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Seats and Restraint Systems
........................... 1-1
Front Seats
............................................... 1-2
Rear Seats
.............................................. 1-11
Safety Belts
............................................. 1-13
Child Restraints
....................................... 1-34
Airbag System
......................................... 1-56
Restraint System Check
............................ 1-71
Features and Controls
..................................... 2-1
........................................................ 2-3
Doors and Locks
...................................... 2-10
................................................. 2-23
Theft-Deterrent Systems
............................ 2-26
Starting and Operating Your Vehicle
........... 2-29
.................................................... 2-51
Object Detection Systems
.......................... 2-59
...................................... 2-61
Universal Home Remote System
................ 2-64
Storage Areas
......................................... 2-71
.................................................. 2-98
Instrument Panel
............................................. 3-1
Instrument Panel Overview
.......................... 3-4
Climate Controls
...................................... 3-20
Warning Lights, Gages, and Indicators
........ 3-30
Driver Information Center (DIC)
.................. 3-47
Audio System(s)
....................................... 3-71
Driving Your Vehicle
....................................... 4-1
Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle
..... 4-2
................................................... 4-42
Service and Appearance Care
.......................... 5-1
..................................................... 5-3
......................................................... 5-5
Checking Things Under the Hood
............... 5-12
Rear Axle
............................................... 5-45
Four-Wheel Drive
..................................... 5-46
Front Axle
............................................... 5-47
Headlamp Aiming
..................................... 5-48
Bulb Replacement
.................................... 5-51
Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
......... 5-54
...................................................... 5-55
Appearance Care
..................................... 5-96
Vehicle Identification
............................... 5-105
Electrical System
.................................... 5-105
Capacities and Specifications
................... 5-113
Maintenance Schedule
..................................... 6-1
Maintenance Schedule
................................ 6-2
Customer Assistance Information
.................... 7-1
Customer Assistance and Information
........... 7-2
Reporting Safety Defects
........................... 7-14
Vehicle Data Recording and Privacy
........... 7-16
................................................................ 1
2008 Chevrolet Avalanche Owner Manual M
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Seite 1

Seats and Restraint Systems... 1-1Front Seats... 1-2Rear Seats...

Seite 2 - Canadian Owners

Memory Seat, Mirrors, and PedalsYour vehicle may have the memory package.The controls for thisfeature are located on thedriver’s door panel, andare us

Seite 3

Power Windows{CAUTION:Leaving children, helpless adults, or pets in avehicle with the windows closed is dangerous.They can be overcome from extreme he

Seite 4 - Vehicle Symbols

Express-Down WindowsWindows with an express-down feature allow thewindows to be lowered without holding the switch. Pressdown fully on the window swit

Seite 5

Theft-Deterrent SystemsVehicle theft is big business, especially in some cities.Although your vehicle has a number of theft-deterrentfeatures, we know

Seite 6

To avoid setting off the alarm by accident:• If you do not want to activate the theft-deterrentsystem, the vehicle should be locked with thedoor key a

Seite 7 - Power Seats

Changes or modifications to this system by other thanan authorized service facility could void authorization touse this equipment.PASS-Key®III+ uses a

Seite 8 - Power Lumbar

To program the new additional key:1. Verify that the new key has a1 stamped on it.2. Insert the original, already programmed, key in theignition and s

Seite 9 - Heated Seats

Ignition PositionsUse the key to turn theignition switch to fourdifferent positions.In order to shift out of PARK (P), ignition must be in theON/RUN o

Seite 10

Key In the IgnitionNever leave your vehicle with the keys inside, as it is aneasy target for joy riders or thieves. If you leave thekey in the ignitio

Seite 11 - Easy Exit Seat

Starting Procedure1. With your foot off the accelerator pedal, turn theignition key to START. When the engine starts,let go of the key. The idle speed

Seite 12

Adjustable Throttle and Brake PedalOn vehicles with this feature, you can change theposition of the throttle and brake pedals.This feature is designed

Seite 13 - Manual Reclining Seatbacks

To recall the memory positions, the vehicle must be inPARK (P). Press and release either button 1 or button 2corresponding to the desired driving posi

Seite 14 - Head Restraints

To Use the Engine Coolant Heater1. Turn off the engine.2. Open the hood and unwrap the electrical cord. Thecord is located on the driver’s side of the

Seite 15 - Rear Seats

Active Fuel Management™Your vehicle’s V8 engine may have Active FuelManagement™. This system allows the engine tooperate on either all or half of its

Seite 16

PARK (P): This position locks your rear wheels. It isthe best position to use when you start your enginebecause your vehicle cannot move easily.{CAUTI

Seite 17

NEUTRAL (N): In this position, your engine does notconnect with the wheels. To restart when you arealready moving, use NEUTRAL (N) only. Also, useNEUT

Seite 18 - Why Safety Belts Work

SECOND (2): This position reduces vehicle speed evenmore than THIRD (3) without using your brakes. You canuse SECOND (2) on hills. It can help control

Seite 19

Tow/Haul ModeYour vehicle has a tow/haul mode. The button is locatedon the end of the column shift lever. Press the buttonto enable or disable the tow

Seite 20

Automatic Transfer CaseThe transfer case knob islocated to the left of theinstrument panel cluster.Your vehicle has Four Wheel Drive with StabiliTrak®

Seite 21

4 n (Four-Wheel Drive Low): This setting alsoengages your front axle and delivers extra torque. Youmay never need this setting. It sends maximumpower

Seite 22

Shifting Into Four-Wheel Drive LowWhen Four-Wheel Low is engaged, vehicle speedshould be kept below 45 mph. Extended high-speedoperation in 4L may dam

Seite 23

The vehicle may have significant engagement noise andbump when shifting between Four-Wheel Drive Lowand Four-Wheel Drive High ranges or from NEUTRALwhi

Seite 24

Reclining Seatbacks{CAUTION:You can lose control of the vehicle if you try toadjust a manual driver’s seat while the vehicleis moving. The sudden move

Seite 25

Shifting Out of NEUTRALTo shift out of NEUTRAL do the following:1. Set the parking brake and apply the regular brakepedal.2. Shift the transmission to

Seite 26

Parking BrakeTo set the parking brake, hold the regular brake pedaldown with your right foot. Push down the parkingbrake pedal with your left foot.A c

Seite 27

Shifting Into PARK (P){CAUTION:It can be dangerous to get out of your vehicleif the shift lever is not fully in PARK (P) withthe parking brake firmly s

Seite 28

Leaving Your Vehicle With the EngineRunning{CAUTION:It can be dangerous to leave your vehicle withthe engine running. Your vehicle could movesuddenly

Seite 29

Shifting Out of PARK (P)This vehicle is equipped with an electronic shift lockrelease system. The shift lock release is designed to:• Prevent ignition

Seite 30

Engine Exhaust{CAUTION:Engine exhaust can kill. It contains the gascarbon monoxide (CO), which you cannot seeor smell. It can cause unconsciousness an

Seite 31

Running the Engine While ParkedIt is better not to park with the engine running. But if youever have to, here are some things to know.{CAUTION:Idling

Seite 32 - Shoulder Belt Height Adjuster

Follow the proper steps to be sure your vehicle will notmove. See Shifting Into PARK (P) on page 2-46.If you are pulling a trailer, see Towing a Trail

Seite 33 - Safety Belt Pretensioners

Automatic Dimming Mirror OperationThe automatic dimming mirror function is turnedon automatically each time the ignition is started. Tooperate the aut

Seite 34

Compass CalibrationThe compass may need calibration if one of thefollowing occurs:• After approximately five seconds, the display doesnot show a compas

Seite 35

CAUTION: (Continued)The shoulder belt cannot do its job. In a crash,you could go into it, receiving neck or otherinjuries.The lap belt cannot do its j

Seite 36 - Lap Belt

Automatic Dimming Mirror OperationPress and hold the TEMP button for approximatelyeight seconds to turn the automatic dimming feature onor off. The in

Seite 37 - Safety Belt Extender

2. Press and hold the COMP button for five secondsuntil a zone number appears in the display.3. Press the COMP button on the bottom of the mirroruntil

Seite 38 - Child Restraints

This mirror has the following features.Manual FoldingThe mirrors can be manually folded inward to preventdamage when going through an automatic car wa

Seite 39

Outside Power Foldaway MirrorsIf your vehicle is equippedwith outside powerfoldaway mirrors, thecontrols are located on thedriver’s door armrest.• Pre

Seite 40

Park Tilt MirrorsIf your vehicle has the memory package, the outsidemirrors are able to perform the park tilt function.This feature may be useful in a

Seite 41

Object Detection SystemsUltrasonic Rear ParkingAssist (URPA)If your vehicle has the Ultrasonic Rear ParkingAssist (URPA) system, it helps you park eas

Seite 42

How the System WorksURPA comes on automatically when the shift lever ismoved into REVERSE (R). The rear display willthen briefly illuminate to let you

Seite 43

When the System Does Not Seem toWork Properly• The driver disables the system.• The parking brake pedal is depressed.• The ultrasonic sensors are not

Seite 44 - Child Restraint Systems

For more information, visit or,contact OnStar at 1-888-4-ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827)or TTY 1-877-248-2080, or press the OnStar button

Seite 45

be linked to a Verizon Wireless service plan in the U.S.or a Bell Mobility service plan in Canada, dependingon eligibility. To find out more, refer to

Seite 46

Power Reclining SeatbacksIf the seats have power reclining seatbacks, the controlused to recline them is located on the outboard sideof the seat behin

Seite 47

Location information about your vehicle is only availableif the GPS satellite signals are unobstructed andavailable.Your vehicle must have a working e

Seite 48 - Top Tether Anchor

Universal Home Remote SystemOperation (With Three Round LED)Your vehicle may have the Universal Home RemoteSystem. If there are three round Light Emit

Seite 49 - Locations

To program up to three devices:1. From inside the vehicle, press the two outsidebuttons at the same time for one to two seconds,and immediately releas

Seite 50

Programming Universal HomeRemote — Fixed CodeIf you have questions or need help programming theUniversal Home Remote System, call 1-866-572-2728 orgo

Seite 51

Your garage door opener receiver (motor head unit)may also have a row of dip switches that can beused when programming the Universal HomeRemote. If th

Seite 52

2. Write down the eight to 12 switch settings from leftto right as follows:• When a switch is in the up position, write “Left.”• When a switch is in t

Seite 53

5. After entering all of the switch positions, again,firmly press and release all three buttons at thesame time. The indicator lights will turn on.6. P

Seite 54 - Seat Position

Storage AreasGlove BoxTo open the glove box, lift up on the lever.Cupholder(s)Your vehicle may have cupholders for the front and rearpassengers.The cu

Seite 55

Luggage CarrierThe vehicle may have a luggage carrier that can beused to load things on top of the vehicle.The luggage carrier has siderails attached

Seite 56

Cargo Cover Panels{CAUTION:Improperly stored cargo cover panels could bethrown about the vehicle during a collision orsudden maneuver. You or others c

Seite 57

Pull the head restraint up toraise it. To lower the headrestraint, press the releasebutton, located on thetop of the seatback,while you push the headr

Seite 58

2. Remove cargo panel 3 by pulling the left and rightcargo panel latches, located on the bottom of eachcargo panel, forward to unlock the cargo panell

Seite 59

4. If cargo panel 1 needs to be removed. There arelatches on both sides that need to be released.After you have removed each cargo panel, store themwi

Seite 60 - Airbag System

1. Secure the storagestrap system in thecargo storage area byattaching the sixclips included on thecargo strap systemto the tie downlocations on eithe

Seite 61

2. Starting with cargo panel 1, load the cargo panelwith latches up and facing away from you.3. Store cargo panel 2 by loading the cargo panel withlat

Seite 62

4. Store cargo panel 3 by loading the cargo panel withlatches up and facing away from you.5. Place the primary straps over the three cargocovers (A).

Seite 63 - Where Are the Airbags?

6. Tighten all straps by pulling on the free end of eachstrap.7. Close both cross locks at the center of the strapsystem to secure tightly.2-79

Seite 64

Reinstalling the Cargo Cover PanelsTo reinstall a cargo panel do the following.1. You can either leave the strap system attached tothe side of the car

Seite 65 - When Should an Airbag Inflate?

Push the panel forward until it is snug against themidgate and then let the back of the panel downbeing sure that the pegs align with the receivers.3.

Seite 66 - How Does an Airbag Restrain?

4. Install cargo cover 2 next. Place the latches in theunlocked position. Place the cargo cover panel onthe cargo area rails while holding the back of

Seite 67

Push the panel forward until it is snug against theother panel and then let the back of the panel downbeing sure that the pegs align with the receiver

Seite 68 - Passenger Sensing System

3. Fold the seatback forward until it is flat. You mayhave to move the front seats forward slightlyto do this.4. Repeat the procedure for the other sid

Seite 69

Folding and Storage of StrapsTo store the folding straps inside the top box storagecompartment, do the following:1. Extend the six strap ends on a flat

Seite 70

4. Take the secondary strap and wrap it around thepackage. Finally, attach the hooks to the webbingand place inside the top box storage compartment.Ca

Seite 71

All-Weather Cargo AreaYour vehicle has the ability to operate in many differentconfigurations — cargo panels on or off, Midgate®up or down, rear glass

Seite 72

Maintenance and CleaningTo ensure that the water management system performsproperly, be sure that the Midgate®, tailgate andcover system are fully clo

Seite 73

To remove each drain grate, do the following:1. Remove the cargo panels or tonneau cover. SeeCargo Cover Panels on page 2-73 or TonneauCover on page 2

Seite 74 - Airbag-Equipped Vehicle

Side Rail ChannelsThe side rail channels are located on top of both sidesof the cargo area. Flush them out with clean waterdebris collects inside of t

Seite 75 - Restraint System Check

After hauling dirt, wood chips, pebbles etc. you willneed to flush the Midgate®drain with water. But firstyou will have to remove the drain grate by usi

Seite 76

Top-Box StorageYour vehicle has top-box storage units on both sides ofthe vehicle. The passenger side top box contains thetools you will need to chang

Seite 77

A. Front RailB. BowsC. Side RailsD. Rear RailE. Plastic LipF. LoopRemoving the Tonneau Cover1. Starting at the rear corner of the driver’s side of the

Seite 78

2. Pull the back of the cover out from the rear rail (D). 3. Roll the cover toward the front of the vehicle. Theplastic lip (E) will release from the

Seite 79

Safety BeltsSafety Belts: They Are for EveryoneThis part of the manual tells you how to use safetybelts properly. It also tells you some things you sh

Seite 80 - System Operation

4. Stow the cover using the buckles and the strapsattached to the front rail.You can also store the tonneau cover outside of thevehicle or use the sto

Seite 81

2. With the tonneau cover rolled up, place itin the proper compartment in the bag andzip the bag shut.Removing the Front/Rear Railsand BowsBefore movi

Seite 82

2. Remove the two bowsby gently pushing themagainst thespring-loaded end. Setthe bow aside.3. With the midgate lowered, enter the rear passengercompar

Seite 83 - Remote Vehicle Start

5. Stow both bows and the front and rear rails in thestorage bag. When all components of the tonneaucover are secured in the bag properly, zip thebag

Seite 84

SunroofYour vehicle may be equipped with a power slidingsunroof. To open or close the sunroof, the ignition needsto be turned to ON, or Retained Acces

Seite 85 - Remote Start Ready

Vent: The sunroof has an express-vent open feature.From the closed position, press the rear of thepassenger’s side switch to vent the sunroof. To stop

Seite 86

✍ NOTES2-100

Seite 87 - Rear Door Security Locks

Instrument Panel Overview ...3-4Hazard Warning Flashers ...3-6Other Warning Devices ...

Seite 88

Oil Pressure Light ...3-44Security Light ...3-44Fog Lamp Light ...

Seite 90

In most states and in all Canadian provinces, the lawrequires wearing safety belts. Here is why:You never know if you will be in a crash. If you do ha

Seite 91

Instrument Panel Overview3-4

Seite 92

The main components of the instrument panel are the following:A. Air Outlets. See Outlet Adjustment on page 3-29.B. Turn Signal/Multifunction Lever. S

Seite 93 - Reinstalling the Rear Glass

Hazard Warning FlashersThe hazard warning flashers warn others. They also letpolice know you have a problem.The hazard warningflasher button is locatedo

Seite 94

To tilt the wheel, hold the steering wheel and pull thelever. Move the steering wheel to a comfortablelevel, then release the lever to lock the wheel

Seite 95 - Glass in Place

An arrow on the instrumentpanel cluster will flash inthe direction of theturn or lane change.As you signal a turn or a lane change, if the arrowsflash m

Seite 96 - Glass in the Storage Pocket

If your headlamps are in the automatic position or onlow beam, your high-beam headlamps will turn on. Theywill stay on as long as you hold the lever t

Seite 97 - Raising the Midgate

Since different drivers have different setting preferences,it is recommended that the mid-range setting (position 3)be used initially. For more wipes,

Seite 98

Heated Windshield WasherFor vehicles with the heated windshield washer fluidsystem it can be used to help clear ice, snow, tree sap,or bugs from your w

Seite 99

The cruise control buttonsare located on left side ofthe steering wheel.T (On/Off): This button can both activate and turnoff the system. The indicato

Seite 100 - {CAUTION:

Resuming a Set SpeedSuppose you set your cruise control at a desired speedand then you apply the brake. This shuts off thecruise control. But you do n

Seite 101 - Sun Visors

Put someone on it. Get it up to speed. Then stop the vehicle. The riderdoes not stop.1-15

Seite 102 - Theft-Deterrent Systems

Erasing Speed MemoryWhen you turn off the cruise control or the ignition, yourcruise control set speed memory is erased.Exterior LampsThe exterior lam

Seite 103 - PASS-Key

;(Parking Lamps): Turn the control to this positionto turn on the parking lamps together with thefollowing:• Instrument Panel Lights• Taillamps• Licen

Seite 104 - III+ Operation

When the DRL are on, only the DRL lamps will be on.The taillamps, sidemarker, and other lamps will notbe on. The instrument panel will not be lit up e

Seite 105 - Starting and Operating Your

Fog LampsIf your vehicle has fog lamps you can use them forbetter vision in foggy or misty conditions. Your parkinglamps and/or low-beam headlamps mus

Seite 106 - Ignition Positions

Dome LampsThe dome lamps come on when any door is opened.They turn off after all the doors are closed.The dome lamps can also be turned on by turning

Seite 107 - Starting the Engine

A high electrical load occurs when several of thefollowing loads are on: headlamps, high beams, foglamps, rear window defogger, climate control fan at

Seite 108 - Starting Procedure

Ashtray(s) and Cigarette LighterIf your vehicle has this feature it is located in the centerconsole or on the instrument panel. Pull up on theashtray

Seite 109 - Engine Coolant Heater

The right knob can also be used to select defog ordefrost mode. For more information, see “Defogging andDefrosting” later in this section.By positioni

Seite 110

The air conditioning system removes moisture from theair, so a small amount of water might drip underneaththe vehicle while idling or after turning of

Seite 111 - Active Fuel Management™

Dual Automatic Climate ControlSystemWith this system, you can control the heating, coolingand ventilation in your vehicle. Your vehicle alsohas a flow-

Seite 112

GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem,CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem, and thenames AVALANCHE and Z71 are registered trademarksof General Motors Corporati

Seite 113

The person keeps going until stopped by something. Ina real vehicle, it could be the windshield...or the instrument panel...1-16

Seite 114

Automatic OperationAUTO (Automatic): When automatic operation isactive the system will control the inside temperature, theair delivery, and the fan sp

Seite 115 - Four-Wheel Drive

Manual OperationYou may manually adjust the air delivery mode orfan speed.y9 z (Fan): The buttons with the fan symbolsallow you to manually adjust the

Seite 116 - Automatic Transfer Case

The recirculation mode cannot be used with floor,defrost, or defogging modes. If you try to selectrecirculation in one of those modes, the indicator wi

Seite 117

SensorsThe solar sensor, located in the defrost grille, middle ofthe instrument panel, monitors the solar radiation.Do not cover the solar sensor or t

Seite 118

In order to prevent false temperature readings atstartup, the displayed temperature will not change untilthe following occurs:• Vehicle speed is above

Seite 119 - Shifting into NEUTRAL

Rear Window DefoggerThe rear window defogger uses a warming grid toremove fog from the rear window.< (Rear Window Defogger): Press this button totu

Seite 120 - Shifting Out of NEUTRAL

Warning Lights, Gages, andIndicatorsThis part describes the warning lights and gages onyour vehicle. The pictures help to locate them.Warning lights a

Seite 121 - Parking Brake

Instrument Panel ClusterYour instrument cluster is designed to let you know at a glance how your vehicle is running. You will know how fastyou are goi

Seite 122

Speedometer and OdometerYour speedometer lets you see your speed in bothmiles per hour (mph) and kilometers per hour (km/h).Your odometer shows how fa

Seite 123

The passenger safety belt light, located on theinstrument panel, will come on and stay on for severalseconds and then flash for several more.This chime

Seite 124

or the safety belts!With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicle does.You get more time to stop. You stop over more distance,and your strongest bon

Seite 125

The airbag readiness light should flash for afew seconds when you start the engine. If the light doesnot come on then, have it fixed immediately. If the

Seite 126

{CAUTION:Even though the passenger sensing system isdesigned to turn off the right front passenger’sfrontal airbag if the system detects a rear-facing

Seite 127 - Temperature Display

Charging System LightThis light will come onbriefly when you turn onthe ignition, but the engineis not running, as acheck to show you itis working.It s

Seite 128 - Compass Variance

condition should correct itself as higher engine speedsallow the charging system to create full power. Ifthere is a problem with the battery charging

Seite 129 - Cleaning the Mirror

Antilock Brake System WarningLightFor vehicles with theAntilock Brake System(ABS), this light will comeon briefly when youstart the engine.That is norm

Seite 130 - Compass Operation

Engine Coolant Temperature GageThis gage shows the engine coolant temperature.It also provides an indicator of how hard your vehicle isworking. During

Seite 131 - Outside Power Mirrors

Malfunction Indicator LampCheck Engine LightA computer system called OBD II (On-BoardDiagnostics-Second Generation) monitors operation ofthe fuel, ign

Seite 132

This light comes on, as a check to show it is working,when the ignition is turned ON/RUN but the engine is notrunning. If the light does not come on,

Seite 133

Have you recently changed brands of fuel?If so, be sure to fuel your vehicle with quality fuel. SeeGasoline Octane on page 5-6. Poor fuel quality caus

Seite 134

Oil Pressure GageThe oil pressure gage shows the engine oil pressurein psi (pounds per square inch) when the engineis running. Canadian vehicles indic

Seite 135

Q: If I am a good driver, and I never drive far fromhome, why should I wear safety belts?A: You may be an excellent driver, but if you are in acrash —

Seite 136 - How the System Works

Oil Pressure Light{CAUTION:Do not keep driving if the oil pressure is low. Ifyou do, your engine can become so hot that itcatches fire. You or others c

Seite 137 - Work Properly

Fog Lamp LightThe fog lamp light willcome on when the foglamps are in use.The light will go out when the fog lamps are turned off.See Fog Lamps on pag

Seite 138 - OnStar Hands-Free Calling

Fuel GageThe fuel gage, when the ignition is on, tells you abouthow much fuel you have left in your tank.The gage will first indicate empty before you

Seite 139 - How OnStar Service Works

Low Fuel Warning LightThis light, under the fuelgage, will come on brieflywhen you are startingthe engine.This light and a chime will come on when the

Seite 140 - Universal Home Remote

DIC Operation and Displays(With DIC Buttons)If your vehicle has DIC buttons, the information belowexplains the operation of this system.The DIC has di

Seite 141 - Universal Home Remote System

U (Customization): Press this button to customize thefeature settings on your vehicle. See DIC VehicleCustomization (With DIC Buttons) on page 3-63 fo

Seite 142

Fuel RangePress the trip/fuel button until FUEL RANGE displays.This display shows the approximate number ofremaining miles (mi) or kilometers (km) the

Seite 143 - Remote — Fixed Code

Transmission TemperaturePress the trip/fuel button until TRANS TEMP displays.This display shows the temperature of the automatictransmission fluid in e

Seite 144

Also, be careful not to reset the OIL LIFE displayaccidentally at any time other than when the oil has justbeen changed. It cannot be reset accurately

Seite 145

4. To match additional transmitters at this time,repeat Step 3.Each vehicle can have a maximum of eighttransmitters matched to it.5. To exit the progr

Seite 146 - Erasing Universal Home Remote

Sit up straight and always keep your feet on the floor infront of you. The lap part of the belt should be wornlow and snug on the hips, just touching t

Seite 147 - Storage Areas

The trip odometer has a feature called the retro-activereset. This can be used to set the trip odometer tothe number of miles (kilometers) driven sinc

Seite 148 - Rear Storage Area

3. Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons onthe first transmitter at the same time for about15 seconds.On vehicles with memory recall seats, the fir

Seite 149

CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOONThis message displays when the engine oil needs to bechanged. When you change the engine oil, be sureto reset the CHANGE ENGINE

Seite 150

ENGINE OVERHEATED IDLE ENGINENotice: If you drive your vehicle while the engine isoverheating, severe engine damage may occur. Ifan overheat warning a

Seite 151 - Cargo Panel Storage System

HOOD OPENThis message displays and a chime sounds if the hood isnot fully closed. Stop and turn off the vehicle, check thehood for obstructions, and c

Seite 152

REPLACE BATTERY IN REMOTE KEYThis message displays if a Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)transmitter battery is low. The battery needs to bereplaced in the t

Seite 153

SERVICE BRAKES SOONThis message displays if there is a problem with thebrake system. If this message appears, stop as soon aspossible and turn off the

Seite 154

SERVICE TRACTION CONTROLIf your vehicle has StabiliTrak®, this message displayswhen there is a problem with the Traction ControlSystem (TCS). When thi

Seite 155

TIGHTEN GAS CAPThis message may display along with the check enginelight on the instrument panel cluster if the vehicle’sfuel cap is not tightened pro

Seite 156

WASHER FLUID LOW ADD FLUIDThis message displays when the windshield washerfluid is low. Fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir assoon as possible. S

Seite 157

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is too loose. It will not give asmuch protection this way.{CAUTION:You can be seriously hurt if your s

Seite 158

DISPLAY LANGUAGEThis feature allows you to select the language in whichthe DIC messages will appear.Press the customization button until the DISPLAYLA

Seite 159

AUTO DOOR UNLOCKThis feature allows you to select whether or not to turnoff the automatic door unlocking feature. It alsoallows you to select which do

Seite 160 - Folding and Storage of Straps

HORN & LIGHTS (default): The exterior lamps willflash when you press the lock button on the RKEtransmitter, and the horn will sound when the lock b

Seite 161 - Cargo Tie Downs

NO CHANGE: No change will be made to this feature.The current setting will remain.To select a setting, press the set/reset button while thedesired set

Seite 162 - All-Weather Cargo Area

CHIME VOLUMEThis feature allows you to select the volume level ofthe chime.Press the customization button until CHIME VOLUMEappears on the DIC display

Seite 163 - Cleaning

Press the customization button until EASY EXIT SEATappears on the DIC display. Press the set/resetbutton once to access the settings for this feature.

Seite 164

REMOTE STARTIf your vehicle has this feature, it allows you to turn theremote start off or on. The remote start feature allowsyou to start the engine

Seite 165 - Drain Grate Removal and

• The end of the feature settings menu is reachedand exited.• A 40 second time period has elapsed with noselection made.Audio System(s)Determine which

Seite 166 - Cargo Area Floor Drains

Setting the ClockMP3 Radios with a Single CD or aSingle CD and DVD PlayerIf your vehicle has a radio with a single CD or a CD andDVD player, it has aH

Seite 167

MP3 Radio with a Six-Disc CD PlayerIf your vehicle has a radio with a six-disc CD player, theradio has a MENU button instead of theH (clock)button to

Seite 168 - Removing the Tonneau Cover

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The lap belt is too loose. It will not give nearly asmuch protection this way.{CAUTION:You can be seriously hurt if your

Seite 169

Radio(s) (MP3)Your vehicle has one of these radios as its audiosystem.Radio with CD shown, Radio with Six-Disc CDsimilarRadio with CD and DVD3-74

Seite 170

Radios with CD and DVDRadios with CD and DVD have a Bose®SurroundSound System. Some of its features are explained laterin this section under, “Adjusti

Seite 171 - Removing the Front/Rear Rails

Finding a StationBAND: Press to switch between AM, FM, or XM™(if equipped). The selection displays.f (Tune): Turn to select radio stations.© SEEK ¨: P

Seite 172

The number of favorites pages can be setup using theMENU button. To setup the number of favoritespages, perform the following steps:1. Press the MENU

Seite 173 - • When placing the bows

Adjusting the Speakers (Balance/Fade)BAL/FADE (Balance/Fade): To adjust balance or fade,press thef knob until the speaker control labels display.Conti

Seite 174

Undesired XM™ categories can be removed throughthe setup menu. To remove an undesired category,perform the following:1. Press the MENU button to displ

Seite 175

Playing a CD(s) (Six-Disc CD Player)LOAD ^: Press this button to load CDs into the CDplayer. This CD player holds up to six CDs.To insert one CD, do t

Seite 176

The CD player can play the smaller 3 inch (8 cm) singleCDs with an adapter ring. Full-size CDs and thesmaller CDs are loaded in the same manner.Care o

Seite 177 - Section 3 Instrument Panel

Z DVD (Eject): Press and release to eject the discthat is currently playing in the top slot. A beepsounds and Ejecting Disc displays.If loading and re

Seite 178

To play tracks from a single CD in random order,press the pushbutton positioned under the RDMlabel until Random Current Disc displays. Press thepushbu

Seite 179

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is buckled in the wrong place.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your belt isbuckled in the wrong place l

Seite 180 - Instrument Panel Overview

If a playback device is plugged into the radio’s frontauxiliary input jack or the rear auxiliary jack, thefront seat passengers are able to listen to

Seite 181

If the CD is not playing correctly, for any other reason,try a known good CD.If any error occurs repeatedly or if an error cannot becorrected, contact

Seite 182 - Tilt Wheel

A lock symbol displays next to the clock display. Theparental control feature remains on until this knobis pressed and held for more than two seconds

Seite 183 - Turn and Lane-Change Signals

r / j (Play/Pause): Press either the play or pauseicon displayed on the radio system, to toggle betweenpausing or restarting playback of a DVD. If the

Seite 184 - Flash-to-Pass

Nav (Navigate): Press to display directional arrows fornavigating through the menus.e (Audio Stream): Press to cycle through audiostream formats locat

Seite 185 - Rainsense™ II Wipers

DVD Radio Error MessagesPlayer Error: This message displays when there aredisc load or eject problems.Disc Format Error: This message displays, if the

Seite 186

DVD/CD AUX (CD/Auxiliary): Press this button tocycle through DVD, CD, or Auxiliary when listening tothe radio. The DVD/CD text label and a messageshow

Seite 187

MP3 FormatIf you burn your own MP3 disc on a personal computer:• Make sure the MP3 files are recorded on a CD-Ror CD-RW disc.• Do not mix standard audi

Seite 188

Empty Directory or FolderIf a root directory or a folder exists somewhere in thefile structure that contains only folders/subfolders and nocompressed fi

Seite 189

Playing an MP3Insert a CD-R or CD-RW partway into the slot (SingleCD Player), or press the load button and wait forthe message to insert disc (Six-Dis

Seite 190 - Exterior Lamps

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is over an armrest.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your belt goesover an armrest like this. The belt w

Seite 191 - Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)

RDM (Random): With the random setting, MP3 files onthe CD-R or CD-RW can be listened to in random,rather than sequential order, on one CD-R or CD-RW or

Seite 192 - Automatic Headlamp System

BAND: Press this button to listen to the radio when aCD is playing. The CD remains safely inside the radio forfuture listening.CD/AUX (CD/Auxiliary):

Seite 193 - Instrument Panel Brightness

• Minimize the length of the file, folder, or playlistnames. Long file, folder, or playlist names, or acombination of a large number of files and folders

Seite 194 - Electric Power Management

When play enters a new folder, the display does notautomatically show the new folder name unlessyou have chosen the folder mode as the default display

Seite 195 - Accessory Power Outlet(s)

Z DVD (Eject): Press and release this button to ejectthe CD-R or CD-RW that is currently playing in the topslot. A beep sounds and Ejecting Disc displ

Seite 196 - Climate Controls

To cancel music navigator while the player is scanning,press the pushbutton located below the musicnavigator label or eject the disc.The radio can beg

Seite 197

XM Radio MessagesXL (Explicit Language Channels): These channels, orany others, can be blocked at a customer’s request,by calling 1-800-852-XMXM (9696

Seite 198 - Rear Window Defogger

Check XM Receivr: If this message does not clearwithin a short period of time, the receiver could have afault. Consult with your dealer/retailer.XM No

Seite 199

Parental Control can also be turned off by inserting orejecting any disc, pressing the play icon on the radio DVDdisplay menu, or changing an ignition

Seite 200 - Automatic Operation

positioned on the left ear. The symbol R (Right) appearson the upper right side, above the ear pad and shouldbe positioned on the right ear.Notice: Do

Seite 201 - Manual Operation

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is worn under the arm. It shouldbe worn over the shoulder at all times.{CAUTION:You can be seriously i

Seite 202 - Air Conditioning

To use the auxiliary inputs of the RSE system, connectan external auxiliary device to the color-coded A/Vjacks and turn both the auxiliary device and

Seite 203

Video ScreenThe video screen is located in the overhead console.To use the video screen, do the following:1. Push the release button located on the ov

Seite 204

Remote Control ButtonsO (Power): Press this button to turn the video screenon and off.P (Illumination): Press this button to turn the remotecontrol ba

Seite 205 - Outlet Adjustment

When the DVD is playing, depending on the radio, youmight be able to do slow play by pressing theplay/pause button then pressing the fast forward butt

Seite 206 - Indicators

} 10 (Double Digit Entries): Press this button toselect chapter or track numbers greater than nine. Pressthis button before entering the number.If the

Seite 207 - Instrument Panel Cluster

Problem Recommended ActionThe auxiliary source isrunning but there is nopicture or sound.Check that the RSE videoscreen is in the auxiliarysource mode

Seite 208 - Safety Belt Reminders

Cleaning the RSE Overhead ConsoleWhen cleaning the RSE overhead console surface, useonly a clean cloth dampened with clean water.Cleaning the Video Sc

Seite 209

P (Power): Press this button to turn RSA on and off.Volume: Turn this knob to increase or to decreasethe volume of the wired headphones. The left knob

Seite 210

PROG (Program): Press this button to go to the nextpreset radio station or channel set on the mainradio. This function is inactive, with some radios,

Seite 211

If your vehicle has the navigation system, press andhold this button for longer than one second to initiatevoice recognition. See “Voice Recognition”

Seite 212 - Voltmeter Gage

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is behind the body.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured by not wearingthe lap-shoulder belt properly. In a cra

Seite 213

XM™ Satellite Radio ServiceXM™ Satellite Radio Service gives digital radioreception from coast-to-coast in the 48 contiguousUnited States, and in Cana

Seite 214 - Antilock Brake System Warning

Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle ...4-2Defensive Driving ...4-2Drunk Driving ...

Seite 215 - Tire Pressure Light

Your Driving, the Road, andYour VehicleDefensive DrivingDefensive driving means “always expect theunexpected.” The first step in driving defensively is

Seite 216 - Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Police records show that almost 40 percent of all motorvehicle-related deaths involve alcohol. In most cases,these deaths are the result of someone wh

Seite 217 - If the Light Is On Steady

And, of course, actual stopping distances vary greatlywith the surface of the road, whether it is pavementor gravel; the condition of the road, whethe

Seite 218 - Programs

Let us say the road is wet and you are driving safely.Suddenly, an animal jumps out in front of you. You slamon the brakes and continue braking. Here

Seite 219

StabiliTrak®SystemYour vehicle may have the StabiliTrak®system whichcombines antilock brake, traction and stability controlsystems and helps the drive

Seite 220

Traction control and StabiliTrak®can be turned on bypressing and releasing the StabiliTrak®button ifnot automatically shut off for any other reason.Wh

Seite 221 - Tow/Haul Mode Light

The traction control system may activate on dry orrough roads or under conditions such as heavyacceleration while turning or abrupt upshifts/downshift

Seite 222 - Fuel Gage

Speed limit signs near curves warn that you shouldadjust your speed. Of course, the posted speedsare based on good weather and road conditions. Underl

Seite 223 - Low Fuel Warning Light

Using this ManualMany people read the owner manual from beginning toend when they first receive their new vehicle to learnabout the vehicle’s features

Seite 224 - (With DIC Buttons)

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is twisted across the body.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured by a twisted belt.In a crash, you would not ha

Seite 225 - Trip/Fuel Menu Items

Off-Road RecoveryYou may find that your right wheels have dropped offthe edge of a road onto the shoulder while you aredriving.If the level of the shou

Seite 226 - Fuel Used

Loss of ControlLet us review what driving experts say about whathappens when the three control systems — brakes,steering, and acceleration — do not ha

Seite 227 - Oil Life

Off-Road DrivingThis off-road guide is for vehicles that have four-wheeldrive. Also, see Braking on page 4-3. If your vehicledoes not have four-wheel

Seite 228 - Relearn Remote Key

Before You Go Off-RoadingThere are some things to do before you go out. Forexample, be sure to have all necessary maintenanceand service work done. Ch

Seite 229 - (Without DIC Buttons)

There are some important things to remember abouthow to load your vehicle.• The heaviest things should be on the load floor andforward of the rear axle

Seite 230

Getting Familiar with Off-Road DrivingIt is a good idea to practice in an area that is safeand close to home before you go into the wilderness.Off-roa

Seite 231 - DIC Warnings and Messages

Surface Obstacles: Unseen or hidden obstacles canbe hazardous. A rock, log, hole, rut, or bump can startleyou if you are not prepared for them. Often

Seite 232 - TURNED OFF

Driving on Off-Road HillsOff-road driving often takes you up, down, or across ahill. Driving safely on hills requires good judgmentand an understandin

Seite 233 - FUEL LEVEL LOW

Driving UphillOnce you decide you can safely drive up the hill, youneed to take some special steps.• Use a low gear and get a firm grip on the steering

Seite 234

There are some things you should do if the vehiclestalls, or is about to stall, and you cannot make it upthe hill:• Push the brake pedal to stop the v

Seite 235

If you ever pull the shoulder portion of a passengerbelt out all the way, you may engage the childrestraint locking feature. If this happens, just let

Seite 236

If, after stalling, you try to back down the hill and decideyou just cannot do it, set the parking brake, put thetransmission in PARK (P) and turn off


{CAUTION:Heavy braking when going down a hill cancause your brakes to overheat and fade. Thiscould cause loss of control and a seriousaccident. Apply

Seite 238 - TURN SIGNAL ON

Driving Across an InclineSooner or later, an off-road trail will probably go acrossthe incline of a hill. If this happens, you have todecide whether t

Seite 239 - Buttons)

Stalling on an Incline{CAUTION:Getting out on the downhill (low) side of avehicle stopped across an incline isdangerous. If the vehicle rolls over, yo

Seite 240 - AUTO DOOR LOCK

Driving in Mud, Sand, Snow, or IceWhen you drive in mud, snow, or sand, the wheels willnot get good traction. You cannot accelerate asquickly, turning


Driving in Water{CAUTION:Driving through rushing water can bedangerous. Deep water can sweep your vehicledownstream and you and your passengerscould d


After Off-Road DrivingRemove any brush or debris that has collected on theunderbody, chassis, or under the hood. Theseaccumulations can be a fire hazar


Driving in Rain and on Wet RoadsRain and wet roads can reduce vehicle tractionand affect your ability to stop and accelerate. Alwaysdrive slower in th

Seite 244 - EASY EXIT SEAT

Before Leaving on a Long TripTo prepare your vehicle for a long trip, consider havingit serviced by your dealer/retailer before departing.Things to ch


Hill and Mountain RoadsDriving on steep hills or through mountains is differentthan driving on flat or rolling terrain. Tips for drivingin these condit

Seite 246 - V TO EXIT

It may be necessary to pull stitching on the safetybelt through the latch plate to fully tighten thelap belt on smaller occupants.To unlatch the belt,

Seite 247

Winter DrivingHere are some tips for winter driving:• Have your vehicle in good shape for winter.• You might want to put winter emergency supplies iny

Seite 248 - Setting the Clock

StabiliTrak®improves your ability to accelerate whendriving on a slippery road. But you can turn StabiliTrak®off if you ever need to. See StabiliTrak®

Seite 249 - Settings

You can run the engine to keep warm, but be careful.{CAUTION:Snow can trap exhaust gases under yourvehicle. This can cause deadly CO (carbonmonoxide)

Seite 250 - Radio(s) (MP3)

Then, shut the engine off and close the window almostall the way to preserve the heat. Start the engineagain and repeat this only when you feel really

Seite 251 - Playing the Radio

Rocking Your Vehicle to Get It OutFirst, turn the steering wheel left and right to clearthe area around the front wheels. For four-wheel-drivevehicles

Seite 252 - Finding a Station

Notice: Never use recovery hooks to tow thevehicle. Your vehicle could be damaged and it wouldnot be covered by warranty.Your vehicle has recovery hoo

Seite 253

Tire and Loading Information LabelA vehicle specific Tire and Loading Informationlabel is attached to the center pillar (B-pillar). Withthe driver’s do

Seite 254

5. Determine the combined weight of luggageand cargo being loaded on the vehicle. Thatweight may not safely exceed the availablecargo and luggage load

Seite 255 - XM™ Satellite Radio Service

Item Description TotalAVehicle CapacityWeight forExample 2 =1,000 lbs(453 kg)BSubtract OccupantWeight 150 lbs(68 kg) × 5 =750 lbs (136 kg)CAvailable C

Seite 256

Certification/Tire LabelA vehicle specific Certification/Tire label isattached to the rear edge of the driver’s door. Thelabel shows the size of your veh

Seite 257 - Care of Your CDs

Safety Belt PretensionersYour vehicle has safety belt pretensioners for frontoutboard occupants. Although you cannot see them,they are part of the saf

Seite 258

And, if you do have a heavy load, you shouldspread it out.{CAUTION:In the case of a sudden stop or collision,things carried in the bed of your truckco

Seite 259

If you put things inside your vehicle — likesuitcases, tools, packages, or anything else — theywill go as fast as the vehicle goes. If you have tostop

Seite 260 - CD Messages

TowingTowing Your VehicleConsult your dealer/retailer or a professional towingservice if you need to have your disabled vehicle towed.See Roadside Ass

Seite 261 - Using the DVD Player

Four-Wheel-Drive VehiclesUse the following procedure to tow your vehicle:1. Shift the transmission to PARK (P).2. Turn the engine off, but leave the i

Seite 262 - DVD-V (Video) Display Buttons

Dolly TowingFront Towing (Front Wheels Off theGround)Two-Wheel-Drive VehiclesNotice: If you tow a two-wheel-drive vehicle withthe rear wheels on the g

Seite 263 - DVD-A (Audio) Display Buttons

6. Shift the transfer case to NEUTRAL (N). SeeFour-Wheel Drive on page 2-39 for the properprocedure to select the neutral position for yourvehicle.7.

Seite 264 - Ejecting a Disc

Four-Wheel-Drive VehiclesUse the following procedure to tow your vehicle fromthe rear:1. Drive the vehicle onto the dolly.2. Firmly set the parking br

Seite 265 - Z or DVD/CD AUX button is

Level ControlThe self-adjusting rear suspension may come as part ofthe premium smooth ride suspension package.This type of level control will provide

Seite 266 - Six-Disc CD Player)

To identify the trailering capacity of your vehicle, youshould read the information in “Weight of the Trailer” thatappears later in this section.Trail

Seite 267

Tow/Haul ModeTow/haul is designed to assist while your vehicle ispulling a large or heavy load or trailer. Tow/haul is mostuseful while pulling such a

Seite 268

2. Place the guide over the belt and insert the twoedges of the belt into the slots of the guide.3. Be sure that the belt is not twisted and it lies fl

Seite 269 - Playing an MP3

Weight of the TrailerHow heavy can a trailer safely be?It depends on how you plan to use your rig. For example,speed, altitude, road grades, outside t

Seite 270

Ask your dealer/retailer for our trailering information oradvice, or write us at our Customer AssistanceOffices. See Customer Assistance Offices on pa

Seite 271 - DVD Player)

Trailering may be limited by the vehicle’s ability to carrytongue weight. Tongue weight cannot cause thevehicle to exceed the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weig

Seite 272

put 900 lbs (408 kg) on the rear axle withoutexceeding RGAWR. The effect of tongue weight isabout 1.5 times the actual weight. Dividing the 900 lbs(40

Seite 273 - CD Slot)

If you’ll be pulling a trailer that, when loaded, will weighmore than 5,000 lbs (2 270 kg) be sure to use aproperly mounted weight-distributing hitch

Seite 274

Following DistanceStay at least twice as far behind the vehicle ahead asyou would when driving your vehicle without a trailer.This can help you avoid

Seite 275

Driving On GradesReduce speed and shift to a lower gear before you startdown a long or steep downgrade. If you don’t shiftdown, you might have to use

Seite 276 - XM Radio Messages

{CAUTION:It can be dangerous to get out of your vehicleif the shift lever is not fully in PARK (P) withthe parking brake firmly set. Your vehicle canro

Seite 277 - Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)

Trailer Wiring HarnessHeavy-Duty Trailer Wiring PackageYour vehicle is equipped with the seven-wire trailertowing harness. This harness with a seven-p

Seite 278 - Headphones

Electric Brake Control WiringProvisionsThese wiring provisions are included with your vehicleas part of the heavy-duty trailer wiring package.These pr

Seite 279 - Audio/Video (A/V) Jacks

{CAUTION:A safety belt that is not properly worn may notprovide the protection needed in a crash. Theperson wearing the belt could be seriouslyinjured

Seite 281 - Remote Control

Service ...5-3Accessories and Modifications ...5-3California Propositio

Seite 282 - Remote Control Buttons

Tire Pressure Monitor System ...5-63Tire Pressure Monitor Operation ...5-65Tire Inspection and Rotation ...

Seite 283

ServiceFor service and parts needs, visit your dealer/retailer.You will receive genuine GM parts and GM-trained andsupported service people.Genuine GM

Seite 284 - Battery Replacement

California Proposition 65 WarningMost motor vehicles, including this one, contain and/oremit chemicals known to the State of California tocause cancer

Seite 285 - DVD Distortion

Your vehicle has an airbag system. Before attempting todo your own service work, see Servicing YourAirbag-Equipped Vehicle on page 1-69.You should kee

Seite 286 - Rear Seat Audio (RSA)

Gasoline OctaneUse regular unleaded gasoline with a posted octanerating of 87 or higher. If the octane rating is less than 87,you might notice an audi

Seite 287

AdditivesTo provide cleaner air, all gasolines in the United Statesare now required to contain additives that help preventengine and fuel system depos

Seite 288 - Audio Steering Wheel Controls

Fuel E85 (85% Ethanol)The 8th digit of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)shows the code letter or number that identifies yourvehicle’s engine. The

Seite 289 - Radio Reception

E85 has less energy per gallon than gasoline, so youwill need to refill the fuel tank more often whenusing E85 than when you are using gasoline. See Fi

Seite 290 - XM™ Satellite Radio Antenna

Safety Belt Use During PregnancySafety belts work for everyone, including pregnantwomen. Like all occupants, they are more likely to beseriously injur

Seite 291

Filling the Tank{CAUTION:Fuel vapor burns violently and a fuel fire cancause bad injuries. To help avoid injuries toyou and others, read and follow all

Seite 292

{CAUTION:Fuel can spray out on you if you open the fuelcap too quickly. If you spill fuel and thensomething ignites it, you could be badly burned.This

Seite 293 - Control of a Vehicle

Filling a Portable Fuel Container{CAUTION:Never fill a portable fuel container while it is inyour vehicle. Static electricity discharge fromthe contain

Seite 294 - Antilock Brake System (ABS)

Hood ReleaseTo open the hood do the following:1. Pull the handle withthis symbol on it. It islocated inside thevehicle to the lower leftof the steerin

Seite 295 - Locking Rear Axle

Engine Compartment OverviewWhen you open the hood on the 5.3L engine (6.0L similar), here is what you will see:5-14

Seite 296

A. Engine Air Cleaner/Filter. See Engine AirCleaner/Filter on page 5-19.B. Air Filter Restriction Indicator (If Equipped). SeeEngine Air Cleaner/Filte

Seite 297 - Traction Control Operation

When to Add Engine OilIf the oil is below the cross-hatched area at the tip ofthe dipstick, add at least one quart/liter of therecommended oil. This s

Seite 298 - Steering

What Kind of Engine Oil to UseLook for three things:• GM6094MYour vehicle’s engine requires oil meeting GMStandard GM6094M. Look for and use only an o

Seite 299 - Steering in Emergencies

If you are in an area of extreme cold, where thetemperature falls below −20°F (−29°C), it isrecommended that you use either an SAE 5W-30synthetic oil

Seite 300 - Off-Road Recovery

Always reset the engine oil life to 100% after every oilchange. It will not reset itself. To reset the EngineOil Life System:1. Display the OIL LIFE R

Seite 301 - Loss of Control

To make the belt shorter, pull its free end as shownuntil the belt is snug.If the belt is not long enough, see Safety Belt Extenderon page 1-33.Make s

Seite 302 - Off-Road Driving

When to Inspect the Engine AirCleaner/FilterIf your vehicle has an air filter restriction indicator, it letsyou know when the engine air cleaner/filter

Seite 303

3. Remove the engine air cleaner/filter from thehousing. Care should be taken to dislodge aslittle dirt as possible.4. Clean the engine air cleaner/filt

Seite 304 - Traveling to Remote Areas

Automatic Transmission FluidWhen to Check and Change AutomaticTransmission FluidA good time to check your automatic transmission fluidlevel is when the

Seite 305

Checking the Fluid LevelPrepare your vehicle as follows:1. Park your vehicle on a level place. Keep the enginerunning.2. With the parking brake applie

Seite 306 - • Is the path ahead clear?

Consistency of ReadingsAlways check the fluid level at least twice using theprocedure described previously. Consistency (repeatablereadings) is importa

Seite 307

Notice: Using coolant other than DEX-COOL®maycause premature engine, heater core, or radiatorcorrosion. In addition, the engine coolant mayrequire cha

Seite 308

Checking CoolantThe coolant surge tank is located in the enginecompartment on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.See Engine Compartment Overview on p

Seite 309

Adding CoolantIf more coolant is needed, add the proper DEX-COOL®coolant mixture at the surge tank, but only when theengine is cool.{CAUTION:You can b

Seite 310

If Steam Is Coming From Your Engine{CAUTION:Steam from an overheated engine can burnyou badly, even if you just open the hood. Stayaway from the engin

Seite 311

If you get the ENGINE OVERHEATED STOP ENGINE orthe ENGINE OVERHEATED IDLE ENGINE messagewith no sign of steam, try this for a minute or so:1. If the v

Seite 312

Child RestraintsOlder ChildrenOlder children who have outgrown booster seats shouldwear the vehicle’s safety belts.The manufacturer’s instructions tha

Seite 313

Cooling SystemWhen you decide it is safe to lift the hood, here is whatyou will see:A. Coolant Surge TankB. Coolant Surge Tank Pressure CapC. Engine C

Seite 314

The coolant level should be at or above the FULLCOLD mark. If it is not, you may have a leak at thepressure cap or in the radiator hoses, heater hoses

Seite 315

How to Add Coolant to the CoolantSurge TankIf you have not found a problem yet, check to see ifcoolant is visible in the surge tank. If coolant is vis

Seite 316 - Driving at Night

Notice: In cold weather, water can freeze and crackthe engine, radiator, heater core and other parts.Use the recommended coolant and the propercoolant

Seite 317

4. With the coolant surge tank pressure cap off, startthe engine and let it run until you can feel the upperradiator hose getting hot. Watch out for t

Seite 318 - Highway Hypnosis

Power Steering FluidSee Engine CompartmentOverview on page 5-14 forreservoir location.When to Check Power Steering FluidIt is not necessary to regular

Seite 319

Adding Washer FluidYour vehicle has a low washer fluid message in the DICthat comes on when the washer fluid is low. Themessage is displayed for 15 seco

Seite 320 - Winter Driving

the fluid level goes back up. The other reason is thatfluid is leaking out of the brake hydraulic system. If it is,you should have the brake hydraulic s

Seite 321

What to AddWhen you do need brake fluid, use only DOT-3 brakefluid. Use new brake fluid from a sealed containeronly. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricant

Seite 322

Some driving conditions or climates can cause a brakesqueal when the brakes are first applied or lightlyapplied. This does not mean something is wrong

Seite 323

Q: What is the proper way to wear safety belts?A: An older child should wear a lap-shoulder belt andget the additional restraint a shoulder belt canpr

Seite 324

Vehicle Storage{CAUTION:Batteries have acid that can burn you and gasthat can explode. You can be badly hurt if youare not careful. See Jump Starting

Seite 325

2. Get the vehicles close enough so the jumper cablescan reach, but be sure the vehicles are not touchingeach other. If they are, it could cause a gro

Seite 326

The remote negative (-) terminal is a stud locatedon the right front of the engine, where the negativebattery cable attaches.See Engine Compartment Ov

Seite 327 - Example 1

{CAUTION:Using a match near a battery can cause batterygas to explode. People have been hurt doingthis, and some have been blinded. Use aflashlight if

Seite 328 - Example 2 Example 3

7. Do not let the other end touch metal. Connect it tothe positive (+) terminal of the good battery. Use aremote positive (+) terminal if the vehicle

Seite 329

To disconnect the jumper cables from both vehicles dothe following:1. Disconnect the black negative (−) cable from thevehicle that had the bad battery

Seite 330

How to Check LubricantTo get an accurate reading, the vehicle should be on alevel surface.• For 5.3L engines, the proper level is from 0.04 inchto 0.7

Seite 331

How to Check LubricantTo get an accurate reading, the vehicle should be on alevel surface.If the level is below the bottom of the filler plug hole,you

Seite 332 - Recreational Vehicle Towing

How to Check LubricantTo get an accurate reading, the vehicle should be on alevel surface.A: Fill PlugB: Drain Plug• When the differential is cold, ad

Seite 333

The vehicle should:• Be placed so the headlamps are 25 ft. (7.6 m) froma light colored wall.• Have all four tires on a level surface which is levelall

Seite 334

Vehicle Damage WarningsYou will also find notices in this manual.Notice: These mean there is something that coulddamage your vehicle.A notice tells abo

Seite 335 - Two-Wheel-Drive Vehicles

{CAUTION:Never do this.Here a child is sitting in a seat that has alap-shoulder belt, but the shoulder part isbehind the child. In a crash, the child

Seite 336

4. At a wall measure from the ground upward (A) tothe recorded distance from Step 3 and mark it.5. Draw or tape a horizontal line (B) on the wall or fl

Seite 337

9. Make sure that the light from the headlamp ispositioned at the bottom edge of the horizontal tapeline. The lamp on the left (A) shows the correcthe

Seite 338

Taillamps, Turn Signal, Sidemarker,Stoplamps and Back-up LampsA. Stoplamp/TurnSignal/TaillampB. Back-up LampC. Stoplamp/TurnSignal/TaillampD. Sidemark

Seite 339

License Plate LampTo replace one of these bulbs:1. Reach under the rear bumper for the bulb socket.2. Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise and pull t

Seite 340 - Weight of the Trailer

Windshield Wiper BladeReplacementWindshield wiper blades should be inspected for wearor cracking. See Scheduled Maintenance on page 6-4.Replacement bl

Seite 341 - Weight of the Trailer Tongue

TiresYour new vehicle comes with high-quality tiresmade by a leading tire manufacturer. If you everhave questions about your tire warranty and whereto

Seite 342

Tire Sidewall LabelingUseful information about a tire is molded into thesidewall. The following illustrations are examplesof a typical P-Metric and a

Seite 343 - Carrying Hitches

(G) Maximum Cold Inflation LoadLimit: Maximum load that can be carried and themaximum pressure needed to support thatload. For information on recommend

Seite 344 - Driving with a Trailer

(F) Tire Ply Material: The type of cord andnumber of plies in the sidewall and under thetread.(G) Single Tire Maximum Load: Maximum loadthat can be ca

Seite 345 - Making Turns

(D) Construction Code: A letter code is used toindicate the type of ply construction in the tire.The letter R means radial ply construction;the letter

Seite 346

{CAUTION:Children can be seriously injured or strangled ifa shoulder belt is wrapped around their neckand the safety belt continues to tighten. Neverl

Seite 347

GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. SeeLoading Your Vehicle on page 4-35.GAWR FRT: Gross Axle Weight Rating for thefront axle. See Loading Your Vehicle

Seite 348 - Trailer Wiring Harness

Radial Ply Tire: A pneumatic tire in which theply cords that extend to the beads are laidat 90 degrees to the centerline of the tread.Rim: A metal sup

Seite 349 - Trailer Recommendations

Inflation - Tire PressureTires need the correct amount of air pressure tooperate effectively.Notice: Do not let anyone tell you thatunder-inflation or o

Seite 350

Remove the valve cap from the tire valve stem.Press the tire gage firmly onto the valve toget a pressure measurement. If the cold tireinflation pressure

Seite 351

Your vehicle has also been equipped with a TPMSmalfunction indicator to indicate when the system is notoperating properly. The TPMS malfunction indica

Seite 352

Tire Pressure Monitor OperationThe Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) is designedto warn the driver when a low tire pressure conditionexists. TPMS se

Seite 353 - Accessories and Modifications

TPMS Malfunction Light and MessageThe TPMS will not function properly if one or more of theTPMS sensors are missing or inoperable. When thesystem dete

Seite 354

The TPMS sensors can also be matched to eachtire/wheel position by increasing or decreasing the tire’sair pressure. If increasing the tire’s air press

Seite 355 - Your Vehicle

Tire Inspection and RotationWe recommend that you regularly inspect yourvehicle’s tires, including the spare tire, for signs ofwear or damage. See Whe

Seite 356 - California Fuel

{CAUTION:Rust or dirt on a wheel, or on the parts towhich it is fastened, can make wheel nutsbecome loose after time. The wheel couldcome off and caus

Seite 357 - Additives

{CAUTION:Children who are up against, or very close to,any airbag when it inflates can be seriouslyinjured or killed. Airbags plus lap-shoulderbelts of

Seite 358 - Fuel E85 (85% Ethanol)

The rubber in tires degrades over time, even if they arenot being used. This is also true for the spare tire, ifyour vehicle has one. Multiple conditi

Seite 359 - Fuels in Foreign Countries

CAUTION: (Continued)Your vehicle may have a different size sparethan the road tires (those originally installedon your vehicle). When new, your vehicl

Seite 360

Different Size Tires and WheelsIf you add wheels or tires that are a different size thanyour original equipment wheels and tires, this couldaffect the

Seite 361

TreadwearThe treadwear grade is a comparative ratingbased on the wear rate of the tire when testedunder controlled conditions on a specifiedgovernment

Seite 362

Wheel Alignment and Tire BalanceThe tires and wheels on your vehicle were alignedand balanced carefully at the factory to give you thelongest tire lif

Seite 363 - Hood Release

{CAUTION:Using the wrong replacement wheels, wheelbolts, or wheel nuts on your vehicle can bedangerous. It could affect the braking andhandling of you

Seite 364 - Engine Compartment Overview

Tire Chains{CAUTION:If your vehicle has P265/65R18 or P275/55R20size tires, do not use tire chains. They candamage your vehicle because there is noten

Seite 365 - Engine Oil

If a Tire Goes FlatIt is unusual for a tire to blowout while you are driving,especially if you maintain your vehicle’s tires properly.If air goes out

Seite 366 - When to Add Engine Oil

Changing a Flat TireIf a tire goes flat, avoid further tire and wheel damageby driving slowly to a level place. Turn on yourhazard warning flashers. See

Seite 367 - • Oils meeting these

Removing the Spare Tire and ToolsThe jack and the wheel blocks are located under acover near the passenger side rear seat.1. Remove the jack cover by

Seite 368 - Engine Oil Life System

For most basic types of child restraints, there aremany different models available. When purchasing achild restraint, be sure it is designed to be use

Seite 369 - Engine Air Cleaner/Filter

3. Remove the wheel blocks (A) attached to thejack (E) by turning the wing nut (C)counterclockwise. Place the wheel blocks whereneeded as indicated in

Seite 370 - How to Inspect the Engine Air

2. Insert the ignition key, turn it clockwise and then pull.3. Assemble the two jack handle extensions (I) andwheel wrench (H) as shown.4. Insert the

Seite 371

6. Use the wheel wrenchhook that allows you topull the hoist cabletowards you, to assistin reaching thespare tire.7. Tilt the tire with slack in the c

Seite 372 - Automatic Transmission Fluid

Removing the Flat Tire andInstalling the Spare TireUse the following pictures and instructions to removethe flat tire and raise the vehicle.The tools n

Seite 373 - Checking the Fluid Level

3. Use the wheelwrench to loosen allthe wheel nuts.Turn the wheel wrenchcounterclockwise toloosen the wheel nuts.Do not remove thewheel nuts yet.A. Fr

Seite 374 - Engine Coolant

Front Tire Flat: If the flat tire is on a front tire ofthe vehicle, you will need to use the jack handle andonly one jack handle extension. Attach the

Seite 375

5. Remove all thewheel nuts.6. Take off the flat tire.{CAUTION:Rust or dirt on a wheel, or on the parts towhich it is fastened, can make wheel nutsbeco

Seite 376

7. Remove any rust or dirtfrom the wheel bolts,mounting surfaces, andspare wheel.8. Install the spare tire.{CAUTION:Never use oil or grease on studs o

Seite 377

{CAUTION:Incorrect or improperly tightened wheel nutscan cause the wheel to come loose and evencome off. This could lead to a crash. If youhave to rep

Seite 378

Secondary Latch SystemYour vehicle has an underbody-mounted tire hoistassembly equipped with a secondary latch system. It isdesigned to stop the spare

Seite 379 - Operating Mode

Child Restraint SystemsA rear-facing infantseat (A) provides restraintwith the seating surfaceagainst the back ofthe infant.The harness system holds t

Seite 380

5. If the spare does not lower, turn the wrenchcounterclockwise until approximately 6 inches(15 cm) of cable is exposed.6. Stand the wheel blocks on t

Seite 381

9. Position the center lift point of the jack under thecenter of the spare tire.10. Turn the wrench clockwise to raise the jack until itlifts the end

Seite 382

14. Tilt the tire retainer at the end of the cable and pullit through the wheel opening. Pull the tire out fromunder the vehicle.15. Turn the wheel wr

Seite 383

A. Spare Tire/FlatTire (Valve StemPointed Down)B. Hoist AssemblyC. Hoist CableD. Tire/WheelRetainerE. Hoist ShaftF. Hoist End ofExtension ToolG. Hoist

Seite 384 - Engine Fan Noise

2. Tilt the tire. Separate the tire/wheel retainer (D)from the guide pin. Pull the pin through thecenter of the wheel. Tilt the retainer down throught

Seite 385 - Windshield Washer Fluid

5. Raise the tire part way upward. Make sure theretainer is seated in the wheel opening.6. Raise the tire fully against the underside of thevehicle by

Seite 386 - Brake Fluid

Spare TireYour vehicle, when new, had a fully-inflated spare tire.A spare tire may lose air over time, so check itsinflation pressure regularly. See Infl

Seite 387

Lighter colored interiors may require more frequentcleaning. Use care because newspapers and garmentsthat transfer color to your home furnishings may

Seite 388

Fabric/CarpetUse a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachmentfrequently to remove dust and loose dirt. A canistervacuum with a beater bar in the nozz

Seite 389 - Replacing Brake System Parts

Instrument Panel, Vinyl, and OtherPlastic SurfacesA soft cloth dampened with water may be used toremove dust. If a more thorough cleaning is necessary

Seite 390

Securing an Add-On Child Restraint inthe Vehicle{CAUTION:A child can be seriously injured or killed in acrash if the child restraint is not properlyse

Seite 391

Washing Your VehicleThe best way to preserve your vehicle’s finish is to keepit clean by washing it often.Notice: Certain cleaners contain chemicals th

Seite 392

Notice: Machine compounding or aggressivepolishing on a basecoat/clearcoat paint finish maydamage it. Use only non-abrasive waxes andpolishes that are

Seite 393

Aluminum or Chrome-Plated Wheelsand TrimYour vehicle may have either aluminum orchrome-plated wheels.Keep the wheels clean using a soft clean cloth wi

Seite 394

Sheet Metal DamageIf the vehicle is damaged and requires sheet metalrepair or replacement, make sure the body repair shopapplies anti-corrosion materi

Seite 395 - Rear Axle

Vehicle Care/Appearance MaterialsDescription UsagePolishing ClothInterior and exteriorpolishing cloth.Tar and Road OilRemoverRemoves tar, road oil,and

Seite 396

Vehicle IdentificationVehicle Identification Number (VIN)This is the legal identifier for your vehicle. It appears ona plate in the front corner of the i

Seite 397 - Front Axle

Windshield Wiper FusesThe windshield wiper motor is protected by a circuitbreaker and a fuse. If the motor overheats due to heavysnow, etc., the wiper

Seite 398 - Headlamp Aiming

Instrument Panel Fuse BlockThe instrument panel fuse block access door is locatedon the driver side edge of the instrument panel.Fuses Usage1 Rear Sea

Seite 399

Fuses Usage20Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist,Power Liftgate21 Power Door Lock 1 (Lock Feature)22 Driver Information Center (DIC)23 Rear Wiper24 Not Use

Seite 400

HarnessConnectorUsageBODY 3 Body Harness Connector 3HEADLINER 3 Headliner Harness Connector 3HEADLINER 2 Headliner Harness Connector 2HEADLINER 1 Head

Seite 401

Where to Put the RestraintAccident statistics show that children are safer if theyare restrained in the rear rather than the front seat.We recommend t

Seite 402 - Stoplamps and Back-up Lamps

Fuses Usage1 Right Trailer Stop/Turn Lamp2Electronic Stability SuspensionControl, Automatic Level ControlExhaust3 Left Trailer Stop/Turn LampFuses Usa

Seite 403 - Replacement Bulbs

Fuses Usage20 Fuel Pump21 Fuel System Control Module22 Headlamp Washers23 Rear Windshield Washer24Fuel Injectors, Ignition Coils(Left Side)25 Trailer

Seite 404 - Replacement

J-Case Fuses Usage57 Cooling Fan 158 Automatic Level Control Compressor59 Heavy Duty Antilock Brake System60 Cooling Fan 261 Antilock Brake System 162

Seite 405

Capacities and SpecificationsThe following approximate capacities are given in English and metric conversions. See Recommended Fluids andLubricants on

Seite 406 - Tire Sidewall Labeling

Engine SpecificationsEngine VIN Code Transmission Spark Plug Gap5.3L with Active FuelManagement™J Automatic 0.040 in (1.01 mm)5.3L V8 Flexible Fuel wit

Seite 407

Maintenance Schedule ...6-2Introduction ...6-2Maintenance Requireme

Seite 408 - Tire Size

Maintenance ScheduleIntroductionImportant: Keep engine oil at the proper level andchange as recommended.Have you purchased the GM Protection Plan? The

Seite 409

This schedule is for vehicles that:• carry passengers and cargo within recommendedlimits. You will find these limits on the Tire andLoading Information

Seite 410

When your vehicle is serviced, make sure these areused. All parts should be replaced and all necessaryrepairs done before you or anyone else drives th

Seite 411

Scheduled MaintenanceService Maintenance I Maintenance IIChange engine oil and filter. See Engine Oil on page 5-15. Reset oil lifesystem. See Engine Oi

Seite 412 - Inflation - Tire Pressure

{CAUTION:A child in a child restraint in the center frontseat can be badly injured or killed by thefrontal airbags if they inflate. Never secure achild

Seite 413 - Tire Pressure Monitor System

Additional Required ServicesThe following services should be performed at the first maintenance service (I or II) after the indicated miles(kilometers)

Seite 414

Additional Required Services (cont’d)Service and Miles (Kilometers)25,000(40 000)50,000(80 000)75,000(120 000)100,000(160 000)125,000(200 000)150,000(

Seite 415

needed. To help ensure proper operation, a pressure testof the cooling system and pressure cap and cleaning theoutside of the radiator and air conditi

Seite 416 - TPMS Sensor Matching Process

(l) If you drive regularly under dusty conditions, inspectthe filter at each engine oil change.(m) Visually inspect belt for fraying, excessive cracks,

Seite 417

At Least Once a MonthTire Inflation CheckInspect your vehicle’s tires and make sure they areinflated to the correct pressures. Do not forget to checkthe

Seite 418 - Tire Inspection and Rotation

Automatic Transmission Shift LockControl System Check{CAUTION:When you are doing this inspection, thevehicle could move suddenly. If the vehiclemoves,

Seite 419

• To check the parking brake’s holding ability:With the engine running and transmission inNEUTRAL (N), slowly remove foot pressure fromthe regular bra

Seite 420

Usage Fluid/LubricantKey LockCylindersMulti-Purpose Lubricant, Superlube(GM Part No. U.S. 12346241, inCanada 10953474).ChassisLubricationChassis Lubri

Seite 421

Maintenance Replacement PartsReplacement parts identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your dealer/retailer.Mainten

Seite 422

Engine Drive Belt Routing6-15

Seite 423 - Temperature – A, B, C

Lower AnchorsLower anchors (A) are metal bars built into the vehicle.There are two lower anchors for each LATCH seatingposition that will accommodate

Seite 424 - and be mounted

Maintenance RecordAfter the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service, and thetype of services pe

Seite 425

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed6-17

Seite 426

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed6-18

Seite 427

Customer Assistance and Information ...7-2Customer Satisfaction Procedure ...7-2Online Owner Center ...

Seite 428

Customer Assistance andInformationCustomer Satisfaction ProcedureYour satisfaction and goodwill are important toyour dealer and to Chevrolet. Normally

Seite 429

Although you may be required to resort to this informaldispute resolution program prior to filing a courtaction, use of the program is free of charge a

Seite 430

Online Owner Center(United States only)The Owner Center is a resource for your GM ownershipneeds. Specific vehicle information can be found inone place

Seite 431

Customer Assistance for TextTelephone (TTY) UsersTo assist customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, orspeech-impaired and who use Text Telephones (TTY

Seite 432

Overseas — Customer AssistancePlease contact the local General Motors Business Unit.Mexico, Central America andCaribbean Islands/Countries (ExceptPuer

Seite 433 - Installing the Spare Tire

Roadside Assistance ProgramFor vehicles purchased in the U.S., call1-800-CHEV-USA (1-800-243-8872);(Text telephone (TTY): 1-888-889-2438).For vehicles

Seite 434

Some child restraints that have top tethers are designedfor use with or without the top tether being attached.Others require the top tether always to

Seite 435

Please allow three weeks before your planneddeparture date. Trip routing requests will be limited tosix per calendar year.• Trip Interruption Benefits

Seite 436

Towing and Road Service ExclusionsSpecifically excluded from Roadside Assistancecoverage are towing or services for vehicles operated ona non-public ro

Seite 437

Transportation OptionsWarranty service can generally be completed while youwait. However, if you are unable to wait, GM helpsto minimize your inconven

Seite 438

Collision Damage RepairIf your vehicle is involved in a collision and it isdamaged, have the damage repaired by a qualifiedtechnician using the proper

Seite 439

Insuring Your VehicleProtect your investment in your GM vehicle withcomprehensive and collision insurance coverage. Thereare significant differences in

Seite 440

• Remove any valuables from your vehicle before it istowed away. Make sure this includes your insuranceinformation and registration if you keep thesei

Seite 441

If another party’s insurance company is paying for therepairs, you are not obligated to accept a repairvaluation based on that insurance company’s col

Seite 442

Reporting Safety Defects toGeneral MotorsIn addition to notifying NHTSA (or Transport Canada)in a situation like this, please notify General Motors.Ca

Seite 443

Current and Past Model Order FormsTechnical Service Bulletins and Manuals are availablefor current and past model GM vehicles. To requestan order form

Seite 444

Event Data RecordersThis vehicle has an Event Data Recorder (EDR). Themain purpose of an EDR is to record, in certain crash ornear crash-like situatio

Seite 445

Front Seats ...1-2Manual Seats ...1-2Power Seats ...

Seite 446 - Appearance Care

The top tether anchors are located on the back of therear seat frame above the floor for each rear seatingposition. Fold down the rear seatback(s) to a

Seite 447

GM will not access this data or share it with othersexcept: with the consent of the vehicle owner or, if thevehicle is leased, with the consent of the

Seite 448 - Fabric/Carpet

AAccessories and Modifications ... 5-3Adding Equipment to Your Airbag-EquippedVehicle ...

Seite 449

Audio System (cont.)Setting the Clock ... 3-72Theft-Deterrent Feature ... 3-112XM™ S

Seite 450 - Finish Care

Checking Things Under the Hood ... 5-12Chemical Paint Spotting ... 5-103Child RestraintsChild Restrai

Seite 451 - Windshield and Wiper Blades

DDaytime Running Lamps ... 3-15Defensive Driving ... 4-2Delayed Locking ...

Seite 452

Engine (cont.)Drive Belt Routing ... 6-15Engine Compartment Overview ... 5-14Exhaust ...

Seite 453 - Chemical Paint Spotting

GGageEngine Coolant Temperature ... 3-39Fuel ... 3-46Oil Pressure ...

Seite 454

JJump Starting ... 5-40KKeyless Entry System ... 2-4Keys ...

Seite 455 - Electrical System

Low Fuel Warning Light ... 3-47Luggage Carrier ... 2-72LumbarManual Control

Seite 456 - Fuses and Circuit Breakers

OilEngine ... 5-15Pressure Gage ... 3-43Pressure Light ..

Seite 457 - Instrument Panel Fuse Block

{CAUTION:Each top tether anchor and lower anchor in thevehicle is designed to hold only one childrestraint. Attaching more than one childrestraint to

Seite 458 - Top View

RRadio Frequency Identification (RFID), Privacy ... 7-18Radios ... 3-71Radio(s) ...

Seite 459 - Underhood Fuse Block

SSafety BeltReminder Light ... 3-32Safety BeltsCare of ...

Seite 460

Storage AreasAll-Weather Cargo Area ... 2-86Center Console Storage Area ... 2-71Center Overhead Cons

Seite 461

Tonneau Cover ... 2-91Top-Box Storage ... 2-91Tow/Haul Mode ...

Seite 462

WheelsAlignment and Tire Balance ... 5-74Different Size ... 5-72Replacement ...

Seite 463 - Capacities and Specifications

1. If the child restraint manufacturer recommends thatthe top tether be attached, attach the top tether tothe top tether anchor, if there is one. Refe

Seite 464 - Engine Specifications

If the position you areusing has an adjustableheadrest or head restraintand you are using asingle tether, raise theheadrest or head restraintand route

Seite 465

Securing a Child Restraint in a RearSeat PositionWhen securing a child restraint in a rear seatingposition, study the instructions that came with your

Seite 466 - Maintenance Schedule

4. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.Make sure the release button is positioned so youwould be able to unbuckle the safety belt qui

Seite 467

6. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull the shoulder portion of the belt to tighten thelap portion of the belt and feed the shou

Seite 468 - Scheduled Maintenance

Securing a Child Restraint in theRight Front Seat PositionYour vehicle has airbags. A rear seat is a safer place tosecure a forward-facing child restr

Seite 469

Do not secure a child seat in a position without a toptether anchor if a national or local law requires that thetop tether be anchored, or if the inst

Seite 470 - Additional Required Services

5. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out ofthe retractor to set the lock.6. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull th

Seite 471 - Maintenance Footnotes

Front SeatsManual Seats{CAUTION:You can lose control of the vehicle if you try toadjust a manual driver’s seat while the vehicleis moving. The sudden

Seite 472

If the airbag is off, the off indicator in the passengerairbag status indicator will come on and stay on whenthe vehicle is started.If a child restrai

Seite 473 - At Each Fuel Fill

Airbags are designed to supplement the protectionprovided by safety belts. Even though today’s airbagsare also designed to help reduce the risk of inj

Seite 474

{CAUTION:Airbags inflate with great force, faster than theblink of an eye. Anyone who is up against, orvery close to, any airbag when it inflates canbe

Seite 475

Where Are the Airbags?The driver’s airbag is in the middle of the steeringwheel.The right front passenger’s airbag is in the instrumentpanel on the pa

Seite 476 - Lubricants

If your vehicle has roof-rail airbags for the driver, rightfront passenger, and second row outboard passengers,they are in the ceiling above the side

Seite 477

When Should an Airbag Inflate?Frontal airbags are designed to inflate in moderate tosevere frontal or near-frontal crashes to help reduce thepotential f

Seite 478 - Maintenance Replacement Parts

Your vehicle has a seat position sensor which enablesthe sensing system to monitor the position of thedriver’s seat. The seat position sensor provides

Seite 479 - Engine Drive Belt Routing

What Will You See After an AirbagInflates?After the frontal airbags inflate, they quickly deflate, soquickly that some people may not even realize anairb

Seite 480 - Maintenance Record

In many crashes severe enough to inflate the airbag,windshields are broken by vehicle deformation.Additional windshield breakage may also occur from th

Seite 481 - Maintenance Record (cont’d)

The passenger sensing system works with sensors thatare part of the right front passenger’s seat and safetybelt. The sensors are designed to detect th

Seite 482

Power SeatsOn a vehicle with power seats, the controls used tooperate them are located on the outboard side of theseats. To adjust the seat, do any of

Seite 483

The passenger sensing system is designed to turn offthe right front passenger’s frontal airbag if:• The right front passenger seat is unoccupied.• The

Seite 484 - Information

Remove any additional material from the seat such asblankets, cushions, seat covers, seat heaters, or seatmassagers before reinstalling or securing th

Seite 485

Safety belts help keep the passenger in position on theseat during vehicle maneuvers and braking, whichhelps the passenger sensing system maintain the

Seite 486 - Online Owner Center

A thick layer of additional material, such as a blanket orcushion, or aftermarket equipment such as seatcovers, seat heaters, and seat massagers can a

Seite 487 - Customer Assistance Offices

Adding Equipment to YourAirbag-Equipped VehicleQ: Is there anything I might add to or changeabout the vehicle that could keep the airbagsfrom working

Seite 488 - GM Mobility Reimbursement

Q: Because I have a disability, I have to get myvehicle modified. How can I find out whetherthis will affect my airbag system?A: If you have questions,

Seite 489 - Roadside Assistance Program

Replacing Restraint System PartsAfter a Crash{CAUTION:A crash can damage the restraint systems inyour vehicle. A damaged restraint system maynot prope

Seite 490

Keys ...2-3Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System ...2-4Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

Seite 491 - Courtesy Transportation

Universal Home Remote System ...2-64Universal Home Remote System ...2-64Universal Home Remote System Operation(Wi

Seite 492 - Transportation Options

Keys{CAUTION:Leaving children in a vehicle with the ignitionkey is dangerous for many reasons, childrenor others could be badly injured or even killed

Seite 493 - Collision Damage Repair

Manual LumbarOn vehicles with this feature, turn the knob forward orrearward to increase or decrease lumbar support.Power LumbarIf the seats have powe

Seite 494 - If a Crash Occurs

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)SystemYour Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system operates ona radio frequency subject to Federal CommunicationsCommission (FCC)

Seite 495 - Repair Process

If your vehicle has the remote start feature you can alsostart your vehicle with the RKE transmitter. The RKEtransmitter, with the remote start button

Seite 496 - Reporting Safety Defects

If it is dark enough outside, your interior lamps willcome on and stay on for 20 seconds or until the ignitionis turned on. If enabled through the DIC

Seite 497 - Service Publications Ordering

To replace the battery in the RKE transmitter:1. Separate the halves of the transmitter with a flat,thin object inserted into the notch on the side.2.

Seite 498 - Vehicle Data Recording and

Do not use the remote start feature if your vehicle is lowon fuel. Your vehicle may run out of fuel.The RKE transmitter with the remote start button,p

Seite 499 - Event Data Recorders

For example, if the lock button and then the remotestart buttons are pressed again after the vehiclehas been running for five minutes, 10 minutes aread

Seite 500 - Identification (RFID)

Doors and LocksDoor Locks{CAUTION:Unlocked doors can be dangerous.• Passengers, especially children, can easilyopen the doors and fall out of a moving

Seite 501

You can turn the delayed locking feature off or back onagain by doing the following:1. Press and hold the power door lock switch in thelock position.2

Seite 502

When you want to open a rear door when the securitylock is on, do the following:1. Unlock the door by lifting the rear door manual lock,using the powe

Seite 503

Midgate®OperationYour vehicle is equipped with a Midgate®and aremovable rear glass panel. The Midgate®allows you toextend the length of your vehicle’s

Seite 504

Release the control when the lower seatback reachesthe desired level of lumbar support.Your vehicle may have a memory function which allowsseat settin

Seite 505

Rear Glass Removal and Storage{CAUTION:If the removable rear glass is not storedproperly, it could be thrown about the vehiclein a crash or sudden man

Seite 506

3. While holding the rear glass in place, press theglass-catch release button (C) and pull the top ofthe rear glass toward you using the grabhandle(s)

Seite 507

5. Load the rear glass into the storage pocket in theMidgate®, guiding the lower edge of the rear glassbehind the three rear glass retaining tabs (E).

Seite 508

Once both glass lock knobs are in the lockedposition, the rear glass is securely stored.7. Push both latch levers up to the locked position.You should

Seite 509

4. With the rear glass tilted at an angle, place thebottom edge in the lower channel of the windowframe.Be sure to align the rearglass side-to-side us

Seite 510

6. Push the rear glass flat against the window frameand push each latch lever up until it locks. Youshould hear a click when each latch lever lockscorr

Seite 511

3. Lower the Midgate®until it is flat.Lowering the Midgate®with the RearGlass in the Storage PocketRear Glass Stored in Glass Storage Pocket2-20

Seite 512

This procedure works the same as the proceduredescribed previously, but when you lower the Midgate®with the rear glass in the stored position, you wil

Seite 513

Tailgate{CAUTION:It is extremely dangerous to ride on thetailgate, even when the vehicle is operated atlow speeds. People riding on the tailgate canea

Seite 514

Windows{CAUTION:Leaving children, helpless adults, or pets in avehicle with the windows closed is dangerous.They can be overcome by the extreme heatan

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