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Seats and Restraint Systems
....................... 7
Front Seats
.............................................. 8
Rear Seats
............................................. 17
Safety Belts
............................................ 19
Child Restraints
...................................... 43
Airbag System
........................................ 72
Restraint System Check
......................... 90
Features and Controls
................................ 93
....................................................... 95
Doors and Locks
.................................. 104
............................................... 109
Theft-Deterrent Systems
....................... 111
Starting and Operating
Your Vehicle
..................................... 114
.................................................. 129
................................... 133
Storage Areas
...................................... 137
................................................ 144
Instrument Panel
....................................... 145
Instrument Panel Overview
................... 148
Climate Controls
................................... 165
Warning Lights, Gages, and Indicators
.... 171
Driver Information Center (DIC)
............ 192
Audio System(s)
................................... 215
Driving Your Vehicle
................................. 283
Your Driving, the Road, and Your
.............................................. 284
................................................. 320
Service and Appearance Care
.................. 331
................................................. 333
...................................................... 335
Checking Things Under the Hood
......... 340
All-Wheel Drive
..................................... 374
Bulb Replacement
................................ 375
Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
... 380
2007 Chevrolet Equinox Owner Manual M
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Seite 1

Seats and Restraint Systems... 7Front Seats... 8Rear Seats...

Seite 2

Manual LumbarIf your vehicle has thisfeature, the knob islocated on the front ofthe driver seat lowercushion on theinboard side.Turn the knob clockwis

Seite 3 - Canadian Owners

Battery ReplacementUnder normal use, the battery in your RKEtransmitter should last about four years.The battery is weak if the transmitter will not w

Seite 4

Remote Vehicle StartYour vehicle may have the remote start feature.This feature allows you to start the enginefrom outside the vehicle. See “REMOTE ST

Seite 5 - Vehicle Symbols

3. When the vehicle’s engine starts, the parkinglamps will turn on and remain on while theengine is running.4. If it is your first remote start since l

Seite 6

The remote vehicle start feature will not operate if:• The vehicle’s key is in the ignition.• The vehicle’s hood, liftgate or doors arenot closed.• Th

Seite 7

Doors and LocksDoor Locks{CAUTION:Unlocked doors can be dangerous.• Passengers, especially children,can easily open the doors and fall outof a moving

Seite 8

Power Door LocksThe power door lockswitches are located onthe driver’s and frontpassenger’s doors.K (Unlock): To unlock the doors, press theunlock sym

Seite 9 - Power Seat

Rear Door Security LocksYour vehicle has rear door security locks thatprevent passengers from opening the rear doorsfrom the inside.The rear door secu

Seite 10 - Heated Seats

Liftgate{CAUTION:It can be dangerous to drive with theliftgate or liftglass open because carbonmonoxide (CO) gas can come into yourvehicle. You cannot

Seite 11

Liftgate Operation with Loss of PowerThe liftgate is equipped with an electric latch.If the battery is disconnected or has low voltage,the liftgate wi

Seite 12 - Option shown

Windows{CAUTION:Leaving children, helpless adults, or petsin a vehicle with the windows closed isdangerous. They can be overcome bythe extreme heat an

Seite 13

Manual Reclining Seatbacks{CAUTION:You can lose control of the vehicle ifyou try to adjust a manual driver’s seatwhile the vehicle is moving. The sudd

Seite 14

Power WindowsThe window switches for all doors are located onthe center console. A window switch for eachrear window is located on each rear door.To o

Seite 15

Theft-Deterrent SystemsVehicle theft is big business, especially in somecities. Although your vehicle has a number oftheft-deterrent features, we know

Seite 16

Disarming with the Remote KeylessEntry TransmitterThe alarm system will disarm when you useyour remote keyless entry transmitter to unlockthe doors.Th

Seite 17

PASS-Key®III+ OperationYour vehicle has PASS-Key®III+ (PersonalizedAutomotive Security System) theft-deterrentsystem. PASS-Key®III+ is a passivetheft-

Seite 18

To program the new additional key do thefollowing:1. Verify that the new key has a1 stamped on it.2. Insert the original, already programmed, key inth

Seite 19

Ignition PositionsWith the key in theignition switch, you canturn it to four differentpositions. A warningtone will sound ifyou open the driver’sdoor

Seite 20 - Why Safety Belts Work

The battery could be drained if you leave thekey in the ignition while your vehicle is parked.You may not be able to start your vehicle afterit has be

Seite 21 - The rider does not stop

If the engine does not start and the key is heldin START for many seconds, cranking will bestopped after 15 seconds to prevent crankingmotor damage. T

Seite 22

Engine Coolant HeaterIf your vehicle has this feature, in very coldweather 0°F (−18°C) or colder, the engine coolantheater can help. You will get easi

Seite 23 - Safety Belts

Automatic Transaxle OperationThe shift lever is located on the center console.When you change gears, the different shift positionswill display on the

Seite 24

To adjust the seatback on the front passenger’sseat, lift the lever on the outboard side of the seatand move the seatback to the desired position.Then

Seite 25 - Driver Position

Make sure the shift lever is fully in PARK (P)before starting the engine. Your vehicle has anautomatic transaxle shift lock control system. Youmust fu

Seite 26

Notice: Shifting out of PARK (P) orNEUTRAL (N) while the engine is running athigh speed may damage the transaxle.The repairs would not be covered by y

Seite 27

Transaxle OverheatingIf the transaxle fluid temperature rises above284°F (140°C) or rises rapidly, the EngineCoolant Temperature Warning Light will flas

Seite 28

Make sure to release the parking brake beforedriving the vehicle.If the parking brake is applied and the vehicle ismoving at least 4 mph (6 km/h), a c

Seite 29

Leaving Your Vehicle With theEngine Running{CAUTION:It can be dangerous to leave your vehiclewith the engine running. Your vehiclecould move suddenly

Seite 30

Torque LockIf you are parking on a hill and you do not shiftyour transaxle into PARK (P) properly, the weightof the vehicle may put too much force on

Seite 31

Parking Over Things That Burn{CAUTION:Things that can burn could touch hotexhaust parts under your vehicle andignite. Do not park over papers, leaves,

Seite 32

Engine Exhaust{CAUTION:Engine exhaust can kill. It contains thegas carbon monoxide (CO), which youcannot see or smell. It can causeunconsciousness and

Seite 33

Running the Engine While ParkedIt is better not to park with the engine running. But ifyou ever have to, here are some things to know.{CAUTION:Idling

Seite 34

MirrorsManual Rearview MirrorTo adjust the angle of the mirror, move the mirror toa position that allows you see to out of the backwindow. To adjust t

Seite 35

{CAUTION:Sitting in a reclined position when yourvehicle is in motion can be dangerous.Even if you buckle up, your safety beltscannot do their job whe

Seite 36 - Rear Seat Passengers

Compass OperationPress the on/off button once briefly to turn thecompass on or off.Compass DisplayIf the display reads CAL, the compass needsto be cali

Seite 37

Compass CalibrationThe compass may need calibration if one of thefollowing occurs:• After approximately five seconds, thedisplay does not show a compas

Seite 38

Outside Power MirrorsThe controls for thepower mirrors arelocated on theinstrument panel.To adjust the mirrors, do the following:1. Move the selector

Seite 39

OnStar®SystemOnStar®uses several innovative technologies andlive advisors to provide you with a wide rangeof safety, security, information, and conven

Seite 40

OnStar®ServicesFor new vehicles with OnStar®, the Safe & SoundPlan, or the Directions & Connections®Plan isincluded for one year from the date

Seite 41

Hands-Free Calling may also be linked to aVerizon Wireless service plan in the U.S. or aBell Mobility service plan in Canada, dependingon eligibility.

Seite 42 - Safety Belt Extender

OnStar®service cannot work unless your vehicleis in a place where OnStar®has an agreementwith a wireless service provider for service inthat area. OnS

Seite 43 - Child Restraints

Storage AreasGlove BoxTo open the glove box, pull the handle to theleft and pull the glove box door down until itstops and is fully open.Cupholder(s)T

Seite 44

Luggage Carrier{CAUTION:If you try to carry something on top ofyour vehicle that is longer or wider thanthe luggage carrier — like paneling,plywood, a

Seite 45

Press the lever down and align the crossrailson both sides with the holes on the siderails.Move the crossrail by hand. There will be anotable click as

Seite 46

Pull the head restraint upto raise it. To lower thehead restraint, press thebutton, located on thetop of the seatback, andpush the restraint down.Pass

Seite 47

Notice: Loading cargo on the luggage carrierthat weighs more than 220 lbs (100 kg) orhangs over the rear or sides of the vehicle maydamage your vehicl

Seite 48

To use the panel in the lower position, do thefollowing:1. Insert the front corners of the panel into thelower guides.2. Slide the panel forward.3. Pr

Seite 49

To use the panel in the upper position, do thefollowing:1. Insert the front corners of the panel into thetop guides.2. Slide the panel forward.3. Pres

Seite 50

To set up the table, do the following:1. With the adjustable panel in the upperposition pull rearward to position it for useas a table. The plastic si

Seite 51

SunroofIf the vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, thecontrols to operate it are located on the headlinerabove the rearview mirror. The ignition mustbe

Seite 52

Instrument Panel Overview ... 148Hazard Warning Flashers ... 150Other Warning Devices ...

Seite 53

Engine Coolant Temperature Gage ... 182Tire Pressure Light ... 182Malfunction Indicator Lamp ...

Seite 54

✍ NOTES147

Seite 55

Instrument Panel Overview148

Seite 56 - Restraints

The main components of your instrument panel are the following:A. Air Outlets. See Outlet Adjustmenton page 169.B. Turn Signal/Multifunction Lever. Se

Seite 57 - Children (LATCH)

{CAUTION:Things you put on this seatback canstrike and injure people in a sudden stopor turn, or in a crash. Remove or secureall items before driving.

Seite 58 - Top Tether Anchor

Hazard Warning FlashersYour hazard warning flashers let you warn others.They also let police know you have a problem.Your front and rear turn signal la

Seite 59 - Locations

Tilt WheelYour vehicle has a tilt wheel that allows you toadjust the steering wheel.The lever to tilt the steering wheel is located onthe left side of

Seite 60

Turn and Lane-Change SignalsThe turn signal has two upward (for right) andtwo downward (for left) positions. These positionsallow you to signal a turn

Seite 61

Flash-to-PassThis feature lets you use your high-beamheadlamps to signal a driver in front of youthat you want to pass.To flash the high beams from low

Seite 62

&(Delay): Move the lever to this position to seta delay between wipes.6 (Delay Adjustment): Move the lever to thedelay position to choose a delaye

Seite 63

Rear Window Wiper/WasherThe rear wiper and rear wash buttons are locatedon the instrument panel above the audio system.Z(Rear Wiper): Press this butto

Seite 64 - Rear Seat Position

Setting Cruise Control{CAUTION:If you leave your cruise control on whenyou are not using cruise, you might hit abutton and go into cruise when you do

Seite 65

If the vehicle is in cruise control and the TractionControl System (TCS) begins to limit wheelspin, the cruise control will automaticallydisengage. Se

Seite 66 - Right Front Seat Position

Passing Another Vehicle While UsingCruise ControlUse the accelerator pedal to increase your speed.When you take your foot off the pedal, your vehiclew

Seite 67

The exterior lamp control has the followingpositions:AUTO (Off/Automatic Headlamps): Turn thecontrol to this position to put the headlampsin automatic

Seite 68

4. Continue to fold the seat forward until it locksin the folded position.5. Pull up on the seatback to be sure it islocked.To raise the seatback, do

Seite 69

When you turn the exterior lamp band to theheadlamp position, your low-beam headlamps willcome on. The other lamps that come on withyour headlamps wil

Seite 70

Instrument Panel BrightnessThis feature controls the brightness of theinstrument panel lights.The control for thisfeature is located onthe instrument

Seite 71

Map LampsYour vehicle may have lamps located on theheadliner above the rearview mirror. Push on thelens in the lamp to turn them on and off.Cargo Lamp

Seite 72

The battery can be discharged at idle if theelectrical loads are very high. This is true forall vehicles. This is because the generator(alternator) ma

Seite 73

Accessory Power Outlet(s)The accessory power outlets can be used toconnect electrical equipment such as a cellularphone or CB radio.The accessory powe

Seite 74

Ashtray(s) and Cigarette LighterYour vehicle may have a removable ashtray andcigarette lighter. The ashtray can be placedinto the front console cuphol

Seite 75 - Where Are the Airbags?

9 (Fan): Turn the left knob clockwise orcounterclockwise to increase or decrease thefan speed. In any setting other than off, the fan willrun continuo

Seite 76

#(Air Conditioning): Press this button to turnthe air conditioning system on or off. Whenthis button is pressed, an indicator light on thebutton will

Seite 77

Defogging and DefrostingFog or frost on the inside of windows is a result ofhigh humidity (moisture) condensing on the coolwindow glass. This can be m

Seite 78 - When Should an Airbag Inflate?

ACC or LOCK. If turned on again, the defoggerwill only run for about five minutes before turningoff. The defogger can also be turned off by pressingthe

Seite 79 - What Makes an Airbag Inflate?

Rear SeatsSplit Folding Rear SeatThe rear split bench seatbacks havethree available positions — folded forward,upright, or partially reclined. Both of

Seite 80 - Airbag Inflates?

To change the passenger compartment air filter,use the following steps:1. Remove the push pins from the rear of thepassenger’s side air inlet panel. It

Seite 81

Warning Lights, Gages, andIndicatorsThis part describes the warning lights and gagesthat may be on your vehicle. The pictures willhelp you locate them

Seite 82 - Passenger Sensing System

Instrument Panel ClusterYour instrument panel cluster is designed to let you know at a glance how your vehicle is running. You willknow how fast you a

Seite 83

Speedometer and OdometerYour speedometer lets you see your speedin both miles per hour (mph) and kilometersper hour (km/h).Your odometer shows how far

Seite 84

Passenger Safety BeltReminder LightSeveral seconds after the key is turned to RUN orSTART, a chime will sound for several seconds toremind the front p

Seite 85

{CAUTION:If the airbag readiness light stays on afteryou start your vehicle, it means the airbagsystem may not be working properly. Theairbags in your

Seite 86

If your vehicle has a rear seat that willaccommodate a rear-facing child restraint, thereis a label on your sun visor that says, “Neverput a rear-faci

Seite 87

If the word ON or the on symbol is lit on thepassenger airbag status indicator, it meansthat the right front passenger’s frontal airbag isenabled (may

Seite 88

Battery Warning LightThe battery warning lightwill come on briefly as acheck, when you turn onthe ignition. Then itshould go out when theengine is star

Seite 89 - Airbag-Equipped Vehicle

This light should come on briefly when you turnthe ignition key to RUN. If it does not comeon then, have it fixed so it will be ready to warnyou if ther

Seite 90 - Restraint System Check

2. Lift the lever located on the top of theseatback to release the seatback.3. Fold the seatback forward to the desiredposition.To recline the seatbac

Seite 91

Anti-Lock Brake SystemWarning LightWith the Anti-LockBrake System (ABS),the light will comeon when your engine isstarted and stay onfor several second

Seite 92

Traction Control System (TCS)Warning LightYour vehicle hasa Traction ControlSystem (TCS)and StabiliTrak®warning light.This light will come on when the

Seite 93

Engine Coolant Temperature GageThis gage measuresthe temperature ofthe vehicle’s engine.If the indicator needle moves into the shadedarea, the engine

Seite 94

Malfunction Indicator LampCheck Engine LightYour vehicle hasa computer whichmonitors operationof the fuel, ignition,and emissioncontrol systems.This s

Seite 95

This light should come on, as a check to showyou it is working, when the ignition is on and theengine is not running. If the light does notcome on, ha

Seite 96 - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

If the Light Is On SteadyYou may be able to correct the emission systemmalfunction by considering the following:Did you recently put fuel into your ve

Seite 97 - System Operation

Emissions Inspection andMaintenance ProgramsSome state/provincial and local governments haveor may begin programs to inspect the emissioncontrol equip

Seite 98 - Remote Keyless Entry

• If the vehicle is idling at a stop sign, the lightmay blink on and then off.• If you make a hard stop, the light may comeon for a moment. This is no

Seite 99 - Matching Transmitter(s) to

Security LightYour vehicle is equippedwith a theft-deterrentsystem. With thissystem, the securitylight will flash asyou open the door ifyour ignition i

Seite 100 - Battery Replacement

This light, along with the service vehicle soonlight, will be displayed when a noticeable reductionin the vehicle’s performance may occur. Stopthe veh

Seite 101 - Remote Vehicle Start

Safety BeltsSafety Belts: They Are for EveryoneThis part of the manual tells you how to usesafety belts properly. It also tells you some thingsyou sho

Seite 102

All-Wheel Drive Disabled LightThis light will come onwhen the rear drivesystem is overheating.An ALL WHEEL DRIVE OFF message will appearin the Driver

Seite 103 - Remote Start Ready

Service Vehicle Soon LightThis light will come onif a condition existsthat may requirethe vehicle to be takenin for service.If the light comes on, see

Seite 104 - {CAUTION:

Low Fuel Warning LightThe light below the fuelgage will come onbriefly when you arestarting the engine.This light also comes on when the fuel tank is l

Seite 105 - Programmable Automatic

DIC Operation and DisplaysThe DIC has different displays which can beaccessed by pressing the DIC buttons locatedon the center of the instrument panel

Seite 106 - Lockout Protection

TRIPPress the trip/fuel button until TRIP displays. Thisdisplay shows the current distance traveled ineither miles (mi) or kilometers (km) since the l

Seite 107

This is because different driving conditions producedifferent fuel economies. Generally, freeway drivingproduces better fuel economy than city driving

Seite 108

FRONT TIRES or REAR TIRESThe pressure for each tire can be viewed in theDIC. The tire pressure will be shown in eitherpounds per square inch (psi) or

Seite 109

TIRE LOCATIONSAfter rotating the tires or after replacing a tire orsensor, the system must re-learn the tire positions.To re-learn the tire positions,

Seite 110 - Sun Visors

DIC Warnings and MessagesMessages are displayed on the DIC to notify thedriver that the status of the vehicle has changedand that some action may be n

Seite 111 - Theft-Deterrent Systems

BUCKLE PASSENGER SEATBELTThis message reminds you to buckle thepassenger’s safety belt. See Passenger SensingSystem on page 82.This message displays a

Seite 112 - PASS-Key

Tires... 382Appearance Care... 417Vehicle Identification...

Seite 113 - III+ Operation

In most states and in all Canadian provinces,the law says to wear safety belts. Here iswhy: They work.You never know if you will be in a crash. If you

Seite 114 - Your Vehicle

CHECK TIRE PRESSUREThis message displays when the tire pressurein one of the tires needs to be checked. Thismessage also displays LEFT FRONT, RIGHTFRO

Seite 115 - Ignition Positions

ENGINE OVERHEATD (Overheated)IDLE ENGINENotice: If you drive your vehicle while theengine is overheating, severe engine damagemay occur. If an overhea

Seite 116 - Starting the Engine

HOOD OPENThis message displays on some vehicles whenthe hood is not closed properly. When thismessage appears, make sure that the hoodis closed comple

Seite 117

PASSENGER DOORFRONT/REAR OPENThis message displays when one or more of thepassenger’s doors are not closed properly.When this message appears, make su

Seite 118

SERVICE BRAKE SYSTEMThis message displays and a chime sounds whenthe brake fluid level is low. The brake systemwarning light also appears on the instru

Seite 119

SERVICE TIRE MONITOR SYSTEMThis message displays if a part on the TirePressure Monitor (TPM) system is not workingproperly. If you drive your vehicle

Seite 120

Any of the following conditions may cause theStabiliTrak®System to turn off:• The StabiliTrak®System is turned off bypressing and holding the traction

Seite 121

Any of the following conditions may cause theTCS to turn off:• The TCS is turned off by pressing thetraction control button. See Traction ControlSyste

Seite 122 - Parking Brake

Entering the Feature Settings Menu1. Turn the ignition on and place the vehicle inPARK (P).To avoid excessive drain on the battery, it isrecommended t

Seite 123

AUTO LOCKThis feature allows you to select when thevehicle’s doors will automatically lock. SeeProgrammable Automatic Door Locks on page 105for more i

Seite 124

Put someone on it. Get it up to speed. Then stop the vehicle.The rider does not stop.21

Seite 125 - Shifting Out of Park (P)

ALL IN PARK (default): All of the doors willunlock when the vehicle is shifted into PARK (P).NO CHANGE: No change will be made to thisfeature. The cur

Seite 126

Press the vehicle information button until REMOTEUNLOCK appears on the DIC display. Press theset/reset button to access the settings for thisfeature.

Seite 127

ON (default): The locking of the vehicle’s doorswill be delayed by 10 seconds after a powerdoor lock switch is pressed when a door is open,or the lock

Seite 128

ON (default): If it is dark enough outside, theexterior lights will turn on briefly when you unlockthe vehicle with the RKE transmitter.The lights will

Seite 129 - Manual Rearview Mirror

NO CHANGE: No change will be made to thisfeature. The current setting will remain.Choose one of the available settings and pressthe set/reset button w

Seite 130 - Compass Variance

Audio System(s)Determine which radio your vehicle has and thenread the pages following to familiarize yourselfwith its features.Driving without distra

Seite 131 - Mirror with Compass

Here are some ways in which you can help avoiddistraction while driving.While your vehicle is parked:• Familiarize yourself with all of its controls.•

Seite 132

3. Press the clock button again until the clockdisplay stops flashing to set the currentlydisplayed time; otherwise, the flashing will stopafter five sec

Seite 133

To set the time and date, follow these instructions:1. Turn the radio on.2. Press the MENU button. Once the clockoption is displayed.3. Press the push

Seite 134 - Hands-Free Calling

Radio with CD (Base)Playing the RadioO(Power/Volume): Press this knob to turn thesystem on and off.Turn this knob clockwise or counterclockwise toincr

Seite 135

The person keeps going until stopped bysomething. In a real vehicle, it could be thewindshield...or the instrument panel...22

Seite 136 - Your Responsibility

Setting Preset StationsUp to 18 stations (six FM1, six FM2, and six AM),can be programmed on the six numberedpushbuttons, by performing the following

Seite 137 - Storage Areas

Playing a CD (Single CD Player)Insert a CD partway into the slot, label side up. Theplayer pulls it in and the CD should begin playing.If the ignition

Seite 138

© SEEK ¨: Press the left SEEK arrowto go to the start of the current track, if more thanten seconds have played. Press the right SEEKarrow to go to th

Seite 139

BAND: Press this button to listen to the radiowhen a CD is playing. The CD remains safelyinside the radio for future listening.CD/AUX (CD/Auxiliary):

Seite 140 - Panel/Cover

To use a portable audio player, connect a3.5 mm (1/8 inch) cable to the radio’s frontauxiliary input jack. When a device is connected,press the radio

Seite 141

This system relies upon receiving specificinformation from these stations and only workswhen the information is available. While theradio is tuned to a

Seite 142 - Rear Seat Armrest

Finding a StationBAND: Press this button to switch between AM,FM, or XM™ (if equipped). The display showsthe selection.f (Tune): Turn this knob to sel

Seite 143 - Cargo Tie Downs

FAV (Favorites): A maximum of 36 stationscan be programmed as favorites using thesix pushbuttons positioned below the radio stationfrequency labels an

Seite 144

Setting the Tone (Bass/Treble)BASS/MID/TREB (Bass, Midrange, or Treble):To adjust bass, midrange, or treble, press the tuneknob until the tone control

Seite 145 - Section 3 Instrument Panel

Finding a Category (CAT) StationCAT (Category): The CAT button is used to findXM™ stations when the radio is in the XM™mode. To find XM™ channels within

Seite 146

or the safety belts!With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicledoes. You get more time to stop. You stopover more distance, and your strongest bon

Seite 147

Radio MessagesCalibration Error: The audio system has beencalibrated for your vehicle from the factory. IfCalibration Error appears on the display, it

Seite 148 - Instrument Panel Overview

When a CD is inserted, the CD symbol appearson the CD. As each new track starts to play,the track number appears on the display.The CD player can play

Seite 149

© SEEK ¨: Press the left SEEK arrow to goto the start of the current track, if more thanten seconds have played. Press the right SEEKarrow to go to th

Seite 150 - Other Warning Devices

BAND: Press this button to listen to the radiowhen a CD is playing. The CD remains safelyinside the radio for future listening.CD/AUX (CD/Auxiliary):

Seite 151 - Tilt Wheel

Using the Auxiliary Input JackYour radio system has an auxiliary input jacklocated on the lower right side of the faceplate.This is not an audio outpu

Seite 152 - Turn and Lane-Change Signals

Radio with CD and DVDIf your vehicle has a Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)system, it has a CD/DVD radio. See Rear SeatEntertainment System on page 269 f

Seite 153 - Windshield Wipers

XM™ Satellite Radio ServiceXM™ is a satellite radio service that is based inthe 48 contiguous United States and Canada.XM™ offers a large variety of c

Seite 154

Finding a StationBAND: Press this button to switch between AM,FM, or XM™ (if equipped). The display showsthe selection.f (Tune): Turn this knob to sel

Seite 155

Storing a Radio Station as a FavoriteDrivers are encouraged to set up their radio stationfavorites while the vehicle is parked. Tune toyour favorite s

Seite 156

Setting the Tone (Bass/Treble)BASS/MID/TREB (Bass, Midrange, orTreble): To adjust bass, midrange, or treble,press the tune knob until the tone control

Seite 157

Q: If I am a good driver, and I never drive farfrom home, why should I wear safety belts?A: You may be an excellent driver, but if you arein an accide

Seite 158 - Headlamps

Finding a Category (CAT) StationCAT (Category): The CAT button is used to findXM™ stations when the radio is in the XM™mode. To find XM™ channels within

Seite 159 - Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)

Radio MessagesCalibration Error: The audio system has beencalibrated for your vehicle from the factory.If Calibration Error appears on the display, it

Seite 160 - Fog Lamps

When a CD is inserted, the text label DVD or CDsymbol appears on the left side of the radiodisplay. As each new track starts to play, the tracknumber

Seite 161 - Entry Lighting

If loading and reading of a CD cannot becompleted, such as unknown format, etc., andthe disc fails to eject, press and hold the DVDeject button for mo

Seite 162 - Electric Power Management

RDM (Random): With random, you can listen tothe tracks in random, rather than sequentialorder. To play the tracks from the CD, press theDVD/CD AUX but

Seite 163 - Battery Run-Down Protection

If a playback device is plugged into the radio’sfront auxiliary input jack or the rear auxiliary jack,the front seat passengers is able to listen topl

Seite 164 - Accessory Power Outlet(s)

Using the DVD PlayerThe DVD player is controlled by the buttons onthe remote control, by the RSA system, or by thebuttons on the radio faceplate. See

Seite 165 - Climate Controls

O (Power): Press this knob to turn the radio on.Turn this knob clockwise or counterclockwise toincrease or decrease the volume. A singlepress turns th

Seite 166

Z (Eject): Press this button to eject a CD orDVD. If a CD or DVD is ejected, but not removed,the player automatically pulls it back in after15 seconds

Seite 167

y (Menu): Press this button to access the DVDmenu. The DVD menu is different on everyDVD. Use the pushbuttons located under thenavigation arrows to na

Seite 168 - Rear Window Defogger

Driver PositionLap-Shoulder BeltThe driver has a lap-shoulder belt. Here is howto wear it properly.1. Close and lock the door.2. Adjust the seat so yo

Seite 169 - Outlet Adjustment

e (Audio Stream): Press this button to cyclethrough audio steam formats located on DVD-Adisc. There is not any type of notification forthe customer to

Seite 170

Ejecting a DiscPress the eject button on the radio to eject thedisc. If a disc is ejected from the radio, butnot removed, the radio reloads the disc a

Seite 171 - Indicators

Using the Auxiliary Input Jack(s)Your radio system has an auxiliary input jacklocated on the lower right side of the faceplate.This is not an audio ou

Seite 172 - Instrument Panel Cluster

DVD/CD AUX (CD/Auxiliary): Press this buttonto cycle through DVD, CD, or Auxiliary whenlistening to the radio. The DVD/CD text label anda message show

Seite 173 - Safety Belt Reminder Light

MP3/WMA FormatIf you burn your own MP3/WMA disc on apersonal computer:• Make sure the MP3 files are recorded on aCD-R or CD-RW disc.• Avoid mixing stan

Seite 174 - Airbag Readiness Light

Root DirectoryThe root directory of the CD-R is treated as afolder. If the root directory has compressed audiofiles, the directory displays as F1 ROOT.

Seite 175

File System and NamingThe song name that displays is the song name thatis contained in the ID3 tag. If the song name is notpresent in the ID3 tag, the

Seite 176

Do not add any label to a CD, it could get caughtin the CD player. If a CD is recorded on apersonal computer and a description label isneeded, try lab

Seite 177

\ FWD (Fast Forward): Press and hold thisbutton to advance playback quickly within anMP3 file. You will hear sound at a reduced volume.Release this but

Seite 178 - Brake System Warning Light

To change from playback by artist to playback byalbum, press the pushbutton located below theSort By label. From the sort screen, push one ofthe butto

Seite 179

4. Push the latch plate into the buckle untilit clicks.Pull up on the latch plate to make sure it issecure. If the belt is not long enough,see Safety

Seite 180 - Warning Light

Using an MP3 (Radio with CD andDVD Player)MP3/WMA CD-R or CD-RW DiscCompressed Audio or Mixed Mode DiscsThe radio also plays discs that contain bothun

Seite 181 - Engine Coolant Temperature

• Minimize the length of the file, folder, or playlistnames. Long file, folder, or playlist names, or acombination of a large number of files andfolders,

Seite 182 - Tire Pressure Light

Order of Play•Play begins from the first track in the firstplaylist and continues sequentially throughall tracks in each playlist. When the last trackof

Seite 183 - Malfunction Indicator Lamp

If the ignition or radio is turned off with a CD-R inthe player, it stays in the player. When theignition or radio is turned on, the CD-R starts topla

Seite 184 - If the Light is Flashing

Z CD (Eject): Press and release the CDeject button to eject the CD-R that is currentlyplaying in the bottom slot. A beep will soundand Ejecting Disc a

Seite 185 - If the Light Is On Steady

\ FWD (Fast Forward): Press and hold thisbutton to advance playback quickly within anMP3 file. You will hear sound at a reduced volume.Release this but

Seite 186 - Oil Pressure Light

To change from playback by artist to playback byalbum, press the pushbutton located below theSort By label. From the sort screen, push one ofthe butto

Seite 187

XM Radio MessagesRadio Display Message Condition Action RequiredXL (Explicit LanguageChannels)XL on the radio display,after the channel name,indicates

Seite 188 - Reduced Engine Power Light

Radio Display Message Condition Action RequiredNo CAT Info Category Namenot availableNo category information is available at this time on thischannel.

Seite 189 - Service All-Wheel Drive Light

Navigation/Radio SystemYour vehicle may have a navigation radio system.The navigation system has built-in featuresintended to minimize driver distract

Seite 190 - Door Ajar Light

The lap part of the belt should be worn low andsnug on the hips, just touching the thighs. Ina crash, this applies force to the strong pelvicbones. An

Seite 191 - Fuel Gage

Parental ControlThe Rear Seat Entertainment System may have aParental Control feature, depending on whichradio you have. The Parental Control feature

Seite 192 - Low Fuel Warning Light

To adjust the volume on the headphones, use thevolume control located on the right side.If the remote control becomes lost or damaged, anew universal

Seite 193 - DIC Operation and Displays

Audio/Video (A/V) JacksThe A/V jacks are located on the rear of the floorconsole. The A/V jacks allow audio or videosignals to be connected from an aux

Seite 194 - AVG (Average) ECONOMY

How to Change the RSE Video ScreenSettingsThe screen display mode (normal, full, and zoom),screen brightness, and setup menu languagecan be changed fr

Seite 195 - OIL LIFE

Video ScreenThe video screen is located in the RSE overheadconsole.To use the video screen, do the following:1. Push the release button located on the


Remote Control ButtonsO (Power): Press this button to turn the videoscreen on and off.P (Illumination): Press this button to turn theremote control ba


c (Stop): Press this button to stop playing,rewinding, or fast forwarding a DVD. Press thisbutton twice to return to the beginning of the DVD.s (Play/

Seite 198 - DIC Warnings and Messages

{ (Subtitles): Press this button to turn ON/OFFsubtitles and to move through subtitle optionswhen a DVD is playing. The format and content ofthis func


Problem Recommended ActionNo power. The ignition might not beturned on or in accessory.The picture does not fill thescreen. There are blackborders on t

Seite 200 - (Air Conditioning) OFF

DVD Display Error MessagesThe DVD display error message depends onwhich radio you have. The video screen maydisplay one of the following:Disc Load/Eje

Seite 201

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is too loose. It will not givenearly as much protection this way.{CAUTION:You can be seriously hurt if


Audio Steering Wheel ControlsThe audio steeringwheel controls may bedifferent dependingon your vehiclesoptions. Some audiocontrols can be adjustedat t

Seite 203

¨ (Seek): Press the seek arrow to go to the nextradio station and stay there.If you have the navigation system, some of theaudio steering wheel contro


Care of Your CDs and DVDsHandle CDs carefully. Store them in their originalcases or other protective cases and away fromdirect sunlight and dust. The


Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle ... 284Defensive Driving ... 284Drunken Driving ...


Your Driving, the Road, andYour VehicleDefensive DrivingThe best advice anyone can give about driving is:Drive defensively.Please start with a very im

Seite 207 - DIC Vehicle Personalization

Drunken DrivingDeath and injury associated with drinking anddriving is a national tragedy. It is the numberone contributor to the highway death toll,c

Seite 208 - Feature Settings Menu Items

According to the American Medical Association, a180 lb (82 kg) person who drinks three 12 ounce(355 ml) bottles of beer in an hour will end up witha B

Seite 209 - AUTO UNLOCK

But the ability to drive is affected well below a BACof 0.10 percent. Research shows that the drivingskills of many people are impaired at a BACapproa


Control of a VehicleYou have three systems that make your vehicle gowhere you want it to go. They are the brakes, thesteering, and the accelerator. Al

Seite 211 - DELAY LOCK

Avoid needless heavy braking. Some peopledrive in spurts — heavy acceleration followedby heavy braking — rather than keeping pacewith traffic. This is


Q: What is wrong with this?A: The lap belt is too loose. It will not give nearlyas much protection this way.{CAUTION:You can be seriously hurt if your

Seite 213 - REMOTE START

Let us say the road is wet and you are drivingsafely. Suddenly, an animal jumps out in front ofyou. You slam on the brakes and continue braking.Here i

Seite 214 - V TO EXIT

Remember: ABS does not change the time youneed to get your foot up to the brake pedalor always decrease stopping distance. If you gettoo close to the

Seite 215

You should turn the system off if your vehicle evergets stuck in sand, mud, ice or snow and rockingthe vehicle is required. See Rocking Your Vehicleto

Seite 216 - Display)

The traction control system and StabiliTrak®warning light on the instrument panel cluster willflash when the system is operating. You may alsofeel or h

Seite 217

This light will comeon along with theALL WHEEL DRIVEOFF message whenthe rear drive systemis overheating.This light will turn off when the rear drive s

Seite 218

Steering TipsIt is important to take curves at a reasonable speed.A lot of the “driver lost control” accidents mentionedon the news happen on curves.

Seite 219 - Radio with CD (Base)

Steering in EmergenciesThere are times when steering can be moreeffective than braking. For example, you comeover a hill and find a truck stopped in yo

Seite 220 - Radio Messages

Off-Road RecoveryYou may find that your right wheels have droppedoff the edge of a road onto the shoulder whileyou are driving.If the level of the shou

Seite 221

So here are some tips for passing:• Drive ahead. Look down the road, to thesides, and to crossroads for situationsthat might affect your passing patte

Seite 222

• Try not to pass more than one vehicle at atime on two-lane roads. Reconsider beforepassing the next vehicle.• Do not overtake a slowly moving vehicl

Seite 223 - CD Messages

GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem,CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem, and thename EQUINOX are registered trademarks ofGeneral Motors Corporation.This man

Seite 224 - Radio with CD (MP3)

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is buckled in the wrong place.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your belt isbuckled in the wrong place l

Seite 225 - Playing the Radio

If your vehicle starts to slide, ease your foot offthe accelerator pedal and quickly steer theway you want the vehicle to go. If you startsteering qui

Seite 226 - Finding a Station

No one can see as well at night as in the daytime.But as we get older these differences increase.A 50-year-old driver may require at least twice asmuc

Seite 227

Driving in Rain and on Wet RoadsRain and wet roads can mean driving trouble. On awet road, you cannot stop, accelerate, or turn aswell because your ti

Seite 228

{CAUTION:Wet brakes can cause accidents. Theymay not work as well in a quick stop andmay cause pulling to one side. You couldlose control of the vehic

Seite 229

Driving Through Deep Standing WaterNotice: If you drive too quickly through deeppuddles or standing water, water can come inthrough your engine’s air

Seite 230

City DrivingOne of the biggest problems with city streets isthe amount of traffic on them. You will wantto watch out for what the other drivers are do

Seite 231

Freeway DrivingMile for mile, freeways — also called thruways,parkways, expressways, turnpikes, orsuperhighways — are the safest of all roads.But they

Seite 232

When you want to leave the freeway, move to theproper lane well in advance. If you miss your exit,do not, under any circumstances, stop and back up.Dr

Seite 233 - CD-RW Disc

Highway HypnosisIs there actually such a condition as highwayhypnosis? Or is it just plain falling asleep at thewheel? Call it highway hypnosis, lack

Seite 234

{CAUTION:If you do not shift down, your brakescould get so hot that they would not workwell. You would then have poor braking oreven none going down a

Seite 235 - Radio with CD and DVD

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is over an armrest.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured if your beltgoes over an armrest like this. The beltwo

Seite 236

Winter DrivingHere are some tips for winter driving:• Have your vehicle in good shape for winter.• You may want to put winter emergencysupplies in you

Seite 237

What is the worst time for this? Wet ice. Very coldsnow or ice can be slick and hard to drive on.But wet ice can be even more trouble because itmay of

Seite 238

The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) improves yourvehicle’s stability when you make a hard stopon a slippery road. Even though you have ABS,you will want

Seite 239

You can run the engine to keep warm, but becareful.{CAUTION:Snow can trap exhaust gases under yourvehicle. This can cause deadly CO (carbonmonoxide) g

Seite 240

You will need a well-charged battery to restart thevehicle, and possibly for signaling later on withyour headlamps. Let the heater run for a while.The

Seite 241 - CD Slot)

Rocking Your Vehicle to Get It OutFirst, turn the steering wheel left and right.That will clear the area around the front wheels.If your vehicle has t

Seite 242

Tire and Loading Information LabelA vehicle specific Tire and Loading Informationlabel is attached to the vehicle’s center pillar(B-pillar). With the d

Seite 243

4. The resulting figure equals the availableamount of cargo and luggage load capacity.For example, if the “XXX” amount equals1400 lbs and there will be

Seite 244 - Audio Output

Item Description TotalAMaximum VehicleCapacity Weight forExample 2 =1,000 lbs (453 kg)BSubtractOccupant Weight150 lbs (68 kg) × 5 =750 lbs (340 kg)CAv

Seite 245

Certification LabelA vehicle specific Certification/Tire label is foundon the rear edge of the driver’s door.The label shows the size of your original ti

Seite 246 - Using the DVD Player

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The shoulder belt is worn under the arm.It should be worn over the shoulder at all times.{CAUTION:You can be seriously i

Seite 247

If you put things inside your vehicle — likesuitcases, tools, packages, or anythingelse — they will go as fast as the vehicle goes.If you have to stop

Seite 248 - DVD-V (Video) Display Buttons

With the proper preparation and equipment,many vehicles can be towed in these ways. See“Dinghy Towing” and “Dolly Towing,” following.Here are some imp

Seite 249 - DVD-A (Audio) Display Buttons

Dolly TowingIf you have a two-wheel-drive vehicle, it can betowed with two of its wheels on the ground.To dolly tow your vehicle, do the following:1.

Seite 250 - Inserting a Disc

To identify the trailering capacity of your vehicle,you should read the information in “Weight ofthe Trailer” that appears later in this section.Trail

Seite 251 - DVD Radio Error Messages

Weight of the TrailerHow heavy can a trailer safely be?Your vehicle can tow up to 3,500 lbs (1 575 kg).But even that can be too heavy.It depends on ho

Seite 252

If you are using a weight-carrying or aweight-distributing hitch, the trailer tongueweight (A) should be 10 percent to 15 percentof the total loaded t

Seite 253 - Six-Disc CD Player)

HitchesIt is important to have the correct hitch equipment.Crosswinds, large trucks going by and roughroads are a few reasons why you will need therig

Seite 254

Driving with a Trailer{CAUTION:If you have the liftgate open and you pulla trailer with your vehicle, carbonmonoxide (CO) could come into yourvehicle.

Seite 255

Following DistanceStay at least twice as far behind the vehicle aheadas you would when driving your vehicle withouta trailer. This can help you avoid

Seite 256 - Playing an MP3

When towing a trailer, the arrows on yourinstrument panel will flash for turns even if thebulbs on the trailer are burned out. Thus, youmay think drive

Seite 257

Q: What is wrong with this?A: The belt is twisted across the body.{CAUTION:You can be seriously injured by a twistedbelt. In a crash, you would not ha

Seite 258

When You Are Ready to Leave AfterParking on a Hill1. Apply your regular brakes and hold the pedaldown while you do the following:• Start your engine.•

Seite 259

Service ... 333Accessories and Modifications ... 333California Proposition 65 Warn

Seite 260 - DVD Player)

Tire Inspection and Rotation ... 396When It Is Time for New Tires ... 397Buying New Tires ...

Seite 261 - No Folder

ServiceYour dealer knows your vehicle best and wantsyou to be happy with it. We hope you will goto your dealer for all your service needs. You willget

Seite 262

California Proposition 65 WarningMost motor vehicles, including this one, containand/or emit chemicals known to the State ofCalifornia to cause cancer

Seite 263

Adding Equipment to the Outsideof Your VehicleThings you might add to the outside of yourvehicle can affect the airflow around it. This maycause wind n

Seite 264

California FuelIf your vehicle is certified to meet CaliforniaEmissions Standards, it is designed to operate onfuels that meet California specifications

Seite 265

Some gasolines that are not reformulated for lowemissions may contain an octane-enhancingadditive called methylcyclopentadienyl manganesetricarbonyl (

Seite 266

The tethered fuel cap is located behind a hingedfuel door on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.To remove the fuel cap, turn it slowlycounterclockwis

Seite 267 - XM Radio Messages

{CAUTION:If a fire starts while you are refueling, donot remove the nozzle. Shut off the flowof fuel by shutting off the pump or bynotifying the station

Seite 268

To unlatch the belt, push the button on the buckle.The belt should go back out of the way.Before you close the door, be sure the belt is outof the way

Seite 269 - Navigation/Radio System

Checking Things Underthe Hood{CAUTION:An electric fan under the hood can start upand injure you even when the engine is notrunning. Keep hands, clothi

Seite 270 - Headphones

2. Then go to the front of the vehicle and lift upon the secondary hood release lever.3. Lift the hood, release the hood prop from itsretainer and put

Seite 271

Engine Compartment OverviewWhen you open the hood you will see the following:342

Seite 272 - Audio/Video (A/V) Jacks

A. Engine Air Cleaner/Filter. See Engine AirCleaner/Filter on page 349.B. Engine Oil Fill Cap. See “When to Add EngineOil” under Engine Oil on page 34

Seite 273

Engine OilChecking Engine OilIt is a good idea to check the engine oil every timeyou get fuel. In order to get an accurate reading,the oil must be war

Seite 274 - Remote Control

Notice: Do not add too much oil. If the enginehas so much oil that the oil level gets above thecross-hatched area that shows the properoperating range

Seite 275 - Remote Control Buttons

What Kind of Engine Oil to UseLook for two things:• GM6094MYour vehicle’s engine requires oil meeting GMStandard GM6094M. You should look forand use o

Seite 276

Notice: Use only engine oil identified asmeeting GM Standard GM6094M and showingthe American Petroleum Institute Certified ForGasoline Engines starburst

Seite 277

How to Reset the Engine Oil LifeSystemThe Engine Oil Life System calculates when tochange your engine oil and filter based on vehicleuse. Anytime your

Seite 278

Engine Air Cleaner/FilterThe engine air cleaner/filter is located in theengine compartment on the passenger’s side ofthe vehicle. See Engine Compartmen

Seite 279 - Theft-Deterrent Feature

Safety Belt Use During PregnancySafety belts work for everyone, including pregnantwomen. Like all occupants, they are more likelyto be seriously injur

Seite 280 - Audio Steering Wheel Controls

3. Disconnect the crank case ventilation tube.4. Loosen the screws on the clamps holdingthe air outlet duct in place. Do not pry theclamps off.5. Remo

Seite 281 - Radio Reception

6. Undo the clamps on the filter cover. Toremove the cover, pull up on the frontand then pull the cover out.7. Inspect or replace the engine air cleane

Seite 282 - Multi-Band Antenna

Automatic Transaxle FluidIt is not necessary to check the transaxle fluidlevel. A transaxle fluid leak is the only reason forfluid loss. If a leak occurs

Seite 283

What to UseUse a mixture of one-half clean, drinkable waterand one-half DEX-COOL®coolant which willnot damage aluminum parts. If you use this coolantm

Seite 284

Checking CoolantThe surge tank is located on the driver’s sideof the engine compartment. See EngineCompartment Overview on page 342 for moreinformatio

Seite 285 - Drunken Driving

Adding CoolantIf you need more coolant, add the properDEX-COOL®coolant mixture at the surge tank,but only when the engine is cool.{CAUTION:You can be

Seite 286

If Steam Is Coming From Your Engine{CAUTION:Steam from an overheated engine canburn you badly, even if you just open thehood. Stay away from the engin

Seite 287

If you get the overheat warning with no sign ofsteam, try this for a minute or so:1. If the air conditioner is on, turn it off.2. Turn on your heater

Seite 288 - Control of a Vehicle

Cooling SystemWhen you decide it is safe to lift the hood, here iswhat you will see:A. Electric Engine Cooling FansB. Coolant Surge Tank{CAUTION:An el

Seite 289 - Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

{CAUTION:Heater and radiator hoses, and otherengine parts, can be very hot. Do nottouch them. If you do, you can be burned.Do not run the engine if th

Seite 290

Rear Seat PassengersIt is very important for rear seat passengers tobuckle up! Accident statistics show that unbeltedpeople in the rear seat are hurt

Seite 291 - Braking in Emergencies

How to Add Coolant to the CoolantSurge TankNotice: This vehicle has a specific coolant fillprocedure. Failure to follow this procedurecould cause your e

Seite 292 - StabiliTrak

{CAUTION:Adding only plain water to your coolingsystem can be dangerous. Plain water, orsome other liquid such as alcohol, canboil before the proper c

Seite 293 - All-Wheel Drive (AWD) System

1. You can remove thecoolant surge tankpressure capwhen the coolingsystem, includingthe coolantsurge tank pressurecap and upperradiator hose,is no lon

Seite 294 - Steering

4. With the coolant surge tank pressure cap off,start the engine and let it run until you canfeel the upper radiator hose getting hot.Watch out for th

Seite 295 - Steering Tips

Windshield Washer FluidWhat to UseWhen you need windshield or rear window washerfluid be sure to read the instructions before use.If you will be operat

Seite 296 - Steering in Emergencies

BrakesBrake FluidYour brake mastercylinder reservoir isfilled with DOT-3 brakefluid. See EngineCompartment Overviewon page 342 for thelocation of the re

Seite 297 - Off-Road Recovery

What to AddWhen you do need brake fluid, use only DOT-3brake fluid. Use new brake fluid from a sealedcontainer only. See Recommended Fluidsand Lubricants

Seite 298

{CAUTION:The brake wear warning sound means thatsoon the brakes will not work well. Thatcould lead to an accident. When you hearthe brake wear warning

Seite 299 - Loss of Control

BatteryYour vehicle has a maintenance free battery.When it is time for a new battery, get one that hasthe replacement number shown on the originalbatt

Seite 300 - Driving at Night

{CAUTION:Batteries can hurt you. They can bedangerous because:• They contain acid that can burn you.• They contain gas that can explode orignite.• The

Seite 301

2. Push the latch plate into the buckle until itclicks. Pull up on the latch plate to makesure it is secure.When the shoulder belt is pulled out all t

Seite 302

3. Turn off the ignition on both vehicles. Unplugunnecessary accessories plugged into thecigarette lighter or the accessory power outlet.Turn off the

Seite 303

{CAUTION:Using a match near a battery can causebattery gas to explode. People have beenhurt doing this, and some have beenblinded. Use a flashlight if

Seite 304

6. Connect the red positive (+) cable to thepositive (+) terminal of the dead battery.Use a remote positive (+) terminal ifthe vehicle has one.7. Do n

Seite 305 - City Driving

A. Heavy, Unpainted Metal Engine Part orRemote Negative (−) TerminalB. Good Battery or Remote Positive (+) andRemote Negative (−) TerminalsC. Dead Bat

Seite 306 - Freeway Driving

All-Wheel DriveIf you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, be sure toperform the lubricant checks described in thissection. However, there are two additio

Seite 307 - Before Leaving on a Long Trip

Carrier Assembly-Differential(Rear Drive Module)When to Check and Change LubricantRefer to the Maintenance Schedule to determinehow often to check the

Seite 308 - Hill and Mountain Roads

Halogen Bulbs{CAUTION:Halogen bulbs have pressurized gasinside and can burst if you drop orscratch the bulb. You or others could beinjured. Be sure to

Seite 309

4. Remove the three headlamp assemblyattachment screws.5. Pull the radiator cover/front grill toward youand pull the headlamp assembly up and outfrom

Seite 310 - Winter Driving

6. Press the clip (A)on the electricalconnector whenreplacing thelow-beam orhigh-beam bulb, thenpull it straight off.Turn the bulb retaining ring (B)c

Seite 311

To replace one of these bulbs, do the following:1. Open the liftgate. See Liftgate on page 107for more information.2. Remove the taillampscrew covers

Seite 312

The lap part of the belt should be worn low andsnug on the hips, just touching the thighs. Ina crash, this applies force to the strong pelvicbones. An

Seite 313

License Plate LampTo replace one of these bulbs, do the following:1. Remove the two screws holding each of thelicense plate lamps to the liftgate hand

Seite 314

Here’s how to replace the windshield wiper blades:1. Make sure the front wipers are turned off.2. Pull the windshield wiper arm away from thewindshiel

Seite 315

TiresYour new vehicle comes with high-quality tiresmade by a leading tire manufacturer. If you everhave questions about your tire warranty and whereto

Seite 316 - Label Example

Tire Sidewall LabelingUseful information about a tire is molded into itssidewall. The examples below show a typicalpassenger vehicle tire and a compac

Seite 317

(D) Tire Identification Number (TIN): The lettersand numbers following DOT (Department ofTransportation) code is the Tire IdentificationNumber (TIN). Th

Seite 318

(B) Tire Ply Material: The type of cord andnumber of plies in the sidewall and under the tread.(C) Tire Identification Number (TIN): The lettersand num

Seite 319

Tire SizeThe following illustration shows an example of atypical passenger vehicle tire size.(A) Passenger (P-Metric) Tire: The United Statesversion o

Seite 320

Tire Terminology and DefinitionsAir Pressure: The amount of air inside the tirepressing outward on each square inch of thetire. Air pressure is express

Seite 321 - Dinghy Towing

GAWR RR: Gross Axle Weight Rating for the rearaxle. See Loading Your Vehicle on page 315.Intended Outboard Sidewall: The side ofan asymmetrical tire,

Seite 322

Recommended Inflation Pressure: Vehiclemanufacturer’s recommended tire inflationpressure as shown on the tire placard. SeeInflation - Tire Pressure on pa

Seite 323

To unlatch the belt, just push the button on thebuckle. For outboard seating positions, whenthe safety belt is not in use, slide the latch plateup the

Seite 324 - Weight of the Trailer Tongue

Inflation - Tire PressureTires need the correct amount of air pressure tooperate effectively.Notice: Do not let anyone tell you thatunder-inflation or o

Seite 325

How to CheckUse a good quality pocket-type gage to checktire pressure. You cannot tell if your tires areproperly inflated simply by looking at them. Ra

Seite 326 - Trailer Brakes

As an added safetyfeature, your vehiclehas been equipped witha tire pressuremonitoring system(TPMS) that illuminatesa low tire pressuretelltale when o

Seite 327

When a low tire pressure condition is detected,the TPMS will illuminate the low tire pressurewarning symbol on the instrument panel cluster,and at the

Seite 328 - Making Turns

TPMS Sensor Matching ProcessEach TPMS sensor has a unique identificationcode. Any time you replace one or more ofthe TPMS sensors or rotate the vehicle

Seite 329

6. Remove the valve cap from the tire’s valvestem. Activate the TPMS sensor by increasingor decreasing the tire’s air pressure forfive seconds, or unti

Seite 330 - Parking on a Hill

Tire Inspection and RotationTires should be rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles(8 000 to 13 000 km).Any time you notice unusual wear, rotate yourtires

Seite 331

Reset the Tire Pressure Monitor System. See“TPMS Sensor Matching Process” underTire Pressure Monitor System on page 391.Make certain that all wheel nu

Seite 332

Buying New TiresGM has developed and matched specific tiresfor your vehicle. The original equipment tiresinstalled on your vehicle, when it was new,wer

Seite 333 - Accessories and Modifications

{CAUTION:Mixing tires could cause you to losecontrol while driving. If you mix tires ofdifferent sizes, brands, or types (radialand bias-belted tires)

Seite 334

How to Use This ManualMany people read the owner manual frombeginning to end when they first receive their newvehicle. If this is done, it can help you

Seite 335 - Gasoline Specifications

2. Slide the guide under and past the belt. Theelastic cord must be under the belt. Then,place the guide over the belt, and insert thetwo edges of the

Seite 336 - Additives

Different Size Tires and WheelsIf you add wheels or tires that are a different sizethan your original equipment wheels and tires,this may affect the w

Seite 337

While the tires available on General Motorspassenger cars and light trucks may vary withrespect to these grades, they must also conformto federal safe

Seite 338

Wheel Alignment and Tire BalanceThe tires and wheels on your vehicle werealigned and balanced carefully at the factory togive you the longest tire lif

Seite 339

Notice: The wrong wheel can also causeproblems with bearing life, brake cooling,speedometer or odometer calibration,headlamp aim, bumper height, vehic

Seite 340

If a Tire Goes FlatIt is unusual for a tire to blowout while you aredriving, especially if you maintain your vehicle’stires properly. If air goes out

Seite 341

{CAUTION:Changing a tire can be dangerous. Thevehicle can slip off the jack and roll overor fall on you or other people. You andthey could be badly in

Seite 342 - Engine Compartment Overview

Removing the Spare Tire and ToolsIf your vehicle has the rear compartment storagepanel/cover, you will have to remove it to accessthe load floor. See R

Seite 343

5. Remove thewing-bolt holdingthe jack andthen remove it.6. Remove the hook and loop fastener strapsholding the bag containing the wheel wrench.Remove

Seite 344 - Engine Oil

5. Place the jack near the flat tire.Notice: Make sure that the jack lift head isin the correct position or you may damage yourvehicle. The repairs wou

Seite 345 - SAE 5W-30 may not

Do not lift the vehicle using the plastic lowerbody panel.7. Put the compact spare tire near you.{CAUTION:Getting under a vehicle when it is jacked up

Seite 346 - • SAE 5W-30

{CAUTION:A safety belt that is not properly wornmay not provide the protection needed ina crash. The person wearing the beltcould be seriously injured

Seite 347 - Engine Oil Life System

{CAUTION:Lifting a vehicle and getting under it to domaintenance or repairs is dangerouswithout the appropriate safety equipmentand training. The jack

Seite 348 - What to Do with Used Oil

9. Remove all of thewheel nuts.10. Remove the flat tire.{CAUTION:Rust or dirt on the wheel, or on the partsto which it is fastened, can make thewheel n

Seite 349 - Engine Air Cleaner/Filter

{CAUTION:Never use oil or grease on studs or nuts.If you do, the nuts might come loose.Your wheel could fall off, causing aserious accident.13. Reinst

Seite 350

Notice: Improperly tightened wheel nuts canlead to brake pulsation and rotor damage.To avoid expensive brake repairs, evenlytighten the wheel nuts in

Seite 351

Storing a Flat or Spare Tireand Tools{CAUTION:Storing a jack, a tire, or other equipmentin the passenger compartment of thevehicle could cause injury.

Seite 352 - Engine Coolant

5. Screw the threaded wheel stow rod onto thespare tire bracket. The final position of thewheel stow rod must be turned to the farthestforward position

Seite 353

Compact Spare TireAlthough the compact spare tire was fully inflatedwhen the vehicle was new, it can lose air aftera time. Check the inflation pressure

Seite 354

Appearance CareCleaning the Inside of Your VehicleYour vehicle’s interior will continue to look itsbest if it is cleaned often. Although not alwaysvis

Seite 355

Do not clean your vehicle using the followingcleaners or techniques:• Never use a knife or any other sharp object toremove a soil from any interior su

Seite 356

Most stains can be removed with club soda water.To clean, use the following instructions:1. For liquids: blot with a clean, soft white cloth.For solid

Seite 357 - Operating Mode

Safety Belt PretensionersYour vehicle has safety belt pretensioners for thedriver and right front passenger. Although youcannot see them, they are par

Seite 358

Special Fabric Cleaning ProblemsStains caused by such things as catsup, coffee,tea, milk, fruit, fruit juice, jelly, cheese, chocolate,vomit, urine, a

Seite 359

Instrument Panel, Vinyl, and OtherPlastic SurfacesA soft cloth dampened with water may be used toremove dust. If a more thorough cleaning isnecessary,

Seite 360

Washing Your VehicleThe paint finish on the vehicle provides beauty,depth of color, gloss retention, and durability.The best way to preserve the vehicl

Seite 361

The vehicle has a basecoat/clearcoat paint finish.The clearcoat gives more depth and gloss tothe colored basecoat. Always use waxesand polishes that ar

Seite 362

Aluminum or Chrome-Plated WheelsYour vehicle may have either aluminum orchrome-plated wheels.Keep the wheels clean using a soft clean clothwith mild s

Seite 363

TiresTo clean the tires, use a stiff brush with tirecleaner.Notice: Using petroleum-based tire dressingproducts on your vehicle may damage thepaint fin

Seite 364 - Windshield Washer Fluid

Chemical Paint SpottingSome weather and atmospheric conditions cancreate a chemical fallout. Airborne pollutants canfall upon and attack painted surfa

Seite 365

Description UsageSwirl Remover PolishRemoves swirl marks, finescratches, and other lightsurface contamination.Cleaner WaxRemoves light scratchesand pro

Seite 366

Engine IdentificationThe eighth character in the VIN is the enginecode. This code will help you identify your vehicle’sengine, specifications, and repla

Seite 367

Windshield Wiper FusesThe windshield wiper motor is protected by acircuit breaker and a fuse. If the motor overheatsdue to heavy snow or ice, the wipe

Seite 368

Child RestraintsOlder ChildrenOlder children who have outgrown booster seatsshould wear the vehicle’s safety belts.Q: What is the proper way to wear s

Seite 369

Fuses Usage1 Sunroof2 Rear Seat Entertainment3 Rear Wiper4 Liftgate5 Airbags6 Heated Seats7 Driver’s Side Turn Signal8 Door LocksFuses Usage9Automatic

Seite 370

Fuses Usage20 Body Control Module21 OnStar®22Center High-Mounted Stoplamp,Dimmer23 Interior LightsRelays UsageRAP RLY Retained Accessory Power RelayRE

Seite 371

Fuses Usage1 Cooling Fan 22 Cooling Fan 13 Auxiliary Power4 Not Used5 Spare6 Spare7 Anti-lock Brake System8 Air Conditioning Clutch9 Driver’s Side Low

Seite 372

Fuses Usage36 Front Wiper37Driver’s Side Trailer Stoplamp,Turn Signal38 Spare39 Fuel Pump40 Not Used41 All-Wheel Drive42 Regulated Voltage Control43Pa

Seite 373 - Jumper Cable Removal

Capacities and SpecificationsThe following approximate capacities are given in English and metric conversions. See RecommendedFluids and Lubricants on

Seite 374 - All-Wheel Drive

Maintenance Schedule ... 436Introduction ... 436Maintenance Requirements ...

Seite 375 - Bulb Replacement

Maintenance ScheduleIntroductionImportant: Keep engine oil at the proper leveland change as recommended.Have you purchased the GM Protection Plan? The

Seite 376

Your Vehicle and the EnvironmentProper vehicle maintenance not only helps to keepyour vehicle in good working condition, but alsohelps the environment

Seite 377

This schedule is for vehicles that:• carry passengers and cargo withinrecommended limits. You will find these limitson the Tire and Loading Information

Seite 378

If you want to purchase service information,see Service Publications Ordering Informationon page 475.Owner Checks and Services on page 444 tellsyou wh

Seite 379

{CAUTION:Never do this.Here two children are wearing the samebelt. The belt can not properly spread theimpact forces. In a crash, the two childrencan

Seite 380 - Replacement

If the engine oil life system is ever resetaccidentally, you must service your vehicle within3,000 miles (5 000 km) since your last service.Remember t

Seite 381

Scheduled MaintenanceService Maintenance I Maintenance IIChange engine oil and filter. See Engine Oil on page 344. Reset oil lifesystem. See Engine Oil

Seite 382

Additional Required ServicesThe following services should be performed at the first maintenance service (I or II) after the indicatedmiles (kilometers)

Seite 383 - Tire Sidewall Labeling

Maintenance Footnotes(a) Visually inspect brake lines and hoses forproper hook-up, binding, leaks, cracks, chafing,etc. Inspect disc brake pads for wea

Seite 384 - Compact Spare Tire Example

(h) Change automatic transaxle fluid if the vehicleis mainly driven under one or more of theseconditions:− In heavy city traffic where the outsidetempe

Seite 385

At Each Fuel FillIt is important to perform these underhoodchecks at each fuel fill.Engine Oil Level CheckCheck the engine oil level and add the proper

Seite 386 - Tire Size

At Least Once a YearStarter Switch Check{CAUTION:When you are doing this inspection, thevehicle could move suddenly. If the vehiclemoves, you or other

Seite 387

Ignition Transaxle Lock CheckWhile parked, and with the parking brake set, try toturn the ignition to LOCK in each shift lever position.• The ignition

Seite 388

Recommended Fluids andLubricantsFluids and lubricants identified below by name,part number, or specification may be obtainedfrom your dealer.Usage Fluid

Seite 389

Normal Maintenance Replacement PartsReplacement parts identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your dealer.Part GM P

Seite 390 - Inflation - Tire Pressure

{CAUTION:Never do this.Here a child is sitting in a seat that has alap-shoulder belt, but the shoulder part isbehind the child. If the child wears the

Seite 391 - Tire Pressure Monitor System

Engine Drive Belt Routing3.4L V6 Engine450

Seite 392

Maintenance RecordAfter the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service,and the type of services pe

Seite 393

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed452

Seite 394 - V TO LEARN message displays

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed453

Seite 395

Maintenance Record (cont’d)DateOdometerReadingServiced ByMaintenance I orMaintenance IIServices Performed454

Seite 396 - Tire Inspection and Rotation

Customer Assistance and Information ... 456Customer Satisfaction Procedure ... 456Online Owner Center ...

Seite 397

Customer Assistance andInformationCustomer Satisfaction ProcedureYour satisfaction and goodwill are importantto your dealer and to Chevrolet. Normally

Seite 398 - Buying New Tires

STEP THREE — U.S. Owners: Both GeneralMotors and your dealer are committed to makingsure you are completely satisfied with yournew vehicle. However, if

Seite 399

STEP THREE — Canadian Owners: In the eventthat you do not feel your concerns have beenaddressed after following the procedure outlined inSteps 1 and 2

Seite 400

Online Owner CenterOnline Owner Center(United States only)The Owner Center is a resource for your GMownership needs. Specific vehicle informationcan be

Seite 401 - Temperature – A, B, C

Infants and Young ChildrenEveryone in a vehicle needs protection! Thisincludes infants and all other children. Neither thedistance traveled nor the ag

Seite 402

Customer Assistance for TextTelephone (TTY) UsersTo assist customers who are deaf, hard ofhearing, or speech-impaired and who use TextTelephones (TTYs

Seite 403

Overseas — Customer AssistancePlease contact the local General MotorsBusiness Unit.Mexico, Central America andCaribbean Islands/Countries(Except Puert

Seite 404

Roadside Assistance ProgramIn the U.S., call 1-800-CHEV-USA(1-800-243-8872)In Canada, call 1-800-268-6800Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a

Seite 405

• Emergency Tow From a Public Roadwayor Highway: Tow to the nearest dealershipfor warranty service or in the event of avehicle-disabling accident. Win

Seite 406

• Trip Interruption Benefits and Assistance:In the event of a warranty related vehicledisablement, while en route and over250 kilometres from original

Seite 407 - Installing the Spare Tire

For prompt and efficient assistance when calling,please provide the following to the RoadsideAssistance Representative:• Your name, home address, and

Seite 408

Courtesy TransportationTo enhance your ownership experience, we andour participating dealers are proud to offerCourtesy Transportation, a customer sup

Seite 409

Transportation OptionsWarranty service can generally be completedwhile you wait. However, if you are unable towait, GM helps to minimize your inconven

Seite 410

Courtesy Rental VehicleYour dealer may arrange to provide you with acourtesy rental vehicle or reimburse you fora rental vehicle that you obtain if yo

Seite 411

Vehicle Data Collection andEvent Data RecordersYour vehicle, like other modern motor vehicles,has a number of sophisticated computer systemsthat monit

Seite 412

{CAUTION:Children who are up against, or very closeto, any airbag when it inflates can beseriously injured or killed. Airbags pluslap-shoulder belts of

Seite 413

In addition, once GM collects or receives data,GM may:• use the data for GM research needs,• make it available for research whereappropriate confidenti

Seite 414

A recycled original equipment GM part, may bean acceptable choice to maintain your vehicle’soriginally designed appearance and safetyperformance, howe

Seite 415

If an Accident OccursHere is what to do if you are involved in anaccident.• Try to relax and then check to make sure youare all right. If you are unin

Seite 416 - Compact Spare Tire

• Choose a reputable collision repair facility foryour vehicle. Whether you select a GM dealeror a private collision repair facility to fix thedamage,

Seite 417 - Appearance Care

Reporting Safety DefectsReporting Safety Defects to theUnited States GovernmentIf you believe that your vehicle has a defect whichcould cause a crash

Seite 418 - Fabric/Carpet

In Canada, please call us at 1-800-263-3777(English) or 1-800-263-7854 (French).Or, write:General Motors of Canada LimitedCustomer Communication Centr

Seite 419 - Using Cleaner on Fabric

Owner InformationOwner publications are written specifically forowners and intended to provide basic operationalinformation about the vehicle. The owne

Seite 420

AAccessories and Modifications ... 333Accessory Power Outlet(s) ... 164Adding Equipment to Your Airbag-Equippe

Seite 421

Appearance Care (cont.)Vehicle Care/Appearance Materials ... 426Washing Your Vehicle ... 422Weatherstrips ...

Seite 422 - Finish Care

CCalibration ... 129, 131California Fuel ... 336California Propositio

Seite 423 - Windshield and Wiper Blades

Q: What are the different types of add-onchild restraints?A: Add-on child restraints, which are purchased bythe vehicle’s owner, are available in four

Seite 424

Climate Control System ... 165Air Filter, Passenger Compartment ... 169Outlet Adjustment ...

Seite 425 - Underbody Maintenance

DoorAjar Light ... 190Delayed Locking ... 105Locks ...

Seite 426 - Chemical Paint Spotting

Engine (cont.)Coolant Temperature Gage ... 182Coolant Temperature Warning Light ... 181Drive Belt Routing ...

Seite 427 - Vehicle Identification

GGageEngine Coolant Temperature ... 182Fuel ... 191Speedometer ...

Seite 428 - Electrical System

Instrument PanelOverview ... 148Instrument Panel (I/P)Brightness ...

Seite 429 - Instrument Panel Fuse Block

Light (cont.)Passenger Safety Belt Reminder ... 174Reduced Engine Power ... 188Safety Belt Reminder ...

Seite 430

Malfunction Indicator Light ... 183Manual Lumbar Controls ... 10Manual Reclining Seatbacks ...

Seite 431 - Engine Compartment Fuse Block

PPaint, Damage ... 425Park (P)Shifting Into ... 123Shifting Out of

Seite 432

Rearview Mirror, Automatic Dimmingwith Compass ... 131Rearview Mirror, Automatic Dimmingwith OnStar®and Compass

Seite 433

Safety Belts (cont.)How to Wear Safety Belts Properly ... 24Questions and Answers About SafetyBelts ...

Seite 434 - Capacities and Specifications

{CAUTION:The body structure of a young child isquite unlike that of an adult or older child,for whom the safety belts are designed. Ayoung child’s hip

Seite 435

Spare Tire (cont.)Removing ... 406Storing ... 414Specifi

Seite 436 - Maintenance Schedule

Tires (cont.)Buying New Tires ... 398Chains ... 403Changing a Flat

Seite 437

Vehicle Data Collection and Event DataRecorders ... 469Vehicle IdentificationNumber (VIN) ...

Seite 438

Vehicle Damage WarningsAlso, in this manual you will find these notices:Notice: These mean there is somethingthat could damage your vehicle.A notice te

Seite 439 - Scheduled Maintenance

A rear-facing infant seat (B) provides restraintwith the seating surface against the back of theinfant. The harness system holds the infantin place an

Seite 440

A booster seat (F-G) is a child restraint designedto improve the fit of the vehicle’s safety beltsystem. Some booster seats have a shoulder beltpositio

Seite 441

Securing an Add-on Child Restraintin the Vehicle{CAUTION:A child can be seriously injured or killedin a crash if the child restraint is notproperly se

Seite 442 - Additional Required Services

Securing the Child Within theChild RestraintThere are several systems for securing the childwithin the child restraint. One system, thethree-point har

Seite 443 - Maintenance Footnotes

If your vehicle has a rear seat that willaccommodate a rear-facing child restraint, a labelon your sun visor says, “Never put a rear-facingchild seat

Seite 444 - Owner Checks and Services

If your vehicle does not have a rear seat that willaccommodate a rear-facing child restraint, neverput a child in a rear-facing child restraint in the

Seite 445 - At Least Once a Month

Configurations for Use of Two ChildRestraintsA. Child restraintusing LATCHB. Occupant prohibitedA. Occupant prohibitedB. Child restraintusing LATCHA. C

Seite 446

Lower Anchors and Tethers forChildren (LATCH)The LATCH system holds a child restraint duringdriving or in a crash. This system is designedto make inst

Seite 447

Top Tether AnchorA top tether (A, C) anchors the top of the childrestraint to the vehicle. A top tether anchor is builtinto the vehicle. The top tethe

Seite 448 - Lubricants

Lower Anchor and Top Tether AnchorLocationsi (Top Tether Anchor):Seating positions withtop tether anchors.j (Lower Anchor):Seating positions withtwo l

Seite 449

These are some examples of symbols that may be found on the vehicle:6

Seite 450 - Engine Drive Belt Routing

There is no place to attach the top tether in thisposition.Accident statistics show that children are safer ifthey are restrained in the rear rather t

Seite 451 - Maintenance Record

{CAUTION:Children can be seriously injured orstrangled if a shoulder belt is wrappedaround their neck and the safety beltcontinues to tighten. Secure

Seite 452 - Maintenance Record (cont’d)

Make sure to attach the child restraint at theproper anchor location.This system is designed to make installation ofchild restraints easier. When usin

Seite 453

If the position you areusing does not have ahead restraint andyou are using a dualtether, route thetether over theseatback.If the position you areusin

Seite 454

Securing a Child Restraint in aRear Seat PositionIf your child restraint has the LATCH system,see Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children(LATCH) on pag

Seite 455

4. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the wayout of the retractor to set the lock.5. To tighten the belt, push down on the childrestraint, pull th

Seite 456 - Information

6. If your child restraint manufacturerrecommends using a top tether, attach andtighten the top tether to the top tether anchor.Refer to the instructi

Seite 457

If your vehicle has a rear seat that willaccommodate a rear-facing child restraint,a label on your sun visor that says, “Never put arear-facing child

Seite 458

If your vehicle does not have a rear seat that willaccommodate a rear-facing child restraint, neverput a child in a rear-facing child restraint in the

Seite 459 - Online Owner Center

There is no top tether anchor at the right frontseating position. Do not secure a child seat in thisposition if a national or local law requires that

Seite 460 - Customer Assistance Offices

Front Seats ... 8Manual Seats ... 8Driver Seat Height A

Seite 461 - GM Mobility Reimbursement

4. Buckle the belt. Make sure the release buttonis positioned so you would be able to unbucklethe safety belt quickly if you ever had to.5. Pull the r

Seite 462 - Roadside Assistance Program

6. To tighten the belt, push down on the childrestraint, pull the shoulder portion of the belt totighten the lap portion of the belt, and feed theshou

Seite 463

When the safety belt is not in use, slide the latchplate up the safety belt webbing. The latchplate should rest on the stitching on the safetybelt, ne

Seite 464

Here are the most important things to know aboutthe airbag system:{CAUTION:You can be severely injured or killed in acrash if you are not wearing your

Seite 465

{CAUTION:Both frontal and roof-mounted side impactairbags inflate with great force, faster thanthe blink of an eye. If you are too close toan inflating

Seite 466 - Courtesy Transportation

There is an airbagreadiness light on theinstrument panel cluster,which shows theairbag symbol.The system checks the airbag electrical systemfor malfun

Seite 467 - Transportation Options

The right front passenger’s frontal airbag is in theinstrument panel on the passenger’s side.If your vehicle has a roof-mounted airbag for thedriver a

Seite 468 - Courtesy Rental Vehicle

If your vehicle has a roof-mounted airbag for theright front passenger and the person directlybehind that passenger, it is located in the ceilingabove

Seite 469 - Event Data Recorders

When Should an Airbag Inflate?The driver’s and right front passenger’s frontalairbags are designed to inflate in moderate tosevere frontal or near-front

Seite 470 - Collision Damage Repair

Frontal airbags (driver and right front passenger)are not intended to inflate during vehiclerollovers, rear impacts, or in many side impacts.Your vehic

Seite 471 - Insuring Your Vehicle

Front SeatsManual Seats{CAUTION:You can lose control of the vehicle ifyou try to adjust a manual driver’s seatwhile the vehicle is moving. The suddenm

Seite 472 - If an Accident Occurs

How Does an Airbag Restrain?In moderate to severe frontal or near frontalcollisions, even belted occupants can contact thesteering wheel or the instru

Seite 473 - Repair Process

{CAUTION:When an airbag inflates, there may bedust in the air. This dust could causebreathing problems for people with ahistory of asthma or other brea

Seite 474 - Reporting Safety Defects

Passenger Sensing SystemYour vehicle has a passenger sensing system.The passenger airbag status indicator on theinstrument panel will be visible when

Seite 475 - Service Publications Ordering

{CAUTION:A child in a rear-facing child restraint canbe seriously injured or killed if the rightfront passenger’s airbag inflates. This isbecause the b

Seite 476 - Owner Information

Here is why:{CAUTION:A child in a rear-facing child restraint canbe seriously injured or killed if the rightfront passenger’s airbag inflates. This isb

Seite 477

The passenger sensing system is designed to turnoff the right front passenger’s frontal airbag if:• The right front passenger seat is unoccupied.• The

Seite 478

The passenger sensing system is designed toenable (may inflate) the right front passenger’sfrontal airbag anytime the system senses that aperson of adu

Seite 479

{CAUTION:If the airbag readiness light in theinstrument panel cluster ever comes onand stays on, it means that something maybe wrong with the airbag s

Seite 480

Servicing Your Airbag-EquippedVehicleAirbags affect how your vehicle should be serviced.There are parts of the airbag system in severalplaces around y

Seite 481

Adding Equipment to YourAirbag-Equipped VehicleQ: Is there anything I might add to the frontor sides of the vehicle that could keep theairbags from wo

Seite 482

Driver Seat Height AdjusterIf your vehicle has a manual driver seat heightadjuster, it is located on the outboard side ofthe seat near the front of th

Seite 483

Restraint System CheckChecking the Restraint SystemsNow and then, make sure the safety belt reminderlight and all your belts, buckles, latch plates,re

Seite 484

Replacing Restraint System PartsAfter a Crash{CAUTION:A crash can damage the restraint systemsin your vehicle. A damaged restraintsystem may not prope

Seite 485


Seite 486

Keys ... 95Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System ... 96Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)System

Seite 487

Mirrors ... 129Manual Rearview Mirror ... 129Manual Rearview Mirror wi

Seite 488

Keys{CAUTION:Leaving children in a vehicle with theignition key is dangerous for manyreasons. They could operate the powerwindows or other controls or

Seite 489

One key is used for the ignition and all of the locks.Key code information can be obtained by yourdealer. These code numbers can be used to makenew ke

Seite 490

Changes or modifications to this system by otherthan an authorized service facility could voidauthorization to use this equipment.At times you may noti

Seite 491

The following functions may be available if yourvehicle has the RKE system:/(Remote Vehicle Start): If your vehicle hasthis feature, it may be started

Seite 492

L(Vehicle Locator/Panic Alarm): Press andrelease this button to locate your vehicle. The turnsignal lamps will flash and the horn will soundthree times

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