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Seats and Restraint System
............................. 1-1
Head Restraints
......................................... 1-3
Front Seats
............................................... 1-4
Rear Seats
.............................................. 1-14
Safety Belts
............................................. 1-16
Child Restraints
....................................... 1-38
Airbag System
......................................... 1-73
Restraint System Check
............................ 1-92
Features and Controls
..................................... 2-1
........................................................ 2-3
Doors and Locks
....................................... 2-9
................................................. 2-14
Theft-Deterrent Systems
............................ 2-17
Starting and Operating Your Vehicle
........... 2-21
.................................................... 2-57
Object Detection Systems
.......................... 2-62
...................................... 2-71
Universal Home Remote System
................ 2-74
Storage Areas
......................................... 2-81
.................................................. 2-85
Instrument Panel
............................................. 3-1
Instrument Panel Overview
.......................... 3-4
Climate Controls
...................................... 3-24
Warning Lights, Gages, and Indicators
........ 3-33
Driver Information Center (DIC)
.................. 3-53
Audio System(s)
....................................... 3-85
Driving Your Vehicle
....................................... 4-1
Your Driving, the Road, and the Vehicle
....... 4-2
................................................... 4-45
Service and Appearance Care
.......................... 5-1
..................................................... 5-4
......................................................... 5-6
Checking Things Under the Hood
............... 5-12
Rear Axle
............................................... 5-49
Four-Wheel Drive
..................................... 5-50
Front Axle
............................................... 5-52
Noise Control System
............................... 5-54
Headlamp Aiming
..................................... 5-55
Bulb Replacement
.................................... 5-58
Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
......... 5-64
2009 Chevrolet Silverado Owner Manual M
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Seite 1

Seats and Restraint System... 1-1Head Restraints... 1-3Front Seats...

Seite 2

Pull the head restraint up to raise it. To lower the headrestraint, press the button, located on the top of theseatback, and push the restraint down.P

Seite 4

Keys ...2-3Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System ...2-4Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

Seite 5 - Vehicle Symbol Chart

Park Tilt Mirrors ...2-60Outside Convex Mirror ...2-61Outside Heated Mirrors

Seite 6

Keys{ CAUTION:Leaving children in a vehicle with the ignition keyis dangerous for many reasons, children or otherscould be badly injured or even kille

Seite 7

If you are locked out of the vehicle, call the RoadsideAssistance Center. See Roadside Assistance Programon page 7-7.Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)SystemI

Seite 8

/ (Remote Vehicle Start): For vehicles with thisfeature, press/ to start the engine from outside thevehicle using the RKE transmitter. See Remote Vehi

Seite 9

Programming Transmitters to theVehicleOnly RKE transmitters programmed to this vehicle willwork. If a transmitter is lost or stolen, a replacementcan

Seite 10 - { CAUTION:

Remote Vehicle StartYour vehicle may have a remote starting feature. Thisfeature allows you to start the engine from outside of thevehicle. It may als

Seite 11 - Power Seats

3. If it is the first remote start since the vehicle has beendriven, repeat these steps, while the engine is stillrunning, to extend the engine running

Seite 12 - Manual Lumbar

Doors and LocksDoor Locks{ CAUTION:Unlocked doors can be dangerous.• Passengers, especially children, can easilyopen the doors and fall out of a movin

Seite 13 - Power Lumbar

If the vehicle has a manual seat, it can be movedforward or rearward.1. Lift the bar to unlockthe seat.2. Slide the seat to thedesired position andrel

Seite 14 - Heated Seats

This feature will not operate if the key is in the ignition.You can program this feature using the DriverInformation Center (DIC). See DELAY DOOR LOCK

Seite 15

When you want to open a rear door when the securitylock is on, do the following:1. Unlock the door by lifting the rear door manual lock,using the powe

Seite 16

To open a rear access doorfrom the inside, the frontdoor must be opened first.Then, use the handlelocated on the inside of therear access door to open.

Seite 17

Tailgate RemovalThe tailgate can be removed to allow for differentloading situations. Although the tailgate can be removedwithout assistance, you may

Seite 18 - Manual Reclining Seatbacks

Windows{ CAUTION:Leaving children, helpless adults, or pets in avehicle with the windows closed is dangerous.They can be overcome by the extreme heat

Seite 19

Manual WindowsTurn the hand crank on each door to manually raise orlower the manual windows.Power Windows{ CAUTION:Leaving children in a vehicle with

Seite 20 - Rear Seats

Express Down WindowsVehicles with the express down feature allow the driverand front passenger windows to be lowered withoutholding the switch. Press

Seite 21

Sun VisorsPull the sun visor down to block glare. Swing the sunvisor to the side to cover the side window.The passenger’s side sun visor may have a va

Seite 22

You should also remember that you can start yourvehicle with the correct ignition key if the alarm has beenset off.To avoid setting off the alarm by a

Seite 23 - Why Safety Belts Work

PASS-Key®III+ ElectronicImmobilizerThe PASS-Key III+ system operates on a radiofrequency subject to Federal CommunicationsCommission (FCC) Rules and w

Seite 24

Move the seat forward or rearward by sliding the controlforward or rearward.Your vehicle may have additional features to adjust yourvehicle’s power se

Seite 25

If the engine still does not start, and the key appears tobe undamaged, try another ignition key. At this time,you may also want to check the fuse, se

Seite 26

Starting and Operating YourVehicleNew Vehicle Break-InNotice: The vehicle does not need an elaboratebreak-in. But it will perform better in the long r

Seite 27

The steering can bind with the wheels turned off center.If this happens, move the steering wheel from right toleft while turning the key to ACC/ACCESS

Seite 28

Retained Accessory Power (RAP)The following vehicle accessories can be used for up to10 minutes after the engine is turned off:• Audio System• Power W

Seite 29

Starting Procedure1. With your foot off the accelerator pedal, turn theignition key to START. When the engine starts,let go of the key. The idle speed

Seite 30

Fast Idle SystemFast Idle System with SwitchIf the vehicle has thisfeature it is available onlywith cruise control. Themanual fast idle switch isopera

Seite 31

Adjustable Throttle and Brake PedalOn vehicles with this feature, you can change theposition of the throttle and brake pedals.No adjustment to the ped

Seite 32

To Use the Engine Coolant Heater1. Turn off the engine.2. Open the hood and unwrap the electrical cord. Thecord is located on the driver’s side of the

Seite 33

Automatic Transmission OperationIf the vehicle is a Two-mode Hybrid, see the Two-modeHybrid manual for more information.Vehicles with an automatic tra

Seite 34

{ CAUTION:It is dangerous to get out of the vehicle if the shiftlever is not fully in P (Park) with the parking brakefirmly set. The vehicle can roll.D

Seite 35

Power LumbarOn seats with power lumbar, the controls used tooperate this feature are located on the outboard sideof the seats.• To increase lumbar sup

Seite 36 - Lap-Shoulder Belt

N (Neutral): In this position, the engine does notconnect with the wheels. To restart when you arealready moving, use N (Neutral) only. Also, useN (Ne

Seite 37

The vehicle has a shift stabilization feature that adjuststhe transmission shifting to the current driving conditionsin order to reduce rapid upshifts

Seite 38 - Shoulder Belt Height Adjuster

1 (First): For the Hydra-Matic®4-Speed transmissionthis position reduces vehicle speed even more than2 (Second) without using the brakes. You can use

Seite 39 - Safety Belt Pretensioners

To use this feature, do the following:1. Move the shift lever to M (Manual Mode).2. Press the plus/minus buttons, located on thesteering column shift

Seite 40

Tow/Haul ModeVehicles with an automatic transmission have a tow/haulmode. The tow/haul mode adjusts the transmission shiftpattern to reduce shift cycl

Seite 41

Turn the tow/haul mode on and off by pressing thebutton, located on the end of the shift lever. When thetow/haul is on, a light on the instrument pane

Seite 42

Four-Wheel DriveIf the vehicle has Four-Wheel Drive, you can send theengine’s driving power to all four wheels for extratraction. To get the most sati

Seite 43 - Safety Belt Extender

A Four-Wheel Driveindicator light comes onwhen you shift intofour-wheel drive and thefront axle engages.See Four-Wheel-DriveLight on page 3-51.Some de

Seite 44 - Child Restraints

A parking brake symbol islocated next to theN (Neutral) symbol as areminder to set the parkingbrake before shifting thetransfer case intoN (Neutral).{

Seite 45

When Using the Manual Transfer Case•Shifting should be made using quick motions.Shifting slowly may make it more difficult to shift.• You may notice t

Seite 46

Heated SeatsOn vehicles with heated front seats, the controls arelocated on the driver and passenger doors.I (Heated Seatback): Press to turn on the h

Seite 47

Shifting In or Out of Four-Wheel-Drive LowNotice: Shifting the transfer case intoFour-Wheel-Drive Low while moving at speedsfaster than 3 mph (5 km/h)

Seite 48

Electronic Transfer CaseThe transfer case knob islocated next to thesteering column.Use the dial to shift into and out of four-wheel drive.Recommended

Seite 49

4 m (Four-Wheel-Drive High): Use theFour-Wheel-Drive High position when extra traction isneeded, such as on snowy or icy roads or in mostoff-road situ

Seite 50

Shifting Into Two-Wheel-Drive HighTurn the knob to the Two-Wheel-Drive High position.This can be done at any speed, except when shiftingfrom Four-Whee

Seite 51

Shifting Out of Four-Wheel-Drive LowTo shift from Four-Wheel-Drive Low to Four-Wheel-DriveHigh, or Two-Wheel-Drive High, the vehicle must bestopped or

Seite 52

7. If the engine is running, verify that the transfer caseis in N (Neutral) by shifting the transmission toR (Reverse) for one second, then shift thet

Seite 53

Use the dial to shift into and out of Four-Wheel Drive.You can choose among five driving settings:Indicator lights in the dial show which setting you a

Seite 54

{ CAUTION:Shifting the transfer case to N (Neutral) can causethe vehicle to roll even if the transmission is inP (Park). You or someone else could be

Seite 55

You must wait for the Four-Wheel-Drive Low indicatorlight to stop flashing and remain on before shiftingthe transmission into gear.Notice: Shifting the

Seite 56 - Top Tether Anchor

Shifting into NeutralTo shift the transfer case to N (Neutral) do the following:1. Make sure the vehicle is parked so that it willnot roll.2. Set the

Seite 57 - Locations

To save seating positions in memory:1. Adjust the driver’s seat, including the seatbackrecliner and lumbar, both outside mirrors, andthe throttle and

Seite 58

Parking BrakeFor vehicles with a release handle, set the parkingbrake by holding the regular brake pedal down, thenpushing down the parking brake peda

Seite 59

For vehicles without a release handle, set the parkingbrake by holding the regular brake pedal down,then pushing down the parking brake pedal.If the i

Seite 60

Shifting Into Park{ CAUTION:It can be dangerous to get out of the vehicle if theshift lever is not fully in P (Park) with the parkingbrake firmly set.

Seite 61 - Regular Cab Models

Leaving the Vehicle With the EngineRunning{ CAUTION:It can be dangerous to leave the vehicle with theengine running. The vehicle could move suddenlyif

Seite 62 - Crew and Extended Cab Models

Shifting Out of ParkThis vehicle is equipped with an electronic shift lockrelease system. The shift lock release is designed to:• Prevent ignition key

Seite 63

Engine Exhaust{ CAUTION:Engine exhaust contains Carbon Monoxide (CO)which cannot be seen or smelled. Exposure to COcan cause unconsciousness and even

Seite 64 - Rear Seat Position

Running the Vehicle While ParkedIt is better not to park with the engine running. But if youever have to, here are some things to know.{ CAUTION:Idlin

Seite 65

{ CAUTION:Four-wheel drive vehicles with the transfer case inN (Neutral) will allow the vehicle to roll, even if theautomatic transmission shift lever

Seite 66

Cleaning the MirrorDo not spray glass cleaner directly on the mirror. Use asoft towel dampened with water.Outside Manual MirrorsAdjust the outside mir

Seite 67

Outside Power MirrorsVehicles with outsidepower mirrors havecontrols located on thedriver door.To adjust each mirror:1. Press (A) or (B) to select the

Seite 68

Easy Exit SeatThe control for this feature is located on the driver’sdoor panel between buttons 1 and 2.With the vehicle in PARK (P), the driver’s sea

Seite 69

Resetting the Power Foldaway MirrorsReset the power foldaway mirrors if:• The mirrors are accidentally obstructed whilefolding.• They are accidentally

Seite 70

Outside Convex Mirror{ CAUTION:A convex mirror can make things, like othervehicles, look farther away than they really are. Ifyou cut too sharply into

Seite 71

Object Detection SystemsUltrasonic Rear ParkingAssist (URPA)For vehicles with the Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist(URPA) system, it operates at speeds l

Seite 72

The display is located nearthe passenger side rearwindow and can be seen bylooking over your rightshoulder.URPA uses three color-coded lights to provi

Seite 73

The system can bedisabled by pressing therear park aid disable buttonlocated next to the radio.The indicator light will come on and PARK ASSIST OFFdis

Seite 74

Rear Vision Camera (RVC)This vehicle may have a Rear Vision Camera system.Read this entire section before using it.{ CAUTION:The Rear Vision Camera (R

Seite 75

Vehicles With Navigation SystemThe rear vision camera system is designed to help thedriver when backing up by displaying a view of thearea behind the

Seite 76

Adjusting the Brightness and Contrast ofthe ScreenTo adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen,press the MENU button while the rear vision came

Seite 77

Rear Vision Camera LocationThe image is provided by the camera located in thebezel for the tailgate handle.The camera uses a special lens. The distanc

Seite 78

Disconnecting the Rear Vision CameraTo disconnect the camera:1. Remove the license plate.2. Disconnect the camera connector from the chassisharness, l

Seite 79 - Airbag System

{ CAUTION:Sitting in a reclined position when your vehicle isin motion can be dangerous. Even if you buckleup, your safety belts cannot do their job w

Seite 80

When the System Does Not Seem ToWork ProperlyThe rear vision camera system might not work properlyor display a clear image if:• The RVC is turned off.

Seite 81

OnStar®SystemOnStar uses several innovative technologies and liveadvisors to provide a wide range of safety, security,information, and convenience ser

Seite 82

OnStar Services Available with theSafe & Sound Plan• Automatic Notification of Airbag Deployment• Advanced Automatic Crash Notification (AACN)(If eq

Seite 83

OnStar Virtual AdvisorOnStar Virtual Advisor is a feature of OnStarHands-Free Calling that uses minutes to accesslocation-based weather, local traffic

Seite 84

The vehicle must have a working electrical system,including adequate battery power, for the OnStarequipment to operate. There are other problems OnSta

Seite 85 - How Does an Airbag Restrain?

Universal Home Remote SystemOperation (With Three Round LED)This vehicle may have the Universal Home RemoteSystem. If there are three round Light Emit

Seite 86

Programming Universal HomeRemote — Rolling CodeFor questions or help programming the Universal HomeRemote System, call 1-866-572-2728 or go tolearcar2

Seite 87 - Airbag Off Switch

4. Immediately, within one second, release the buttonwhen the garage door moves. The indicator lightwill blink rapidly until programming is complete.5

Seite 88

The garage door opener receiver (motor head unit)could also have a row of dip switches that canbe used when programming the Universal HomeRemote. If t

Seite 89

2. Write down the eight to 12 switch settings from leftto right as follows:• When a switch is in the up position, write “Left.”• When a switch is in t

Seite 90 - Passenger Sensing System

Manual Reclining SeatbacksOn seats with manual reclining seatbacks, the leverused to operate them is located on the outboard sideof the seat(s).To rec

Seite 91

5. After entering all of the switch positions, again,firmly press and release all three buttons at thesame time. The indicator lights will turn on.6. P

Seite 92

Storage AreasGlove BoxLift up on the glove box lever to open it.CupholdersVehicles with cupholders, have them located on andbehind the center console

Seite 93 - Restraint

Center Console StorageVehicles with an upper and lower center consolestorage area, cupholders are included.Pull the lever (A) up to access the upper s

Seite 94 - Adult-Size Occupant

To prevent damage or loss of cargo while driving,periodically stop and check to make sure cargo is stillsecurely fastened.• If small heavy objects are

Seite 95

To adjust a tie-down, pull the locator pin out and movethe tie-down to another location making sure thelocator pin lines up with a locator hole on the

Seite 96

SunroofOn vehicle with a power sliding sunroof, the ignitionneeds to be turned to RUN, or the Retained AccessoryPower (RAP) must be activated to open

Seite 97

Crew CabIf your vehicle is a crewcab, there are two sunroofswitches located in theoverhead console abovethe rearview mirror.Vent: From the closed posi

Seite 98 - Restraint System Check

Instrument Panel Overview ...3-4Instrument Panel Overview (Base/Uplevelversion) ...

Seite 99

Voltmeter Gage (US-Canada) ...3-41Brake System Warning Light ...3-42Antilock Brake System (ABS) Warning L

Seite 100

✍ NOTES3-3

Seite 101

Power Reclining SeatbacksIf the seats have power reclining seatbacks, the controlused to recline them is located on the outboard sideof the seat behin

Seite 102

Instrument Panel OverviewInstrument Panel Overview (Base/Uplevel version)3-4

Seite 103

The main components of the instrument panel are the following:A. Outlet Adjustment on page 3-33.B. Turn Signal/Multifunction Lever on page 3-9.C. Driv

Seite 104 - System Operation

Instrument Panel Overview (Premium version)3-6

Seite 105

The main components of the instrument panel are the following:A. Outlet Adjustment on page 3-33.B. Turn Signal/Multifunction Lever on page 3-9.C. Inst

Seite 106 - Battery Replacement

Hazard Warning Flashers| (Hazard Warning Flasher): Press this buttonlocated on top of the steering column, to make the frontand rear turn signal lamps

Seite 107 - Remote Vehicle Start

Turn Signal/Multifunction LeverThe lever on the left side of the steering columnincludes the following:G : Turn and Lane Change Signals53: Headlamp Hi

Seite 108 - Remote Start Ready

Turn Signal On ChimeIf the turn signal is left on for more than 3/4 of a mile(1.2 km), a chime will sound at each flash of theturn signal and the messa

Seite 109

9 (Off): Turns the wipers off.6 (Delay): Turn the band to adjust the delay time.The delay between wiping cycles becomes shorter asthe band is moved to

Seite 110 - Rear Door Security Locks

Windshield Washer{ CAUTION:In freezing weather, do not use your washer untilthe windshield is warmed. Otherwise the washerfluid can form ice on the win

Seite 111 - Rear Doors

Cruise Control{ CAUTION:Cruise control can be dangerous where you cannotdrive safely at a steady speed. So, do not use thecruise control on winding ro

Seite 112

Tires... 5-64Appearance Care... 5-113Vehicle Identification...

Seite 113 - Tailgate Removal

Rear SeatsRear Seat Operation(Extended Cab Full Bench)Folding the Rear SeatTo fold the seat up, do the following:Notice: Folding a rear seat with the

Seite 114

The cruise control buttonsare located on left side ofthe steering wheel.T (On/Off): Turns the system on or off. The indicatorlight is on when cruise c

Seite 115

Once the vehicle speed reaches about 25 mph(40 km/h) or more, press the +RES button on thesteering wheel. The vehicle will go back to theprevious set

Seite 116 - Power Sliding Rear Window

Exterior LampsThe exterior lamps controlis located on theinstrument panel to the leftof the steering wheel.It controls the following systems:• Headlam

Seite 117 - Theft-Deterrent Systems

2 (Headlamps): Turns on the headlamps togetherwith the following:• Parking Lamps• Instrument Panel Lights• Taillamps• License Plate LampsWhen the head

Seite 118 - Testing the Alarm

Automatic Headlamp SystemWhen it is dark enough outside, the automatic headlampsystem turns on the headlamps at the normal brightness,along with the t

Seite 119

Puddle LampsIf the vehicle has puddle lamps, they come on when theunlock button on the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)Transmitter is pressed. The lamps tim

Seite 120 - 1 stamped on it

For further information on roof mount emergency lampinstallation, please visit the GM Upfitter website or contact your dealer.If t

Seite 121 - Starting and Operating Your

Reading LampsFor vehicles with reading lamps, they are located on theoverhead console.To turn on the reading lamps, press the button locatednext to ea

Seite 122

EPM works to prevent excessive discharge of thebattery. It does this by balancing the generator’s outputand the vehicle’s electrical needs. It can inc

Seite 123 - Starting the Engine

Certain power accessory plugs may not be compatibleto the accessory power outlet and could result inblown vehicle or adapter fuses. If you experience

Seite 124 - Starting Procedure

Rear Seat Operation (All SplitBench and Hybrid Full Bench)Folding Rear SeatOn a vehicle with a second row 60/40 split seateither side of the rear seat

Seite 125 - Fast Idle System

Climate ControlsClimate Control System(With Air Conditioning)With this system the heating, cooling, and ventilationcan be controlled.A. Fan ControlB.

Seite 126 - Engine Coolant Heater

- (Defog): This mode clears the windows of fog ormoisture. Air is directed to the windshield, floor outlets,and side window vents.0 (Defrost): This mod

Seite 127

Rear Window DefoggerFor vehicles with a rear window defogger, a warminggrid is used to remove fog from the rear window.< (Rear): Press to turn the

Seite 128

Temperature Control: Turn clockwise orcounterclockwise to increase or decrease thetemperature inside the vehicle.9 (Fan Control): Turn clockwise or co

Seite 129

Dual Automatic Climate ControlSystemThe heating, cooling, and ventilation in the vehicle canbe controlled with this system. The vehicle also hasa flow-

Seite 130

The passenger’s temperature setting can be set tomatch the driver’s temperature setting by pressing thePASS button and turning off the PASS indicator.

Seite 131

Manual OperationDC(Fan Control): Press these buttons to increase ordecrease the fan speed.Pressing either fan button while in automatic controlplaces

Seite 132 - 6-Speed Transmission)

# (Air Conditioning): Press to turn the air conditioning(A/C) compressor on and off. An indicator light comes onto show that the air conditioning is o

Seite 133 - Low Traction Mode

Rear Window DefoggerThe rear window defogger uses a warming grid toremove fog from the rear window.< (Rear Window Defogger): For vehicles withthis

Seite 134 - Tow/Haul Mode

The climate control system uses the information fromthese sensors to maintain your comfort setting byadjusting the outlet temperature, fan speed, and

Seite 135

Safety BeltsSafety Belts: They Are for EveryoneThis part of the manual tells you how to use safetybelts properly. It also tells you some things you sh

Seite 136 - Four-Wheel Drive

Instrument Panel Cluster (US-Canada)The instrument cluster is designed to show how the vehicle is running. It shows how fast the vehicle is going, abo

Seite 137

Speedometer and OdometerThe speedometer shows the vehicle speed in bothmiles per hour (mph) and kilometers per hour (km/h).The odometer shows how far

Seite 138

Safety Belt RemindersSafety Belt Reminder LightWhen the engine is started, a chime sounds forseveral seconds to remind a driver to fasten the safetybe

Seite 139

Airbag Readiness LightThe system checks the airbag’s electrical system forpossible malfunctions. If the light stays on it indicatesthere is an electri

Seite 140

Airbag Off LightIf the vehicle has an airbag on-off switch, it also hasa passenger airbag status indicator located in theoverhead console.When the veh

Seite 141 - Electronic Transfer Case

{ CAUTION:If the right front passenger’s airbag is turned offfor a person who is not in a risk group identifiedby the national government, that person

Seite 142

Passenger Airbag Status IndicatorIf the vehicle has the passenger sensing system,the overhead console will have a passenger airbagstatus indicator. Se

Seite 143

Charging System LightThis light comes on brieflywhen the ignition key isturned to START, butthe engine is not running,as a check to show itis working.I

Seite 144 - Shifting into Neutral

Readings outside the normal operating range can alsooccur when a large number of electrical accessoriesare operating in the vehicle and the engine is

Seite 145 - Automatic Transfer Case

This light comes on briefly when the ignition key isturned to ON/RUN. If it does not come on then, have itfixed so it is ready to warn if there is a pro

Seite 146

Your vehicle has indicators as a reminder to buckle yoursafety belts. See Safety Belt Reminders on page 3-36.In most states and in all Canadian provin

Seite 147

StabiliTrak®Indicator LightFor vehicles with theStabiliTrak®system, thislight comes on briefly whilestarting the engine.If it does not, have the vehicl

Seite 148

Tire Pressure LightFor vehicles with a tirepressure monitoringsystem, this light comes onbriefly when the engineis started.It provides information abou

Seite 149 - Shifting Out of Neutral

If the check engine light comes on and stays on, whilethe engine is running, this indicates that there is anOBD II problem and service is required.Mal

Seite 150 - Parking Brake

Light On Steady: An emission control systemmalfunction has been detected on the vehicle.Diagnosis and service might be required.An emission system mal

Seite 151

Emissions Inspection andMaintenance ProgramsSome state/provincial and local governments have ormight begin programs to inspect the emission controlequ

Seite 152

A reading outside the normal operating range can becaused by a dangerously low oil level or someother problem causing low oil pressure. Check thevehic

Seite 153

If the light comes on and stays on, it means that oil is notflowing through the engine properly. The vehicle could below on oil and it might have some

Seite 154

Four-Wheel-Drive LightThe four-wheel-drive lightcomes on when a vehiclewith a manual transfercase is shifted intofour-wheel drive and thefront axle en

Seite 155

When the fuel tank is low the FUEL LEVEL LOWmessage appears. See DIC Warnings and Messageson page 3-66 for more information.Here are some situations o

Seite 156

Driver Information Center (DIC)Your vehicle has a Driver Information Center (DIC).The DIC displays information about your vehicle. It alsodisplays war

Seite 157

Put someone on it. Get it up to speed. Then stop the vehicle. The riderdoes not stop.1-18

Seite 158 - Outside Towing Mirrors

DIC ButtonsThe buttons are thetrip/fuel, vehicleinformation, customization,and set/reset buttons.The button functions aredetailed in the followingpage

Seite 159 - Outside Power Mirrors

Trip/Fuel Menu Items3(Trip/Fuel): Press this button to scroll through thefollowing menu items:OdometerPress the trip/fuel button until ODOMETER displa

Seite 160 - Park Tilt Mirrors

Fuel RangePress the trip/fuel button until FUEL RANGE displays.This display shows the approximate number ofremaining miles (mi) or kilometers (km) the

Seite 161

Transmission TemperaturePress the trip/fuel button until TRANS TEMP displays.This display shows the temperature of the automatictransmission fluid in e

Seite 162

Tire PressureIf your vehicle has the Tire Pressure Monitor System(TPMS), the pressure for each tire can be viewed in theDIC. The tire pressure will be

Seite 163 - How the System Works

3. Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons onthe first transmitter at the same time for about15 seconds.On vehicles with memory recall seats, the fir

Seite 164 - Work Properly

Trip Odometer Reset Stem Menu ItemsOdometerPress the trip odometer reset stem until ODOMETERdisplays. This display shows the distance the vehiclehas b

Seite 165

Trailer Gain and OutputOn vehicles with the Integrated Trailer Brake Control(ITBC) system, the trailer brake display appears in theDIC. Press the trip

Seite 166 - • Shifting in to P (Park)

Relearn Tire PositionsYour vehicle may have this display. To access thisdisplay, the vehicle must be in P (Park). If your vehiclehas the Tire Pressure

Seite 167

LanguageThis display allows you to select the language in whichthe DIC messages will appear. To select a language:1. Press the trip odometer reset ste

Seite 168 - Rear Vision Camera Location

The person keeps going until stopped by something.In a real vehicle, it could be the windshield...or the instrument panel...1-19

Seite 169

To adjust for compass variance, use the followingprocedure:Compass Variance (Zone) Procedure1. Do not set the compass zone when the vehicle ismoving.

Seite 170

4. Press the trip/fuel button until the vehicle heading,for example, N for North, is displayed in the DIC.Or, if the vehicle does not have DIC buttons

Seite 171

DIC Warnings and MessagesMessages are displayed on the DIC to notify the driverthat the status of the vehicle has changed and thatsome action may be n

Seite 172

Loading the Vehicle on page 4-32, and Inflation - TirePressure on page 5-73. The DIC also shows thetire pressure values. See “DIC Operation and Display

Seite 173 - How OnStar Service Works

ENGINE HOT A/C (Air Conditioning)TURNED OFFThis message displays when the engine coolantbecomes hotter than the normal operating temperature.See Engin

Seite 174 - Universal Home Remote

ENGINE POWER IS REDUCEDThis message displays and a chime sounds when thecooling system temperature gets too hot and the enginefurther enters the engin

Seite 175 - Universal Home Remote System

ICE POSSIBLE DRIVE WITH CAREThis message displays when ice conditions are possible.LEFT REAR DOOR OPEN (Crew Cab)This message displays and a chime sou

Seite 176 - Remote — Rolling Code

REPLACE BATTERY IN REMOTE KEYThis message displays if a Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)transmitter battery is low. The battery needs to bereplaced in the t

Seite 177 - Remote — Fixed Code

SERVICE BRAKES SOONThis message displays if there is a problem with thebrake system. If this message appears, stop as soon aspossible and turn off the

Seite 178

SERVICE TRAILER BRAKE SYSTEMOn vehicles with the Integrated Trailer Brake Control(ITBC) system, this message displays and a chimesounds when there is

Seite 179

or the safety belts!With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicle does.You get more time to stop. You stop over more distance,and your strongest bon

Seite 180 - Erasing Universal Home Remote

TIGHTEN GAS CAPThis message may display along with the check enginelight on the instrument panel cluster if the vehicle’sfuel cap is not tightened pro

Seite 181 - Storage Areas

TRANSMISSION HOT IDLE ENGINENotice: If you drive your vehicle while thetransmission fluid is overheating and thetransmission temperature warning is dis

Seite 182 - Luggage Carrier

DIC Vehicle Customization(With DIC Buttons)Your vehicle may have customization capabilities thatallow you to program certain features to one preferred

Seite 183 - Cargo Management System

DISPLAY LANGUAGEThis feature allows you to select the language in whichthe DIC messages will appear.Press the customization button until the DISPLAYLA

Seite 184

AUTO DOOR UNLOCKThis feature allows you to select whether or not to turn offthe automatic door unlocking feature. It also allows you toselect which do

Seite 185 - Extended Cab

REMOTE DOOR UNLOCKThis feature allows you to select the type of feedback youwill receive when unlocking the vehicle with the RemoteKeyless Entry (RKE)

Seite 186 - Crew Cab

EXIT LIGHTINGThis feature allows you to select the amount of time youwant the exterior lamps to remain on when it is darkenough outside. This happens

Seite 187 - Section 3 Instrument Panel

CHIME VOLUMEThis feature allows you to select the volume level ofthe chime.Press the customization button until CHIME VOLUMEappears on the DIC display

Seite 188

EASY EXIT RECALLIf your vehicle has this feature, it allows you to selectyour preference for the automatic easy exit seat feature.See Memory Seat, Mir

Seite 189

MEMORY SEAT RECALLIf your vehicle has this feature, it allows you to select yourpreference for the remote memory seat recall feature.See Memory Seat,

Seite 190 - Instrument Panel Overview

Q: If I am a good driver, and I never drive far fromhome, why should I wear safety belts?A: You may be an excellent driver, but if you are in acrash —

Seite 191

FACTORY SETTINGSThis feature allows you to set all of the customizationfeatures back to their factory default settings.Press the customization button

Seite 192

Audio System(s)Determine which radio the vehicle has and read thefollowing pages to become familiar with its features.{ CAUTION:Taking your eyes off t

Seite 193

Setting the ClockAM-FM Radio with Optional CD PlayerIf the vehicle has an AM/FM radio with an optionalCD player, it has aH (clock) button for setting

Seite 194 - Tilt Wheel

Changing the Time and Date DefaultSettingsTo change the time default setting from 12 hours to24 hours or change the date default setting frommonth/day

Seite 195 - Turn and Lane-Change Signals

Changing the Time and Date DefaultSettingsTo change the time default setting from 12 hours to24 hours or change the date default setting frommonth/day

Seite 196 - Windshield Wipers

The vehicle has one of these radios as its audiosystem.Radio with CD (MP3) shown, Radio withSix-Disc CD (MP3) similarRadio with CD and DVD (MP3)3-89

Seite 197 - Rainsense™ II Wipers

Radios with CD and DVDRadios with CD and DVD have a Bose®SurroundSound System. Some of its features are explainedlater in this section under, “Adjusti

Seite 198

H (Clock) (AM-FM Radio): The radio may have aclock button for setting the time. With this type of radio,the clock can be set with either the radio tur

Seite 199

4 (Information) (XM Satellite Radio Service, MP3, andRDS Features): Press to switch the display betweenthe radio station frequency and the time. When

Seite 200

The number of favorites pages can be setup using theMENU button. To setup the number of favorites pages:1. Press the MENU button to display the radios

Seite 201 - T on the steering wheel

Sit up straight and always keep your feet on the floor infront of you. The lap part of the belt should be worn lowand snug on the hips, just touching t

Seite 202 - Exterior Lamps

EQ (Equalization): Press this button to choose bassand treble equalization settings designed for differenttypes of music. The choices are pop, rock, c

Seite 203 - Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)

Finding a Category (CAT) StationCAT (Category): The CAT button is used to findXM stations when the radio is in the XM mode.To find XM channels within a

Seite 204 - Automatic Headlamp System

Radio MessagesCalibration Error: The audio system has beencalibrated for the vehicle from the factory. If CalibrationError displays, it means that the

Seite 205 - Auxiliary Roof-Mounted Lamp

If the ignition or radio is turned off with a CD in theplayer it stays in the player. When the ignition or radiois turned on, the CD starts to play wh

Seite 206 - Exit Lighting

Care of the CD and DVD PlayerDo not add any label to a CD, it could get caught in theCD or DVD player. If a CD is recorded on a personalcomputer and a

Seite 207 - Electric Power Management

\ FWD (Fast Forward): Press and hold to advanceplayback quickly within a track. Sound will be heard at areduced volume. Release to resume playing the

Seite 208 - Accessory Power Outlet(s)

DVD/CD AUX (Auxiliary): Press this button to cyclethrough DVD, CD, or Auxiliary when listening tothe radio. The DVD/CD text label and a messageshowing

Seite 209

Playing an MP3 CD-R or CD-RW DiscRadios with a Single CD player or a Six-Disc CD playerhas the capability of playing an MP3 CD-R or CD-RWdisc. For mor

Seite 210 - Climate Controls

Using the DVD PlayerThe DVD player is controlled by the buttons on theremote control, or by the RSA system, or by the buttonson the radio faceplate. S

Seite 211

control feature. Parental control prevents the rear seatoccupant from operating the Rear Seat Audio (RSA)system or remote control.A lock symbol displa

Seite 212 - (With Heater Only)

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is too loose. It will not give asmuch protection this way.{ CAUTION:You can be seriously hurt if your

Seite 213

DVD-V (Video) Display ButtonsOnce a DVD-V is inserted, the radio display menushows several tag options for DVD playing. Press thepushbuttons located u

Seite 214 - Controls

DVD-A (Audio) Display ButtonsOnce a DVD-A is inserted, radio display menu showsseveral tag options for DVD playing. Press thepushbuttons located under

Seite 215 - Automatic Operation

Stopping and Resuming PlaybackTo stop playing a DVD without turning off the system,press thec button on the remote control, or press thepushbutton loc

Seite 216 - Manual Operation

Using the Auxiliary Input JackThe radio system has an auxiliary input jack located onthe lower right side of the faceplate. This is not anaudio output

Seite 217

Using an MP3 (Radio with CD orSix-Disc CD Player)MP3 CD-R or CD-RW DiscThe radio plays MP3 files that were recorded on aCD-R or CD-RW disc. The files ca

Seite 218 - Rear Window Defogger

Playlists can be changed by using the S c (previous)andc T (next) folder buttons, the f knob, or the©SEEK ¨ arrows. MP3 CD-R or CD-RW that havebeen re

Seite 219 - Warning Lights, Gages, and

File System and NamingThe song name that displays is the song name that iscontained in the ID3 tag. If the song name is not presentin the ID3 tag, the

Seite 220

s REV (Reverse): Press and hold this button toreverse playback quickly within an MP3 file. Sound willbe heard at a reduced volume. Release this buttont

Seite 221 - Tachometer

To change from playback by artist to playback byalbum, press the pushbutton located below the Sort Bylabel. From the sort screen, push one of the butt

Seite 222 - Safety Belt Reminders

• Create a folder structure that makes it easy to findsongs while driving. Organize songs by albumsusing one folder for each album. Each folderor album

Seite 223

GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem,CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem, and thenames SILVERADO and Z71 are registered trademarksof General Motors Corporati

Seite 224 - Airbag Off Light

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The lap belt is too loose. It will not give nearly asmuch protection this way.{ CAUTION:You can be seriously hurt if you

Seite 225

Order of PlayTracks recorded to the CD-R or CD-RW are played inthe following order:• Play begins from the first track in the first playlistand continues

Seite 226

Z CD (Eject): Press and release this button to ejectthe CD-R or CD-RW that is currently playing in thebottom slot. A beep sounds and Ejecting Disc dis

Seite 227 - Voltmeter Gage (US-Canada)

RDM (Random): With the random setting, MP3/WMAfiles on the CD-R or CD-RW can be listened to inrandom, rather than sequential order. To play MP3/WMAfiles

Seite 228 - Brake System Warning Light

BAND: Press this button to listen to the radio when aCD or a DVD is playing. The CD or DVD remains insidethe radio for future listening or viewing ent

Seite 229

No Title Info: No song title information is available atthis time on this channel. The system is working properly.No CAT Info: No category information

Seite 230 - (US-Canada)

Audio SystemWhen using the in-vehicle Bluetooth system, soundcomes through the vehicle’s front audio system speakersand overrides the audio system. Us

Seite 231 - Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Pairing a Phone1. Press and hold b g for two seconds. The systemresponds with “Ready” followed by a tone.2. Say “Bluetooth”. The system responds with“

Seite 232 - • Avoid steep uphill grades

Linking to a Different Phone1. Press and hold b g for two seconds. The systemresponds with “Ready” followed by a tone.2. Say “Bluetooth”. The system r

Seite 233

5. Say a name tag for the phone number. The nametag is recorded and the system responds with“About to store <name tag>. Does that sound OK?”.• I

Seite 234 - Oil Pressure Gage (US-Canada)

Deleting Name TagsThe system uses the following commands to deletename tags:• Delete• Delete all name tagsUsing the Delete CommandThe delete command a

Seite 235

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is buckled in the wrong buckle.{ CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your belt is buckledin the wrong place

Seite 236 - Highbeam On Light

Using the Dial Command1. Press and hold b g for two seconds. The systemresponds with “Ready” followed by a tone.2. Say “Dial”. The system responds wit

Seite 237 - Fuel Gage

3. Say the name tag of the person to call.• If the system clearly recognizes the name tag itresponds with “OK, calling, <name tag>” and dialsthe

Seite 238 - Low Fuel Warning Light

Three-Way CallingThree-Way Calling must be supported on the Bluetoothphone and enabled by the wireless service carrierto work.1. While on a call press

Seite 239 - (With DIC Buttons)

To Transfer Audio to the In-VehicleBluetooth SystemThe cellular phone must be paired and connected withthe Bluetooth system before a call can be trans

Seite 240 - DIC Buttons

Sending a Stored Name Tag During a Call1. Press bg . The system responds with “Ready”followed by a tone.2. Say “Send name tag.” The system responds wi

Seite 241 - Trip/Fuel Menu Items

Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)SystemThe vehicle may have a DVD Rear Seat Entertainment(RSE) system. The RSE system works with thevehicle’s audio system

Seite 242 - Fuel Used

HeadphonesThe RSE includes two 2-channel wireless headphonesthat are dedicated to this system. Channel 1 isdedicated to the video screen, while Channe

Seite 243 - Oil Life

Notice: Do not store the headphones in heat ordirect sunlight. This could damage the headphonesand repairs will not be covered by the warranty.Storage

Seite 244 - Relearn Remote Key

To use the auxiliary inputs of the RSE system, connectan external auxiliary device to the color-coded A/Vjacks and turn both the auxiliary device and

Seite 245 - (Without DIC Buttons)

Video ScreenThe video screen is located in the overhead console.To use the video screen, do the following:1. Push the release button located on the ov

Seite 246 - Odometer

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is over an armrest.{ CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your belt goes overan armrest like this. The belt

Seite 247 - Compass Recalibration

Remote Control ButtonsO (Power): Press this button to turn the video screenon and off.P (Illumination): Press this button to turn the remotecontrol ba

Seite 248 - Relearn Tire Positions

in a slow play mode. Also, reverse can be played slowlyby pressing the play/pause button and then pressingthe fast reverse button. To cancel slow play

Seite 249 - DIC Compass

Battery ReplacementTo change the remote control batteries, do the following:1. Slide the rear cover back on the remote control.2. Replace the two batt

Seite 250

Problem Recommended ActionSometimes the wirelessheadphone audio cuts outor buzzes.Check for obstructions,low batteries, receptionrange, and interferen

Seite 251 - Compass Calibration Procedure

DVD DistortionVideo distortion can occur when operating cellularphones, scanners, CB radios, Global Position Systems(GPS)*, two-way radios, mobile fax

Seite 252 - DIC Warnings and Messages

P (Power): Press this button to turn the RSA on or off.Volume: Turn the volume knob to increase or todecrease the volume of the wired headphones. The


While a DVD video menu is being displayed, presseither seek arrow to perform a cursor up or down on themenu. Hold either seek arrow to perform a curso


b g (Mute/Push to Talk): Press to silence the vehiclespeakers only. Press again to turn the sound on.For vehicles with OnStar®or Bluetooth®systems pre

Seite 255

XM™ Satellite Radio ServiceXM Satellite Radio Service gives digital radio receptionfrom coast-to-coast in the 48 contiguous United States,and in Canad

Seite 256

Your Driving, the Road, and the Vehicle ...4-2Driving for Better Fuel Economy ...4-2Defensive Driving ...

Seite 257

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is worn under the arm. It shouldbe worn over the shoulder at all times.{ CAUTION:You can be seriously

Seite 258

Your Driving, the Road, andthe VehicleDriving for Better Fuel EconomyDriving habits can affect fuel mileage. Here are somedriving tips to get the best


Drunk Driving{ CAUTION:Drinking and then driving is very dangerous.Your reflexes, perceptions, attentiveness, andjudgment can be affected by even a sma


Control of a VehicleThe following three systems help to control the vehiclewhile driving — brakes, steering, and accelerator.At times, as when driving


Antilock Brake System (ABS)This vehicle has the Antilock Brake System (ABS), anadvanced electronic braking system that helps prevent abraking skid.Whe

Seite 262 - DIC Vehicle Customization

Braking in EmergenciesABS allows the driver to steer and brake at the sametime. In many emergencies, steering can help more thaneven the very best bra

Seite 263 - AUTO DOOR LOCK

If cruise control is being used when StabiliTrak activates,the cruise control automatically disengages. Thecruise control can be re-engaged when road


TCS and StabiliTrak can be turned on by pressing andreleasing the StabiliTrak button if not automaticallyshut off for any other reason.When TCS or Sta


The traction control system may activate on dry orrough roads or under conditions such as heavyacceleration while turning or abrupt upshifts/downshift


Steering in EmergenciesThere are times when steering can be more effectivethan braking. For example, you come over a hill andfind a truck stopped in yo


Off-Road RecoveryThe vehicle’s right wheels can drop off the edge of aroad onto the shoulder while driving.If the level of the shoulder is only slight


Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is behind the body.{ CAUTION:You can be seriously injured by not wearing thelap-shoulder belt properly. In a cr

Seite 269 - REMOTE START

SkiddingIn a skid, a driver can lose control of the vehicle.Defensive drivers avoid most skids by taking reasonablecare suited to existing conditions,

Seite 270 - V TO EXIT

Drinking and driving can be very dangerous on any roadand this is certainly true for off-road driving. At the verytime you need special alertness and

Seite 271

If you think you will need some more ground clearanceat the front of your vehicle, you can remove the frontfascia lower air dam. The air dam is held i

Seite 272 - Setting the Clock

There are some important things to remember abouthow to load your vehicle.• The heaviest things should be on the floor, forwardof the rear axle. Put he

Seite 273 - Settings

Getting Familiar with Off-Road DrivingIt is a good idea to practice in an area that is safeand close to home before you go into the wilderness.Off-roa

Seite 274 - Radio(s)

Surface Obstacles: Unseen or hidden obstacles canbe hazardous. A rock, log, hole, rut, or bump can startleyou if you are not prepared for them. Often

Seite 275

Approaching a HillWhen you approach a hill, decide if it is too steep toclimb, descend, or cross. Steepness can be hardto judge. On a very small hill,

Seite 276 - Playing the Radio

• Attach a flag to the vehicle to be more visible toapproaching traffic on trails or hills.• Sound the horn as you approach the top of the hillto let o

Seite 277 - Finding a Station

Things not to do if the vehicle stalls, or is about to stall,when going up a hill:• Never attempt to prevent a stall by shifting intoN (Neutral) to re

Seite 278 - 4 to display

• Are there hidden surface obstacles? Ruts? Logs?Boulders?• What is at the bottom of the hill? Is there a hiddencreek bank or even a river bottom with

Seite 279

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is twisted across the body.{ CAUTION:You can be seriously injured by a twisted belt. In acrash, you would not h

Seite 280

Driving Across an InclineAn off-road trail will probably go across the incline ofa hill. To decide whether to try to drive across theincline, consider

Seite 281 - \ FWD or the

Stalling on an Incline{ CAUTION:Getting out on the downhill (low) side of a vehiclestopped across an incline is dangerous. If thevehicle rolls over, y

Seite 282 - Radio Messages for XM Only

Driving in Water{ CAUTION:Driving through rushing water can be dangerous.Deep water can sweep your vehicle downstreamand you and your passengers could

Seite 283 - CD Slot)

Driving at NightNight driving is more dangerous than day driving becausesome drivers are likely to be impaired — by alcohol ordrugs, with night vision

Seite 284 - Care of the CD and DVD Player

HydroplaningHydroplaning is dangerous. Water can build up underyour vehicle’s tires so they actually ride on thewater. This can happen if the road is

Seite 285 - ^ button. A beep

Hill and Mountain RoadsDriving on steep hills or through mountains is differentthan driving on flat or rolling terrain. Tips for drivingin these condit

Seite 286

Winter DrivingDriving on Snow or IceDrive carefully when there is snow or ice between thetires and the road, creating less traction or grip. Wet iceca

Seite 287 - CD Messages

{ CAUTION:Snow can trap engine exhaust under the vehicle.This may cause exhaust gases to get inside.Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide (CO)which

Seite 288 - Using the DVD Player

If Your Vehicle is Stuck in Sand,Mud, Ice, or SnowSlowly and cautiously spin the wheels to free thevehicle when stuck in sand, mud, ice, or snow. SeeR

Seite 289

Recovery Hooks{ CAUTION:These hooks, when used, are under a lot of force.Always pull the vehicle straight out. Never pull onthe hooks at a sideways an

Seite 290 - DVD-V (Video) Display Buttons

Lap-Shoulder BeltIf your vehicle is a regular cab, then all seating positionsin the vehicle have a lap-shoulder belt. If your vehicle isa crew or exte

Seite 291 - Inserting a Disc

Loading the VehicleIt is very important to know how much weight yourvehicle can carry. This weight is called thevehicle capacity weight and includes t

Seite 292 - Ejecting a Disc

The Tire and Loading Information label also showsthe size of the original equipment tires (C) andthe recommended cold tire inflation pressures (D).For

Seite 293

Item Description TotalAVehicle CapacityWeight for Example 1 =1,000 lbs(453 kg)BSubtract OccupantWeight 150 lbs(68 kg) × 2 =300 lbs (136 kg)CAvailable

Seite 294 - Six-Disc CD Player)

Item Description TotalAVehicle CapacityWeight for Example 3 =1,000 lbs(453 kg)BSubtract OccupantWeight 200 lbs(91 kg) × 5 =1,000 lbs(453 kg)CAvailable

Seite 295 - S c (previous)

The Certification/Tire label also tells you themaximum weights for the front and rear axles,called Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR). To findout the actua

Seite 296 - Playing an MP3

{ CAUTION:Things you put inside your vehicle can strikeand injure people in a sudden stop or turn, orin a crash.• Put things in the cargo area of your

Seite 297

Add-On EquipmentWhen you carry removable items, you may needto put a limit on how many people you carryinside your vehicle. Be sure to weigh your vehi

Seite 298 - DVD Player)

The plow your vehicle can carry depends on manythings, such as:• The options your vehicle came with, and the weightof those options.• The weight and n

Seite 299

Front axle reserve capacity is the difference betweenyour front Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) andthe front axle weight of your vehicle with full fue

Seite 300

For example, adding a 700 lb (318 kg) snow plowactually adds more than 700 lbs (318 kg) to the frontaxle. Using the formula, if the snow plow is 4 ft

Seite 301

3. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.Pull up on the latch plate to make sure it is secure.If the belt is not long enough, see Safet

Seite 302

Keep in mind that reserve capacity numbers areintended as a guide when selecting the amount ofequipment or cargo your truck can carry. If youare unsur

Seite 303 - XM Radio Messages

Refer to the Truck-Camper Loading Informationlabel in the glove box for dimensions A and Bas shown in the following illustration.Use the rear edge of

Seite 304 - Bluetooth

You must weigh any accessories or otherequipment that you add to your vehicle. Then,subtract this extra weight from the CWR. This extraweight may shor

Seite 305 - Bluetooth Controls

Pickup Conversion to Chassis CabWe are aware that some vehicle owners might considerhaving the pickup box removed and a commercial orrecreational body

Seite 306 - Deleting a Paired Phone

Dinghy TowingTwo-Wheel-Drive VehiclesNotice: If the vehicle is towed with all four wheelson the ground, the drivetrain components couldbe damaged. The

Seite 307 - Storing Name Tags

{ CAUTION:Shifting a four-wheel-drive vehicle’s transfer caseinto N (Neutral) can cause the vehicle to roll evenif the transmission is in P (Park). Th

Seite 308

To dolly tow a two-wheel-drive vehicle, the vehicle mustbe towed with the rear wheels on the dolly. See “RearTowing (Rear Wheels Off the Ground)” late

Seite 309 - Making a Call

Rear Towing(Rear Wheels Off the Ground)Two-Wheel-Drive VehiclesUse the following procedure to dolly tow atwo-wheel-drive vehicle from the rear:1. Atta

Seite 310

6. Use an adequate clamping device designed fortowing to ensure that the front wheels are lockedinto the straight position.{ CAUTION:Shifting a four-w

Seite 311

Notice: Pulling a trailer improperly can damage thevehicle and result in costly repairs not coveredby the vehicle warranty. To pull a trailer correctl

Seite 312 - To Cancel Mute

To unlatch the belt, push the button on the buckle.The belt should return to its stowed position.Before a door is closed, be sure the safety belt is o

Seite 313

Weight of the TrailerHow heavy can a trailer safely be?It depends on how the rig is used. For example, speed,altitude, road grades, outside temperatur

Seite 314 - Other Information

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)1500 Series 2WD Extended Cab Standard Box (b)4.3L V6 (c) 3.23 4,400 lbs (1 996 kg) 9,500 lbs (4 309

Seite 315 - Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)1500 Series 2WD Extended Cab Short Box (c)4.3L V6 3.23 4,400 lbs (1 996 kg) 9,500 lbs (4 309 kg)4.3L

Seite 316 - Headphones

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)4.8L V8 (c) 3.23 5,100 lbs (2 313 kg) 10,000 lbs (4 536 kg)4.8L V8 3.73 7,100 lbs (3 221 kg) 12,000

Seite 317 - Audio/Video (A/V) Jacks

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)1500 Series 4WD Regular Cab Standard Box (b)4.3L V6 (c) 3.73 5,100 lbs (2 313 kg) 10,000 lbs (4 536

Seite 318 - Audio Output

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)6.0L V8 K5L HD CoolingPkg — Fifth-Wheel Trailer3.42 8,400 lbs (3 810 kg) 15,000 lbs (6 804 kg)6.0L V

Seite 319 - Remote Control

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)6.0L V8 NHT Max TraileringPkg — Fifth-Wheel Trailer3.73 9,900 lbs (4 491 kg) 16,000 lbs (7 257 kg)6.

Seite 320 - Remote Control Buttons

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)5.3L LMG V8 3.73 7,600 lbs (3 447 kg) 13,000 lbs (5 897 kg)5.3L LY5 V8 3.73 7,300 lbs (3 311 kg) 13,

Seite 321

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)2500 Series 4WD Regular Cab Long Box HD (d)6.0L V83.734.1010,200 lbs (4 627 kg)12,700 lbs (5 761 kg)

Seite 322

Vehicle Axle Ratio Maximum Trailer Weight GCWR (a)3500 Series 4WD Extended Cab (e)6.0L V8 (Single Rear Wheels)3.734.109,600 lbs (4 355 kg)12,100 lbs (

Seite 323 - DVD Display Error Messages

On the extended cab,push down on the releasebutton (A) and move theheight adjuster to thedesired position.You can move the adjuster up just by pushing

Seite 324 - Rear Seat Audio (RSA)

Weight of the Trailer TongueThe tongue load (A) of any trailer is an important weightto measure because it affects the total gross weight of thevehicl

Seite 325

Consider the following example:A vehicle model base weight is 5,500 lbs (2 495 kg);2,800 lbs (1 270 kg) at the front axle and 2,700 lbs(1 225 kg) at t

Seite 326 - Audio Steering Wheel Controls

Since tongue weight is usually at least 10 percent of totalloaded trailer weight, expect that the largest trailer thevehicle can properly handle is 6,

Seite 327 - Radio Reception

If a step-bumper hitch will be used, the bumper couldbe damaged in sharp turns. Make sure there isample room when turning to avoid contact between the

Seite 328 - XM™ Satellite Radio Antenna

Safety ChainsAlways attach chains between the vehicle and thetrailer. Cross the safety chains under the tongue ofthe trailer to help prevent the tongu

Seite 329

Tow/Haul is designed to be most effective when thevehicle and trailer combined weight is at least 75 percentof the vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rat

Seite 330

Integrated Trailer Brake Control SystemThe vehicle may have anIntegrated Trailer BrakeControl (ITBC) system forelectric trailer brakes.This symbol is

Seite 331

CAUTION: (Continued)with surge, air or electric-over-hydraulic trailerbrake systems. To determine the type of brakeson the trailer and the availabilit

Seite 332 - Control of a Vehicle

Trailer Brake DIC Display PageThe ITBC system displays messages into the vehicle’sDriver Information Center (DIC). See DIC Warningsand Messages on pag

Seite 333 - Antilock Brake System (ABS)

hold a gain button to cause the Trailer Gain tocontinuously adjust. To turn the output to the trailer off,adjust the Trailer Gain setting to 0.0 (zero

Seite 334 - Braking in Emergencies

IndexTo quickly locate information about the vehicle, use theindex in the back of the manual. It is an alphabeticallist of what is in the manual and t

Seite 335

Rear Safety Belt Comfort GuidesRear shoulder belt comfort guides may provide addedsafety belt comfort for older children who have outgrownbooster seat

Seite 336 - Traction Control Operation

A trailer that is under-gained may result in not enoughtrailer braking. Both of these conditions may resultin poorer stopping and stability of the veh

Seite 337 - Steering

Other ITBC Related DIC MessagesIn addition to displaying TRAILER GAIN and TRAILEROUTPUT through the DIC, trailer connection andITBC system status is d

Seite 338 - Steering in Emergencies

SERVICE TRAILER BRAKE SYSTEM – This messagewill be displayed when there is a problem with theITBC system. If this message persists over multipleigniti

Seite 339 - Loss of Control

Towing a trailer requires a certain amount of experience.Get to know the rig before setting out for the openroad. Get acquainted with the feel of hand

Seite 340 - Off-Road Driving

Making TurnsNotice: Making very sharp turns while traileringcould cause the trailer to come in contact withthe vehicle. The vehicle could be damaged.A

Seite 341 - Before You Go Off-Roading

Parking on Hills{ CAUTION:Parking the vehicle on a hill with the trailerattached can be dangerous. If something goeswrong, the rig could start to move

Seite 342

Leaving After Parking on a Hill1. Apply and hold the brake pedal while you:• Start the engine• Shift into a gear• Release the parking brake2. Let up o

Seite 343 - Traveling to Remote Areas

Heavy-DutyTrailer Wiring HarnessPackageFor vehicles equipped with heavy duty trailering, theharness is connected to a bracket on the hitch platform.Th

Seite 344

Camper/Fifth-Wheel Trailer Wiring PackageThe seven-wire camper harness is located under thefront edge of the pickup box on the drivers side ofthe vehi

Seite 345

Electric Brake Control WiringProvisionsThese wiring provisions are included with the vehicle aspart of the trailer wiring package. These provisionsare

Seite 346

{ CAUTION:A safety belt that is not properly worn may notprovide the protection needed in a crash. Theperson wearing the belt could be seriously injur

Seite 347

✍ NOTES4-82

Seite 348

Service ...5-4Accessories and Modifications ...5-4California Propositio

Seite 349

Bulb Replacement ...5-58Halogen Bulbs ...5-58Headlamps ...

Seite 350

Tires ...5-119Sheet Metal Damage ...5-119Finish Damage ...

Seite 351

ServiceFor service and parts needs, visit your dealer/retailer.You will receive genuine GM parts and GM-trained andsupported service people.Genuine GM

Seite 352

California Proposition 65 WarningMost motor vehicles, including this one, contain and/oremit chemicals known to the State of California to causecancer

Seite 353

This vehicle has an airbag system. Before attempting todo your own service work, see Servicing YourAirbag-Equipped Vehicle on page 1-90.Keep a record

Seite 354 - Highway Hypnosis

notice a slight audible knocking noise, commonly referredto as spark knock. If the octane is less than 87, you mightnotice a heavy knocking noise when

Seite 355

Gasolines containing oxygenates, such as ethers andethanol, and reformulated gasolines might be available inyour area. We recommend that you use these

Seite 356 - Winter Driving

At a minimum, E85 should meet ASTMSpecification D 5798. By definition, this means thatfuel labeled E85 will have an ethanol content between70% and 85%.

Seite 357

Safety Belt Use During PregnancySafety belts work for everyone, including pregnantwomen. Like all occupants, they are more likely to beseriously injur

Seite 358

Filling the TankIf the vehicle has the DURAMAX Diesel engine, see theDURAMAX Diesel manual for more information.{ CAUTION:Fuel vapor burns violently a

Seite 359

{ CAUTION:Fuel can spray out on you if you open the fuel captoo quickly. If you spill fuel and then somethingignites it, you could be badly burned. Th

Seite 360

Filling a Portable Fuel Container{ CAUTION:Never fill a portable fuel container while it is in thevehicle. Static electricity discharge from thecontain

Seite 361

Hood ReleaseTo open the hood:1. Pull the handle withthis symbol on it. It islocated inside thevehicle to the left ofthe brake pedal.2. Then go to the

Seite 362 - Example 1 Example 2

Engine Compartment OverviewIf the vehicle has the DURAMAX®Diesel engine, see the DURAMAX®Diesel manual for more information.When you open the hood on

Seite 363 - Example 3

A. Engine Air Cleaner/Filter on page 5-19.B. Coolant Surge Tank and Pressure Cap. See CoolingSystem on page 5-28.C. Positive (+) Terminal. See Jump St

Seite 364

When to Add Engine OilIf the oil is below the cross-hatched area at the tip of thedipstick, add at least one quart/liter of the recommendedoil. This s

Seite 365

What Kind of Engine Oil to UseLook for three things:• GM6094MUse only an oil that meets GM Standard GM6094M.• SAE 5W-30SAE 5W-30 is best for the vehic

Seite 366 - Equipment

Engine Oil Additives / Engine OilFlushesDo not add anything to the oil. The recommended oilswith the starburst symbol that meet GM StandardGM6094M are

Seite 367

How to Reset the Engine Oil LifeSystemThe Engine Oil Life System calculates when to changethe engine oil and filter based on vehicle use. Wheneverthe o

Seite 368

To make the belt shorter, pull its free end as shownuntil the belt is snug.If the belt is not long enough, see Safety Belt Extenderon page 1-37.Make s

Seite 369

When to Inspect the Engine AirCleaner/FilterInspect the air cleaner/filter at the Maintenance IIintervals and replace it at the first oil change after e

Seite 370 - • All the people inside

3. Remove the engine air cleaner/filter from thehousing. Care should be taken to dislodge aslittle dirt as possible.4. Clean the engine air cleaner/filt

Seite 371 - A. Camper Center of Gravity

How to Check Automatic TransmissionFluidBecause this operation can be a little difficult, you maychoose to have this done at the dealer/retailer servi

Seite 372

Then, without shutting off the engine, follow these steps:1. Locate the transmissiondipstick handle with thisgraphic which is locatedat the rear of th

Seite 373 - Recreational Vehicle Towing

How to Add Automatic TransmissionFluidRefer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine whatkind of transmission fluid to use. See RecommendedFluids and L

Seite 374 - Dinghy Towing

How to Check Automatic TransmissionFluidNotice: Too much or too little fluid can damage yourtransmission. Too much can mean that some of thefluid could

Seite 375

Cold Check ProcedureUse this procedure only as a reference to determine ifthe transmission has enough fluid to be operated safelyuntil a hot check proc

Seite 376

Hot Check ProcedureUse this procedure to check the transmission fluid levelwhen the transmission fluid temperature is between160°F and 200°F (71°C and 9

Seite 377 - (Rear Wheels Off the Ground)

Consistency of ReadingsAlways check the fluid level at least twice using theprocedure described previously. Consistency (repeatablereadings) is importa

Seite 378

{ CAUTION:An electric engine cooling fan can start even whenthe engine is not running. To avoid injury, alwayskeep hands, clothing, and tools away fro

Seite 379 - Pulling A Trailer

Child RestraintsOlder ChildrenOlder children who have outgrown booster seats shouldwear the vehicle’s safety belts.The manufacturer’s instructions tha

Seite 380 - Weight of the Trailer

What to Use{ CAUTION:Adding only plain water to the cooling system canbe dangerous. Plain water, or some other liquidsuch as alcohol, can boil before

Seite 381

Checking CoolantThe coolant surge tank is located in the enginecompartment on the passenger side of the vehicle.See Engine Compartment Overview on pag

Seite 382

How to Add Coolant to the CoolantSurge Tank for Gasoline EnginesIf the vehicle has a diesel engine, see “Cooling System”in the DURAMAX®Diesel Suppleme

Seite 383

{ CAUTION:Steam and scalding liquids from a hot coolingsystem can blow out and burn you badly. They areunder pressure, and if you turn the coolant sur

Seite 384

3. Fill the coolant surge tank with the proper mixtureto the FULL COLD mark.4. With the coolant surge tank pressure cap off, startthe engine and let i

Seite 385

You may decide not to lift the hood when this warningappears, but instead get service help right away.See Roadside Assistance Program on page 7-7.If y

Seite 386

If No Steam Is Coming From TheEngine CompartmentThe ENGINE OVERHEATED STOP ENGINE or theENGINE OVERHEATED IDLE ENGINE message, alongwith a low coolant

Seite 387

Overheated Engine ProtectionOperating ModeIf an overheated engine condition exists and theREDUCED ENGINE POWER message is displayed, anoverheat protec

Seite 388

Power Steering FluidSee Engine CompartmentOverview on page 5-14 forreservoir location.When to Check Power Steering FluidIt is not necessary to regular

Seite 389

Windshield Washer FluidWhat to UseWhen windshield washer fluid needs to be added, besure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.Use a fluid

Seite 390 - Weight of the Trailer Tongue

Q: What is the proper way to wear safety belts?A: An older child should wear a lap-shoulder beltand get the additional restraint a shoulder belt canpr

Seite 391

BrakesBrake FluidThe brake master cylinderreservoir is filled withDOT 3 brake fluid. SeeEngine CompartmentOverview on page 5-14 forthe location of the r

Seite 392 - Carrying Hitches

Checking Brake FluidCheck brake fluid by looking at the brake fluid reservoir.See Engine Compartment Overview on page 5-14.The fluid level should beabove

Seite 393

Brake WearThis vehicle has front disc brakes and could have reardrum brakes or rear disc brakes.Disc brake pads have built-in wear indicators that mak

Seite 394 - Safety Chains

Replacing Brake System PartsThe braking system on a vehicle is complex. Its manyparts have to be of top quality and work well together ifthe vehicle i

Seite 395 - Trailer Brakes

Jump StartingIf the vehicle is a Two-mode Hybrid, see the Two-modeHybrid manual for more information.If the vehicle’s battery (or batteries) has run d

Seite 396

3. Get the vehicles close enough so the jumper cablescan reach, but be sure the vehicles are not touchingeach other. If they are, it could cause an un

Seite 397

The remote negative (-) terminal is a stud locatedon the right front passenger side of the engine,where the negative battery cable attaches.See Engine

Seite 398

{ CAUTION:Fans or other moving engine parts can injure youbadly. Keep your hands away from moving partsonce the engine is running.6. Check that the ju

Seite 399

10. Connect the other end of the negative (−) cable to aheavy, unpainted metal engine part or to the remotenegative (−) terminal, on the vehicle with

Seite 400

To disconnect the jumper cables from both vehicles dothe following:1. Disconnect the black negative (−) cable from thevehicle that had the bad battery

Seite 401

{ CAUTION:Never do this.Never allow a child to wear the safety belt with theshoulder belt behind their back. A child can beseriously injured by not we

Seite 402

To get an accurate reading, the vehicle should be on alevel surface.• For all 4.3L, 4.8L and 5.3L 1500 Series applications,the proper level is 0.04 in

Seite 403 - Backing Up

How to Check LubricantA. Fill PlugB. Drain PlugA. Fill PlugB. Drain PlugElectric Shift Transfer CaseManual Shift Transfer Case5-51

Seite 404 - Driving On Grades

A. Fill PlugB. Drain PlugTo get an accurate reading, the vehicle should be on alevel surface.If the level is below the bottom of the filler plug hole,l

Seite 405

A: Fill PlugB: Drain PlugA: Fill PlugB: Drain Plug• When the differential is cold, add enough lubricant toraise the level from 0 (0 mm) to 1/8 inch (3

Seite 406 - Trailer Wiring Harness

What to UseRefer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine whatkind of lubricant to use. See Recommended Fluidsand Lubricants on page 6-15.Noise Contro

Seite 407

Fan and Drive:•Removal of fan clutch, if the vehicle has one, orrendering clutch inoperative.• Removal of the fan shroud, if the vehicle has one.Air I

Seite 408

Headlamp aiming is done with the vehicle’s low-beamheadlamps. The high-beam headlamps will be correctlyaimed if the low-beam headlamps are aimed prope

Seite 409 - Trailer Recommendations

7. Locate the vertical headlamp aiming screws, whichare under the hood near each headlamp assembly.The adjustment screw can be turned with a E8 Torx®s

Seite 410

Bulb ReplacementFor the proper type of replacement bulbs, seeReplacement Bulbs on page 5-63.For any bulb changing procedure not listed in thissection,

Seite 411

4. Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise to remove itfrom the headlamp assembly and pull it straight out.5. Unplug the electrical connector from the o

Seite 412

Infants and Young ChildrenEveryone in a vehicle needs protection! This includesinfants and all other children. Neither the distancetraveled nor the ag

Seite 413

A. Cargo LampB. Center High-Mounted Stoplamp Bulb (CHMSL)2. Remove the bulbs by turning socketcounterclockwise and pulling the bulb straight out.3. In

Seite 414 - Accessories and Modifications

Taillamps, Turn Signal, Stoplampsand Back-up LampsTo replace one of these bulbs:1. Open the tailgate. Tailgate on page 2-12 for moreinformation.2. Rem

Seite 415

A. Stoplamp/Taillamp/Turn Signal LampB. Stoplamp/Taillamp/Turn Signal LampC. Back-up LampD. Sidemarker Lamp5. Pull the old bulb straight out from the

Seite 416 - Gasoline Octane

License Plate LampTo replace one of these bulbs:1. Reach under the rear bumper for the bulb socket.2. Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise and pull t

Seite 417 - Additives

Windshield Wiper BladeReplacementWindshield wiper blades should be inspected for wearor cracking. See Scheduled Maintenance (GasolineEngine) on page 6

Seite 418 - Fuel E85 (85% Ethanol)

{ CAUTION:Poorly maintained and improperly used tiresare dangerous.• Overloading your vehicle’s tires cancause overheating as a result of toomuch flexi

Seite 419 - Fuels in Foreign Countries

Tire Sidewall LabelingUseful information about a tire is molded into thesidewall. The following illustrations are examplesof a typical P-Metric and a

Seite 420

(G) Maximum Cold Inflation Load Limit:Maximum load that can be carried and themaximum pressure needed to support that load.For information on recommend

Seite 421

(E) Tire Identification Number (TIN): The lettersand numbers following DOT code are the TireIdentification Number (TIN). The TIN shows themanufacturer a

Seite 422

(C) Aspect Ratio: A two-digit number thatindicates the tire height-to-width measurements.For example, if the tire size aspect ratio is 75, asshown in

Seite 423 - Hood Release

{ CAUTION:Never do this.Never hold an infant or a child while riding in avehicle. Due to crash forces, an infant or a childwill become so heavy it is

Seite 424 - Engine Compartment Overview

(D) Construction Code: A letter code is used toindicate the type of ply construction in the tire. Theletter R means radial ply construction; the lette

Seite 425 - Engine Oil

GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. SeeLoading the Vehicle on page 4-32.GAWR FRT: Gross Axle Weight Rating for thefront axle. See Loading the Vehicle o

Seite 426 - When to Add Engine Oil

Radial Ply Tire: A pneumatic tire in which theply cords that extend to the beads are laid at90 degrees to the centerline of the tread.Rim: A metal sup

Seite 427 - Cold Temperature Operation

Inflation - Tire PressureTires need the correct amount of air pressure tooperate effectively.Notice: Do not let anyone tell you thatunder-inflation or o

Seite 428 - Engine Oil Life System

How to CheckUse a good quality pocket-type gage to check tirepressure. You cannot tell if your tires are properlyinflated simply by looking at them. Ra

Seite 429 - Engine Air Cleaner/Filter

Dual Tire OperationWhen the vehicle is new, or whenever a wheel, wheel boltor wheel nut is replaced, check the wheel nut torque after100, 1,000 and 6,

Seite 430 - How to Inspect the Engine Air

Please note that the TPMS is not a substitute for propertire maintenance, and it is the driver’s responsibility tomaintain correct tire pressure, even

Seite 431

Tire Pressure Monitor OperationThis vehicle may have a Tire Pressure Monitor System(TPMS). The TPMS is designed to warn the driver whena low tire pres

Seite 432 - Checking the Fluid Level

TPMS Malfunction Light and MessageThe TPMS will not function properly if one or more of theTPMS sensors are missing or inoperable. When thesystem dete

Seite 433 - Consistency of Readings

TPMS Sensor Matching ProcessEach TPMS sensor has a unique identification code. Anytime you rotate your vehicle’s tires or replace one or moreof the TPM

Seite 434 - (6-Speed Transmission)

{ CAUTION:Never do this.Children who are up against, or very close to,any airbag when it inflates can be seriously injuredor killed. Never put a rear-f

Seite 435

5. Remove the valve cap from the valve cap stem.Activate the TPMS sensor by increasing ordecreasing the tire’s air pressure for five seconds,or until a

Seite 436 - Cold Check Procedure

If your vehicle has single rear wheels and thetread design for the front tires is the same as therear tires, use the rotation pattern shown herewhen r

Seite 437 - Hot Check Procedure

If your vehicle has dualrear wheels and thetread design for the fronttires is different from thedual rear tires, alwaysuse the correct rotationpattern

Seite 438 - Cooling System

When It Is Time for New TiresVarious factors, such as maintenance, temperatures,driving speeds, vehicle loading, and road conditions,influence when you

Seite 439

Buying New TiresGM has developed and matched specific tires for yourvehicle. The original equipment tires installed on yourvehicle, when it was new, we

Seite 440

{ CAUTION:If you use bias-ply tires on the vehicle, thewheel rim flanges could develop cracks aftermany miles of driving. A tire and/or wheelcould fail

Seite 441 - Checking Coolant

Different Size Tires and WheelsIf you add wheels or tires that are a different size thanyour original equipment wheels and tires, this could affectthe

Seite 442

TreadwearThe treadwear grade is a comparative rating basedon the wear rate of the tire when tested undercontrolled conditions on a specified government

Seite 443

Wheel Alignment and Tire BalanceThe tires and wheels on your vehicle were aligned andbalanced carefully at the factory to give you the longesttire lif

Seite 444 - Engine Overheating

CAUTION: (Continued)lose control. You could have a collision in whichyou or others could be injured. Always use thecorrect wheel, wheel bolts, and whe

Seite 445

Vehicle Symbol ChartHere are some additional symbols that may be found onthe vehicle and what they mean. For more informationon the symbol, refer to t

Seite 446 - Engine Compartment

Q: What are the different types of add-on childrestraints?A: Add-on child restraints, which are purchased by thevehicle’s owner, are available in four

Seite 447 - Engine Fan Noise

Tire Chains{ CAUTION:If your vehicle has dual wheels or P265/65R18,P275/55R20 or LT265/70R17 size tires, do notuse tire chains. They can damage your v

Seite 448 - Power Steering Fluid

If a Tire Goes FlatIt is unusual for a tire to blowout while you are driving,especially if you maintain your vehicle’s tires properly.If air goes out

Seite 449 - Windshield Washer Fluid

Changing a Flat TireIf a tire goes flat, avoid further tire and wheel damage bydriving slowly to a level place. Turn on the hazardwarning flashers. See

Seite 450

Removing the Spare Tire and ToolsA. Wing Nut RetainingTool KitB. Tool KitC. Wheel BlocksD. JackE. Jack KnobF. Wing Nut RetainingWheel BlocksA. Wing Nu

Seite 451

A. Wing Nut RetainingTool KitB. Tool KitC. Wheel BlocksD. JackE. Jack KnobFor regular cab models, the equipment you will need isbehind the passenger’s

Seite 452

A. Spare Tire (ValveStem Pointed Down)B. Hoist AssemblyC. Hoist CableD. Tire/Wheel RetainerE. Hoist ShaftF. Hoist End ofExtension ToolG. Hoist ShaftAc

Seite 453

3. Insert the hoist end(open end) (F) of theextension throughthe hole (G) in the rearbumper.Do not use the chiseledend of the wheelwrench.Be sure the

Seite 454

6. Tilt the tire toward the vehicle with some slack in thecable to access the tire/wheel retainer. Separate theretainer from the guide pin by sliding

Seite 455

Removing the Flat Tire andInstalling the Spare TireUse the following pictures and instructions to removethe flat tire and raise the vehicle.The tools y

Seite 456

If the wheel has a smooth center cap, place thechisel end of the wheel wrench in the slot onthe wheel, and gently pry it out.3. Use the wheel wrench a

Seite 457

{ CAUTION:A young child’s hip bones are still so small thatthe vehicle’s regular safety belt may not remainlow on the hip bones, as it should. Instead

Seite 458

4. Position the jack under the vehicle as shown. If theflat tire is on the front of the vehicle (1500 Modelvehicles), position the jack under the brack

Seite 459 - Rear Axle

{ CAUTION:Getting under a vehicle when it is jacked up isdangerous. If the vehicle slips off the jack, youcould be badly injured or killed. Never get

Seite 460

{ CAUTION:Rust or dirt on a wheel, or on the parts to which it isfastened, can make wheel nuts become loose aftertime. The wheel could come off and ca

Seite 461 - How to Check Lubricant

{ CAUTION:If wheel studs are damaged, they can break. If allthe studs on a wheel broke, the wheel could comeoff and cause a crash. If any stud is dama

Seite 462 - Front Axle

{ CAUTION:Wheel nuts that are improperly or incorrectlytightened can cause the wheels to become looseor come off. The wheel nuts should be tightenedwi

Seite 463

Secondary Latch SystemYour vehicle has an underbody-mounted tire hoistassembly equipped with a secondary latch system. It isdesigned to stop the spare

Seite 464 - Noise Control System

6. Stand the wheel blocks on their shortest ends, withthe backs facing each other.7. Place the bottom edgeof the jack (A) on thewheel blocks (B),separ

Seite 465 - Headlamp Aiming

9. Position the center lift point of the jack under thecenter of the spare tire.10. Turn the wrench clockwise to raise the jack until itlifts the end

Seite 466

Storing a Flat or Spare Tire andTools{ CAUTION:Storing a jack, a tire, or other equipment in thepassenger compartment of the vehicle couldcause injury

Seite 467

1. Put the tire on the ground at the rear of the vehiclewith the valve stem pointed down, and to the rear.2. Separate the tire/wheel retainer (D) from

Seite 468

A booster seat (C-D) is a child restraint designed toimprove the fit of the vehicle’s safety belt system.A booster seat can also help a child to see ou

Seite 469 - (CHMSL) and Cargo Lamp

4. Insert the hoist end (F)through the hole (G) inthe rear bumper andonto the hoist shaft.Do not use the chiseledend of the wheel wrench.5. Raise the

Seite 470 - Fender Marker Lamps

To store the jack and jack tools:A. Wing Nut RetainingWheel BlocksB. Wheel BlocksC. Wing Nut RetainingTool KitD. Wheel Wrench andExtensionsE. Tool Bag

Seite 471

Spare TireYour vehicle, when new, had a fully-inflated spare tire.A spare tire may lose air over time, so check its inflationpressure regularly. See Infl

Seite 472

Appearance CareInterior CleaningThe vehicle’s interior will continue to look its best if it iscleaned often. Although not always visible, dust and dir

Seite 473 - Replacement Bulbs

Do not clean the vehicle using:• A knife or any other sharp object to remove a soilfrom any interior surface.• A stiff brush. It can cause damage to t

Seite 474 - Replacement

If any of the soil remains, a commercial fabric cleaneror spot lifter may be necessary. When a commercialupholstery cleaner or spot lifter is to be us

Seite 475

Care of Safety BeltsKeep belts clean and dry.{ CAUTION:Do not bleach or dye safety belts. It may severelyweaken them. In a crash, they might not be ab

Seite 476 - Tire Sidewall Labeling

Dry the finish with a soft, clean chamois or an all-cottontowel to avoid surface scratches and water spotting.High pressure car washes may cause water

Seite 477

Windshield and Wiper BladesClean the outside of the windshield with glass cleaner.Clean the rubber blades using a lint free cloth or papertowel soaked

Seite 478 - Tire Size

The surface of these wheels is similar to the paintedsurface of the vehicle. Do not use strong soaps,chemicals, abrasive polishes, abrasive cleaners,

Seite 479

To help reduce the chance of injury, the child restraintmust be secured in the vehicle. Child restraint systemsmust be secured in vehicle seats by lap

Seite 480

Finish DamageAny stone chips, fractures or deep scratches in the finishshould be repaired right away. Bare metal will corrodequickly and may develop in

Seite 481

Vehicle IdentificationVehicle Identification Number (VIN)This is the legal identifier for the vehicle. It appears on aplate in the front corner of the in

Seite 482

Windshield Wiper FusesThe windshield wiper motor is protected by an internalcircuit breaker and a fuse. If the motor overheats due toheavy snow, etc.,

Seite 483 - Inflation - Tire Pressure

The vehicle may not use all of the fuses shown.Fuses Usage1 Rear Seats2 Rear Accessory Power Outlet3 Steering Wheel Controls Backlight4 Driver Door Mo

Seite 484

Fuses Usage24 Cooled Seats25Driver Seat Module, RemoteKeyless Entry System26Driver Power Door Lock (UnlockFeature)Circuit Breaker UsageLT DRDriver Sid

Seite 485

HarnessConnectorUsageHEADLINER 3 Headliner Harness Connector 3HEADLINER 2 Headliner Harness Connector 2HEADLINER 1 Headliner Harness Connector 1SEO/UP

Seite 486

Fuses Usage1 Right Trailer Stop/Turn Lamp2Electronic Suspension Control,Automatic Level Control Exhaust3 Left Trailer Stop/Turn Lamp4 Engine ControlsF

Seite 487

Fuses Usage23 Not Used24Fuel Injectors, Ignition Coils(Left Side)25 Trailer Park Lamps26 Driver Side Park Lamps27 Passenger Side Park Lamps28 Fog Lamp

Seite 488

J-Case Fuses Usage60 Cooling Fan 261 Antilock Brake System 162 Starter63 Stud 2 (Trailer Brakes)64 Left Bussed Electrical Center 165 Not Used66 Heated


Capacities and SpecificationsThe following approximate capacities are given in English and metric conversions. See Recommended Fluids andLubricants on

Seite 490 - Tire Inspection and Rotation

Where to Put the RestraintAccording to accident statistics, children and infantsare safer when properly restrained in a child restraintsystem or infan

Seite 491

ApplicationCapacitiesEnglish MetricFuel Tank1500 Series Standard and Short Box 26.0 gal 98.0 L1500 Series Long Box 34.0 gal 128.7 L2500 Series Standar

Seite 492

Engine SpecificationsEngine VIN Code Transmission Spark Plug Gap4.3L V6 X Automatic 0.060 in (1.52 mm)4.8L V8 C Automatic 0.040 in (1.01 mm)5.3L V8 Fle

Seite 494

Maintenance Schedule ...6-2Introduction ...6-2Maintenance Requireme

Seite 495

Maintenance ScheduleIntroductionThis maintenance section applies to vehicles with agasoline engine. For diesel engine vehicles, seethe maintenance sch

Seite 496

Using the Maintenance ScheduleWe want to help keep this vehicle in good workingcondition. But we do not know exactly how you will driveit. You might d

Seite 497 - Temperature – A, B, C

Owner Checks and Services on page 6-11 tells whatshould be checked, when to check it, and whatcan easily be done to help keep the vehicle in goodcondi

Seite 498

Scheduled MaintenanceService Maintenance I Maintenance IIChange engine oil and filter. See Engine Oil on page 5-15. Reset oil lifesystem. See Engine Oi

Seite 499

Scheduled Maintenance (cont’d)Service Maintenance I Maintenance IIPerform any needed additional services. See “Additional Required Services” inthis se

Seite 500

Additional Required ServicesThis maintenance section applies to vehicles with a gasoline engine. If your vehicle has a diesel engine, see themaintenan

Seite 501

{ CAUTION:A child in a child restraint in the center front seatcan be badly injured or killed by the frontal airbagsif they inflate. Never secure a chi

Seite 502

Additional Required Services (cont’d)Service and Miles (Kilometers)25,000(40 000)50,000(80 000)75,000(120 000)100,000(160 000)125,000(200 000)150,000(

Seite 503

Maintenance FootnotesThis maintenance section applies to vehicles with agasoline engine. For diesel engine vehicles, seethe maintenance schedule secti

Seite 504

(f) Lubricate all key lock cylinders, body door hinges,hood latch assembly, secondary latch, pivots, springanchor, release pawl, tailgate hinges, tail

Seite 505

(n) Vehicles with diesel engine or with GVWR above10,000 lbs (4 536 kg) only: Inspect shields for damage orlooseness. Adjust or replace as required. T

Seite 506

Windshield Washer Fluid Level CheckCheck the windshield washer fluid level in the windshieldwasher fluid reservoir and add the proper fluid ifnecessary.A

Seite 507

Automatic Transmission Shift LockControl System Check{ CAUTION:When you are doing this inspection, the vehiclecould move suddenly. If the vehicle move

Seite 508 - Installing the Spare Tire

Parking Brake and AutomaticTransmission P (Park) MechanismCheck{ CAUTION:When you are doing this check, the vehicle couldbegin to move. You or others

Seite 509

Recommended Fluids andLubricantsThis maintenance section applies to vehicles with agasoline engine. If your vehicle has a diesel engine, seethe mainte

Seite 510

Usage Fluid/LubricantRear AxleSAE 75W-90 SyntheticAxle Lubricant(GM Part No. U.S. 89021677,in Canada 89021678) meetingGM Specification 9986115.Transfer

Seite 511

Maintenance Replacement PartsReplacement parts identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your dealer/retailer.If your

Seite 512

Lower AnchorsLower anchors (A) are metal bars built into the vehicle.There are two lower anchors for each LATCH seatingposition that will accommodate

Seite 513

Engine Drive Belt RoutingIf your vehicle has the DURAMAX®Diesel engine, seethe DURAMAX®Diesel manual for more information.V6 EnginesV8 Engines6-18

Seite 514

Maintenance RecordAfter the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service, and thetype of services pe

Seite 515

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed6-20

Seite 516

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed6-21

Seite 517

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed6-22

Seite 518

Customer Assistance and Information ...7-2Customer Satisfaction Procedure ...7-2Online Owner Center ...

Seite 519

Customer Assistance andInformationCustomer Satisfaction ProcedureYour satisfaction and goodwill are important toyour dealer and to Chevrolet. Normally

Seite 520

STEP THREE — U.S. Owners: Both General Motorsand your dealer are committed to making sure youare completely satisfied with your new vehicle. However,if

Seite 521

STEP THREE — Canadian Owners: In the event thatyou do not feel your concerns have been addressed afterfollowing the procedure outlined in Steps 1 and

Seite 522 - Spare Tire

Online Owner CenterOnline Owner Center (U.S.) — and services customized for your specificvehicle — all in one

Seite 523 - Appearance Care

Some child restraints that have a top tether aredesigned for use with or without the top tether beingattached. Others require the top tether always to

Seite 524 - Fabric/Carpet

Customer Assistance for TextTelephone (TTY) UsersTo assist customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, orspeech-impaired and who use Text Telephones (TTY

Seite 525 - Plastic Surfaces

Mexico, Central America andCaribbean Islands/Countries(Except Puerto Rico and U.S. VirginIslands) — Customer AssistanceGeneral Motors de Mexico, S. de

Seite 526

Calling for AssistanceWhen calling Roadside Assistance, have the followinginformation ready:• Your name, home address, and home telephonenumber• Telep

Seite 527 - Finish Care

• Trip Interruption Benefits and Assistance: If yourtrip is interrupted due to a warranty failure, incidentalexpenses may be reimbursed during the 5 ye

Seite 528 - Windshield and Wiper Blades

Scheduling Service AppointmentsWhen your vehicle requires warranty service, contactyour dealer/retailer and request an appointment.By scheduling a ser

Seite 529 - Sheet Metal Damage

Public Transportation or FuelReimbursementIf your vehicle requires overnight warranty repairs, andpublic transportation is used instead of the dealer’

Seite 530 - Chemical Paint Spotting

Collision PartsGenuine GM Collision parts are new parts made withthe same materials and construction methods asthe parts with which your vehicle was o

Seite 531 - Electrical System

If a Crash OccursHere is what to do if you are involved in a crash.• Check to make sure that you are all right. If you areuninjured, make sure that no

Seite 532 - Instrument Panel Fuse Block

Managing the Vehicle Damage RepairProcessIn the event that your vehicle requires damage repairs,GM recommends that you take an active role in itsrepai

Seite 533

Reporting Safety Defects to theCanadian GovernmentIf you live in Canada, and you believe that yourvehicle has a safety defect, notify Transport Canada

Seite 534 - Top View

i (Top Tether Anchor):Seating positions with toptether anchors.j (Lower Anchor): Seatingpositions with two loweranchors.For crew and extended cab mode

Seite 535 - Underhood Fuse Block

Current and Past Model Order FormsTechnical Service Bulletins and Manuals are availablefor current and past model GM vehicles. To requestan order form

Seite 536

Event Data RecordersThis vehicle has an Event Data Recorder (EDR). Themain purpose of an EDR is to record, in certain crash ornear crash-like situatio

Seite 537

OnStar®If your vehicle has OnStar and you subscribe to theOnStar services, please refer to the OnStar Terms andConditions for information on data coll

Seite 538

AAccessories and Modifications ... 5-4Accessory Power ... 2-23Accessory Power Outlets

Seite 539 - Capacities and Specifications

Audio System ... 3-85Audio Steering Wheel Controls ... 3-140Navigation/Radio System, se

Seite 540

CCalibration ... 3-63CaliforniaPerchlorate Materials Requirements ... 5-5California Fu

Seite 541 - Engine Specifications

Cleaning (cont.)Interior ... 5-113Leather ... 5-115

Seite 542

Driver Information Center (DIC) ... 3-53DIC Operation and Displays ... 3-53, 3-59DIC Vehicle Customization ...

Seite 543

Engine (cont.)Coolant Temperature Gage ... 3-44Cooling System ... 5-28Drive Belt Routi

Seite 544 - Maintenance Schedule

FusesCenter Instrument Panel Fuse Block ... 5-124Fuses and Circuit Breakers ... 5-122Instrument Panel Fuse Block ...

Seite 545

For crew and extended cab models, the top tetheranchors are the loops located near the top of theseatback for each rear seating position. These loopsw

Seite 546

IIgnition Positions ... 2-21Infants and Young Children, Restraints ... 1-41Inflation - Tire Press

Seite 547 - Scheduled Maintenance

Lights (cont.)Brake System Warning ... 3-42Charging System ... 3-41Cruise Control

Seite 548

Memory Seat, Mirrors, and Pedals ... 1-8MessageDIC Warnings and Messages ... 3-66MirrorsAutomatic Dimming Rear

Seite 549 - Additional Required Services

Outside (cont.)Power Foldaway Mirrors ... 2-59Power Mirrors ... 2-59Towing Mirro

Seite 550

RRadio Frequency Identification (RFID), Privacy ... 7-18Radio(s) ... 3-88RadiosNavigation/Radio S

Seite 551 - Maintenance Footnotes

SSafety Belt Reminders ... 3-36Safety BeltsCare of ... 5-116Extende

Seite 552

Snow Plow ... 4-38Spare Tire ... 5-112Installing ...

Seite 553 - At Each Fuel Fill

Tires (cont.)Cleaning ... 5-119Different Size ... 5-86Dual

Seite 554

Vehicle Customization, DIC ... 3-76Vehicle Data Recording and Privacy ... 7-16Vehicle Data Recording, RadioF

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Seite 556

Securing a Child Restraint Designed forthe LATCH System{ CAUTION:If a LATCH-type child restraint is not attached toanchors, the child restraint will n

Seite 557 - Lubricants

Notice: Do not let the LATCH attachments rubagainst the vehicle’s safety belts. This may damagethese parts. If necessary, move buckled safetybelts to

Seite 558

2. See Securing a Child Restraint in the Right FrontSeat Position (With Airbag Off Switch) on page 1-62or Securing a Child Restraint in the Right Fron

Seite 559 - Maintenance Replacement Parts

2.1. When using a child restraint with a top tetherin the rear driver side position:A. Raise the headrest or head restraint.B. Route the top tether (B

Seite 560 - Engine Drive Belt Routing

Securing a Child Restraint in aRear Seat PositionWhen securing a child restraint in a rear seatingposition, study the instructions that came with the

Seite 561 - Maintenance Record

For crew cab second row seatings positions, tilt thelatch plate to adjust the belt if needed.3. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.P

Seite 562 - Maintenance Record (cont’d)

4. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out ofthe retractor to set the lock.5. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull th

Seite 563

6. If the child restraint has a top tether, follow thechild restraint manufacturer’s instructions regardingthe use of the top tether. See Lower Anchor

Seite 564

Securing a Child Restraint inthe Right Front Seat Position(With Airbag Off Switch)This vehicle has airbags. A rear seat is a safer place tosecure a fo

Seite 565

{ CAUTION:If the airbag readiness light ever comes on andstays on, it means that something may be wrongwith the airbag system. For example, the rightf

Seite 566 - Information

Head Restraints ...1-3Front Seats ...1-4Manual Seats ..

Seite 567

4. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.Position the release button so that the safety beltcould be quickly unbuckled if necessary.5.

Seite 568

6. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull the shoulder portion of the belt to tighten the lapportion of the belt and feed the shou

Seite 569 - Online Owner Center

Securing a Child Restraint inthe Right Front Seat Position(With Passenger Sensing System)This vehicle has airbags. A rear seat is a safer place tosecu

Seite 570 - Customer Assistance Offices

If the vehicle does not have a rear seat that willaccommodate a rear-facing child restraint, a rear-facingchild restraint should not be installed in t

Seite 571 - Roadside Assistance Program

4. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks.Position the release button so that the safety beltcould be quickly unbuckled if necessary.5.

Seite 572 - Services Provided

6. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull the shoulder portion of the belt to tighten thelap portion of the belt and feed the shou

Seite 573 - Purchased Vehicles

Securing a Child Restraint inthe Right Front Seat Position(Heavy Duty Crew Cab Only)Your vehicle has airbags. A rear seat is a safer place tosecure a

Seite 574 - Transportation Options

In Canada, the law requires that forward-facing childrestraints have a top tether, and that the tether beattached.You will be using the lap-shoulder b

Seite 575 - Collision Damage Repair

5. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out ofthe retractor to set the lock.6. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint,pull th

Seite 576 - Insuring Your Vehicle

7. If your child restraint has a top tether, follow thechild restraint manufacturer’s instructions regardingthe use of the top tether. See Lower Ancho

Seite 577 - If a Crash Occurs

What Will You See After an Airbag Inflates? ...1-80Airbag Off Switch ...1-81Passenger Sensing System ...

Seite 578 - Reporting Safety Defects

Here are the most important things to know about theairbag system:{ CAUTION:You can be severely injured or killed in a crashif you are not wearing you

Seite 579 - Owner Information

{ CAUTION:Children who are up against, or very close to,any airbag when it inflates can be seriously injuredor killed. Airbags plus lap-shoulder belts

Seite 580 - Vehicle Data Recording and

The right front passenger’s airbag is in the instrumentpanel on the passenger’s side.If your vehicle has roof-rail airbags for the driver, rightfront

Seite 581 - Event Data Recorders

{ CAUTION:If something is between an occupant and anairbag, the airbag might not inflate properly or itmight force the object into that person causings

Seite 582 - Identification (RFID)

Frontal airbags may inflate at different crash speeds.For example:• If the vehicle hits a stationary object, the airbagscould inflate at a different cra

Seite 583

Roof-rail airbags are not intended to inflate in rearimpacts. Both roof-rail airbags will deploy when eitherside of the vehicle is struck, or if the se

Seite 584

What Will You See After an AirbagInflates?After the frontal airbags inflate, they quickly deflate,so quickly that some people may not even realize anairb

Seite 585

In many crashes severe enough to inflate the airbag,windshields are broken by vehicle deformation.Additional windshield breakage may also occurfrom the

Seite 586

This switch should only be turned to the off positionif the person in the right front passenger positionis a member of a passenger risk group identifie

Seite 587

To turn off the right front passenger airbag, insert theignition key into the switch, push in, and move the switchto the off position.The word OFF or

Seite 588

Head RestraintsThe front seats have adjustable head restraints in theoutboard seating positions.{ CAUTION:With head restraints that are not installed

Seite 589

To turn the right front passenger airbag on again, insertthe ignition key into the switch, push in, and movethe switch to the on position.The right fr

Seite 590

The passenger sensing system will turn off the rightfront passenger frontal airbag under certain conditions.The driver airbag and the roof-rail airbag

Seite 591

The passenger sensing system is designed to turn offthe right front passenger frontal airbag if:• The right front passenger seat is unoccupied.• The s

Seite 592

If the On Indicator is Lit for a ChildRestraintIf a child restraint has been installed and the onindicator is lit:1. Turn the vehicle off.2. Remove th

Seite 593

If the Off Indicator is Lit for anAdult-Size OccupantIf a person of adult-size is sitting in the right frontpassenger seat, but the off indicator is l

Seite 594

Additional Factors Affecting SystemOperationSafety belts help keep the passenger in position on theseat during vehicle maneuvers and braking, which he

Seite 595

Servicing Your Airbag-EquippedVehicleAirbags affect how the vehicle should be serviced.There are parts of the airbag system in several placesaround th

Seite 596

Any object, such as an aftermarket seat heater or acomfort enhancing pad or device, installed underor on top of the seat fabric, could also interfere

Seite 597

Restraint System CheckChecking the Restraint SystemsSafety BeltsNow and then, check that the safety belt reminderlight, safety belts, buckles, latch p

Seite 598

Replacing Restraint System PartsAfter a Crash{ CAUTION:A crash can damage the restraint systems in yourvehicle. A damaged restraint system may notprop

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