax and then check to make sure you areall right. If you are uni

Seite 305

• Choose a reputable collision repair facility for yourvehicle. Whether you select a GM dealer or aprivate collision repair facility to fix the damage,

Seite 306 - Inflation - Tire Pressure

Reporting Safety DefectsReporting Safety Defects to theUnited States GovernmentIf you believe that your vehicle has a defect which couldcause a crash

Seite 307 - Tire Pressure Monitor System

In Canada, please call us at 1-800-263-3777 (English)or 1-800-263-7854 (French). Or, write:General Motors of Canada LimitedCustomer Communication Cent

Seite 308

Current and Past Model Order FormsService Publications are available for current andpast model GM vehicles. To request an order form,please specify ye

Seite 309

AAccessories and Modifications ... 5-3Accessory Power Outlet(s) ... 3-17Adding Equipment to Your A

Seite 310 - Tire Inspection and Rotation

Audio System(s) (cont.)Setting the Time ... 3-60Theft-Deterrent Feature ... 3-80Un

Seite 311

CheckEngine Light ... 3-34Checking Things Under the Hood ... 5-10Chemical Paint Spottin

Seite 312

Child RestraintsOlder ChildrenOlder children who have outgrown booster seats shouldwear the vehicle’s safety belts.Q: What is the proper way to wear s

Seite 313

Customer Assistance InformationCourtesy Transportation ... 7-7Customer Assistance for TextTelephone (TTY) Users ...

Seite 314 - Uniform Tire Quality Grading

EEight-Way Power Seats ... 1-3Electrical SystemAdd-On Equipment ... 5-92Fuses and

Seite 315 - Wheel Replacement

Fuel (cont.)Filling Your Tank ... 5-8Fuels in Foreign Countries ... 5-7Gage ...

Seite 316

IIgnition Positions ... 2-21Infants and Young Children, Restraints ... 1-35Inflation -- Tire Pres

Seite 317

Loading Your Vehicle ... 4-29Lockout Protection ... 2-13LocksAutomatic Door

Seite 318

OOdometer ... 3-26Off-Road Recovery ... 4-13OilEngine ...

Seite 319

RRadios ... 3-58Care of Your CD Player ... 3-82Care of Your CDs ...

Seite 320

Safety Belts (cont.)How to Wear Safety Belts Properly ... 1-16Questions and Answers About Safety Belts ... 1-15Rear Safety Belt Comf

Seite 321 - Installing the Spare Tire

Steering Wheel Controls, Audio ... 3-80Steering Wheel, Tilt Wheel ... 3-6Storage AreasCenter Conso

Seite 322

TractionControl System (TCS) ... 4-9Control System Warning Light ... 3-32TransaxleFluid, Automati

Seite 323

{CAUTION:Never do this.Here two children are wearing the same belt.The belt can not properly spread the impactforces. In a crash, the two children can

Seite 324

WindshieldWiper Blades, Cleaning ... 5-87Windshield Washer ... 3-9Fluid ...

Seite 325

Vehicle Damage WarningsAlso, in this manual you will find these notices:Notice: These mean there is something that coulddamage your vehicle.A notice te

Seite 326

Q: What if a child is wearing a lap-shoulder belt,but the child is so small that the shoulder beltis very close to the child’s face or neck?A: If the

Seite 327

Infants and Young ChildrenEveryone in a vehicle needs protection! This includesinfants and all other children. Neither the distancetraveled nor the ag

Seite 328

{CAUTION:Children who are up against, or very close to,any airbag when it inflates can be seriouslyinjured or killed. Airbags plus lap-shoulderbelts of

Seite 329 - Appearance Care

{CAUTION:Newborn infants need complete support,including support for the head and neck.This is necessary because a newborn infant’sneck is weak and it

Seite 330

Child Restraint SystemsAn infant car bed (A), a special bed made for use in amotor vehicle, is an infant restraint system designed torestrain or posit

Seite 331 - Fabric/Carpet

A forward-facing child seat (C-E) provides restraint forthe child’s body with the harness and also sometimeswith surfaces such as T-shaped or shelf-li

Seite 332

Q: How Should I Use a Child Restraint?A: A child restraint system is any device designed foruse in a motor vehicle to restrain, seat, or positionchild

Seite 333 - Windshield and Wiper Blades

To help reduce the chance of injury, the child restraintmust be secured in the vehicle. Child restraint systemsmust be secured in vehicle seats by lap

Seite 334 - Aluminum Wheels

Where to Put the RestraintAccident statistics show that children are safer if theyare restrained in the rear rather than the front seat.We, therefore,

Seite 335 - Chemical Paint Spotting

{CAUTION:A child in a child restraint in the center frontseat can be badly injured or killed by the rightfront passenger’s airbag if it inflates. Never

Seite 336

These are some examples of symbols that may be found on the vehicle:v

Seite 337 - Vehicle Identification

Lower AnchorsLower anchors (A) are metal bars built into the vehicle.There are two lower anchors for each LATCH seatingposition that will accommodate

Seite 338 - Electrical System

Some top tether-equipped child restraints are designedfor use with or without the top tether being attached.Others require the top tether always to be

Seite 339 - Instrument Panel Fuse Block

The top tether anchors are located under the trimcovers on the rear seatback filler panel behind eachhead restraint. Be sure to use an anchor located o

Seite 340 - Underhood Fuse Block

{CAUTION:Each top tether anchor and lower anchor inthe vehicle is designed to hold only one childrestraint. Attaching more than one childrestraint to

Seite 341

Securing a Child Restraint in a RearSeat PositionIf your child restraint is equipped with the LATCH system,see Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children

Seite 342

4. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out ofthe retractor to set the lock.5. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull th

Seite 343 - Capacities and Specifications

6. If your child restraint manufacturer recommendsusing a top tether, attach and tighten the toptether to the top tether anchor. Refer to theinstructi

Seite 344 - Engine Specifications

Securing a Child Restraint in theRight Front Seat PositionYour vehicle has a right front passenger’s airbag. A rearseat is a safer place to secure a f

Seite 345

There is no top tether anchor at the right front seatingposition. Do not secure a child restraint in this position ifa national or local law requires

Seite 346 - Maintenance Schedule

5. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out ofthe retractor to set the lock.6. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull th

Seite 347


Seite 348 - Scheduled Maintenance

If a child restraint has been installed and the onindicator is lit, turn the vehicle off. Remove the childrestraint from the vehicle and reinstall the

Seite 349

Here are the most important things to know about theairbag system:{CAUTION:You can be severely injured or killed in a crashif you are not wearing your

Seite 350 - Additional Required Services

{CAUTION:Both frontal and side impact airbags inflatewith great force, faster than the blink of aneye. If you are too close to an inflating airbag,as yo

Seite 351 - Maintenance Footnotes

There is an airbagreadiness light on theinstrument panel cluster,which shows the airbagsymbol.The system checks the airbag electrical system formalfun

Seite 352 - At Each Fuel Fill

The right front passenger’s frontal airbag is in theinstrument panel on the passenger’s side.If your vehicle has a side impact airbag for the driveran

Seite 353

If your vehicle has a side impact airbag for the rightfront passenger and the person seated directly behindthat passenger, it is in the ceiling above

Seite 354

When Should an Airbag Inflate?The driver’s and right front passenger’s frontal airbagsare designed to inflate in moderate to severe frontal ornear-front

Seite 355

Your vehicle may or may not have side impact airbags.See Airbag System on page 1-54. Side impact airbagsare intended to inflate in moderate to severe s

Seite 356 - Lubricants

What Will You See After anAirbag Inflates?After a frontal airbag inflates, it quickly deflates,so quickly that some people may not even realize theairbag

Seite 357

Your vehicle has a feature that may automaticallyunlock the doors and turn on the interior lamps andhazard warning flashers when the airbags inflate(if

Seite 358 - Maintenance Record

Front Seats ...1-2Manual Passenger Seat ...1-2Six-Way Power Seats ..

Seite 359 - Maintenance Record (cont’d)

The passenger sensing system works with sensorsthat are part of the right front passenger’s seat andsafety belt. The sensors are designed to detectthe

Seite 360

The passenger sensing system is designed to turn offthe right front passenger’s airbag if:• the right front passenger seat is unoccupied• the system d

Seite 361

If a person of adult-size is sitting in the right frontpassenger’s seat, but the off indicator is lit, it could bebecause that person is not sitting p

Seite 362 - Information

Aftermarket equipment, such as seat covers, can affecthow well the passenger sensing system operates.You may want to consider not using seat covers or

Seite 363 - Online Owner Center

Adding Equipment to YourAirbag-Equipped VehicleQ: Is there anything I might add to the front orsides of the vehicle that could keep theairbags from wo

Seite 364 - Customer Assistance Offices

Restraint System CheckChecking the Restraint SystemsNow and then, make sure the safety belt reminder lightand all your belts, buckles, latch plates, r

Seite 365 - GM Mobility Reimbursement

If the LATCH system was being used during a moresevere crash, you may need new LATCH system parts.If belts are cut or damaged, replace them. Collision

Seite 366 - Roadside Assistance Program

Keys ...2-2Remote Keyless Entry System ...2-3Remote Keyless Entry Sy

Seite 367 - Courtesy Transportation

Keys{CAUTION:Leaving children in a vehicle with the ignitionkey is dangerous for many reasons. Theycould operate the power windows or othercontrols or

Seite 368 - Transportation Options

One key is used forthe ignition and thedriver’s door.If you need a new key, contact your dealer forassistance. In an emergency, contact RoadsideAssist

Seite 369 - Data Recorders

Front SeatsManual Passenger SeatYour vehicle may have a manual passenger seat.Lift the bar located under the front of the seat to unlockit. Slide the

Seite 370 - Collision Damage Repair

At times you may notice a decrease in range. This isnormal for any remote keyless entry system. If thetransmitter does not work or if you have to stan

Seite 371 - Insuring Your Vehicle

The following functions may be available if your vehiclehas the remote keyless entry system:/ (Remote Vehicle Start): If your vehicle has thisfeature,

Seite 372 - If an Accident Occurs

Matching Transmitter(s) toYour VehicleEach remote keyless entry transmitter is coded toprevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle.If a tr

Seite 373 - Repair Process

To replace the battery in the remote keyless entrytransmitter do the following:1. Use a flat object with a thin edge into the notch,located below the t

Seite 374 - Reporting Safety Defects

If your vehicle has an outside temperature display,during remote start this feature allows the climate controlsystem to default to a heating mode duri

Seite 375 - Service Publications Ordering

To manually shut off a remote start, do any of thefollowing:• Aim the remote keyless entry transmitter at thevehicle and press the remote start button

Seite 376 - Eastern Time

Doors and LocksDoor Locks{CAUTION:Unlocked doors can be dangerous.• Passengers — especially children — caneasily open the doors and fall out of amovin

Seite 377

Power Door LocksA power door lock switchis located on both frontdoors next to the doorhandle.Press the top of the switch to unlock all doors, or press

Seite 378

Rear Door Security LocksYour vehicle has rear door security locks that preventpassengers from opening the rear doors from the inside.The rear door sec

Seite 379

Lockout ProtectionThis feature helps prevent you from locking the doorswhile your key is in the ignition. Always remember totake your key with you whe

Seite 380

Eight-Way Power SeatsYour vehicle may have an 8-way power driver’s seat.The controls are located on the outboard side of the seatcushion. To adjust th

Seite 381

Trunk ReleaseTo open the trunk from the outside, press the opentrunk button on the remote keyless entry transmitter.Remote Trunk ReleaseYou can also o

Seite 382

Windows{CAUTION:Leaving children, helpless adults, or pets in avehicle with the windows closed is dangerous.They can be overcome by the extreme heatan

Seite 383

Power WindowsThe switches on the driver’s door armrest are used tocontrol each of the windows. The power window switcheswork while the ignition is in

Seite 384

Sun VisorsTo block out glare, swing down the sun visors. Theycan be detached from the center retainer and slid alongthe rod to cover different areas o

Seite 385

Arming with the Power Lock SwitchThe alarm system will arm when you use either powerlock switch to lock the doors while any door or the trunkis open a

Seite 386

PASS-Key®III+ OperationYour vehicle has PASS-Key®III+ (PersonalizedAutomotive Security System) theft-deterrent system.PASS-Key®III+ is a passive theft

Seite 387

To program the new key do the following:1. Verify that the new key has a + stamped on it.2. Insert the original, already programmed, key in theignitio

Seite 388

Ignition PositionsWith the ignition key in the ignition, the key can beturned to four different positions:Notice: Using a tool to force the key from t

Seite 389

Retained Accessory Power (RAP)The vehicle has Retained Accessory Power (RAP),which will allow your vehicle’s radio to work when theignition key is in

Seite 390

Engine Coolant HeaterYour vehicle may have this feature. In very coldweather, 0°F (−18°C) or colder, the engine coolantheater can help. You will get e

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