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Seite 2

These symbols are important for you and your passengers whenever your vehicle is driven: I Fasten Safety Door LocWUnlock Belts These symbols have


To Get Out of Cruise Control There are two ways to turn off the Cruise Control: Step lightly on the brake pedal. Move the Cruise switch to OFF. T

Seite 4 - French Language Manual:

Lights Your light switches are on the left side of the instrument panel above the vent. Press the top light switch to the left to turn on: Parking Li

Seite 5 - Reference

Fog Lamps I Use your optional fog lamps for better vision in foggy or misty conditions. Your parking lights or headlights on low I beam must

Seite 6 - Contents

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) indicator Light (Canada Only) If your vehicle was first sold, when new, in Canada, you will have this light on th

Seite 7

Headlights-On Reminder If you have this option, a reminder tone will sound when your headlights are turned on and your ignition is in OF

Seite 8 - Warnings

Interior Lights Override Switch If you have the optional interior lights override switch and it is in the DOOR position, your interior lights wil

Seite 9

You can also adjust the mirror for day or :::q 4 . .. . ... . night driving. Press the tab forward (away from you) for day driving. Pull the ta

Seite 10 - LocWUnlock

To move a mirror, slide the switch to L for the driver’s side mirror or to R for the passenger’s side mirror. Then, press the four-way pad to move

Seite 11 - These symbols are on some

Cigarette Lighter/Ashtrays The optional cigarette lighter is on the left of the engine cover console. To use the lighter, press it in all the way

Seite 12 - Speaker

To remove the smaller ashtrays on each sidewall, press down on the tabs inside and pull out. Don’t put papers and other things that burn into you

Seite 13

These symbols are on some of your controls: Hood Release Ventilating Fan Windshield Wiper Q Rear Window Wiper & Washer w Windshield Washer I I Re

Seite 14 - Seats and Seat Controls

Storage Compartments Your front storage compartment is at the center of the engine cover. To open the compartment, press the two tabs together and

Seite 15

To open your optional rear storage compartment, pull up on the handle to remove the cover. To replace the cover, fit the notches on the cover into

Seite 16

Instrument Panel 14 13 27 / 1. Light Switches 2. Dimmer Switch 3. Instrument Cluster 4. Gearshift Lever 5. Air ConditionedHeater 6. Fog Light Sw

Seite 17 - Bench Seats

Speedometer and Odometer Standard Cluster Digital Cluster PH Your speedometer lets you see your speed in both miles per hour (mph) and ki

Seite 18

The digital odometer will read ERROR if someone tries to turn it back. You may wonder what happens if your vehicle needs a new odometer

Seite 19 - To fold your

Warning Lights, Gages and Indicators This section describes the warning lights and gages that may be on your vehicle. The pictures will h

Seite 20

If the warning light comes on, there could be a brake problem. Have your brake system inspected right away. This light should come on as

Seite 21 - Pull up

If the light stays on, or comes on when you’re driving, your vehicle needs service. If the regular brake system warning light isn’t on, you sti

Seite 22

Malfunction Indicator Lamp (SERVICE ENGINE SOON) This light is on the right-hand side of your standard cluster. If you have the digital clus

Seite 23 - Everyone

The charging system light will come on briefly when you turn the ignition on, but the engine is not running, as a check to show you the lig

Seite 24 - Why Safety

Here are some other symbols you may see: Fuse Lighter Horn Speaker X

Seite 25

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) lndicator Light (Canadian Vehicles Only) L, The DRL indicator is on whenever the ignition and the headlight swit

Seite 26

Turn Signal and Lane Change lndicator The turn signal indicator is a light with two green arrows. It comes on L whenever you signal a turn

Seite 27

Here are things some owners ask about. None of these indicate a problem with your fuel gage: 0 At the gas station, the gas pump shuts off

Seite 28 - Wear Safety Belts Properly

NOTICE: Damage to your engine from neglected oil problems can be costly and is not covered by your warranty. Engine Coolant Temperature Gage

Seite 29 - Position

HOT COOLANT CAN BURN YOU BADLY! In “Problems on the Road,” this manual shows what to do. See “Engine Overheating” in the Index. Voltmeter Stand

Seite 30

Luggage Carrier If you have the luggage carrier, you can load things on top of your vehicle. The luggage carrier has slats attached to the roof,

Seite 31 - I I I

Trailer Wiring Harness If you have the optional trailering package, your vehicle will have a 7-wire harness. The 7-wire harness is stored on the

Seite 34

Comfort Controls & Audio Systems Section In this section you’ll find out how to operate the comfort control and audio systems offered with yo

Seite 35 - The shoulder belt

Seats and Safety Belts Section Here you’ll find information about the seats in your vehicle and how to use your safety belts properly . You can

Seite 36 - What's

Comfort Controk Flow-Through Ventilation System W W Your vehicle’s flow-through ventilation system supplies outside air to the inside of your

Seite 37 - Driver’s

Air Vents I You will find air vents in the center and on the sides of your instrument panel. You can move the vents to direct the flow of air, or c

Seite 38 - System Light

Heating System If your vehicle does conditioning, this is what your heating system will look like. I not have air Fan Lever The top lever has

Seite 39 - Where is the air bag?

Heating/Air Conditioning System If your vehicle has air conditioning, your heating/air conditioning system will look like this. Before using your v

Seite 40

BI-LEV A/C: With this, outside air comes out through the heater floor vent and the instrument panel vents. If you move your temperature c

Seite 41 - Pregnancy

If your vehicle has rear air conditioning, setting it on LOW may enhance front A/C performance by allowing trapped refrigerant in rear lines

Seite 42 - Rear Seat Passengers

Engine Coolant Heater If you use the optional engine coolant heater before starting your engine, your heating system will produce warmer

Seite 43 - Lap-Shoulder

NOTICE: Before you add any sound equipment to your vehicle - like a tape player, CB radio, mobile telephone or two-way radio - be sure you can

Seite 44

BAL (Balance) The BAL control behind the upper knob moves the sound between the left and right speakers. The Lower Knob Turn the lower kn

Seite 45

How to Operate Your ETW AM-FM Stel o Audio System This part tells you how your ETR@ AM-FM stereo audio system works: The Upper Knob The upper kn

Seite 46 - Center Passenger Position

Seats and Seat Controls This section tells you about the seats-how to adjust them, take them out and put them back in. It also tells you abo

Seite 47 - Children

Pushbuttons The four pushbuttons let you return to favorite stations. You can set the pushbuttons for up to eight favorite stations (4 AM and 4

Seite 48 - Smaller

How to Operate Your ETP AM-FM Stereo Audio Cassette System This part tells you how your ETR@ AM-FM stereo audio cassette sound system works.

Seite 49 - Restraints

TREBLE -Slide this lever up to increase the treble response. Adjust this lever to give a pleasing sound. If a station is weak and noisy, move

Seite 50 - Top Strap

Clock To set the clock, just: Push SET. Within 5 seconds, push ant Ild SCA .N until the correct hour appears. 0 Press and hold SEEK until the correc

Seite 51 - To tighten the

How to Operate Your ETW AM-FM Stereo Audio Cassette System with Equalizer This part tells you how your ETR@ AM-FM stereo audio cassette system wi

Seite 52 - Center Rear Seat Position

PWR (Power) The PWR button turns your system on and off, AM-ST Button Push this button if you want AM stereo. (“STEREO” will be displayed when you

Seite 53

Clock To set the clock, just: 0 Press SET. (SET appears in the VF display for a few seconds.) Within 5 seconds, push and hold SCAN until the co

Seite 54 - Child Restraint

Care of Your Cassette Tape Player A tape player that is not cleaned regularly can cause reduced sound quality, ruined cassettes, or a damaged mec

Seite 55 - To tighten the

How to Operate Your ETP AM-FM Stereo Audio Compact Disc (CD) System This part tells you how your ETR' AM-FM stereo system works: Upper K

Seite 56

SEEK Pressing the SEEK button will cause the receiver to seek the next higher station and stop. Pressing the 4 SEEK button will cause the receiv

Seite 57

Power Driver's Seat You can adjust the seat before entering the vehicle. The front control makes the front of the seat go up and down. The

Seite 58 - Safety Belt Extender

To Play A Compact Disc (CD) NOTICE: Before you begin, please note: DO NOT use mini-discs that are called singles, They won’t eject. USE FULL-SI

Seite 59 - Restraint Systems

SCAN Press SCAN to sample each track for approximately 10 seconds. Scanning will continue until the RDM, SCAN or any other motion button is pressed

Seite 60

8. Press BAND and 000 will appear again. Now you are ready to enter the last three digits of your code. 9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the

Seite 61

Care of Your Compact Discs Handle discs carefully. Store them in their original cases or other protective cases and away from direct sunlight and

Seite 62

Notes 3-26

Seite 63

Your Driving and the Road Section ... --_-. ~ ~ - - ~ - - - -. . 4-2 ... 4-2 Here you’ll find information about driving

Seite 64

Defensive Driving The best advice anyone can give about driving is: Drive defensively. Please start with a very important safety device in y

Seite 65 - To open the front side

1 (82 kg According to the American Medical Association, a 180-pounc ;) person who drinks three 12-ounce (355 ml) bottles of beer in an hour

Seite 66 - SIiding

But it’s very important to keep in mind that the ability to drive is affected well below a BAC of 0.10 percent. Research shows that the

Seite 67 - 90"

Control of a Vehicle You have three systems that make your vehicle go where you want it to go. They are the brakes, the steering and the accele

Seite 68 - ~ To fully open the

If you have the lever, you can adjust the seatback by lifting the lever. Release the lever to lock the seat back where you want it. Pul

Seite 69

Avoid needless heavy braking. Some people drive in spurts - heavy acceleration followed by heavy braking - rather than keeping pace with tr

Seite 70 - Leaving Your Vehicle

As you brake, your computer keeps receiving updates on wheel speed and controls braking pressure accordingly. Remember: Anti-lock doesn’t cha

Seite 71 - To release the hatch

Steering Tips Driving on Curves It’s important to take curves at a reasonable speed. A lot of the “driver lost control” accidents mentioned on th

Seite 72 - “Break-In

An emergency like this requires close attention and a quick decision. If you are holding the steering wheel at the recommended 9 and 3 o’clock positi

Seite 73 - Ignition

Passing The driver of a vehicle about to pass another on a two-lane highway waits for just the right moment, accelerates, moves around the v

Seite 74 - Farting

right lane. (Remember that your right outside mirror is convex. The vehicle you just passed may seem to be farther away from you t

Seite 75 - Through

While driving on a surface with reduced traction, try your best to avoid sudden steering, acceleration, or bralung (including engine brakin

Seite 76 - CAUTION:

Night Vision No one can see as well at night as in the daytime. But as we get older these differences increase. A 50-year-old driver may requi

Seite 77

less traction. It’s always wise to go slower and be cautious if rain starts to fall while you are driving. The surface may get wet sudde

Seite 78

Hydroplaning Hydroplaning is dangerous. So much water can build up under your tires that they can actually ride on the water. This can happe

Seite 79

Rear Seats Bucket Seats If you have rear bucket seats in your vehicle, they will recline and adjust the same way as the front manual bucket seats.

Seite 80 - Parking Brake

Here are ways to increase your safety in city driving: Know the best way to get to where you are going. Get a city map and plan your

Seite 81 - Shifting lnto

Just before you leave the lane, glance quickly over your shoulder to make sure there isn’t another vehicle in your “blind” spot. Once you are mov

Seite 82 - Shifting Out of

Highway Hypnosis Is there actually such a condition as “highway hypnosis”? Or is it just plain falling asleep at the wheel? Call it highway hypn

Seite 83 - Things That Burn

0 Know how to go down hills. The most important thing to know is this: let your engine do some of the slowing down. Shift to a lower gear when you

Seite 84 - Exhaust

Winter Driving Here are some tips for winter driving: Have your vehicle in good shape for winter. Be sure your engine coolant mix is correct. Y

Seite 85

What’s the worst time for this? “Wet ice.” Very cold snow or ice can be slick and hard to drive on. But wet ice can be even more trouble because

Seite 86 - Windows

If You’re Caught in a Blizzard I If you are stopped by heavy snow, you could be in a serious situation. You should probably stay with

Seite 87 - Swing-Out Windows

Run your engine only as long as you must. This saves fuel. When you run the engine, make it go a little faster than just idle. That is, push t

Seite 88 - Release

NOTICE: Pulling a trailer improperly can damage your vehicle and result in costly repairs not covered by your warranty. To pull a tra

Seite 89

Weight of the Trailer How heavy can a trailer safely be? It depends on how you plan to use your rig. For example, speed, altitude, road grade

Seite 90

To adjust your seatback, pull up on the lever on the lower outside of the seat. The center bench seatbacks will recline further back than th

Seite 91 - Operation

Total Weight on Your Vehicle’s Tires Be sure your vehicle’s tires are inflated to the limit for cold tires. You’ll find these numbers on th

Seite 92 - Windshield

0 Will the trailer parts take 3,000 psi (20 650 kPa) of pressure? If not, the trailer brake system must not be used with your vehicle. If e

Seite 93 - Windshield Washer

Following Distance Stay at least twice as far behind the vehicle ahead as you would when driving your vehicle without a trailer. This can help

Seite 94

Parking on Hills You really should not park your vehicle, with a trailer attached, on a hill. If something goes wrong, your rig could start to

Seite 95

Notes 4-30

Seite 96

Problems on the Road Section 5 Here you’ll find what to do about some problems that can occur on the road . Hazard Warning Flasher ...

Seite 97

Hazard Warning Flashers .I - -- .‘ ----- others. They also let police know you have a problem. Your front and rear turn signal lights will fla

Seite 98 - Increase Speed While

Other Warning Devices If you carry reflective triangles, you can set one up at the side of the road about 300 feet (100 m) behind your vehicle

Seite 99

2. Get the vehicles close enough so the jumper cables can reach, but be sure the vehicles aren’t touching each other. If they are, it could caus

Seite 100 - Cruise Control

5. Check that the jumper cables don’t have loose or missing insulation. If they do, you could get a shock. The vehicles could be damaged, too

Seite 101

Seatback Latches (Non-Touring Bench Seats) To fold your non-touring seatback forward, pull up on the latch release lever while pulling the seat

Seite 102

Good Battery (-) B b Heavy Metal Engine Part 9. 10. 11. 12. Attach the cable at least 18 inches (45 cm) away from the dead battery, but not near en

Seite 103 - (Canada Only)

Towing Your Vehicle Try to have a GM dealer or a professional towing service tow your vehicle. They can provide the right equipment and know

Seite 104 - Reading Lights

Don't have your vehicle towed with the wheels in contact with the ground if it has all-wheel drive. If a vehicle with all-wheel drive mu

Seite 105 - Mirrors

NOTICE: (Continued) Additional ramping may be required for car-carrier equipment. Use safety chains and wheel straps. If your vehicle has the a

Seite 106 - Outside Mirrors

Towing From the Rear (Except All- Wheel Drive) NOTICE: Do not tow with sling-type equipment or the rear bumper system will be damaged. Use whee

Seite 107 - Sun VisorsNanity Mirrors

Engine Overheating If Steam Is Coming From Your Enaine NOTICE: If your engine catches fire because you keep driving with no coolant, your

Seite 108 - Cigarette Lighter/Ashtrays

If No Steam Is Coming From Your Engine If you get the overheat warning but see or hear no steam, the problem may not be too serious. Sometimes t

Seite 109 - Handles

When you decide it’s safe to lift the hood, here’s what you’ll see: A. Coolant recovery tank B. Radiator pressure cap C. Engine fan If the coola

Seite 110 - Storage Compartments

How to Add Coolant to the Coolant Recovery Tank If you haven’t found a problem yet, but the coolant level isn’t at or above the FULL mar

Seite 111 - Cluster

How to Add Coolant to the Radiator 5-15

Seite 113 - Tamper Resistant Odometer

[ TO DETACH \ I BELTFOR \ I SEAT REMOVAL 2. If you are removing the center seat, remove the right lapshoulder belt. To do this, press the tip of

Seite 114 - Odometer

1 . You can remove the radiator pressure cap when the cooling system, including the radiator pressure cap and upper radiator hose, is no lo

Seite 115 - Warning Light

I 4. Then fill the coolant recovery tank to FULL. 5. Put the cap back on the coolant recovery tank, but leave the radiator pressure cap off.

Seite 116 - Digital

8. Then replace the pressure cap. At any time during this procedure if coolant begins to flow out of the filler neck, reinstall the pressur

Seite 117 - Indicator Lights

Changing a Flat Tire If a tire goes flat, avoid further tire and wheel damage by driving slowly to a level place. Turn on your hazard warning

Seite 118 - NOTICE:

Jack Storage Your jack, extension, ratchet and wheel blocks are stored by your vehicle’s rear doors, along the passenger side wall. I To remove

Seite 119

Jacking Tool Storage To remove the ratchet turning the wing nut to the left. Remove the wing nut and retainer and take out the ratchet and ext

Seite 120 - (Canadian Vehicles Only)

Spare Tire Your spare tire is stored underneath your vehicle. You will use the ratchet and extension to lower the spare tire. 5-22

Seite 121 - Fuel Gage

Attach the ratchet, with the DOWN side facing you, to the extension. The extension has a socket end and a flat (screwdriver shaped) end. Put the

Seite 122 - Pressure

Changing the Tire ::..., ... ... ... .: ... ,,..., . :<>,,.I . .!:%,%%:y ew::;;,. ' , ' ..:... : ... *.. -9. .:: .&a

Seite 123

your jack. Place the blocks at the front and rear of the tire farthest Put your spare tire near the flat tire. Remove the wheel trim. If you

Seite 124 - Voltmeter

6. Lift up on the rear of the seat to remove the seat assembly from the rear latch pins. Then, pull back and lift the seat out of the vehicle. To I

Seite 125 - Luggage Carrier

To remove the hubcap from the brushed aluminum wheel, fit the flat end of the extension into the notch and pop the hubcap off. P P With DOWN fac

Seite 126 - Harness

Raising your vehicle with the jack improperly positioned will damage the vehicle or may allow the vehicle to fall off the jack. Be

Seite 127

Take off the flat tire. Remove any rust or dirt from the wheel bolts, mounting surfaces and spare wheel. Place the spare on the wheel mounting

Seite 128

k. Replace the wheel nuts with the rounded end of the nuts toward the wheel. Tighten each nut by hand until the wheel is held against

Seite 129 - Section

Tightening Wheel Nut Tightening Sequence Tighten the wheel nuts firmly in a criss-cross sequence as shown. Rotate the ratchet to the rig

Seite 130 - Comfort

Storing The Jack and Spare Tire Put the tire on the ground at the rear of the vehicle, with the valve stem pointed down. Pull the retaining bar t

Seite 131

Compact Spare Tire Although the compact spare was fully inflated when your vehicle was new, it can lose air after a time. Check the inflatio

Seite 132 - Heating

If You’re Stuck: In Sand, Mud, Ice or Snow What you don’t want to do when your vehicle is stuck is to spin your wheels. The method known as

Seite 134 - Rear Air Conditioning

Service & Appearance Care ... Section Here you will find information about the care of your vehicle . This part begins with service and fuel inf

Seite 135

3. Attach the quick release latch plate to the buckles in the roof. If you are installing the center seat, connect the right lapshoulder belt to the

Seite 136 - Systems

Service Your GM dealer knows your vehicle best and wants you to be happy with it. We hope you’ll go to your dealer for all your service nee

Seite 137

NOTICE: If you try to do your own service work without knowing enough about it, your vehicle could be damaged. The 8th digit of your Vehic

Seite 138

Ethanol is ethyl or grain alcohol. Properly-blended fuel that is no more than 10% ethanol is fine for your vehicle. Methanol is methyl or wood a

Seite 139 - Push it to get

Fuels in Foreign Countries If you plan on driving in another country outside the U.S. or Canada, unleaded fuel may be hard to find. Do not us

Seite 140

While refueling, hang the cap inside the fuel door. To take off the cap, turn it slowly to the left (counter- clockwise). The fuel filler door rel

Seite 141 - Tone Levers

Be careful not to spill gasoline. Clean gasoline from painted surfaces as soon as possible. See “Cleaning the Outside of Your Vehicle” in the Inde

Seite 142

Lift the hood, release ic the hood prop from its retainer and put the hood prop into the slot in the hood. Before closing the hood, be sur

Seite 143 - Cassette

a Then just pull the hood down and close it firmly. Engine Oil It's a good idea to check your engine oil every time you get fuel. In

Seite 144 - Levers (Equalizer)

To Check Engine Oil Pull out the dipstick and clean it with a paper towel or cloth, then push it back in all the way. Remove it aga

Seite 145 - (“STEREO”

Just fill it enough to put the level somewhere in the proper operating range. Push the dipstick all the way back in when you’re through. What K

Seite 146

Safety Belts: They’re For Everyone This part of the manual tells you how to use safety belts properly. It also tells you some things you should n

Seite 147 - Cassette Tape Player

You should also use the proper viscosity oil for your vehicle, as shown in the following chart: RECOMMENDED SAE VISCOSITY GRADE ENGINE OILS FOR

Seite 148 - AM-FM Stereo

If you cannot find oils with the new “starburst” symbol on the front of the container, you should look for and use oils containing the following

Seite 149 - Pushbuttons

Engine Oil Additives Don’t add anything to your oil. Your GM dealer is ready to advise if you think something should be added. When to Ch

Seite 150

Engine Cover In order to replace your air cleaner filter, you will have to remove your engine cover. It is inside your vehicle behind the instrume

Seite 151 - Anti-Theft Feature

4. Grasp the bottom of the extension. Lift up and then pull out. 5. Disconnect the electrical connector for the cigarette lighter. Set the exte

Seite 152 - 6-9 above. The display

7. Remove the bolt from the engine cover bracket. 8. Loosen the nut and move the bracket out of the way. 9. Lift up on each of the two latches

Seite 153 - Mast Antenna

10. Remove the two screws at the engine cover using a long handled screwdriver. The screws are not supposed to come out of the cover, only from t

Seite 154

8. Grasp the bottom of the instrument panel extension and install the top 9. Install the two nuts and two screws on the extension. into the gro

Seite 155

If you have the 4.3L engine (VIN Code W) with the square air cleaner, you can change the air cleaner filter without removing the engine cover. Just

Seite 156 - Drunken Driving

NOTICE: Too much or too little fluid can damage your transmission. Too much can mean that some of the fluid could come out and fall on

Seite 157

After more than 25 years of safety belts in vehicles, the facts are clear. In most crashes buckling up does matter ... a lot! Why Safety Bel

Seite 158 - idr rive

Then, without shutting ofithe engine, follow these steps: I I 1. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it with a clean rag or paper towel. 2. Push it

Seite 159 - Braking

4. If the fluid level is in the acceptable range, push the dipstick back in all the way. How to Add Fluid Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to

Seite 160 - Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Rear Axle When to Check and Change Lubricant Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine how often to check the lubricant and when to

Seite 161 - Steering

How to Check Lubricant If the level is below the bottom of the filler plug hole, you’ll need to add some lubricant. Add enough lubricant to rais

Seite 162 - Steering in Emergencies

What to Use Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine what kind of lubricant to use. See “Recommended Fluids and Lubricants” in the Index. Eng

Seite 163 - Off-Road Recovery

I NOTICE: If you use an improper coolant mix, your engine could overheat and be badly damaged. The repair cost wouldn’t be covered by your warra

Seite 164 - Passing

To Add Coolant -3 If you need more coolant, add the proper mix at the coolant recovery tank. Add coolant mix at the recovery tank, but be c

Seite 165

Radiator Pressure Cap NOTICE: Your radiator cap is a 15 psi (105 kPa) pressure-type cap and must be tightly installed to prevent coolant l

Seite 166 - Driving

Unscrew the cap and wipe the dipstick with a clean rag. Replace the cap and completely tighten it. Then remove the cap again and look at t

Seite 167 - Driving in

I NOTICE: When adding power steering fluid or making a complete fluid change, always use the proper fluid. Failure to use the proper fl

Seite 168

When the bike hits the block, it stops. But the child keeps going! I Put someone on it. 1-13

Seite 169

Brakes Brake Master Cylinder Your brake master cylinder is here. It is filled with DOT-3 brake fluid. There are only two reasons why the bra

Seite 170 - Freeway

To Check Brake Fluid You can check the brake fluid without taking off the cap. Just look at the windows on the brake fluid reservoir. The fluid lev

Seite 171 - Lights:

Brake Wear Your vehicle has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Disc brake pads have built-in wear indicators that make a high-pitched wa

Seite 172 - Hill and Mountain Roads

Replacing Brake System Parts The braking system on a modern vehicle is complex. Its many parts have to be of top quality and work well t

Seite 173

For more information on vehicle storage, contact your dealer’s service department, or write to: Adistra Corporation 17 1 Hamilton Street Plymouth,

Seite 174

Headlights x ~.- P m I 1. Open the hood. 2. Remove the four screws from the headlight bezel. Pull the bezel out so you can see the parkingkurn

Seite 175

5. Pull the connector out and unplug the light. 6. Install the new bulb into the connector. 7. Reverse steps 1-5 to reinstall the headlight. F

Seite 176 - You’re Caught

.., ., .. ,. 4. Pull out the bulb and replace it with the new bulb. 5. Reverse steps 1-3 to reinstall the headlight. Rear Lights I. Open the rear

Seite 177 - Trailer

- 6. Reverse steps 14 to reinstall the taillight. 4. Press the tab and turn the socket to the left to remove the socket from the bezel. If the so

Seite 178

Other Maintenance Rems Front Suspension and Steering Linkage Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine how often to lubricate the fittings a

Seite 179

Get it up to speed. Then stop the vehicle. The rider doesn't stop. The person keeps going until stopped by something. In a real vehicle,

Seite 180 - Trailer Brakes

Air Conditioning Every now and then have your dealership check your air conditioning system to be sure it has not lost any cooling ability

Seite 181

Door weatherstrips and rubber hood bumpers should be wiped clean with a wet cloth and lightly coated with a rubber lubricant. Never use too much

Seite 182

Malfunction Indicator Lamp (SERVICE ENGINE SOON ) This light on your instrument cluster lets you know when your emission system needs service.

Seite 183

And, if you do have a heavy load, you should spread it out. Using heavier suspension components to get added durability might not change y

Seite 184

Payload The Payload Capacity is shown on the CertificationRire label. This is the maximum load capacity that your vehicle can carry. Be sure

Seite 185

Add-on Equipment When you carry removable items, you may need to put a limit on how many people you carry inside your vehicle. Be sure to

Seite 186 - Warning

Inflation - Tire Pressure The Certificatioflire label which is on the rear edge of the driver’s door, shows the correct inflation pressures

Seite 187 - Starting

Tire Inspection and Rotation To make your tires last longer, have them inspected and rotated at the mileages recommended in the Maintenance Sc

Seite 188

When It’s Time for New Tires a One way to tell when it’s time for new tires is to check the treadwear indicators, which will appear when your

Seite 189 - Dead Battery

If you ever replace your tires with those not having a TPC Spec number, make sure they are the same size, load range, speed rating and constructi

Seite 190 - 18 inches

or the safety belts! With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicle does. You get more time to stop. You stop over more distance, and your st

Seite 191

Temperature - A, By C The temperature grades are A (the highest), B, and C, representing the tire’s resistance to the generation of heat and it

Seite 192

Each new wheel should have the same load carrying capacity, diameter, width, offset, and be mounted the same way as the one it replaces. If

Seite 193

Tire Chains NOTICE: If your vehicle has P245/60R15 size tires, don’t use tire chains; they can damage your vehicle. If you have other size tires,

Seite 194

Never use these to clean your vehicle: Paint Thinner Turpentine Lacquer Thinner Nail Polish Remover Gasoline 0 Benzene Naphtha Carbon Tetrachlorid

Seite 195 - Engine Overheating

Using Foam-Type Cleaner on Fabric 0 Vacuum and brush the area to remove any loose dirt. Always clean a whole trim panel or section. Mask su

Seite 196 - Coming From Your Engine

Fabric Protection Your vehicle has upholstery that has been treated with Scotchgard" Fabric Protector, a 3M product. Scotchgard" prote

Seite 197

Cleaning Vinyl Use warm water and a clean cloth. Rub with a clean, damp cloth to remove dirt. You may have to do it more than once. Thin

Seite 198

Clean the outside of the windshield with GM Windshield Cleaner, Bon-Ami Powder@ (GM Part No. 105001 1). The windshield is clean if beads do not form

Seite 199 - Coolant to the Radiator

Protecting Exterior Bright Metal Parts Bright metal parts should be cleaned regularly to keep their luster. Washing with water is all t

Seite 200 - 2. Then keep

Finish Damage Any stone chips, fractures or deep scratches in the finish should be repaired right away. Bare metal will corrode quickly and may deve

Seite 201

a good driver doesn’t protect you from things beyond your control. such as bad drivers. Most accidents occur within 25 miles (40 km) of home.

Seite 202 - Engine Fan

Appearance Care Materials Chart PART NUMBER 1050172 SIZE DESCRIPTION USAGE 16 oz. (0.473L) Tar and Road Oil Removes old Remover waxes, poli

Seite 203 - Changing a Flat

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) *I1 IlI\lI /I1 IIlIlIIl1II- o TESTVNXX3XXQ09696 0 This is the legal identifier for your vehicle. It appears on

Seite 204 - To remove your jack

Engine ldentification The eighth character in your VIN is the engine code. This code will help you identify your engine, specifications, and replac

Seite 205 - '

Service Parts Identification Label You’ll find this label on the inside of the glove box door. VEHICLE < IDENTIFICATIO! NUMBER I 1 WHEELBASE MOD

Seite 206

Fuses and Circuit Breakers The wiring circuits in your vehicle are protected from short circuits by a combination of fuses, circuit breakers, and

Seite 207

ruse Block The fuse block is under the instrument panel on the driver’s side. Remove the cover with a screwdriver. To remove fuses if you don’t have

Seite 208 - :

Capacities and Specification Charts Replacement Parts Replacement part numbers listed in this section are based on the latest information

Seite 209

Cooling System Capacity ENGINE 4.3L 4.3L VIN CODE Z w QUANTITY* Without Rear Heater 13.5 Quarts ( 12.8 Liters) 13.5 Quarts (12.8 Liters) QUANTITY*

Seite 210

Lamp and Bulb Data EXTERIOR LAMPS Headlamps (Halogen) Park, Signal Lamp Tail, Stop Lamps Marker Lamps Backup Lamp License Lamp CHMSL Assembly INTER

Seite 211

LAMPS General Indicator Lamp? Instrument Cluster Illum.? Headlamp Beam Indicator Lamp? Headlamp Beam Indicator Lamp$ Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Servi

Seite 212

Driver Position This section describes the driver’s restraint system. Lap-Shoulder Belt The driver has a lap-shoulder belt. Here’s how to wear it pr

Seite 213


Seite 214

NAME INST LPS CIRCUITS PROTECTED Instrument Panel Lamps, Radio Dial Lamps, Heater Lamps PWR ACCY Power Door Locks, Power CIG LTWDM Digital C

Seite 215

NAME DRL** PWR MIRRORS* TRAILER* CIRCUITS PROTECTED Canadian Daytime Running Lights Power Mirror Trailer Wiring Harness FUSE 10 Amp 3 Amp 30 Amp

Seite 216 - Compact Spare Tire

Air Conditioning Refrigerants Not all air conditioning refrigerants are the same. If the air conditioning system in your vehicle needs refriger

Seite 218

Scheduled Maintenance Services I Section This section covers the maintenance required for your vehicle . Your vehicle needs these services to ret

Seite 219

A Word About Maintenance We at General Motors want to help you keep your vehicle in good working condition. But we don’t know exactly how

Seite 220 - Service

Scheduled Maintenance Services This part tells you the maintenance services you should have done and when you should schedule them. Your GM deal

Seite 221

MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE I Item No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 * An Emission Control Service ** See “Explanation of Scheduled Maintenance S

Seite 222


Seite 223 - Filling Your Tank

INTRODUCTION 1994 Chevrolet Astro Owner’s Manual Welcome This manual was prepared to acquaint you with the operation and maintenance of your 1994

Seite 224

Don’t let it get twisted. 4. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks. Pull up on the latch plate to make sure it is secure. If the be

Seite 225 - Checking Things

MAlNTENANCE SCHEDULE I/ Item Miles (000) 7.5 15 22.5 30 No. Kilometers (000) 12.5 25 37.5 50 Service Oil Filter Change*- 12 Months, or 1 12 Mon

Seite 226

Explanation Of Scheduled Maintenance Services Below are explanations of the services listed in the maintenance charts. The proper fluids an

Seite 227 - Engine Oil

6. TRANSMISSION SERVICE: - Change the transmission fluid and filter every 15,000 miles (25 000 km) if the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more

Seite 228

13. TIRE AND WHEEL ROTATION AND INSPECTION - For proper wear and maximum tire life, rotate tires at the first 6,000 miles (10 000 kilomet

Seite 229

Owner Checks and Services Listed below are owner checks and services which would be made at the time period specified to help ensure

Seite 230 - WEATHER

Steering Column Lock Operation - While parked, try to turn the key to LOCK in each gear shift position. 0 The key should turn to LOCK only when t

Seite 231

Periodic Maintenance Inspections Listed below are inspections and services which should be performed at least twice a year (for instanc

Seite 232 - What to

Recommended Fluids & Lubricants NOTE: Fluids and lubricants identified below by name, part number or specification may be obtained from yo

Seite 233 - Engine Cover

USAGE Hood Latch Assembly: a. Pivots and spring anchor b. Release Pawl Front Wheel Bearings Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage, Floor S

Seite 234

Maintenance Record After each of the preceding Scheduled Maintenance Services is performed, record the date, odometer reading, services

Seite 235 - 9. Lift up

I I I I I I I I I I I The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug on the hips, just touching the thighs. In a crash, this applies fo

Seite 236 - Install the Engine Cover:

Service Station Checks It is important for you or a service station attendant to perform these under-hood checks at each fuel fill. 0 Chec

Seite 237 - Cleaner

needs no water. I See Page 6-35. Brake Fluid Reservoir See Page 6-32. 1 Automatic A Transmission Fluid See Page 6-20. Fuel Capacity 27 US. Gal. (102

Seite 239

Customer Assistance Information Section Here you will find out how to contact Chevrolet if you need assistance . This section also tells

Seite 240 - 2. Push it back in all

Customer Satisfaction Procedure Your satisfaction and goodwill are important to your dealer and Chevrolet. Normally, any concern with the sales tra

Seite 241

When contacting Chevrolet, please remember that your concern will likely be resolved in the dealership, using the dealership’s facili

Seite 242 - All- Wheel

To file a claim, you will be asked to provide your name and address, your vehicle identification number (VIN), and a statement of the

Seite 243

REPORTING SAFETY DEFECTS TO THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT If you live in Canada, and you believe that your vehicle has a safety defect, you sh

Seite 244 - Coolant

Chevrolet Roadside Assistance Program To enhance Chevrolet's strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Chevrolet is excited to pro

Seite 245

Courtesy Transportation 0 Chevrolet/Geo offers Courtesy Transportation for customers needing warranty service. Courtesy Transportation will be o

Seite 246

To move it down, push in the adjuster at the arrows and pull down on the adjuster. After you move the adjuster to where you want it, try

Seite 247 - Thermostat

Bulletins cover various subjects. Some pertain to the proper use and care of your vehicle. Some describe costly repairs. Others describe inexpensive

Seite 248

Toll-Free Telephone Number If you want an additional ordering form for an index, just call toll-free and we’ll be happy to send you one

Seite 249

z 4 8 E U 9

Seite 252

Index A AirBag ... 1-25 Servicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Vehicle ... 1-29

Seite 253 - Battery

Trailer ... 4-26 Wear Indicators ... 6-34 Braking ...

Seite 254 - Halogen Bulbs

D Damage Finish ... 6-61 Sheet Metal ... 6-60 Daytim

Seite 255 - Headlights

Exhaust System ... 6-43 F FanNoise ... 5-18 Filter

Seite 256

Hazard Warning Flashers ... 5-2 HeadRestraints ... 1-10 Headli

Seite 257

Q: What’s wrong with this? A The shoulder belt is too loose. It won’t give nearly as much protection this way. 1-21

Seite 258 - (CHMSL)

Loading Your Vehicle ... 644 Lubrication ... 6-42 Accelerator

Seite 259 - Other Maintenance

Visorvanity ... 2-47 Windows ... 2-26 Powersteering ...

Seite 260 - Lubrication

Publications ... 8-7 Replacement Part/Filter Recommendations ... 6-74 Stations

Seite 261

V Vehicle Damage Warnings ... vii Identification Number ... 6-63

Seite 268 - Time for New Tires

Q: What’s wrong with this? A: The belt is over an armrest. 1-22

Seite 269 - Traction


Seite 270 - Wheel Replacement

Q: What’s wrong with this? A: The shoulder belt is worn under the arm. It should be worn over the shoulder at all times. 1-23

Seite 271

Q: What's wrong with this? n n A: The belt is twisted across the body. To unlatch the belt, just push the button on the buckle. The belt

Seite 272 - Appearance

Driver’s Facial Air Bag System This section explains the Driver’s Facial Air Bag system. Here are the most important things to know: 1-25

Seite 273 - Cleaning the Inside

Air Bag System Light There is an air bag readiness light on the instrument panel, which shows AIR BAG . The system checks for electrical malfu

Seite 274

How The Air Bag System Works Where is the air bag? The Driver's Facial Air Bag is in the middle of the steering wheel. When is an air bag

Seite 275 - Special Cleaning Problems

Important Notes to Owners and Drivers . . . .About This Manual: Please keep this manual in your vehicle so it will be there if you ever need

Seite 276 - Cleaning the

How does an air bag restrain? In moderate to severe frontal or near-frontal collisions, even belted occupants can contact the steering wheel.

Seite 277 - Cleaning the Outside

is the smoke from an air bag inflation harmful? The particles emitted during air bag inflation are not harmful to most people. Some people with

Seite 278 - Foreign Material

The best way to protect the fetus is to protect the mother. When a safety belt is worn properly, it’s more likely that the fetus won’t be

Seite 279

Rear Seat Outside Passenger Positions Lap-Shoulder Belt These positions have lap-shoulder belts. Here’s how to wear one properly. 1. Pick up

Seite 280 - (0.237L)

3. To make the lap part tight, pull down on the buckle end of the belt as you pull up on the shoulder part. The lap part of the belt shou

Seite 281 - IIlIlIIl1II

To unlatch the belt, just push the button on the buckle. 1-33

Seite 282 - Engine ldentification

Center Passenger Position (Bench Seat) Lap Belt if your vehicle has rear bench seats, someone can sit in the center positions. I 1-34

Seite 283

To make the belt shorter, pull its free end as shown until the belt is snug. Buckle, position and release it the same way as the lap part of a la

Seite 284 - Circuit Breakers

Smaller Children and Babies 1-36

Seite 285

Child Restraints Be sure to follow the instructions for the restraint. You may find these instructions on the restraint itself or in a booklet, or bot

Seite 286 - Wheel Nut Torque

Model Reference This manual covers these models: Passenger Model Cargo Model iii

Seite 287 - Fuel Tank Capacity

Top Strap If your child restraint has a top strap, it should be anchored. If you need to have an anchor installed, you can ask your GM deale

Seite 288

4. Run the lap and shoulder portions through or around the restraint. The child restraint instructions will show you how. If the shoulder belt goes


7. Push and pull the child restraint in different directions to be sure it is secure. To remove the child restraint, just unbuckle the vehicle

Seite 290

1. Make the belt as long as possible 3 by tilting the latch plate and pulling it along the belt. 2. 3. 4. Put the restraint on the seat. Follow the i

Seite 291

Securing a Child Restraint in the Right Front Seat You’ll be using the lap-shoulder belt. See the earlier section about the top strap if

Seite 292 - Recommendations

5. Press the button on the retractor cover to set the lock. 6. To tighten the belt, feed the shoulder belt back into the retractor while you push

Seite 293

Larger Children Children who have outgrown child restraints should wear the vehicle's safety belts. If you have the choice, a child s

Seite 294

Q: What if a child is wearing a lap-shoulder belt, but the child is so small that the shoulder belt is very close to the child’s fa

Seite 295

Wherever the child sits, the lap portion of the belt should be worn low and snug on the hips, just touching the child's thighs. Thi

Seite 296 - Your Vehicle

Checking Your Restraint Systems Now and then, make sure all your belts, buckles, latch plates, retractors, anchorages and reminder systems are work

Seite 297 - Your Driving

Table of Contents Introduction - How to Use this Manual This section tells you how to use your manual and includes safety and vehicle dama

Seite 298 - SCHEDULE

P 0 The model number on the replacement belt must be listed on the safety belt you want to replace. Pull the shoulder belt all the way out

Seite 299 - (continued)

Features & Controls Section A .. Here you can learn about the many standard and optional features on your vehicle. and information on starting.


All-Wheel Drive (Option) ... ... 2-26 Windows ... 2-26 Horn ...

Seite 302

The oval-shaped key is for the doors and all other locks. K. \ \ \ When a new vehicle is delivered, the dealer removes the plugs from the key

Seite 303

Your Doors and How They Work Side Doors To open the front side door from the outside, grasp the handle and pull the door open. To open the front

Seite 304 - Owner Checks and Services

SIiding Side Door To open the sliding side door, pull the handle toward the back and slide the door to the rear until it latches in the open po

Seite 305

Rear Doors open the left rear door, pull on the latch release handle in the inside of the door. To close the rear doors, close the left door first. C

Seite 306

~ To fully open the ’ doors, push in on the clip and lift the check assembly up off the mounting bracket. Do this on each door. Replace t

Seite 307 - Lubricants

There are several ways to lock and unlock your vehicle: .. . From the inside: To lock front doors and sliding side door, slide the lock lever


How to Use This Manual Many people read their owner’s manual from beginning to end when they first receive their new vehicle. This will help you le

Seite 309 - Maintenance Record

Power Door Locks If your vehicle has power door locks, push the power door lock switch to lock or unlock all the doors at once. The Power D

Seite 310 - Service Station

Then, pull up on the hatch handle and open the doors. To release the hatch and unlock the doors from the outside of the vehicle, put the key in th

Seite 311 - '"

Key in the Ignition If you walk away from your vehicle with the keys inside, it’s an easy target for joy riders or professional thieves

Seite 312

Ignition Switch Use your ignition key to start your vehicle. The ignition key lets YOU turn the ignition switch to five different positions. 3 1. OFF

Seite 313

I 1 I NOTICE: If your key seems stuck in LOCK and you can’t turn it, be sure it is all the way in. If it is, then turn the steering wheel left

Seite 314 - STEP TWO

3. If your engine still won’t start (or starts but then stops), it could be flooded with too much gasoline. Try this: Wait 15 seconds to let the s

Seite 315 - AUTO LINE

Engine Coolant Heater (Engine Block Heater) (Option) - 1. Engine Coolant Heater Strap 2. Engine Coolant Heater Cap In very cold weather, 0°F (-


How long should you keep the coolant heater plugged in? The answer depends on the weather, the kind of oil you have, and some other things. Ins


Ensure the shift lever is fully in “P” (Park) range before starting the engine. Your vehicle has a brake-transmission shift interlock. You have

Seite 318 - 24-Hour

@ (Overdrive) This position is for normal driving. If you need more power for passing, and you’re: - Going less than about 35 mph (56 kdh), push

Seite 319 - Service Publications

Safety Warnings and Symbols You will find a number of safety cautions in this book. We use a box with gray background and the word CAUTION

Seite 320 - Can Get an Index:

Locking Rear Axle If you have this feature, your rear axle can give you additional traction on snow, mud, ice, sand or gravel. It works like

Seite 321 - Toll-Free Telephone Number

If you are on a hill: See “Parking on Hills” in the Index. That section shows how to turn your front wheels. If you are towing a trailer and

Seite 322

Leaving Your Vehide With the Engine Running If you have to leave your vehicle with the engine running, be sure your vehicle is in “P” (Park) and

Seite 323

Torque Lock If you are parking on a hill and you don’t shift your transmission into “I?’ (Park) properly, the weight of the vehicle may put to

Seite 324

Engine Exhaust Running Your Engine While You’re Parked It’s better not to park with the engine running. But if you ever have to, here are some th

Seite 325 -

Follow the proper steps to be sure your vehicle won’t move. See “Shifting Into ‘P’ (Park)” in the Index. If you’re pulling a trailer, see “Towing

Seite 326

All- Wheel Drive (Option) If your vehicle has all-wheel drive, your engine’s driving power is sent to all four wheels for extra traction. This

Seite 327

If you have optional power windows, the controls are on each of the front side doors. The driver’s door has a switch for the front passenger window

Seite 328

Hatch Release Switch This switch is to the left of the steering column. It will release the rear hatch. The vehicle must be in “P’ (Park) or “N’ (

Seite 329

Horn To sound the horn, press the pads on the steering wheel with the horn symbols. Tilt Wheel (Option) A tilt steering wheel allows you to adj

Seite 330

Vehicle Damage Warnings Also, in this book you will find these notices: NOTICE: These mean there is something that could damage your vehicl

Seite 331

The Turn SignaYMultifunction Lever I The lever on the left side of the steering column includes your: Turn Signal and Lane Change Indicat

Seite 332

‘I I A green arrow on the instrument panel will flash in the direction of the turn or lane change. To signal a lane change, just raise or lower

Seite 333

Headlight High-Low Beam To change the headlights from low beam to high or high to low, pull the turn signal lever all the way toward you. T

Seite 334

For a single wiping cycle, turn the band to MIST. Hold it there until the wipers start, then let go. The wipers will stop after one cycle. If you

Seite 335

NOTICE: When using concentrated washer fluid, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adding water. Don’t mix water with ready-to-use washer

Seite 336

0 Press the top of the switch to the first position to turn on the wiper. 0 Press the top of the switch in all the way and hold to release the des

Seite 337

To Set Cruise Control 0 Move the Cruise Control switch to ON. Get up to the speed you want. Push in the set button at the end of the lever and re

Seite 338

To Resume a Set Speed Suppose you set your Cruise Control at a desired speed and then you apply the brake. This, of course, shuts off the Cruise

Seite 339

To Increase Speed While Using Cruise Control While your cruise control switch is in the ON position, here are two ways to go to a higher spe

Seite 340 - Institute

‘r; I . .. i To Reduce Speed While Usina Cruise Control 1 0 Push in the button at the end of the lever until you reach the lower speed you wan

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